September 4


What Are Solo Ads? And Why You Should Think TWICE Before You Buy Em… (my personal opinion)


September 4, 2022

hey hi Aaron Chen right here hope you'' re. succeeding if you ' re watching this video now then you'' re probably doing
a. little bit of research someplace on-line about what are solo ads alright so perhaps you intend to acquire some solo traffic perhaps you intend to get some leads to your organization and you.
simply wish to do a little of study before you do that all right well my name is.
Aaron Chen I'' ve been online for the last 9 years 8 of those nine years.
though failed actually actually badly okay made a great deal of mistakes in my.
service paid for it as well as you understand just really needed to figure it out and also the cool.
point is is that regarding 12 to 18 months ago I truly figured it out.
made you recognize hundreds of sales in my organization and also now my organization is you recognize.
are oh I'' m favorable which is which is truly truly trendy and I simply wished to.
share several of my thoughts as well as feelings and experiences about solo web traffic.
because solo website traffic was in fact the main factor I would certainly say why I wasn'' t. effective for a very huge part of those eight years all right.
so I'' m gon na discuss it over the following couple of mins and also by the end of this video clip.
you'' re mosting likely to have an idea of whether you must be concentrating on solo website traffic.
or not alright once again it'' s entirely approximately you this is my individual point of view do what.
you desire with this details yet put on'' t take it gently due to the fact that you recognize I'' ve. spent a great deal of money on solo advertisements so essentially when I got going it was in.
2009 appropriate so I got started you recognize a long period of time ago nine years now probably.
method prior to a lot of you recognize you men have have you understand even been on-line.
right trying to market online and also so I attempted you understand great deals of various website traffic.
strategies I'' ve done Facebook YouTube search engine optimization solo web traffic.
Google AdWords you recognize at the time when Google AdWords was was you recognize truly.
actually huge before they started slapping every person in 2010 therefore I'' ve done I ' ve. done a lot of various kinds of web traffic resources best therefore yet my major traffic. resource at the time I believe after my first year of browsing the web was solo.
website traffic right solo advertisements now if you wear'' t understand what a solo ad is all it is. primarily is when you go to someone else ' s checklist and also you pay them a specific. amount of cash to promote something to their listing okay as well as they'' re their checklist. could be you know 5,000 individuals it can be 1 million people on their checklist currently.
there are additionally positions called simple and also okay on the internet easy– nz where there are.
these online publications within various niche markets fine maybe a specific niche.
market around weight loss maybe a particular niche market around make money online.
and also these denims generally have you know numerous.
subscribers or half a million clients or whatever it is fine as well as.
generally the same thing you can you recognize select to buy a solo advertisement just for.
them to send to their listing as well as they'' ll charge you a specific amount of cash to.
send out that solo advertisement currently that the expense of that solo ad might be a hundred dollars.
maybe fifty bucks maybe five hundred dollars it might be 5.
thousand bucks okay it simply depends on how several clicks you desire it'' s all driven.
by clicks okay as well as so when in 2010 it began to obtain really truly large as well as.
at that time you understand they didn'' t have you what are solo advertisements recognize they didn ' t have facebook groups or.
anything like that whatever was done with Skype all right.
so generally they had Skype groups of solo advertisements they put on'' t really do that. any longer but basically it would certainly be a number of market is getting together as well as.
they even have sites like udemy you di mi which was actually called I can'' t. even remember what they were called now yet it was a various version of a solo.
advertisement network fine or a solo ad market so now nowadays they'' ve obtained solo ad. markets right and also and as well as and the point regarding solo advertisements and the reason.
a lot of people do it as well as the reason that I was doing so a lot of it was because.
it'' s an extremely really easy means to get website traffic alright as well as everyone discuss it you.
recognize each time you purchase some kind of website traffic course or you understand you'' re. paying attention to some guru or whatever all they tell you to do is to buy solo.
web traffic right because actually it'' s really really simple you put on ' t need to you. understand you wear ' t have to really understand that much web marketing to obtain. started all you have to do actually is go to the solo ad supplier acquire your solo. website traffic 100 dollars 200 dollars 500 dollars okay and afterwards they'ask you for your web link. and afterwards that ' s it you know a few of them would certainly check your capture web page some of.
