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What Are Solo Ads? And Why You Should Think TWICE Before You Buy Em… (my personal opinion)


December 19, 2022

hi there hi there Aaron Chen right here hope you'' re. succeeding if you ' re watching this video now after that you'' re most likely doing
a. little of research study somewhere on the internet regarding what are solo ads fine so perhaps you wish to buy some solo web traffic maybe you intend to obtain some result in your company and also you.
simply intend to do a little of research study prior to you do that alright well my name is.
Aaron Chen I'' ve been online for the last nine years eight of those 9 years.
though stopped working actually actually miserably alright made a lot of blunders in my.
organization spent for it as well as you recognize simply really needed to figure it out and the cool.
thing is is that about 12 to 18 months ago I actually figured it out.
made you know hundreds of sales in my organization and also currently my company is you know.
are oh I'' m favorable which is which is actually actually amazing and also I just desired to.
share a few of my ideas and sensations and also experiences regarding solo traffic.
since solo website traffic was actually the major factor I would state why I wasn'' t. effective for an extremely large component of those eight years fine.
so I'' m gon na talk concerning it over the next couple of minutes and also by the end of this video clip.
you'' re going to have an idea of whether you should be concentrating on solo traffic.
or not alright again it'' s entirely approximately you this is my personal opinion do what.
you want with this info yet wear'' t take it gently due to the fact that you recognize I'' ve. invested a great deal of cash on solo ads so basically when I began it was in.
2009 ideal so I started you understand a lengthy time ago 9 years now probably.
way before the majority of you recognize you people have have you recognize even been on the internet.
right trying to market online therefore I attempted you know great deals of different web traffic.
approaches I'' ve done Facebook YouTube SEO solo web traffic.
Google AdWords you recognize at the time when Google AdWords was was you know actually.
really huge prior to they started slapping every person in 2010 as well as so I'' ve done I ' ve. done a great deal of different kinds of web traffic sources appropriate as well as so however my main website traffic. source at the time I assume after my very first year of going on the internet was solo.
website traffic right solo ads now if you wear'' t recognize what a solo ad is all it is. basically is when you go to somebody else ' s checklist as well as you pay them a specific. amount of cash to promote something to their list alright as well as they'' re their checklist. could be you know 5,000 individuals it can be 1 million people on their listing currently.
there are additionally puts called simple and okay on-line simple– nz where there are.
these online magazines within various particular niche markets fine maybe a specific niche.
market around weight loss it could be a particular niche market around generate income online.
and also these jeans essentially have you understand countless.
subscribers or half a million clients or whatever it is okay and also.
essentially the very same point you can you know pick to purchase a solo advertisement just for.
them to send out to their checklist and they'' ll charge you a particular amount of cash to.
send that solo ad currently that the expense of that solo advertisement might be a hundred bucks.
it can be fifty bucks maybe five hundred dollars it could be five.
thousand dollars all right it just depends on the number of clicks you want it'' s all driven.
by clicks alright therefore when in 2010 it started to get truly really big as well as.
back then you understand they didn'' t have you what are solo ads recognize they didn ' t have facebook teams or.
anything like that whatever was done via Skype alright.
so essentially they had Skype teams of solo ads they wear'' t truly do that. any longer however primarily it would certainly be a lot of market is obtaining with each other and also.
they also have websites like udemy you di mi which was really called I can'' t. also remember what they were called currently but it was a different version of a solo.
advertisement network okay or a solo ad marketplace so currently nowadays they'' ve got solo ad. industries ideal and and as well as as well as the important things concerning solo advertisements and the reason why.
many individuals do it and also the factor why I was doing so a lot of it was because.
it'' s an extremely extremely simple way to get web traffic alright and everybody discuss it you.
recognize each time you buy some kind of traffic program or you understand you'' re. listening to some master or whatever all they tell you to do is to buy solo.
website traffic right since really it'' s very extremely simple to do you don ' t have to you. recognize you wear ' t need to in fact know that much web marketing to obtain. started all you need to do actually is go to the solo ad supplier buy your solo. website traffic 100 dollars 200 bucks 500 bucks alright and afterwards they'ask you for your link. as well as then that ' s it you know some of them would certainly examine your capture page several of.
