February 15


Udimi Solo Deals


February 15, 2023

hi there hi what'' s taking place my friend Justin.
Temple below with a really fast video clip on udemy solo offers so if you are on udemy and.
you'' re an associate marketer trying to run some solo advertisements obtain some affiliate compensations intend.
your checklist uh build a group help some individuals out you are most likely taking a look at solo deals to see just how.
you can conserve some cash as well as you'' re taking a look at some of these suppliers right below so let me go.
ahead and also show to you the reality concerning solo offers on udemy and how to really go shopping a little.
bit better on udemy so what you'' re going to do is you ' re you recognize right when you when you come over. here you know it looks actually eye-catching right 40 cents a click 41 off and afterwards um there ' s all. these other individuals right below we can see 40 40 as well as we have 49.
we have a great deal of 40s a 49 44 59. 40. and also we can also see that these people have a whole lot of orders too 5 8 27 1300.
uh 11 378. orders 321 400 2200 1700 1500 nine thousand orders Okay so we can see that there'' s great deals of orders.
coming with we can see that there'' s people supplying solo advertisements as well as the portion off etc.
and so on so allow me proceed and also speak with you a little little bit a lot more concerning this so when I consider this.
um the first thing is not to hurry on 40 Cent clicks fine that'' s the first policy is to not simply.
thrill on to 40 Cent clicks even if it'' s there um if you have a bit of a spending plan you know.
like 500 bucks or something you could be like oh wow I can pay for 100 clicks from him 100 clicks.
from him 100 clicks from him 100 clicks from him 100 clicks from him 100 clicks from him as well as you.
could just be decreasing the listing as well as just going with each individual that you desire as for various.
suppliers alright so um actually so we can see right below we have Earl Armstrong um not actually saying.
anything regarding him however we can be found in below we see we can buy 50 clicks from him we can invest as.
little bit as 23 bucks alright as low as 23 bucks and after that what you wish to do is look at the.
evaluations as well as we can see that there'' s just 2 testimonials and not neither of the 2 people got.
sales uh bought 100 clicks we received 115 at 55 opt-ins into my offer and also follow-up e-mails no.
sales yet will certainly reorder possibly test an additional offer in conclusion nice little run wonderful job.
so you'' ll see people obtain opt-ins all right you'' ll see a great deal of opt-ins as well as in the solo mind market.
usually you'' ll get a lot of opt-ins regardless of what as long as your capture web page is somewhat.
suitable because not always the traffic'' s not always high quality which implies they may just be fake.
opt-ins and stuff so you just got to take care occasionally um yet when I see this I don'' t wish to. get on 40 Cent clicks even if it'' s on sale I would really ensure the reviews are excellent.
see to it they have some sales with their listing so if we return to solo deals alright .
so we have another person right below fine and after that um you can get a thousand clicks we.
go minimal 100 spend fifty two dollars below alright as a minimum and afterwards we can scroll down check.
for evaluations we'' ve obtained some sales over right here fine so he or she really has fairly a bit of reviews. and rather a huge amount of people getting sales fine so this is a great individual that you might want.
to evaluate all right so um let'' s see all'right so they ' re for sale from 59 cents to 49 cents so 10 cents. off per click and also you'recognize you ' re not you can buy 400 clicks at 199 you can invest just. 52 dollars okay so it might be really truly appealing to hop on a great deal of these different.
vendors buy some tiny clicks from a great deal of them or acquire a huge amount of clicks as high as you.
can from one supplier right because if we most likely to such as 40 Cent clicks a thousand clicks is mosting likely to.
cost us just 4 hundred as well as three dollars ideal let'' s claim we wish to have to do with 300 that'' s. going to be 750 click that'' s a great deal of clicks so um in either case you consider it you put on ' t want. to rush on 40 Cent clicks necessarily you want to make certain to take your time and really.
look at the evaluations as well as make certain that individuals are getting sales with the listing so uh if we.
go down right here we can see fine another point is not only do you intend to take a look at the rate the.
evaluations however you likewise desire to see the orders so what I like to see on solo Advengers is that they.
wear'' t have a whole lot of orders okay so because you obtained ta believe you recognize if they ' re gon na be emailing.
their checklist to get clicks if they have a thousand three hundred orders those leads could be obtaining.
you know they could be obtaining rather tired they may begin to unsubscribe they may.
be getting you recognize rather sick of the e-mails so I such as to scroll with here as well as actually.
reduce you recognize 11 000 orders yeah that'' s fantastic for him but um I'' m unsure if that ' s the very best. for me fine'I ' m not sure if that ' s the ideal uh vendor to purchase solo ads from since that.
means you recognize 11 000 clicks times a hundred that'' s that ' s a lot of clicks coming with you. recognize allow ' s claim it ' s a minimum order is'a hundred uh that ' s a great deal of clicks right so allow me see real. fast so eleven 3 seven eight eleven three seven 8 times a hundred Okay so his so if we. go right here 40 Cent clicks we click on this we can see scroll right down uh most likely to allow me do that.
before you obtain my mouse there we go so 100 clicks so it'' ll cost 43 dollars for 100 clicks as well as he'' s. obtained 11 000 orders so if so he'' s running um one million 100 000 37 the one million one hundred.
thirty seven thousand 800 clicks with his checklist do you intend to purchase from that solo advertisement supplier if.
he'' s running a 1.1 million click the minimum on the minimum 11 378 orders for a hundred.
click or a hundred clicks each order is 1.1 million million clicks so he'' s sending out a.
