April 19


What Are Solo Ads & How Do They Work?


April 19, 2022

Hey this is Steve Mitchell from followsteve.net and I wanted to shoot a video and talk about what are solo ads and how to use solo ads to get traffic for your business opportunity. So I know a lot of people have actually purchased solo ads in the past and they didn't get the results they were looking for for whatever reason and i want to show you exactly how to get the best results with solo ads and I also want to talk about what they are so let's go ahead and get started. So what is a solo ad? A solo ad is a promotional email that someone sends out to their subscriber list on your behalf. Again a solo ad is a promotional email that someone sends out to their subscriber list on your behalf. So what you're paying for is a set amount of clicks and a click is when a person visits your website. So solo ads are used to promote products, their used to promote business opportunities, as well as free offers or free giveaways.

So why should you use solo ads? Solo ads are probably the easiest, the fastest, and the most effective way to build your email list They're also able to deliver a lot of traffic to your website in a short period of time so you get done for you traffic you don't have to worry about how you're going to get traffic or leads to your offer because you're essentially paying someone else to do that for you so you're basically piggybacking off of other people. Off other people's efforts. There are people out there that have spent lots of time and money in order to build a big email list and they're willing to send your offer send an email to their list with your offer in it and you both benefit because that person is compensated and you get quality traffic if you choose the right provider so it's also very very fast in terms of the results. With solo ads as opposed to free advertising like YouTube videos like the one you're seeing right here or blogging those methods take time they're very effective but they take more time for you to actually get momentum and start getting traffic and leads whereas with paid advertising it's generally much faster its much quicker the results are a lot faster and with solo ads you can get a hundred leads in a day very easily or you can get 200 leads or 300 leads in one day and it all comes down to how much money are you willing to spend and what your budget so it's also very easy to scale once you've have a offer and have a sales funnel that is converting for you and the providers send you good quality traffic and that traffic is converting all you need to do is spend more money to get more traffic to make more sales so it's very easy to scale once you find something that's working now you want to focus on getting quality traffic unfortunately there are a lot of solo ad providers out there that deliver low quality traffic and that traffic is never going to convert into making sales for you so what you want to do is you want to make sure that you buy from providers who are sending you traffic from english-speaking countries what a lot of shady solo ad provider's do is they send you traffic from countries where people don't speak English they don't have credit cards and they don't even have the funds to actually be able to afford to get into your program so that's why you need to make sure that you pick a provider that offers no less than seventy percent tier 1 traffic and tier 1 traffic basically means that it's coming from english-speaking countries United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

So you also want to track and monitor your clicks and this is another very important thing because in order to ensure that you're getting what you pay for the only way to know that is to track and monitor your results so there's lots of click tracking tools out there that will do it for you you don't have to be some type of a tech expert or anything like that to actually use these tools they're very easy to use the one that I use is called clickmagick and it's spelled CLICKMAGICK. So clickmagick.com is where you can go and get click tracking software that's going to help ensure that you're not throwing your money down the drain that you're getting exactly what you pay for and you're keeping the solo ad seller honest.

So a good click tracking software will track unique clicks, unique IP addresses, the countries where the traffic is coming from, it also tracks conversions, as well as return on investment. So some other good click tracking softwares or ad tracking softwares some people call it is clickmeter.com adtrackzgold.com as well as wpsoltracker.com I prefer clickmagick it's probably the most popular ad tracking software out there on the market and a lot of top internet marketers are actually using clickmagick but you can choose any of these other ones too they're basically want to do the same job clickmagick just might have a little bit more features than some of the other ones.

So the best places to buy solo ads now we're getting to probably one of the most important parts of this video so there are 4 places that i would recommend focusing on when purchasing solo ads. I spent a lot of money and I've threw away a lot of money and I could look at it in a negative fashion but I look at it as a learning experience for myself something that I went through in order to find the resources and the people that deliver quality so soloadsx.com, Facebook groups, are a great place to buy solo ads soloadsagency.com as well as the warrior forum so i'm going to actually go over to the internet and show you the first two resources soloadsx.com and facebook groups. So let's go head over to the Internet and the first place is soloadsx.com. All the resources that i mention in this video are going to be in the description box below after you get finished watching so you don't have to write anything down you can just watch the video and then after the videos is over just click the description and you'll see all the resources that i mentioned in the video soloadsx.com is a great resource to buy solo ad traffic and I actually recently purchased a solo ad from a guy named Tim Ph right here i purchased from him before in the past and he delivered high quality traffic to my website.

