June 7


What are Solo Ads and How To Use Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing With REAL Results -FULL CASE STUDY


June 7, 2023

hello my friends this is mark from great money 
and today we're going to be we're we're going   to be talking about what are solo ads and how 
to use solo ads for affiliate marketing and i'm   going to show you a case study okay now just very 
quickly i'm guessing that if you've been in the   affiliate marketing business for a minute you 
will have seen this phrase or heard this phrase   people repeat it over and over again the money 
is in the list meaning the bigger list you have   the more money you can make with less effort 
okay in a way that's true having a big list   is very good but if your big list is not 
buying from you then it's pretty much worthless   in fact it is worthless now um i'm going to 
go through and show you a full case study of   300 clicks that i bought i'm also going to um 
i'm going to yeah just do a full case study   i'm also going to try and steer you away from 
some of the the you know the the sellers vendors   of solo ads that will take your money and they'll 
rip you off you will never get any sales from them   even though one udemy udemy which is a platform 
where solo vendors go it might say that you got a   sale but there are some very very dirty practices 
within solo ads such as you ordering 200 clicks   and getting one seven dollar sale that means 
that when you're writing your testimonial   you have to write sales yes because you got 
a seven dollar sale or a five dollar sale   or whatever now that makes the the vendor um look 
better than they are it's because it's actually   them that's used some of your money 
when you bought 200 clicks to go and buy   something you know from from your mailing and 
that goes back to what is uh what are solo ads   solo ads are a list basically on an autoresponder 
and you can buy anything from 100 to   probably 10 000 clicks if you want now solo ads 
used to be big then they kind of stopped being big   now the reason that they stopped being 
big um was because there was so much bad   stuff going on and scamming then this year sorry 
last year there there came a new guy on the scene   and he's a colleague i'd like to thank a friend 
of mine and if you want to check out his product   which is really step by step by step by step 
on how he used solo ads to make about make   over a million dollars i can't remember exactly 
how much but it was well over a million dollars   using just solo ads check out the description 
below also in the description below i have put the   seller that i use and i used for the case study 
that i'm going to show you in a second so some   of the questions that i have here are things like 
um what are solo ads where do i buy them how do i   know if they're working and then the these last 
three things i hope that i will be able to clear   that up for you when we go through this short 
training and case study right okay so let's jump   right to me sharing my screen okay um and this is 
this is the way that some people some people still   use this old i would say old method of um using 
solo ads and that is where they this is the opt-in   form where people can put their name and their 
email so they can go here and they can put name   email in here um and then once they have done 
that put their name and email in there they are   then transferred so this is sorry this is what a 
opt-in page or a squeeze page looks like so it's   something like get this new system that newbies 
are following to generate to make 300 plus a day   from home or this one that i used actually in 
the the case study that i'm going to show you   um now you'll notice as well in both of these what 
i've left out is the name the reason i i did that   for a reason and that's because some people are 
just so lazy they're so lazy that they they don't   even want to bother putting their name but putting 
their email is like oh okay let's see what's gonna   let's see what i'm going to get um and people on 
solo ad lists they're very used like they're very   used to this method which again is putting the 
name and email and then what happens is they are   redirected to something called a bridge page now 
a bridge page could be anything it could turn my   light on here but um it could be anything from 
you know me saying hi guys i found the greatest   method on earth and it's making me a thousand 
dollars every five minutes you really need to   check this out and you know click the button below 
and check this out and that would be a bridge page   you know a kind of short bridge page but yeah 
that's a bridge page and that would be fine   and then what happens is people go and they click 
the button and they go to the sales page and they   they buy or they might not buy and then you follow 
up emails with them now the re the idea behind   this bridge page part is very simple really the 
idea behind it is that the the list is getting to   know you so they're getting to like you know know 
who you are so this bridge page part is how some   how a lot of people used to do it it'd be like 
okay this is who i am hey i'm making lots of money   why don't you click the button below and join me 
now that's a very you know 19 1990s kind of method   and what james the guy whose product i 
put below for you which i followed myself   and i'll show you the case study in a second um so 