lot of e-mails to his checklist okay and also I put on'' t like that ' s not actually what I intend to go for that ' s. not truly the web traffic that I assume is useful as well as these he so I put on'' t recognize how huge his checklist.
is his checklist is probably a hundred thousand right most likely 200 000 he'' s most likely obtained you know
. 4 or five lists that are a hundred thousand but you understand I'' m not actually interested in.
marketing to somebody that'' s that ' s obtaining a 1.1 million clicks orders um specifically when.
the orders are for as cheap as possible 40 cents um you recognize if a person'' s doing that as well as.
their clicks resemble a dollar fifty 2 bucks as well as they still obtained 11 000 orders well.
that'' s most likely really really great web traffic yet some and also as well as you can additionally.
see that he'' s got a 61 sales price so it'' s actually good'he'' s he ' s worth screening however. I ' m just discussing to you a little much more concerning the solo deals and also how to look at solo bargains. fine so the orders are very important to look at so the reviews were first appropriate so this person.
doesn'' t really have that many testimonials um if you intended to test them out offer them a testimonial help. some people out obtain some leads that ' s up to you um after that we discussed. the orders right the orders so allow'' s see we got this guy right. right here with 76 orders um 40 cents a click and also you know'that ' s a lot more appealing so this is. much more eye-catching to me than this right here fine so this man ' s running you recognize 7 600 clicks. minimum this guy'' s running 300 this individual ' s running a lot Thirty thirty thousand 8 hundred.
something like that versus 7 thousand six hundred so versus a 1.1 million clicks that he.
has to fulfill on so that'' s a great deal if you actually start to consider it this person ' s not truly the. best one to buy from I would wait till he'' s has much less orders I simply wait a week wait a week.
till you see much less orders okay when it begins to freshen because I think every week solo offers.
happens every week it rejuvenates and after that the vendors can you know submit their info.
or regularly have it up or whatever nevertheless it functions yet um I would wait till he refreshes.
all right however yeah like we can see 2 251 orders 337 uh okay he'' s getting a lot of orders this is a lot.
um it'' s 9 000 orders okay that ' s a great deal of orders um so you simply need to be. mindful about that you order from as well as what I like to do is I like to locate
the very best. suppliers on udemy as well as I currently have actually found them as well as what I do is I wait for them to be on.
deals right so instead of like let'' s state you know he or she ' s my advised one or. whatever uh what I would certainly do is I would I'' d be like all right she ' s normally 59 cents well let me.
go ahead as well as wait till she'' s for sale for 50 55 cents or 49 cents or 40 cents so sometimes.
your your favored supplier won'' t be on sale therefore you I would certainly simply wait until they are on.
sale to make sure that'' s exactly how I like to believe regarding you to me and exactly how do I exactly how I get on you to me as well as um as well as how. I think of the solo deals just how to buy solo deals And so on fine and then that'' s virtually it as. far as what I wished to speak about for solo offers if you have any kind of questions about.
udemy let me understand in the remarks listed below and it'' s it ' s more about testing you understand. simply get a little quantity of clicks from each person you can also locate Sellers and also you can.
sort people so you can just resemble alright I'' m in the marketing Particular niche or the crypto particular niche.
and also I desire you know the optimum obtained sales uh do the optimum ratings as well as allow'' s simply see. what occurs right so grow we obtained these people you'' re simply mosting likely to begin with these individuals.
okay so your vendor account does not appear oh yeah um all right I mistakenly began a seller.
profile I I thought I it was my routine profile anyways um yet yep and afterwards you can sort my cost.
per click if you want 90 cents if you wear'' t wish to invest a buck a click right so nevertheless you.
intend to filter this you can duplicate orders uh obtained sales so you intend to be super strict right.
boom all right so this person matches this this as well as this yet after that there'' s just one individual so it ' s such as well.
I'' m sure there ' s greater than someone that'' s good on right here right so it'' s approximately you how you want to do. it however I just wish to discuss solo deals don'' t just jump on 40 clicks because it'' s economical you likewise. look at the testimonials additionally see just how many orders are occurring if there'' s as well lots of orders wait on it.
to refresh for next week wait till um me you understand possibly wait till he is not on sale and afterwards wait.
till he is on sale once more since after that he'' ll be he ' ll be pretty fresh right so um it'' s simply a. it ' s simply you understand some smart purchasing just how to um exactly how to find some decent website traffic and.
not purchase traffic that'' s been being too uh pestered by emails so I hope you.
enjoyed this video clip of udemy solo offers go on and also click the link down below.
if you want to purchase some udemy solo advertisements however I help individuals with online marketing.
establishing up funnels and also I function really carefully with people on a daily basis to offer them e-mails established.
up their e-mails I in fact log right into people'' s accounts established up their funnels established their.
dkim setups as well as build out everything for you so if you wanted to assist with internet.
advertising list building how to do video clips such as this to break out leads as well as traffic for your.
company go and also inspect out justinleontemple.com and I would certainly enjoy to help you with your online.
advertising there will certainly be some web links down listed below to obtain some recommended website traffic sources my number.
one website traffic Source now is jazz deep so you can look into that web link down below and get the.
best website traffic if you desire so have a remarkable day.

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