January 1


What Are Solo Ads – [Beginner Beware] You Should Choose To Avoid

By Randy Sult

January 1, 2022

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hi this is george from digital high-pitched roadback again today we’re going to talk about solo ads and why i would recommend if you’rea beginner to stay the heck away from them i wanted to explain what seems to be going on inthe market today and why i would be aware of it very openly be aware of it just want toremind you if you end up liking the video at the end being given it a thumbs updon’t forget to subscribe to our channel where we’re always supplementing new material touch thenotification the buzzer notification please do that so that you get advised every time i publish newcontent and don’t forget to click the link below for a great free training to help you build youronline home business today and if you’re like me you were confused about a lot of things and youdidn’t have answers to things then don’t forget that i’m here at give ask questions fill incomments below the video be glad to help you out and direct you correctly and and soyou can induce some progress in building your own online success story so let’s move on totoday’s warning about solo ads it seems that in the market today that there’s sites like muncheye that are very popular and you precisely look at all the launches on jvzoo and warrior plusthey’re just coming day in day out after period and month after month and it just seemslike there’s a glut, a abundant root of course is like this is one of the top coursesfrom the last week which i did a review for and then there’s another one i just do a reviewfor two that was released a duo days ago and these seem to be the courses that everybody’smaking everybody’s creating and selling if you look at the roster now on warrior plusthe roll day in day out just are filled with courses like this courses like this you profitableyou benefit very and vid fees which in doing a review these are all based on makingthem work more so than only affording free freight which doesn’t really exist for brand-new new uhfor fledglings but inviting them and get them directed to buying soloads from places like you dimming what i want to do today is we’re going to go through afunnel i’ve set up and explain to you in detail what to be aware of and get you to think pullingback and letting you see what’s really going on so without further waiting i want togo into that now we’re going to look at the move so what i want to do is comeover here to a move i created i want to go through and take a few minutes and tryto walk you through it to give you a 30 35 000 foot contemplate of searching down on what’s goingon when you look at tracks like fit commissions and the biggest problem with thesecourses as i review them is always the lack of traffic and the need for traffic whichthese people are more than happy to explain that you probably need to buy some traffic so you go to sites like udemy udimi i’ll puta relate for it in the specific characteristics but udemy is where you go and you’re going to be buyingsolo ads and what we’re going to do is look at what is going on here with solo ads so let’s goso i’m in udemy and what i did was i sounded on discover dealers and these are allpeople that are happy to sell you solo ads now this gentleman here danielis selling solo ads at 79 cents a clink so it’s gonna be basically eighty-two dollars fora hundred so what we do is come over to our pour now this funnel first and foremost searches rather umcomplicated it’s not rather difficult but if i’ve if you take it piece by piece i’m going to dois path you through it okay this let’s say is is uh the product that was launched on sundaythe product i did the review for this one here so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come back herethis is the person that initiated the commodity that’s where this is here but what he’sdoing is he’s going to set this all up to an autoresponder wherehe’s going to collect future and he’s going to have he has contributes sowe’re going to we’re going to involve two suppliers of leadings which are availableto be purchased from the people that buy the product so he’s going to do is he’s goingto provide a produce that’s what this is here this is a product that he’s developed and whenthey buy the product there’s a acquire to be made he makes money now he’s also going to make moneybecause he’s recommending solo ads over here that these beings that buy the product okay ifyou look at if you look at ursula okay ursula has her own index she’s trying to build herlist and you have tom and louise and tracy and this is you okay you’ve bought fit commissionstoday more and then this is your list you need you want to be building your list because the money’sin the inventory and we have henry bob olivia kimberly and a person over here appointed igor now igoreventually is going to say and see this whole picture and he wants to become this person hereokay so that’s why i have him off this side he’s going to have a partner that’s going to helphim and he’s going to do what this gentleman developed this make and his partners dotoday so we’re going to come back here now such person or persons developed a commodity and they’regoing to sell the product now and he’s going to make money here now he’s also going to recommendthrough email he’s going to email all these people and these are only 9 10 beings of a huge list ofpeople he had from his inventory that he contacted so these are his list and he contacted these peopleand each and every one of these people if you follow way came here to here and opt in they sounded asales sheet relation which then took them to this product now then they bought the productso these people of which you’re one of them you went to this auctions sheet and bought thisproduct and now this product here is recommending you to build an email list you know ursulato build an email list igor to build his roll tom tracy louise all of you are to build yourlist so you say well how do i build this well he’s more than happy to recommend toyou a person who is he’s tied in with you see this here and then this company who he’stied in with so we come here to udemy and this is just one of several people that are sellersthat want