them won ' t some of them will construct a capture page. for you some of them won ' t right it simply depends upon who your solo ad vendor is. and after that and also then that ' s it you know you you type of you type of go all out right. and afterwards usually they will kind
of they will establish up your solo advertisement to drop you. understand maybe in the following few days in the
next week or so and afterwards when your solo. ad goes down all of an abrupt you get all your clicks practically in one shot okay. it may be over a few hours or it may be a few over a few days yet basically. if you get a thousand clicks you will they would supply you a thousand clicks. within you understand one two three days something like that all right and afterwards. typically the conversions on the front upright your opt-in web page are pretty high you.
recognize it'' s like 30 40 50 60 70 % conversions which is pretty insane okay.
now here is the problem that I had with solo advertisements all right so I got actually.
actually good at producing a great deal of web traffic with solo ads as well as via.
many numerous different solo ad suppliers a few of the largest names out there you understand.
probably I might name them and also you probably recognize who a few of them are if.
you'' re if you ' re you understand doing any type of solo ads best and also I ' ve spent probably regarding. 20 to 30 possibly also a lot more thousand dollars US bucks on solo traffic over.
the last 8 to 9 years right as well as you recognize I'' ve had five hundred 3. days you understand I produce 500 leads as well as you understand I'' ve done like 6 seven. hundred leads in a single day that kind of point that it'' s easy alright not it ' s. easy to do at all right yet the problem that I had was'I couldn ' t. convert sufficient of these leads right into sales to make this strategy rewarding. all right and the important things is is that I maintained doing it you recognize I fought for the.
last like 8 years or whatever from 2009 till possibly a year.
year-and-a-half ago with two years ago I was doing solo ads regularly I.
would quit for a time period and after that I would certainly do it again as well as this was the.
problem right so it wasn'' t that I wasn ' t making any sales I was right however the. trouble is is that doing solo advertisements is so deceptive alright since firstly. it'' s extremely simple to get'so it ' s very simple to do you don ' t have to find out that much. you understand it ' s sort of like mosting likely to a gas station or you understand you just go to a. gas terminal you load up gas it ' s very very simple you wear ' t need to hunt for.
it right you put on ' t need to learn exactly how to pump gas is very straightforward yeah.'there ' s also an assistant that can aid you to do it right it ' s practically as straightforward. as you recognize sending a sms message
on whatsapp right- or text on your. phone you ' d rather send out a sms message after that write a general delivery letter all right. since the snail mail mail a letter it takes a great deal even more work you need to you. need to get the stationery you have to draw up the letter which takes a long. time you need to fold it up you need to put it in the envelope you need to go. and acquire stamps and after that you ' ve reached go to the message workplace to go down off your. letter right when you set a text all.
you do is you pick up your phone you send a message and also you hit Send out and afterwards it.
goes directly ideal that'' s why people like to send you know whatsapp messages. or sms message due to the fact that'it ' s so practical right well solo ads is.
in fact very extremely similar right it'' s so simple that individuals fall into this.
big I would say it'' s like a black hole it sucks you in alright and the factor.
why it'' s so eye-catching is since primary it is very easy number 2.
the conversion rates on the front end they look truly good alright so for you to.
discover just how to obtain like 50 60 percent opt-in rate into your capture page it'' s. simple you ' re gon na find out exactly how to do it in the first second or possibly also third.
time that you purchase a solo ad fine and after that what happens is after that let'' s simply state. you get 5 hundred to a thousand clicks and this is my experience anyway.
I'' m not so sure concerning what will certainly take place to you yet in my experience costs.
twenty to thirty thousand dollars on solo solo advertisements over the last couple of years.
what will normally happen is I would certainly obtain 5 hundred leads.
in round pretty much and out of those leads I could get a number of sales below.
and there okay so I may make you recognize 50 dollars 100 dollars 200 bucks okay but.
it'' s never sufficient to cover the whole expense of my solo ad which may have cost.
5 hundred to a thousand dollars right so if I'' m investing if I ' m investing.$ 1,000 in solo ads yet I only make 200 back just how much cash am i down an $800.
down right so I'' m in fact I ' m in the adverse all ideal as well as so a whole lot of.
individuals will tell you all what you'' ve reached do with solo advertisements is you got to.
massage therapy your list you obtained a you know email them each and every single day be.
hostile right as well as worth whatever tell them to attempt as well as you recognize just just keep.
pitching your point as well as then at some point people are gon na buy your stuff right.
as well as so that'' s what I did alright and as well as the problem is is that eventually I.
couldn'' t number out what was incorrect I didn ' t understand if it was the solo website traffic. that was incorrect due to the fact that you purchase from several lots of many different vendors right so.
different vendors have different high quality of website traffic some are better than others.
fine so you that'' s why you need to attempt different vendors and so I didn'' t recognize. if it was the vendors mistake all right that I was that I was checking out at once or.
