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What are solo ads – Udimi solo ads review (2019) solo ads training.


February 12, 2022

hi this is Sadegh Helalat and in thisvideo I’m going to be explaining what are Solo ads and what is the bestplatform for get the most wonderful deal on solo ads abide tuned see after the intro hi this is Sadegh Helalat and welcomeback to this video I’ll be asking exactly what we solo ads and what is the bestplatform for using solo ads stand tuned till the end of the video I have awonderful gift for you which will help you to grow your inventory first I wouldgreatly applauded the fact if you were able to hit the like button and subscribe to mychannel this will deter me caused in make other videos for you to help yougrow your online business and become more successful, ok so Solo ads is aform of email marketing the idea is some you go to someone who has a large listof email customers that they have built over several years and they willbe advertising your offer to their email readers so imagine this is AustinAustin has gigantic email readers at least 10,000 subscribers he will beemailing the he is likely to be emailing his customers your render so he will besending out an email saying hi this is Austin I got something wonderful foryou today my friend let’s say jonathan has this wonderful free endowment for you sothe person the reader will click on the link and hopefully it will be takingthem to your offering which will be something like an e-book video somethingvaluable that the subscriber will be happy to give you their word and emaillist at least now the road it runs is that once subscriber clinks on youroffer on the link on your offer that will be what you will have to pay for soAustin will have linked to your offering in his email listand once the customer clinks on that index that will be it depends on how muchyou agreed on that click if you agreed 70 penny a sound that will cost you sorry 70 pennies a clink that will cost you 70 cents or if you concurred 30 pennies thatwill cost you 30 pennies now there are two types of clinks tier 1 and tier 2 tier 1is basically english-speaking countries which are also generally moreaffluent it is therefore will be countries like USA United Kingdom Australia Canada andcountries like that and tier 2 is likely to be countries which are usually don’t speakEnglish and may not be as affluent the price of each click is generally between3 0 cents to$ 1 again depending on the quality of click so if you’re purchasingtier 1 clink which is generally from the United Mood United Kingdom Canadawhich are generally more affluent you would be paying more for your sound andif you’re acquiring sounds from countries maybe like India China orPhilippine you may you will be paying a lot less for your clinks now before youpurchase solo ads first make sure you do your research don’t abruptly startspending $500 on solo ads I would most recommend you to firstly test the water soif you find a solo ad that you have experimented and you’re happy solo advendor that “youve had” researched and you’re happy with to do business with Iwould most recommend to you first purchase low-grade quantities ofclicks definitely not more than 100 I would say something between fifty to ahundred so you would see what kind of subscribers they are whether they areresponsive whether there are it’s a buyers less so always before you expend agreat deal of fund test the solo ad vendor that you wish to do business withalso beware of certain solo ad dealers because they may be using BOTS to getyou forge licks the best programme for solo ads is definitely Udimi it’s thethe largest platform for solo ads generally they check all the merchants so you know you’re getting generally reputable merchants plus you also havereviews from patrons so if you need to check out a certain vendor you can readall the reviews and make up your own mind whether this particular solo advendor is worth doing business with so let me take this opportunity to share myscreen with you I’ll be establishing you inside Udimi and the best way of usingit to get the best deal okay we are really inside of Udimi which is Udimi.comthis is my profile I’m too a vendor on Udimi but please don’t try topurchase from me if you want to purchase from me please contact me first becauseI’m very special what offers I sent to my readers but I’m happy to workwith you but it depends on your offer.Or please don’t be upset if I don’taccept your furnish my recommendation is satisfy firstcontact me if you want to work with me but thereare plenty of others that will be more than happy to work with you I’m likewise I’mgonna be prove you the most wonderful batches how to how to find their best solo advendors which have immense stature on Udimi so you can find special sellersthis lane by knows where to find dealers or you could just go to solo treats which willgenerally give you the most wonderful slews so let’s do someone like this so this ishe’s