Now what I like about soloadsx.com is it shows you over 400 solo ad providers. You have over 400 solo ad providers to choose from and it's going to show you the average cost-per-click for their traffic it'll also show you whether or not the provider is actually producing sales for their clients and before you purchase a solo ad, you want to look for sales testimonials. It's ok to have other types of testimonials like the person's trustworthy, he delivers good quality quality traffic. That's nice but me and you if you're watching this video chances are you're in this to make money you're in this to make money for you and your family and you want to pick providers that are actually able to produce sales and they have a track record of doing it so that you can have a higher chance of making income yourself so let me go to Tim Ph who I purchased from and all you need to do is come over to the right-hand column where it says click here and just click on that.

Now as you can see there's plenty of sales testimonials on this page from people who have actually purchased from Tim. For example Ibad Hussain purchased 800 clicks he received 880 clicks he got 289 leads or subscribers and he made 46 sales ok so that's pretty amazing right there and there's other people here and it also is showing you the program some of the programs that they're involved with so as you can see if I keep scrolling down on this page my top tier business which is a really popular home-based business ipas which is affiliated with empower network so people in different programs are getting phenomenal results using Tim so this might be a person that you might consider purchasing from.

And there's so many other solo ad sellers here that you can actually check out and all you need to do is just find a seller and then example Dan Daniels and just click on the link and it will take you to his sales page and I know Dan I've actually purchased traffic from Dan and he delivers decent traffic as well and has plenty of sales testimonials and that's one of the most important things that you want to look for when purchasing solo ads is do they have sales testimonials you also want to reach out to the solo ad seller before you buy especially if it's a new seller that you've never purchased from before you want to get in contact with them via email or Facebook and you want to ask them a few different questions some of the questions you want to ask them is how soon can you actually send a solo ad out for me if I purchased today how soon could you actually send out a solo ad for me and if they say it's going to be over a week then chances are I probably would try to find someone else but knowing me up I've actually purchased solo ads i purchased one solo ad from a seller that took four weeks for them to actually deliver but it's sometimes a good sign if you have to wait because that means that they're getting a lot of sales.

People are purchasing solos ads from them which means that their traffic more than likely is going to be really really good traffic so it might be worth waiting for but in general i'm pretty impatient. I want them to deliver a solo ad within seven days preferably. So you wanna go find out exactly how soon they can actually send out for you you also want to get in contact with them and test and see how long how long does it take for them to get back to you. If they don't get back to you or it takes them two weeks to get back to you then I wouldn't purchase from that provider Customer service is really important and I don't want to spend money and this is one of the mistakes that a lot of people make when they purchase solo ads they purchase a solo ad from a new seller and then they find out that seller doesn't deliver any traffic, they don't get in contact with them or anything.

They don't hear anything from the solo ad seller. So basically the seller just took their money and didn't deliver anything and didn't contact them or anything like that so there are a lot of stories like that out there and I don't want you to get burned. So the next place is Facebook. So there's two groups that you want to join. One is called solo ads testimonials and the other one is called solo ads sales testimonials and as the name implies solo ads sales testimonials all the testimonials in here are from people who have actually generated sales for their business using solo ads. I'll give you an example Tommy Galant actually purchased from a seller named Antonio. He ordered 1000 clicks and he received 1050 clicks. His optin rate was 54 percent. He received 96% tier 1 traffic and he got sales. So you might want to check out Antonio. Most of the seller's as you can see here there they have links so you can actually just click on the links that will take you straight to the seller's Facebook profile and you can get in contact with them and find out more about their solo ad service.

So having said that, I'm going to go back over to my slides. The other two resources is SoloAdsAgency.com and also the Warrior Forum is another popular place to find some good solo ad providers. Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already I will be coming out with more videos just like this one sharing with you what I've learned over the past five to seven years in the internet marketing arena.

Also like and share this video if you found it helpful. Leave your comments below if you have any questions and I will respond to your questions and i'll see you on the next video. Thanks for watching. Take care!.

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