what could happen here is people could watch your   little video on your bridge page doesn't matter 
how beautiful you are how handsome you are how   serious you are how great you know you 
sound people could just be like huh another   dude another girl telling me how to make a 
thousand dollars nah and they'll just click away   now that's okay because you already have their 
name and their email so you have them on your list   now before i go on i wanted to make this for some 
people who have asked me this and um what they did   was they bought a lot of clicks now one person 
bought 500 one person bought a thousand clicks   and yes the person they bought the the clicks 
from should have said um you know you don't have   a landing page here which is this an opt-in form 
a landing page a squeeze page all different names   for the same thing and what happened was they sent 
all of that traffic directly to the sales page   and maybe they got a couple of sales but what 
happened was they had no emails on their email   list that they could then go and follow up with 
follow-up emails with they had none of that   so this is kind of for them and kind of for people 
to know how to use this so from the bridge page if   somebody you know watches your video and thinks 
oh he looks like an honest guy they click your   the button on your bridge page which is basically 
just a website or your website whatever and they   go directly to the sales page of the product 
and this is a sales page of a make money online   product okay which i'll come back to so they then 
go to the sales page and they might buy they might   not buy doesn't matter if they buy great if 
they don't what you do is you then email them   everybody has a different strategy of how they 
will follow up with emails personally i when i'm   buying solo ad traffic i i email them for four or 
five days twa two two times or three times a day   and that the kind of emails that i'm sending are 
stuff like this three uh three thousand in your   pocket hey so this is this would be like the 
headline um the subject line sorry um and then   i'd have like hey this is very important click 
here 2246 profit in your pocket you're about to   learn how to get 2246 profit the very same day you 
see this click here to get it now remember action   takers get results toxin mark or like this one 500 
a day from today hey would you like to make 500   a day starting asap if you said yes then you need 
to check this out click here right now and this   would be a clickable link taking you directly 
to the sales page you will start receiving 500   as soon as signing up which is not true at all um 
it's just a very it's a very hypey email if i'm if   i'm um honest okay so um yeah so this this method 
can work but what this this guy james taught all   all of the people in the community and he he was 
very new in the community he'd maybe been there   a year no no let's say 18 months and everybody 
else was like solo ads don't work don't use them   and even me people were asking me my students in 
my facebook group they were like mark should i   use solo ads and i'd always be like nah don't 
use solo ads think about it if you had a list   full of buyers people but who are gonna buy your 
stuff would you like you know would you sell a   hundred clicks for 50 bucks no you wouldn't 
and they were like oh yeah that makes sense   but james like i said you can check his product 
below has proven that yes you actually can   make money um and his method which is the 
method that i use and i'm going to show you   a full case study show you my results etc etc 
etc my squeeze pages everything so what his   method is and it makes a lot more sense so opt-in 
form so i believe this sorry i use a very free   not free sorry i use a a a a very old page builder 
called instabuilder 2.0 and it's a brilliant   this is what these were made with instabuilder 
2.0 um funnily enough if you join up to edemi   through my link i bought developer rights for 
this plug-in so if you follow up you you know   if you sign up to udemy through my link you 
will be greeted with a message that says would   you like me to install instabuilder 2.0 on your 
website because i have i bought developer rights   the developer license so i can do that legally 
completely um so anyway yeah back to our drawing   now people sign up so firstly you've got them 
on your list you've got that email on your list   okay they're on your list um and then rather 
than going to a bridge page where people are like   oh yeah i heard this a million times um oh oh look 
at my phone there's facebook they're distracted   and you can lose so many people like that um yeah 
so i just wouldn't recommend doing the bridge page   i would recommend sending them straight to the 
sales page and if you send them to the right   kind of sales page and the right kind of sales 
page which i'll talk about in a second is as   hypey and um yeah as happy as you can find 
basically um so that's what you want to do   now the people will either buy or not buy and they 
they are they'll still be on your list so they'll   go to the sales page they'll buy or not buy and 
then you can follow up with emails and like i   said i spend about five days following up two 
to three times a day with little emails like um   little emails like this basically straight to the 
point do you want this do you not want this now   this is where i'm different than james or um my a 
