February 10


What Are Solo Ads? And Why You Should Think TWICE Before You Buy Em… (my personal opinion)


February 10, 2022


hey hey Aaron Chen here hope you’redoing well if you’re watching this video right now then you’re probably doing alittle bit of research somewhere online about what are solo ads okay so maybe you want to buy some solo traffic perhaps you just wanted to get some leads to your business and youjust want to do a little bit of research before you do that okay well my appoint isAaron Chen I’ve been online for the last nine years eight of those nine yearsthough neglected really really miserably okay made a lot of mistakes in mybusiness paid off it and you know just really had to figure it out and the coolthing is is that about 12 to 18 months back I truly figured it outmade you know hundreds of marketings in my business and now my business is you knoware oh I’m positive which is which is really really cool and I just wanted toshare some of my thoughts and feelings and experiences about solo trafficbecause solo freight was actually the main reason I would say why I wasn’tsuccessful for a very very big part of those eight years okayso I’m gonna talk about it over the next few minutes and by the end of this videoyou’re going to have an idea of whether you should be focusing on solo trafficor not okay again it’s completely up to you this is my personal opinion do whatyou crave with this information but don’t take it delicately because you know I’vespent a great deal of money on solo ads so basically when I went started it was in2 009 liberty so I came started you know a long time ago nine years now probablyway before most of you know you guys have have you know even been onlineright trying to market online and so I tried you know lots of different trafficstrategies I’ve done Facebook YouTube SEO solo trafficGoogle AdWords you know at the time when Google AdWords was was you know reallyreally big before they started slapping everyone in 2010 and so I’ve done I’vedone a lot of different types of traffic sources right and so but my prime trafficsource at the time I envision after my firstly year of going online was solotraffic right solo ads now if you don’t know what a solo ad is all it isbasically is when you go to somebody else’s list and you pay them a certainamount of money to promote something to their list okay and they’re their listcould be you know 5,000 beings well 1 million people on their roster nowthere are also locates called easy and okay online easy –nz where there arethese online magazines within different niche markets okay it could be a nichemarket around weight loss it could be a niche market around make money onlineand these jeans mostly have you know millions ofsubscribers or half a million subscribers or whatever it is okay andbasically the same thing you can you know choose to buy a solo ad just forthem to send to their list and they’ll charge you a certain amount of money tosend that solo ad now that the cost of that solo ad could be a hundred dollarsit could be fifty dollars it could be five hundred dollars it could be fivethousand dollars okay it simply depends on how many sounds you want it’s all drivenby clinks okay and so when in 2010 it started to get really really big andback then you know they didn’t have you what are solo ads know they didn’t have facebook groups oranything like that everything was done through Skype okayso basically they had Skype groups of solo ads they don’t really do thatanymore but basically it would be a bunch of busines is getting together andthey even have websites like udemy you di mi which was actually called I can’teven remember what they were called now but it was a different explanation of a soload network okay or a solo ad marketplace so now nowadays they’ve got solo admarketplaces right and and and and the thing about solo ads and the reason whyso many people get it on and the reason why I was doing so much of it was becauseit’s a particularly very easy way to get traffic okay and everyone talks about it youknow each time you buy some kind of traffic course or you know you’relistening to some guru or whatever all they tell you to do is to buy solotraffic right because actually it’s very very easy to do you don’t have to youknow you don’t have to actually know that much internet marketing to getstarted all you have to do really is go to the solo ad vendor buy your solotraffic 100 horses 200 horses 500 horses okay and then they ask you for your linkand then that’s it you know some of them would check your captivate page some ofthem won’t some of them will build a captivate pagefor you some of them won’t right it precisely depends on who your solo ad merchant isand then and then that’s it you know you you kind of you kind of go for it rightand then typically they will kind of they will set up your solo ad to put youknow maybe in the next few days in the next week or so and then when your soload slips all of a sudden you get all your clicks pretty much in one shot okayit might be over a few hours or it might be a few over a few days but essentiallyif you buy thousands and thousands of clinks you will they would deliver you a thousand clickswithin you know one two three days something like that okay and thenusually the transitions on the front end on your opt-in page are pretty high-pitched youknow it’s like 30 40 50 60 70 % alterations which is pretty insane okaynow here is the problem that I had with solo ads all right so I got reallyreally good at generating a lot of traffic through solo ads and throughmany many different solo ad dealers some of the most important mentions out there you knowprobably I could mention them and you probably know who some of them are ifyou’re if you’re you know doing any solo ads right and I’ve devoted probably about2 0 to 30 maybe even more thousand dollars US dollars on solo transaction overthe last eight to nine years right and you know I’ve had five hundred threedays you know I generate 500 conducts and you know I’ve done like six sevenhundred guides in a single epoch that kind of thing that it’s easy okay not it’snot difficult to do at all right but their own problems that I had was I couldn’tconvert fairly of these results into sales to make this strategy profitableall right and the thing is is that I maintained doing it