January 9


Udimi Solo Ads Training: Tutorial For 2020 ($11,565 Proof)

By Randy Sult

January 9, 2022

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I’ve procreated 11,500 $ 65.99 just by helpingother people find udimi solo ads traffic that numeral pales intoinsignificance compared to the amount of money I’ve made by buying udimi solo ads by traffic myself exploiting it to build my email roster and make affiliate auctions inthis video you’ll detect what’s all the words are and how you can use themto build your schedule and making profits how to find high quality stall of ourtraffic are new to me that gets you guides in marketings as soon as today the bestsoftware I recommend for moving your capture sheet transitions how you cancopy a move I’m exerting right now and the secret high-pitched converting proposal I’mcashing in with using nothing but traffic from udemy plus a cluster of otherbonus tips along the way so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is to goto hey my friend Ben Martin now the tycoon of email and therefore welcomed my youtubechannel benefits and paradise now on this channel I start videos that establish you howto make an income from home the right way and how you can build your emaillist for free exerting YouTube now if this is your first time here or for somecrazy reason you didn’t do so previously go ahead and affected that subscribe button andwhen you do a notification prow will appear that I want you to push to thatway you will get apprise every single time I liberate brand new videos to thischannel okay we’ve got a lot of foot to cover today so I just wanted to divestraight in and answer the question what is a solo ad well I learnt the word is anemail campaign that you be transmitted to a niche email index that you do not own yourselfyou basically rent the email roll of someone else in your industry to sendyour targeted promotion to now building a profitable email list as you probablyalready know is the cornerstone of every singlesuccessful internet business who are present now for some reason a lot of beings findbuilding a index and getting traffic confusing but the reality is it’sactually really easy so I’m gonna go over to my foe back-office in precisely amoment I’m gonna substantiate you around and you’ll see how simple it is to startgetting a ton of makes and sales employing solo ads as soon as today okay so I’m inthe back office of myself and my wife’s udemy note and by the way if youdon’t once have a free udemy an accounting already and please go ahead andsign up by tick my associate below in the description box see one of the perksabout to me is that when person meets through you and they buy traffic you getpaid 15% on any traffic they are buying and that’s not just a one time that’s onany and every traffic parcel they are buying so in other words if yourreferral guilds a thousand dollars worth of traffic you will receive a hundredand fifty dollars now of course you don’t have to start off by purchasing athousand dollars worth of traffic you don’t have to do anything close to thatbut that’s just two examples and you can see that I’ve earned a total of eleventhousand five hundred and seventy six dollars and nineteen pennies exactly frompeople joining me through my udemy link and then purchasing something that weall need for our business which is traffic but as I said at the beginningof this video that’s just like a little cherry on top of the cake slope incomethe road I’ve realize hundreds of thousands of dollars online is by actuallybuilding a roll with solo our traffic principally from you to me and using it tomake sales of affiliate concoctions likewise when you do join me a brand-new to me byclicking that tie-in below you’re gonna get a five dollar discount on your firsttraffic guild and you’ll get your own affiliate link to that you’ll be able toshare with us so you can make money when they buy traffic for their business sowith that being said and we just go to the home screen andyou can see you know you can actually see that I’ve ordered tours of trafficare new to me I utterly tons you know here’s seven hundred and twenty fiveclicks a thousand clinks seven hundred five hundred five hundred six hundredtwenty five thousands and thousands of and you are familiar with I could I could scroll down this screenfor quite a while and you will see all of the traffic that I’ve onudemy and here’s here’s some of the people I recommend this lady here is SHand I I’ve prescribed a lot of traffic from her Sarah Chu jazz deep pretty muchanybody you experience on this list right here and and there are more beings besidesthis who I’ll show you how to find in a second book I’ve exercised all of thesepeople but how do you find these good commerce merchants that is intended to testout you know how much should you be paying for a sound and how many clicksshould you be buying well the first thing you want to do if you want to goto find Salus and what’s great about udemy is they’ve got these parametershere and basically what I like to do is I like to go to rate and this is themaximum sum per sound you are willing to paynow what I’ve encounter over its first year is beings go to one of two extremes when itcomes to buying clicks they either think that they should buy the cheapest clickspossible because they are focused on you know buying cheap sounds or they thinkthat if they buy the most expensive clinks possible that that’s going to besome trickery traffic generator and the reality is I’ve acquired inexpensive clicksthat have been great purchase cheap clicks that have beenterrible I’ve bought expensive sounds that have been great and I’ve purchasedexpensive sounds out of being cruel the question is not the cost per clickthe question is quality of the click in other words does the sound convert intoleads and sales and the only way you can do that is by control some initial smalltests with the dealers that you are gonna know how to find because I’mshowing you how to get it on but a good steering like some good recommendations isI’ve found that typically clinks anywhere in between 40 pennies and 70 pennies in terms of price have raised me the correct results and if you’rewondering what a sound is when