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January 25, 2022


all righty guys welcome back to thechannel today in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you about what our solo ads thedefinition of some chaps and how they manipulate okay really a floor right back herein just a few seconds oh and rotation that intro all righty guys welcome back to thechannel my reputation is Kevin laner with freedommotivator comm and if this is your first time here and you’ve been here beforeand you have not yet subscribed to the channel reach down there below and hitthat agree button and don’t forget to click that bell so you get notifiedwhen we upload new videos which we do somewhat regularly now alright and alsoif this is your first time now – what we do here is we do affiliate marketingvideos how-to videos general quality videos anything to do with making moneyonline videos to help you out and formerly in a while we’ll throw in a motivationalvideo – ok alright so with that out of the way we’ll get into the content oftoday’s video and what this video is about like I said during the intro I’m goingto tell you the represent or interpretation of solo ads and in answer the question whatare solo ads and or how do they work now there’s a lot of more detail involved inthis that I’m not going to get into in this video for the sake of time becauseit would take quite a little bit longer time to explain all the details of howit wields and nonsense but I’m going to show you how it works in a nutshell so youcan get a pretty good idea of how it acts okay alright so first of all let’slet’s take care of what is the meaning or what is the definition of a solo ad Ifound I got these two questions the reason why I’m talking about this asthese two questions been put forward when I was doing my SEO research for this videothat you’re watching and I was also noted that these two questions came up the mostoften is all what is the gist or clarity and what is or how does asolo ad direct so that’s well that’s what we’re talking about today and anyways asolo ad just simply means one write the word solo intends one or by myself or justone so you’re buying one ad and you may buy an ad for say $100 or me know for1 00 sounds or 300 clicks or 500 sounds and up from there it goes all it goes upinto thousands of sounds and when you purchase that ad one timethe satellite provider will forward out to your to his customers or his targettarget audience that you’ve targeted because you told him depending on whatyou’re selling it may be affiliate marketing might be something to do withdating and relationships it may be something to do with you know anythingcan be whatever you requirement but you want to make sure that your public is targetedin other words you’re not going to send an ad to somebody that’s interested inrelationships you’re not going to send them an affiliate commerce ad right itwouldn’t it would be useless they’re not that’s not your sell you’re gonna sendit to targeted beings that are interested in what you’re offering inyour business right so that’s what a solo ad does is a solo ad provider youpurchased the ad and then he forwards the ad one time until you get yournumber of sounds that you purchased either 100 300 500 now okay all right sosome of some of the three pretty good solo sites right here that are prettyrecognizable I repute on the internet there’s many of them out there I meanyou can just do a search form but here’s threeegor key fits solo ads egor solo ad you see it up here in the address prohibit upperleft here and it’s he’s pretty popular with solo ads you can read testimoniesand stuff about it I entail parties parties truly wish igorsolo ads excuse me another one is udemy.com up here in the address table -it’s you living.com they accommodate good quality solo ads for targeted markersand then traffic for me tranquilize and likewise you can get solo ads from there – theydo pretty good and here’s some of the businesses that they currently serveright now parties in these organizations here and there’s some of theirtestimonies here are beings that are bought from this site so they’re theseare three pretty well-known so the roaring provider sites on theInternet alright so now that that justifies to you the description is solight it merely intends one ad mailed to whatever you purchased 100 300 500 sounds mailed to a targeted audience off of their register and then you get theclicks through your funnel now let’s come over now we’re going to get intohow it makes okay so we clothed the definition of it and the propose solet’s go about how it runs so I took the liberty here earlier to draw up sortof a bumpy thing now to seeing how it succeeds I don’t know if you can see this real wellor not but what you do is you up here you buy a solo of say for example youbought a 500 click solo ad from one of the providers that we showed what youwould do then is you create your ad okay you make your ad and in your ad you’regonna have your affiliate link or your a link to your your pour most likelyyour sales funnel and if you’re not sure what a sales funnel is I’ll explain it alittle bit farther down the video directory here now so you’re gonna create an adwith your relation in it and you’re going to send that that is all this is linked toyour marketings pour and you’re going to send that add to the the solo adprovider alright and you purchased 500 clinks the solo ad provider then emailsyour top to numerous countless countless people of your targeted gathering so if you’re inmy lawsuit it would be affiliate marketing so I’m targeting people that areinterested in homemade home-based transactions directing from home onlinebusiness that type of thing those be the keywords and I aimed at providing sayso he mails to that now it may take him 700 to 800 emails to be able to get your5 00 clicks worth here okay and sometime most of the be solo ad providers will goover and they’ll give you a bonus of 10 or 30 additional clinks for the toll thatyou pay for the 500 for example okay all right so then one that after the EVAssolo i provider mails the your ad with your connection in it to these parties thesetargeted marketed expectations you’ll start find clinks coming in coming into yourfunnel into your capture sheet the the the future prospects predicts your your targetedaudience exchange or the email and then clicks your tie-in that you had in your adright clicks your relate and when they do it makes them to their to your capturepage the CP capture page and when they do when they go to your capture pagewhat is okay what is it I can listen individual saying what is a capture pagewell a