few other colleagues close colleagues that are now   making um over what way over five figures a month 
just from solo ads and i may join them actually um   just focusing on solo ads on my on this youtube 
channel um and just outsourcing the rest of my   business to to you know building a team anyway so 
opt-in form got the email sales page either get   the sale or you don't and then you follow up with 
emails that's the new system and that's what's   working guys now my own little um my this is this 
is my own case study i i guess you could say now   do you remember when i said uh and i showed 
you this and it was like um you know you you   basically what you're doing is you are forgetting 
about bonuses you're forgetting about interaction   and you're just giving people what you what they 
want so people on solo ad lists they're the type   of people that just want to learn how to make 
money online as quickly and as easily as possible   they don't need a you know a full story of your 
life they don't need to know this they don't need   to know that they just want to see a sales page or 
a method for you know ten to twelve dollars that   will tell them you can make you know you 
can turn one dollars into ten dollars   over and over and over and over again and they're 
like oh that's what i'm looking for okay bye so   yeah i think it's a lot better to do like that 
and that's what i have been doing so if i go back   um to my little diagram which is getting a bit 
messy so this is this is what i did so just for   this case study um now divine commissions i also 
promoted it a little bit with um my own um list   of people and divine commissions you can see 
here so i bought 300 clicks from my main man   just deep who is that the best in my opinion of 
so about solo ads he shows you his methods of how   he gets the leads he shows you conversion rates 
he shows you everything really he does and he   is amazing he's brilliant and he's the person 
i would always recommend start with just deep   because he will help you out like you know you 
suck when you if you click the link below and just   sign up you don't have to buy anything but you'll 
see that he even gives you training you know   more detailed training than than i'm 
giving you here um and you can buy your   solo ads here so yeah that's what i would 
recommend i'd recommend starting with 300   that's that's what this case study is so this case 
study you can you can just ignore these ones that   say any non-applicable because these were um 
this was from my own uh newsletter so on that   newsletter i have buyers i hate that term but it 
means that they have bought something previously   from me so they bought one of my products and i've 
launched i don't know how many products over the   years quite a lot um so yeah so i i did mail to 
a couple of these people and i may on my website   i'll i'll show i'll make this in another video 
on my website i have like a written review some   images i have the video embedded on my website and 
then i have the bonuses at the bottom and then i   have the click here to get access now and that's 
what i mail usually or all the time really um   to my other lists but with solo ads i wanted to 
test this new method of sending people directly   to a sales page and that's what i did so you 
can see here 145 clicks plus um another five   these people went to a different sales page than 
the one i'm about to show you and explain why it's   so good um and you know they didn't buy anything 
and i think that's because of the sales page all   right now i'll explain this in a second so right 
off the bat the first run i made 236 dollars   okay that's almost covered the cost of my solo 
ads now i did follow up for four or five days   two to three emails a day promoting the same 
product for two days so this same product   for two days um and then i switched to some 
rubbishy kind of software that would promise   instant richie's i tried to find it but you know i 
sell a lot of stuff for philly as an affiliate so   i couldn't find it i did tag them you know like 
this solo but i couldn't find them you're just   going to have to take my word for it and i'll 
also refresh this so you can see that i've not   changed the numbers or whatever um all right 
so yes you can see they're still the same um   so i made 12 sales right off the bat that's 
that's pretty damn good for solo ads you know   so after that and and sorry the product that i 
was using was this put one dollar and then get   10 out secret powerful system revealed for the 
first time for people who are on these you know   make money online biz up lists this is perfect for 
them um no content creation huh amazing no videos   ah brilliant no tech skills amazing because i 
didn't even know how i got here 100 real results   all right i'm in straight away and they click it 
and they get 1247 or which these guys do which i   really hate is you can move your mouse away maybe 
it doesn't work the second time okay interesting   normally they would have a pop-up that comes 
up and says get 25 percent off luckily oh i'm   glad it's not working just now but probably if 
i refreshed it you would then see what i mean so   oh there you go wait stop you've qualified for an 
instant 25 discount so if they're not sold on this   you know this headline and these points about 