to sell you contributes for different expenditures now the thing is you don’tknow about these parties now you don’t know how good the contributes are going to beyou just know it’s going to cost you fund to do so but you’re willing to devote the money to buildyour list so you can sell concoctions so you can send to your directory and get these people to bebuying from you that’s basically what igor is going to do here she’s eventually going to breakoff and become a duplication of this person now the person develops big commissions who willgo unnamed at this moment so but basically solo ads are the answer now our solo adsthe answer well let’s say ursula invests 600. and she discontinues up going a roll of maybe say 7075 parties then she three weeks from now casts 75 parties to his next product and she sells twoor three four produces it makes a few dollars so on on the either jv zoo productorder plus product pay kickstart concoction whatever it might be whatever platform she’s going to originate the money on that productbut is five or six or seven marketings out of 70 beings which is really good if you’ve got1 0 people out of 70 buying something that’s a very high conversion rate that’s higher thanlike 13 14 so you are well aware good alteration proportions are typically around 8 to 10 percent if you dothat you’re doing really really well but the thing is i’m want to do is put in dollars hereand establish you who’s really impelling the money now this gentleman here is seeing themoney because he’s getting free traffic all these people here which you are one of them are more than happy to send other peopleto his produces now he’s also coming all these emails are going into his autoresponderokay so what you’re going to have here is you’ve got a reseller of solo ad selling ads to someof these people some people go with udemy but it doesn’t matter they’re all buildingtheir roster the goal is to build the register so three people here build sizable huge liststhey likewise ring up huge gigantic obligation because for debt you’re talking about a thousanddollars maybe thousand dollars might got to get you know a listing of 300 people if you’re reallylucky but even though they are you did get 300 people these are all undirected beings they’re not they’renot disciplined they don’t have a relationship with you they don’t know you from at from adamthey don’t know you from this guy here either they know this guy because he’sbeen sending emails out to you and to other people looks just like you regularly fora while so you know the name but you may not know the person but you recognize a commodity likelike this one here or this one now where you end up pondering it’s easy as one two threeyou see you think it’s easy as one two three or wow look at this another product one two threeeasy easy peasy as i say on my youtube direct it’s always about the numbers but it’s never aseasy as one two three if you’re propensity this video today don’t forget to subscribe to our channel andhit the notifications to get more videos notified of when there’s more videos like this videothat are coming your action so let’s go back to the solo ad guy here you don’t know any of thesepeople here they may have good days bad days they may have just had good luckgetting new guides from a produce and this week their causes are better thannext week or the week after perhaps their conducts are better on monday than they are onfriday they may have abused them up on friday but they still sold you so they’ll send the leadsout regardles so here’s your contributes so you’ll have your makes so you you’re developing a roll butyou’re not turning your index never returning your you’re not getting received on investmentroi if you’ve planned everything out as i mentioned in my why solo ads suck video youfind out shortly after you get going with solo ads that they’re undirected that they’re unresponsiveunresponsive to you that there’s no affinity it’s costing you an arm and a leg you’re going indebt because you’re not making any money in return and after you wake up i intend it’s goingto take 500, 800, fifteen hundred, two thousand some people i know it’s taking themsix thousand eight thousand ten thousand dollars with solo ads before i realize this doesn’t worknothing about such courses cultivates unless you have developed free congestion over over day so thequestion is is it merit that time and effort to help him and this corporation and thisseller here reseller make money when you when you ursula tom tracy louise and youand henry and bob and olivia and kimberly and igor are not drawing the money that thisguy is or these people are selling the results for this guy the independent lead sellerhe’s selling solo ads on his own so question is if you’re commerce you have tofind purchasers for these products you can find purchasers for these products to become your coin sothe question is where is your fund coming from where are you going to make the moneyto work what they call the lapse laptop computer life where are you going to makethe money to put your kids in the private school drive that jaguar drive that mercedes from soloads so the thing is in summation for this video bit make sure make sure you know what it is you’redealing with check this video out go over this video time and time again please feel free to dropme the remarks and questions comments and questions down in below this video i have i can help youout for my eight to ten years of failure miscarrying knowledge and now that i’m succeeding i have amentor and myself who as a crew we can help you direct you to the profit earning centers of whatis going to establish you money and what won’t shape you fund so don’t forget to like the videotoday don’t forget to subscribe to the channel you know subscribe to this channel and thenreach over and hit the bell icon so you’re notified every time i publish a new video toour canal you need help getting it straight i’m here for you if it’s something is missingand you don’t know what it is ask questions write observations to me let me help you out don’t forgetto click the link below to get enormous free training to help you build your online home businessthank you for watching today and god bless

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