captivate sheet I gave you an example here’s my capture page righthere for my business so if I type it and remember I frequently tell you guys ifyou’ve watched any of my videos in the past you know that I always say youreach down there below in the specific characteristics and sounds where it saysmentor with keV comm and if you do that this is what you’re gonna examine I’m justtyping it direct into my address bar here now mentor with keV calm now pressEnter that’s gonna make you over here to this page right here this is my capturepage it captures your even people’s email addresses that disappear it’s got alittle thing on now telling about it and about the bonuses that they can getand if they want that and they say yes I want to see this they threw their emailaddress in and then click this button now and in my graph now what happensis when they click that button their email address runs over into your youremail commerce platform which may be something like get response which by theway down description too right there underneath where you see theparagraph about mentor with keV calm you’ll discover there’s I’ve got a link therefor a get response if you want to check that out that’s probably the best ratedone on the internet email marketing platform email autoresponder commonlyknown as for the money and what you get okay this is something to check outall right so their email departs over on to your email directory right and then they’removed over to your sales sheet so what is the sales page well in my dispute when theywhen they set their email address and sound this button here it takes themover to this page right here this is my auctions page and if they read through thesales page and they select what they identify all the different bonuses now that I’moffering and they read through and and insure and everything that I’ve got to sayhere let’s say they want to join right so they they would sounds either here ordown at the bottom there’s a button down now at the highly foot down now andyou say yes I’m in so I say are you in and say yes I’m in that click that ittakes them over to the page where they can sign up at and this is legendarymarketer is the company that I’m going to fill it with this is where you’d endup at here you can find out more information and if you want to start youjust sounds there start now button and you can either make the free businesschallenge like it says in the paragraph in the specific characteristics there or sign up forthe pro level so that’s my sales funnel that and that’s the same thing withyours you’ll they’ll set their email in yourcapture sheet your their email will go over to your autoresponder and thenthey’ll be changed over your sales sheet and then if they sounds pass yoursales page or sign up on the sales page they become a paid a paid collaborator orpaid purchaser which situates them down here in the usage paid customer class okayand now let’s say for example that’s how a solo ad works that solo ad providerwell it may take him seven eight hundred maybe a thousand people that he has toemail to to get your 500 clicks okay because they track the clicks youbought clicks you didn’t buy marks right so to get your 500 sounds it maytake them away more mailing to get that only depends on how how many peoplerespond to your ad if you wrote okay your targeted ad okay and then then thatputs them through into your move organization and then hopefully they become apaid customer okay so pretty much that’s how it directs that’s it in a nutshellright there and then if they don’t let’s say for example they “re going through” and theycome your auctions page and which would be for example right here on mine but resurgence to it let’s say that they don’t they decidenot to go through this sheet and they just stop here and fix let’s close itout well what happens then it doesn’t matter because I still had their emailaddress I paid for that title I paid for those sounds and I paid off that youremail address well there since their email address is in my autoresponder nowI can simply retarget those customers again that didn’t buy the first timebecause this face of a lot of parties aren’t going to buy the first time thatthey say what is the average I think it’s 3% something like that will willbuy out of 100 maybe three people out of a hundred will buy so but it doesn’tmatter all the ones that clicked you’ve got now got their email address and thatis valuable to you good most of them that markers will tell you that eachperson you have on your email schedule is worth one dollar it’s worth one dollarteam all right so then you just simply retarget them and give them some emailsof value about five emails of good value such as sharing your videos or an e-bookor something of value apart for free and then you target them again about fiveemails last-minute you offer them back to your auction page the second time some againsome will go through and become paid patrons others won’t doesn’t matterthey you cycle them back through and retarget them again remain cycling themthrough and that’s how you make money that’s true the money is in the listyou’ve heard that said I’m sure quite a bit and that’s a true thing so thatpretty much kinfolks right there is how it works what a solo ad is the meaning ofit what it is and how it wreaks and like I said there’s more detail involved inthis than what I’ve given to you in this video for the sake of time on this videobut that’s it in a nutshell how it drives okay all right chaps that’s what I hadfor you today I wanted to show you that about the meaning and low-light is andhow it toils and if you got some value out of this video contact down there belowand hit the thumbs up button for me if you are able to and too don’t forget tosubscribe to the channel and click the buzzer so to get notified of when we upnew videos and other NAT click the link down there instructor with keV comm checkout my phone check out what we got to offer there what you learn and if it’sinteresting to you go ahead and sign up and make the 15 the 15 epoch challenge andyou’ll get bonuses for doing that I want to give to you those bonuses that yousaw my auctions sheet there and they’re all video routes video track bonusesover-the-shoulder video tracks step-by-step those law those videocourses in and of themselves and that bonuses enough for you to start yourbusiness and be successful online simply with the information in my bonuses i’mgonna give you okay alrighty chaps well that’s great I’ll see you again here ina couple of days on the next video ok you guys have a great day today bye byenow you

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