unlimited buyer traffic 30 000 case study takes   just minutes guarantee money back guarantee 
beginner friendly turn one dollar into 10   every time then they're going to definitely 
be sold by that pop-up that says get 25   off this is the kind of sales page that you need 
to use with solo ads that is going to convert best   with solo ads okay um and this is the 
guy that i use i'll put his link below   um also i'll put the link to adami odimi so that 
you can then um you know you can then get into the   builder i will install it on your domain um for 
the first 10 people maybe if i get a lot of people   asking then i might not be able to keep up with 
that so yeah so i bought 300 clicks i sent them to   i think it was yeah it was this one get 
instant access so i sent 300 clicks to this   i built an email list of 150 people i made um in 
the end up i actually with the follow-up series   um which you know i showed you a couple of 
examples here i did end up making um 300 and   dollars i think altogether so 300 was for 
that for the actual clicks and then 47 profit   but later on maybe i made more money from that 
those hundred and fifty dollar sorry 150 leads   that i i now have on my autoresponder because what 
i did was i threw them in to the into my you know   my list and now when i mail a review i include 
them so after four or five days of hitting them   hard with you know two or three times a day i 
decided okay i'm just going to stop it and i'm   going to put them on with you know put them with 
the rest of my you know valuable um customers and   people who have subscribed through my website 
and youtube channel etc so that's what i did   now other people um you know like james they 
just keep on hitting hitting and hitting hit   like three four emails a day hitting their their 
their um solo ad list and yeah they're just they   just keep hitting them until the person stops 
opening the email and then they just you know they   clear those people out of their autoresponder buy 
some more traffic and keep going and that's their   method it's kind of like a churn and burn method 
but it works so like i said if you want to learn   exactly how to do that check out the product below 
it really is a game changer um if you want to get   into affiliate marketing and don't know how 
to build a list um so that that's basically   my case study it was as simple as that went to 
jaztip which you can get below like i said easy so   you you go to jazteep you go to his order now page 
and to demi now what i would look for if you're   going on to udemy is fine sellers is i would look 
for people like people that are selling products   sorry people are selling traffic um you know you 
can click on them and find out more about them um   actually there's another guy i know that 
sells really good traffic i will i'll put his   his contact details below and i'm not sure if he's 
on here but his traffic is really really good as   well i don't know if it's as good as jaspeeps but 
it's very very close so if you go to redeeming   you just just have a look through see how many 
positive results they've had see how many bad   results they've had and if you click on this click 
on their their name you'll see what they're saying   you'll see how much uh 300 clicks is 
so 300 clicks is 198 it's a lot cheaper   and you can still convert those you know that that 
list into um you know into good traffic and you   can see here it's 97 top tier countries which 
is what you want that's exactly what you want   um and yeah that's that's how you go about 
making money with solo ads and what solo ads are   solo ads are just email it's like a form of paid 
traffic except you don't have to learn how to you   know how to do retargeting how to set up campaigns 
none of that stuff i will make videos about that   in the future because i run paid ads as well 
but this is the this is the easiest form of paid   traffic that you can get and just remember to 
always be collecting your leads okay don't just   send them directly to a sales page that would be 
horrible you know you just waste money send them   to opt-in form get their emails ignore the bridge 
page goodbye bridge page we don't need you anymore   and get them directly to the sale sales page and 
follow up with emails now if if you want to keep   doing that method you can if you don't want 
to create videos or you don't want to create   a website just follow this this system and like i 
said there's a lot more details in james's course   um which is below i put a link below um and i 
followed that course which is how i i was able   to do this case study and make my money back um 
and have a list of 150 people which is 50 opt-in   which is really pretty badass actually so um 
yeah guys thanks for watching this is mark   gray from gray money um if you want to know more 
or you want me to make a video on something else   to do with solo ads please just just put it in 
the comments below and i will make it you know   i'm happy to make more videos about um solo 
ads and if you want me to do another case study   i'll happily buy the the traffic and you 
can you know you can see the results from   buying the traffic all right thanks 
for watching again guys remember to   um like dislike if you don't like the video and 
subscribe and check out the description all right   thanks very much guys take care 
i'll see you in the next video

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