them won ' t a few of them will construct a capture page. for you a few of them won ' t right it simply relies on who your solo advertisement vendor is. and also then and afterwards that ' s it you recognize you you type of you kind of go for it right. and after that generally they will kind
of they will certainly establish your solo ad to drop you. recognize possibly in the next couple of days in the
next week or so as well as then when your solo. ad drops suddenly you obtain all your clicks basically in one shot alright. it could be over a few hours or it may be a couple of over a couple of days but basically. if you acquire a thousand clicks you will certainly they would certainly deliver you a thousand clicks. within you understand one two 3 days something like that all right and afterwards. typically the conversions on the front end on your opt-in page are quite high you.
know it'' s like 30 40 50 60 70 % conversions which is rather outrageous fine.
currently here is the problem that I had with solo advertisements all right so I got really.
actually proficient at creating a great deal of website traffic via solo ads as well as via.
lots of various solo advertisement vendors several of the most significant names available you know.
possibly I could call them and also you probably recognize that some of them are if.
you'' re if you ' re you understand doing any kind of solo ads right and I ' ve spent possibly regarding. 20 to 30 perhaps even more thousand bucks United States bucks on solo traffic over.
the last 8 to nine years appropriate and also you recognize I'' ve had five hundred three. days you recognize I produce 500 leads and also you recognize I'' ve simulated 6 seven. hundred leads in a single day that example that it'' s easy alright not it ' s. not difficult to do whatsoever ideal but the trouble that I had was'I couldn ' t. transform enough of these introduce sales to make this approach successful. all right and things is is that I maintained doing it you recognize I battled for the.
last like 8 years or whatever from 2009 till most likely a year.
year-and-a-half ago with two years ago I was doing solo ads on a regular basis I.
would pick up an amount of time and after that I would do it once more and also this was the.
problem right so it wasn'' t that I wasn ' t making any sales I was appropriate but the. trouble is is that doing solo advertisements is so deceptive alright due to the fact that first off. it'' s really easy to get'so it ' s very simple you wear ' t have to learn that much. you know it ' s sort of like going to a gas terminal or you understand you just most likely to a. filling station you fill gas it ' s extremely extremely simple you wear ' t have to search for.
it right you don ' t need to learn exactly how to pump gas is really easy yeah.'there ' s even an assistant that can assist you to do it right it ' s almost as straightforward. as you recognize sending out a text message
on whatsapp right- or text on your. phone you ' d rather send a text message then compose a general delivery letter all right. because the general delivery mail a letter it takes a whole lot more work you need to you. have to buy the stationery you have to draw up the letter which takes a long. time you need to fold it up you have to place it in the envelope you need to go. and get stamps and afterwards you ' ve got to most likely to the blog post office to hand over your. letter right when you set a text all.
you do is you pick up your phone you send out a text and you struck Send and afterwards it.
goes straight right that'' s why individuals like to send you understand whatsapp messages. or sms message due to the fact that'it ' s so hassle-free right well solo ads is.
actually very very similar right it'' s so simple that individuals fall under this.
massive I would certainly claim it'' s like a great void it sucks you in alright as well as the reason.
why it'' s so eye-catching is because primary it is very easy second.
the conversion prices on the front end they look truly great all right so for you to.
discover how to obtain like 50 60 percent opt-in price into your capture page it'' s. easy you ' re gon na learn exactly how to do it in the very first second or perhaps even third.
time that you get a solo ad fine and afterwards what takes place is then let'' s just say. you acquire five hundred to a thousand clicks as well as this is my experience anyhow.
I'' m not so sure about what will certainly occur to you however in my experience investing.
twenty to thirty thousand bucks on solo solo advertisements over the last couple of years.
what will usually take place is I would obtain five hundred leads.
in one shot basically and also out of those leads I may obtain a pair of sales below.
and also there fine so I may make you understand 50 bucks 100 dollars 200 bucks all right yet.
it'' s never enough to cover the whole price of my solo advertisement which might have price.
5 hundred to a thousand bucks right so if I'' m costs if I ' m costs.$ 1,000 in solo advertisements yet I just make 200 back just how much cash am i down an $800.
down right so I'' m actually I ' m in the unfavorable good therefore a lot of.
individuals will tell you all what you'' ve reached make with solo ads is you reached.
massage your listing you obtained a you recognize email them every day be.
hostile right and also value whatever inform them to attempt as well as you recognize simply simply keep.
pitching your point as well as then at some point individuals are gon na buy your things right.
and also so that'' s what I did all right as well as and the trouble is is that eventually I.
couldn'' t find out what was wrong I didn ' t recognize if it was the solo traffic. that was incorrect due to the fact that you purchase from numerous numerous various suppliers right so.
different suppliers have different quality of website traffic some are better than others.
okay so you that'' s why you need to try different vendors therefore I didn'' t recognize. if it was the vendors fault alright that I was that I was checking out each time or.