selling each clink for 50 cents he’s got 93 positive assess let’sactually go to him and find out a little bit more about him so what this chip saysis that his alteration or marketings is 33% which is actually quite impressive so33% of purchasers have managed to gain a sale with this particular Solo Ads vendorand his sounds it’s pretty rational 50 cents now let’s see what else we canfind about him he what he’s saying here is that he is doing high-quality clickswhich is 90% Tier one traffic and traffic purchasers are included so now thismeans that 90% of his readers are from countries such as the USA CanadaUnited Kingdom Australia countries that we talked about earlier which are Englishenglish-speaking and sincere or more affluent so this particular vendordoesn’t seem to be bad at all and these are some of the reviews that parties haveleft for him so bought a hundred clinks let’s see ifwe can find a little bit more about what they’ve said about him okay so these are the actual reviewsfrom customers who purchase solo ads from this particular vendor Anthony is Stellajust had another sale so it seems to be quite positive for this particular solo adsvendor they all seem to be saying that he’s a good solo ad vendor and it seemslike they’re getting sales now one would admonish you is that if you find someonewhose sales is truly high that a lot of he’s getting reviews and his percentageof changeover is quite high above 40 or perhaps 60 I would be a little bitcautious because that’s not very very realistic and what happens sometimes isthat numerous parties that buy solo ads on Udimi have free visitations and things likethat so initially, people will do the free tribulations but they drop out so I can’ttell you whether this happens for sure but I have heard of cases where certainsolo ad dealers get their friends or category or on the different accountsbuying or attaching a certain program and then canceling so this is something todefinitely watch out for so be cautious if something resounds too good to be truebut this particular being are quite realistic 33 % is quite realisticnow genuinely or you could also go on so this was the solo batches you could alsogo find different vendors here now this is someone I’ve acquired frombefore this actually go and find out a little bit about him he’s got5 6% now when I obtained from him actually, I entail I can tell whether whathappened but I did get specific amounts of marketings and literally everyonecancelled after the free tribe I cannot tell you whether the programme that Ioffered wasn’t good enough or whether there one genuine purchasers so this doesseem to be a little bit high 56 percentage so if you do acquire sole ads fromsomeone who has a high percentage rate rate don’t be surprised if some of thesales get cancelled.I’m not saying that this person has doing things bad or isnot he is not genuine nothing like that I do know this particular person andhe’s a great person but my honest re-examine is that for me personally the salesdidn’t alter now it might proselytize for you it might have proselytized for otherpeople the most wonderful thing is try yourself and then you will get to know if isgenuine or not now you are eligible to with Udimi become an affiliate yourself in order to be allowed to advertise Udimi and get paid as well and again Irecommend that you have nothing to use you don’t have to pay for it Ipersonally have been previously taken this opportunity to leave a link for youbelow if you do wish to join you Udimi and acquire solo adsfrom here I’ll be honest I would be going a small percentage a smallpercentage of commission so that will be appreciated if you wishes to be if youthink this is a platform that you would want to join and buy solo ads well Ihave left a connection below for you I’ve also left you left link to an render where I’moffering you done-for-you emails so formerly peoplesubscribe to your email as I’m gonna present you 30 daytimes done for you emailhighly proselytizing done for your emails to help to grow your readers againonce my recommendation is initially once you gain readers don’t bombard themwith a lot of offers and see them as a ATM machine because that’s not how totreat readers you really want to gain their trust you want to give themas much value as possible so initially definitely for the firstfive or six day don’t bombard them with gives give them appreciate give themsomething they’re going to be appreciate let them gainyour trust or cause them trust you are able to I say so I hope you have enjoyed thisvideo and this video has been informative if you have any problems oryou would like more help with udemy on this building or anything else pleasefeel free to leave a comment for me I’ll do my best to contact you and give myhelp once again I would greatly appreciate itif you touched the like button and subscribe to my index thank you very much forwatching this video and see you on the next one

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