I didn'' t know if it was my opt-in web page or I didn ' t understand if it was my sales. channel'I didn ' t know if it was my deal right or I didn'' t I
didn ' t know if it. was me and my comply with ups one that excellent okay which is which is why it was
extremely. very complicated right and the issue is what are solo ads well with solo ads is that since you.
know you don'' t you you get a pair of sales occasionally it ' s simply
sufficient. for you to be like ooh this method is working right since I'' ve made a couple. of sales so wow the web traffic have to be pretty all ideal however possibly I didn'' t sell. enough to cover my cost so perhaps it'' s you know I got to modify my sales funnel.
or maybe you understand I got to utilize a different offer or possibly I got to attempt a.
different solo ad vendor and also which'' s a trouble it
offers you wish all right and it. offered me wish for 7 to 8 years right the various other problem with solo advertisements is. that a great deal'of them aren ' t also real web traffic anymore individuals so you ' ve reached be. really mindful a whole lot of them are BOTS all right so primarily. they'' re phony they ' re not real humans there are. programs available that a great deal of solo ad vendors utilize a few of them put on ' t even know'. that they ' re marketing BOTS fine and they ' re primarily automated crawlers online.
that really opt-in to your capture page they click your switches but.
they'' re unreal individuals alright so also though it appears like you'' re converting. on the front end at half from web traffic to lead in fact you only may be.
transforming 10 percent due to the fact that the majority of them are bots they'' re unreal people
so. clearly robots aren ' t gon na acquire your things right since robotics aren'' t genuine. human beings they put on ' t have money as well as they ' re not gon na in fact get their credit rating.
card and also get so all you'' re obtaining is you ' re getting incorrect info all right.
and also after that one more point that would certainly occur is that since solo advertisements are a little.
bit costly right they can be fairly costly since you can get so much.
website traffic at the same time what I would certainly do is I would certainly purchase a solo advertisement at the beginning of my.
month when I obtained my wage I would certainly spend $1,000 on my solo ad okay and afterwards.
basically I would certainly have no even more cash for the rest of my month since in in.
Malaysia you recognize US dollar to ring it it'' s like. 4 times so I was spending essentially four thousand ringgit of my of my of my.
money right on a solo ad which is absurd because many people in.
Malaysia put on'' t also earn four thousand ring at a month all right as well as'I wear ' t. need to conserve up two before that I do a solo advertisement decrease at the start of the month.
and after that I wouldn'' t do anything all right I'' d send out emails emails e-mails I wouldn'' t. make that many sales I would certainly make a loss and also I'' d be like hmm I
kind of shed. inspiration and I'' d resemble all right'I ' m simply gon na have to wait until next month when.
I get my paycheck again and I'' m gon na buy an additional solo ad and afterwards it was this.
vicious circle all right now if that has actually ever before occurred to you before after that you recognize.
exactly what I'' m speaking about since a great deal of it occurs to a great deal of people all.
right therefore I just located that it took me a very long time prior to I finally made a decision.
that in fact solo ads I believe this is the main factor why I'' m not doing that. well alright as well as I made the the I'' d made the challenging decision really I made it a. lot earlier I'wear ' t understand why it'took me so long it ' s rather foolish of me to be.
truthful however I made this the choice to not do solo advertisements anymore possibly regarding a.
year and a half ago okay as well as when I finally made that choice.
to stop buying solo air website traffic as well as focusing on other traffic sources where.
I was actually generating the web traffic myself that means I wasn'' t buying the
. website traffic from any type of solo advertisement vendor or any kind of kind of traffic you understand person I was.
actually generating the web traffic myself you recognize through Facebook with.