you are familiar with I fought for thelast like eight years or whatever from 2009 until probably a yearyear-and-a-half ago with two years ago I was doing solo ads on a regular basis Iwould stop for a period of time and then I would do it again and this was theproblem right so it wasn’t that I wasn’t making such a marketings I was right but theproblem is is that doing solo ads is so misinforming okay because first of allit’s very easy to get so it’s very easy to do you don’t have to learn that muchyou know it’s kind of like going to see a gas station or you know you just go to agas station you fill up gas it’s very very simple you don’t have to hunt forit right you don’t have to learn how to run gas is very simple yeahthere’s even an attendant that can help you to do it right it’s almost as simpleas you know sending a text message on whatsapp right – or text message on yourphone you’d rather send a text message then write a snail mail letter all rightbecause the snail mail mail a note it takes a lot more work you have to youhave to buy the stationery you have to write out the word which takes a longtime you have to fold it up “youve got to” leant it in the envelope you have to goand buy stamps and then you’ve got to go to the post office to drop off yourletter right when you specify a text letter allyou do is you pick up your telephone you send a text and you affected Send and then itgoes immediately right that’s why people like to send you know whatsapp messagesor text letters because it’s so opportune freedom well solo ads isactually exceedingly very similar claim it’s so easy to do that beings fall into thisgigantic I would say it’s like a black hole it sucks you in okay and the reasonwhy it’s so handsome is because number one it is easy number twothe conversion proportions on the front end they gaze really good okay so for you tolearn how to get like 50 60 percent opt-in proportion into your capture sheet it’seasy you’re gonna learn how to do it in the first second or maybe even thirdtime that you buy a solo ad okay and then what happens is then let’s just sayyou buy five hundred to a thousand clinks and this is my experience anywayI’m not so sure about what will happen to you but in my experience spendingtwenty to thirty thousand dollars on solo solo ads over the last few yearswhat will usually happen is I would get five hundred leadsin one shot pretty much and out of those heads I might get a couple of marketings hereand there okay so I might see you know 50 horses 100 bucks 200 bucks okay butit’s never enough to cover the entire cost of my solo ad which might have costfive hundred to a thousand dollars right so if I’m spending if I’m expend $1,000 in solo ads but I merely fix 200 back how much coin am i down an $800 down claim so I’m actually I’m in the negative all right and so a lot ofpeople will tell you all what you’ve got to do with solo ads is you got tomassage your directory you got a you know email them every day beaggressive right and value whatever tell them to try and you know time exactly keeppitching your thing and then eventually parties are gonna buy your trash rightand so that’s what I did okay and and the problem is is that after a while Icouldn’t figure out what was wrong I didn’t know if it was the solo trafficthat was wrong because you buy from countless many many different dealers right sodifferent vendors have different quality of traffic some are better than othersokay so you that’s why you have to try different dealers and so I didn’t knowif it was the merchants fault okay that I was that I was researching out at a time orI didn’t know if it was my opt-in page or I didn’t know if it was my salesfunnel I didn’t know if it was my proposal right or I didn’t I didn’t know if itwas me and my follow ups one that good okay which is which is why it was veryvery confusing right and the problem is what are solo ads well with solo ads is that because youknow you don’t you you get a couple of auctions here and there it’s just enoughfor you to be like ooh this strategy is working right because I’ve made a coupleof auctions so wow the traffic must be quite all right but maybe I didn’t sellenough to cover my payment so maybe it’s you know I got to get nip my auctions funnelor perhaps you know I got to use a different volunteer or perhaps I got to try adifferent solo ad vendor and and that’s a problem it gives you hope okay and itgave me hope for seven to eight years right the other problem with solo ads isthat a lot of them aren’t even real traffic anymore people so you’ve got to bereally careful a lot of them are BOTS okay so basicallythey’re forgery they’re not real humans there areprograms out there that a lot of solo ad merchants use some of them don’t even knowthat they’re selling BOTS okay and they’re mostly automated BOTS onlinethat actually opt-in to your capture page they click on your buttons butthey’re not real parties okay so even though it looks like you’re convertingon the front end at 50 percent from traffic to lead actually you only may beconverting 10 percent because most of them are bots they’re not real people soobviously bots aren’t gonna buy your material right because robots aren’t realhumans they don’t have money and they’re not gonna actually take out their creditcard and buy so all you’re getting is you’re getting false information okayand then another thing that would happen is that because solo ads are a littlebit expensive right they can be quite expensive because you can get so muchtraffic at once what I would do is I would buy a solo ad at the start of mymonth when I got my salary I would invest $1,000 on my solo ad okay and thenbasically I would have no more fund for the rest of my month because in inMalaysia you know US dollar to reverberate it it’s likefour times so I was depleting basically four thousand ringgit of my of my of mymoney right on a solo ad which is ridiculous because most people inMalaysia don’t even earn four thousand reverberating at a month all right and I don’thave to save up two before that I do a solo ad decline in the beginning of the monthand then I wouldn’t do anything okay I’d cast emails emails emails I wouldn’tmake that countless sales I would make a loss and I’d be like hmm I kind of losemotivation and I’d be like okay I’m just gonna have to wait until next