I didn'' t understand if it was my opt-in page or I didn ' t know if it was my sales. funnel'I didn ' t understand if it was my deal right or I didn'' t I
didn ' t understand if it. was me as well as my adhere to ups one that good okay which is which is why it was
very. extremely confusing right and also the trouble is what are solo ads well with solo ads is that since you.
know you wear'' t you you get a number of sales occasionally it ' s simply
sufficient. for you to be like ooh this technique is functioning right since I'' ve made a couple. of sales so wow the website traffic should be rather great yet maybe I didn'' t sell. sufficient to cover my expense so possibly it'' s you understand I reached tweak my sales channel.
or possibly you know I reached use a different deal or possibly I reached attempt a.
various solo advertisement supplier and and that'' s an issue it
offers you wish all right and it. gave me hope for 7 to eight years right the various other trouble with solo ads is. that a great deal'of them aren ' t even real traffic any longer guys so you ' ve got to be. really careful a great deal of them are BOTS all right so essentially. they'' re counterfeit they ' re not actual humans there are. programs around that a great deal of solo ad suppliers utilize several of them don ' t also recognize'. that they ' re marketing BOTS fine as well as they ' re basically automated BOTS online.
that really opt-in to your capture page they click on your switches but.
they'' re unreal people okay so even though it appears like you'' re converting. on the front end at 50 percent from traffic to lead really you just might be.
converting 10 percent due to the fact that the majority of them are crawlers they'' re not real individuals
so. undoubtedly bots aren ' t gon na acquire your things right due to the fact that robots aren'' t actual. people they wear ' t have money as well as they ' re not gon na actually take out their credit.
card and acquire so all you'' re obtaining is you ' re getting false info all right.
and after that one more point that would certainly occur is that because solo ads are a little.
bit expensive right they can be quite expensive since you can get so a lot.
web traffic at when what I would certainly do is I would acquire a solo ad at the beginning of my.
month when I got my salary I would invest $1,000 on my solo advertisement alright and also then.
essentially I would certainly run out money for the rest of my month due to the fact that in in.
Malaysia you recognize US dollar to sound it it'' s like. four times so I was investing basically 4 thousand ringgit of my of my of my.
cash precisely a solo ad which is ludicrous because the majority of people in.
Malaysia put on'' t also earn four thousand ring at a month okay as well as'I don ' t. have to conserve up two prior to that I do a solo ad decrease at the begin of the month.
and then I wouldn'' t do anything all right I'' d send out e-mails emails emails I wouldn'' t. make that lots of sales I would certainly make a loss as well as I'' d resemble hmm I
sort of shed. inspiration and also I'' d resemble alright'I ' m simply gon na need to wait up until next month when.
I get my income again and also I'' m gon na get another solo ad and also after that it was this.
vicious circle okay now if that has actually ever before taken place to you before after that you understand.
specifically what I'' m talking about since a whole lot of it happens to a great deal of people all.
right therefore I simply found that it took me a lengthy time prior to I ultimately chose.
that in fact solo advertisements I believe this is the main reason why I'' m not doing that. well all right and also I made the the I'' d made the tough decision really I made it a. lot earlier I'wear ' t understand why it'took me as long it ' s pretty foolish of me to be.
straightforward but I made this the decision to refrain from doing solo advertisements any longer possibly about a.
year and also a half ago fine and when I lastly made that choice.
to stop purchasing solo air web traffic as well as concentrating on various other traffic resources where.
I was actually generating the web traffic myself that means I wasn'' t buying the
. website traffic from any solo advertisement vendor or any type of type of web traffic you recognize individual I was.
really creating the web traffic myself you recognize via Facebook via.