YouTube through posts to my blog as well as stuff like that suddenly I.
started making cash in my company think it or otherwise it'' s insane things all right.
it was nuts really since suddenly I was regulating the website traffic I.
understood what I was doing and also the website traffic that I was producing was actual or Israel.
right so it'' s not crawlers any longer alright since there'' s no bot traffic or very. extremely little crawler web traffic on YouTube there ' s really very little bot website traffic on. Google there'' s extremely little crawler traffic on Facebook it'' s a little but yet. not that much alright so due to that I assume that you understand that completely.
altered my service around as well as it was it was actually surprising to see okay therefore.
my message for you today look I'' m I ' m not right here to condemn solo ads what I ' m. stating is that if you'' re gon na go acquire solo advertisements you need to do it with eyes.
wide open alright you have to have enough cash that you'' re prepared to spend and.
test on solo advertisements do it awhile but if it doesn'' t job I would certainly claim. just go on all right due to the fact that there'' s a whole lot of spunk available'there ' s
a great deal of. crappy website traffic with solo ads and also you fall under this catch of it being really.
extremely easy to do just by the nature and the virtue of solo advertisements as well as also it'' s. really deceptive because it provides you the wrong signals you recognize you assume that.
you'' re succeeding however in fact you'' re not truly ideal due to the fact that a lot of is.
purchased web traffic some people acquire so you really feel like oh it'' s. working however actually it'' s not because a great deal of it is unreal traffic
anyway all. right now once more there are some solo ad suppliers available that are much better than.
others all right so obviously there'' s some that are actually really great but I
was. never ever able to figure it out fine I actually personally understand people that do.
extremely well with solo advertisements but I indicate you know $30,000 down and you recognize 7.
8 years later I put on'' t have that much to show for it
. all right so I directly don'' t believe that it ' s a fantastic resource of traffic now if. you find out your website traffic like perhaps you ' re doing YouTube you'' re doing. Facebook you'' re doing pay-per-click advertising somewhere else or whatever if.
you intend to include solo ad web traffic to your to your overall you understand resources of.
traffic that be my visitor right yet you recognize to focus just on solo ads I think.
it'' s a bad concept alright I really I really do think it ' s a negative suggestion as well as for me to.
have actually gone from you understand falling short for 8 years and also I believe you recognize the.
solo web traffic was basically the main reason that and after that making that button.
and afterwards suddenly I started becoming profitable it'' s not a. coincidence you recognize I don'' t assume it ' s a coincidence anyway okay so I would certainly. just claim be mindful alright be'very very cautious if you ' re
thinking about solo. traffic possibly test it out for a little while yet I would focus majority of your.
time 80% of your time on traffic that you can regulate on your own.
fine website traffic that you'' re actually generating yourself not someone else.
you'' re generating it on your own fine does that make sense.
so listen I wish that that gave you some insight into the resort a solo advertisement thing.
you understand once more it'' s totally approximately you what what you make with this details.
you can head out there and get solo traffic if you desire you put on'' t need to if. you'put on ' t want to I ' m simply sharing with you my personal experience as well as I put on'' t. want you to have to go through what I went with since many people wear'' t. have$ 30,000 to invest on on solo advertisements all right and also it'' s truly actually funny.
because there'' ll be solo ad suppliers around that will certainly say oh you understand costs.
$ 30,000 isn'' t that a lot I ' ve had clients that have spent a million bucks on. solo ads or a hundred thousand dollars on solo advertisements I suggest that'' s simply. absurd to claim since I suggest the amount of individuals have a hundred thousand.
bucks to spend on solo advertisements do you know what I imply so wear'' t listen to these.
guys okay if you have to spend a hundred thousand dollars on solo ads to examine it.
I imply that'' s an unrealistic technique don'' t you think right I imply exactly how many of.
you the amount of of you have a hundred thousand dollars existing around possibly.
very few of you right so it'' s not it'' s not it ' s not an advantage to pursue.
okay so anyway let me know what you assumed in the comments below alright.
did this hit home for several of you guys have you attempted solo advertisements in the past right.
what are you gon na do are you gon na attempt some or are you gon na just kind of relocation.
on and concentrate on you recognize website traffic generation strategies that you can.
control like I mentioned earlier all right provide me a thumbs up if you obtained some.
value from this video clip today and if you'' re not registered for my network hi.
you can subscribe to my network by clicking on the red button if you want.
to as well as listen if you wish to invest a bit even more time with me if you desire.
to see what I'' m approximately if you intend to see just how I had the ability to you. know change 8 years of failing into one and a half years of you know huge.
success I'' d like to show you just how I did that you can simply click the web link.
right below to obtain accessibility to me as well as my training and I would certainly love to see you in.
that training to help you out and to help you take your service to the next.
degree fine this is Erin Chen and I will certainly speak with you extremely extremely quickly in one more.
video take treatment.

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