month whenI get my paycheck again and I’m gonna buy another solo ad and then it was thisvicious cycle okay now if that has ever happened to you before then you knowexactly what I’m talking about because a lot of it happens to a lot of people allright and so I precisely found that it made me a long time before I ultimately decidedthat actually solo ads I think this is the main reason why I’m not doing thatwell okay and I determined the the I’d stimulate the tough decision actually I procreated it alot earlier I don’t know why it made me so long it’s pretty stupid of me to behonest but I made this the decision to not do solo ads anymore probably about ayear and a half ago okay and when I finally acquired that decisionto stop buying solo air traffic and concentrates on other traffic roots whereI was actually generating the traffic myself that wants I wasn’t buying thetraffic from any solo ad vendor or any sort of traffic you know person I wasactually making the traffic myself you know through Facebook throughYouTube through clauses to my blog and substance like that all of a sudden Istarted making money in my business thought it or not it’s crazy material okayit was nuts actually because all of a sudden I was controlling the traffic Iknew what I was doing and the issue of trafficking that I was generating was real or Israelright so it’s not BOTS anymore okay because there’s no bot transaction or veryvery little bot traffic on YouTube there’s very very little bot traffic onGoogle there’s very little bot traffic on Facebook it’s a little bit but butnot that much okay so because of that I think that you know that completelychanged my business around and it was it was really shocking to see okay and somy message for you today look I’m I’m not here to condemn solo ads what I’msaying is that if you’re gonna proceed buy solo ads you need to do it with eyeswide open okay you have to have enough money that you’re willing to devote andtest on solo ads get it on for a little while but if it doesn’t work I would sayjust move on all right because there’s a lot of shit out there there’s a lot ofcrappy traffic through solo ads and you fall into this trap of it being veryvery easy to do only by the nature and the perfection of solo ads and also it’svery misleading because it gives you the wrong signals you know you think thatyou’re doing well but actually you’re not really right because a lot of isbought traffic some people buy so you feel like oh it’sworking but actually it’s not because a lot of it is not real traffic anyway allright now again there are some solo ad marketers out there that are better thanothers okay so obviously there’s some that are really really good but I wasnever able to figure it out okay I actually personally know people that dovery well with solo ads but I mean you know $30,000 down and you are familiar with seveneight years later I don’t have that is something that to show for itokay so I personally don’t think that it’s a great source of traffic now ifyou figure out your congestion like maybe you’re doing YouTube you’re doingFacebook you’re doing pay-per-click marketing somewhere else or whatever ifyou want to add solo ad traffic to your to your total you know sources oftraffic that be my guest right but you know to focus just on solo ads I thinkit’s a bad hypothesi okay I actually I certainly do think it’s a bad intuition and for me tohave gone from you know neglecting for eight years and I think you know thesolo traffic was basically the main reason why and then obliging that switchand then all of a sudden I started becoming fruitful it’s not acoincidence you know I don’t think it’s a co-occurrence anyway okay so I wouldjust say be careful okay be very very careful if you’re considering solotraffic perhap measure it out for a little while but I would center majority of yourtime 80% of your time on traffic that you can control yourselfokay traffic that you’re actually rendering yourself not somebody elseyou’re engender it yourself okay does that make senseso listen I to be expected that that gave you some insight into the hotel a solo ad thingyou know again it’s completely up to you what what the hell are you do with this informationyou can go out there and buy solo commerce if you miss you don’t have to ifyou don’t want to I’m just sharing with you my personal experience and I don’twant you to have to go through what I went through because most people don’thave $ 30,000 to spend on on solo ads okay and it’s really really funnybecause there’ll be solo ad vendors out there that will say oh you know spending $30,000 isn’t that much I’ve had consumers that have invested a million dollars onsolo ads or a hundred thousand dollars on solo ads I mean that’s justridiculous to say because I want how many people have a hundred thousanddollars to spend on solo ads do you know what I convey so don’t listen to theseguys okay if “youve got to” spend a hundred thousand dollars on solo ads to experiment itI mean that’s an idealistic programme don’t you think right I want how many ofyou how many of you have a hundred thousand dollars lying around probablynot many of you right so it’s not it’s not it’s not a good thing to go afterokay so regardless let me know what you thought in the comments below okaydid this hit home for some of you guys have you tried solo ads before rightwhat are you gonna do are you gonna try some or are you gonna just sort of moveon and focus on you know traffic generation programmes that you cancontrol like I mentioned earlier okay give me a thumbs up if you got somevalue from this video today and if you’re not subscribed to my direct heyyou can subscribe to my canal by clicking on the crimson button if you wantto and listen if you just wanted to deplete a little bit more time with me if you wantto see what I’m up to if you want to see how I was able to youknow alter eight years of failure into one and a half years of you know massivesuccess I’d like to show you how I did that you can just click on the linkright below to get access to me and my training courses and I would love to see you inthat training to help you out and to help you make your business to the nextlevel okay this is Erin Chen and I will speak to you terribly very soon in anothervideo take care

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