YouTube through write-ups to my blog as well as stuff like that suddenly I.
began making cash in my service believe it or otherwise it'' s insane stuff okay.
it was nuts in fact due to the fact that suddenly I was regulating the traffic I.
knew what I was doing and the web traffic that I was generating was actual or Israel.
right so it'' s not BOTS any longer all right due to the fact that there'' s no crawler traffic or extremely. very little robot website traffic on YouTube there ' s very very little bot traffic on. Google there'' s extremely little bot web traffic on Facebook it'' s a bit but however. not that much fine so as a result of that I think that you recognize that completely.
altered my company around as well as it was it was really stunning to see okay and also so.
my message for you today look I'' m I ' m not here to condemn solo advertisements what I ' m. claiming is that if you'' re gon na go purchase solo advertisements you need to do it with eyes.
wide open alright you need to have sufficient cash that you'' re happy to invest and also.
test on solo advertisements do it for a little while however if it doesn'' t job I would say. simply carry on all right because there'' s a whole lot of shit around'there ' s
a great deal of. lousy traffic with solo ads and you come under this catch of it being really.
very simple just by the nature and the virtue of solo advertisements as well as likewise it'' s. really deceptive since it offers you the wrong signals you recognize you assume that.
you'' re doing well but in fact you'' re not actually ideal due to the fact that a great deal of is.
purchased traffic some people purchase so you seem like oh it'' s. working but actually it'' s not because a great deal of it is unreal website traffic
anyway all. now once again there are some solo ad suppliers around that are better than.
others alright so undoubtedly there'' s some that are actually truly good but I
was. never ever able to figure it out all right I really directly know people that do.
extremely well with solo ads however I imply you recognize $30,000 down as well as you know seven.
8 years later on I don'' t have that much to reveal for it
. alright so I directly wear'' t assume that it ' s a fantastic resource of website traffic currently if. you determine your web traffic like maybe you ' re doing YouTube you'' re doing. Facebook you'' re doing pay-per-click advertising and marketing elsewhere or whatever if.
you wish to add solo advertisement traffic to your to your total you understand sources of.
website traffic that be my visitor right but you understand to focus simply on solo advertisements I assume.
it'' s a poor suggestion all right I truly I really do believe it ' s a bad concept and also for me to.
have gone from you know stopping working for 8 years and also I believe you understand the.
solo traffic was generally the major reason that and afterwards making that button.
and after that all of an abrupt I started becoming profitable it'' s not a. coincidence you understand I wear'' t assume it ' s a coincidence anyhow alright so I would certainly. just say beware all right be'very extremely careful if you ' re
thinking about solo. web traffic possibly evaluate it out awhile yet I would certainly concentrate bulk of your.
time 80% of your time on website traffic that you can control on your own.
okay traffic that you'' re in fact creating on your own not somebody else.
you'' re generating it on your own fine does that make sense.
so listen I wish that that provided you some understanding into the resort a solo ad thing.
you recognize once more it'' s completely approximately you what what you perform with this details.
you can head out there as well as buy solo website traffic if you want you don'' t have to if. you'wear ' t wish to I ' m just showing you my personal experience and I put on'' t. desire you to need to go through what I underwent since the majority of people put on'' t. have$ 30,000 to invest on on solo ads fine and it'' s truly actually amusing.
because there'' ll be solo advertisement vendors out there that will certainly state oh you know spending.
$ 30,000 isn'' t that a lot I ' ve had clients that have spent a million bucks on. solo ads or a hundred thousand dollars on solo advertisements I mean that'' s just. ridiculous to say because I imply the number of individuals have a hundred thousand.
bucks to invest on solo advertisements do you know what I imply so wear'' t listen to these.
individuals okay if you need to invest a hundred thousand dollars on solo advertisements to check it.
I indicate that'' s an impractical strategy wear'' t you assume right I mean the number of of.
you the number of of you have a hundred thousand dollars lying around most likely.
not several of you right so it'' s not it'' s not it ' s not an advantage to go after.
alright so anyhow let me know what you assumed in the remarks listed below fine.
did this struck home for several of you people have you tried solo ads in the past right.
what are you gon na do are you gon na attempt some or are you gon na just type of relocation.
on and concentrate on you know traffic generation methods that you can.
control like I pointed out earlier alright provide me a thumbs up if you obtained some.
worth from this video today as well as if you'' re not signed up for my channel hi there.
you can subscribe to my channel by clicking the red switch if you want.
to and pay attention if you intend to spend a bit more time with me if you want.
to see what I'' m up to if you intend to see just how I was able to you. understand shift eight years of failure right into one and a fifty percent years of you recognize enormous.
success I'' d like to show you how I did that you can simply click on the link.
right below to obtain accessibility to me as well as my training and also I would certainly like to see you in.
that training to help you out and to assist you take your company to the next.
degree all right this is Erin Chen and I will speak with you really very soon in an additional.
video clip take treatment.

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