we’re talking about looked the words that Imentioned click a clink is simply one person who calls your website that’scounted as one click so if you sought thousands and thousands of sounds from a marketer once theysend a thousand unique different people to your website that would years athousand sounds so for the expenditure max if it wasn’t already set on 70 you wouldset it to 70 and then forgot sales this is important what this entails is like yousee zero percent 10 percent 20 30 40 50 percent this implies the percentage ofpeople who’ve reported get marketings from that vendor from a marketer nowobviously you want to use a marketer who’s got sales so you are able to never use zeropercent and I’ve also noticed 10 and 20 percent to be too low if you go to 40 percent of 50 percent that’s so high-pitched that you’re likely even not to find verymany merchants or some of the marketers who are saying that maybe forging salesI’m not saying they are but so perhaps the sweetened places I found3 0% now in terms of niche just leave that on any and in terms of lassie andset it to within 24 hours and you can see that mostly based on thoseparameters it’s gonna haul up a list of dealers on udemy so I know this guy Iknow this guy personally I’ve never actually exerted his traffic but he is afriend of mine and I sounds he does have good commerce but you can mostly seethis different this different list of beings so you can see this let’s just godown this list a little bit and “youre seeing” for example let’s go back up againby the way this this list will go on and on and on let’s go back up to this guyhere so he charges $0.50 per click so if you miss it a thousand clicks you’d beinvesting 500 journals and by the way I always recommend when you’re testing outa vendor to start off with you know just like a test of a hundred clicks really tosee you know if you get opt-ins now when it comes to like testing out capturepages which I’ll talk to you more about that in a little bit I like to send anhour average of 300 sounds to each capture page to experiment how effective mycapture sheet is altering tourists into leads bought just for a brand-new dealer justdo one hundred two hundred no more than three hundred sounds to test them outand you can see this guy you know as a good balance between cost of the clickand too he has 36 percent of people customers reporting marketings and 452 thumbsup positive critiques so I would click on this person exactly now we goand let’s see what’s the maximum so you are eligible to require initiated with a maximum period of 500 tourists but what I want to do first is I merely just wanted to I want to read up on thisguy firstly so this sila premium so lads he’s sayinghis commerce is good for us a plan I know called funnel access basically amate coin method soldier plus off the super affiliate structure Clickbank offersMCA and other programs he delivers or eighty five percentage plus or to a hundredpercent pinnacle rank transaction basically what tier 1 top rank traffic is traffic whichcomes from countries that where people have money and credit cards like the USACanada New Zealand Australia in the UK and you know he’s giving you uniqueclicks he’s gonna give you ten percent over bringing meaning that if you ordera thousand sounds he’s gonna deliver one thousand one hundred sounds and histraffic is suitable to for the make money online or the MLM or internetmarketing so it’s the exact type of vendor I would use and in fact I haveused him in the past in yeah I’ve exploited him in the past that she went over toFacebook and spoke to him I didn’t order through to me I actually succession throughFacebook I can’t remember why but I obviously remember consuming this guy sowhat you would do is write is you can do two things you have an option to do linkonly or add text and mostly if you want to add text it means you are gonnaprovide them with the email swipe for them to send to their list now Irecommend that you actually do tie exclusively in other words you would include thelink to your capture page greenback I said capture page and not salespage we’ll talk about something else in a couple of times but you would give them thelink to your captivate page there and then you would press Add to Cart and there’sa little fee from udemy included on to every single order but that’s as simpleas it is to find vendor so recap real quick go to find marketers specified the maxprice to 70% establish the got sales to 30% any niche within the last 24 hoursscroll through the inventory and find somebody who has a good balance betweencost per clink and and sales so you know this person now 40 cents a sound and 38 percent sales reported so I would click on that I would decide how many sounds Iwanted and before I clearly told the clicks I would read whether or nothis traffic was suitable for what I want to recognized watches make money online stuffwhich basically I know this would be and if I was happy I would simply articulated my linkin there make sure it says associate exclusively Add to Cart and on the next sheet I wouldcheck out it’s as simple as that to find high quality solid vendors are new to meso you now know what it’s all about is how to find high-quality solo ads onAdami and how to make a side income by helping other people find high-qualitysolo ads are new to me but if I really left it there today you probably stillfail with solo ads because there are still some do’s and dont’s that you needto know to turn solo ad traffic into leads and sales and I’m gonna sharethose with you right now one thing you should never do with solo our traffic issin directly to a sales page you are able to sendit to a capture page so that you can build your email registers and you know ittakes an average of 7 to 15 terms before beings make a decision on whether or notto buy your volunteer most people are not gonna buy your furnishes straight away thefirst time they see it so if you’re sending traffic directly to the salespage then you may as well pour gasoline on your fund and provided it on fire becausethose solid clicks and the majority of people who won’t buy the first time aregoing to be lost forever because you didn’t take the time to capture theiremail you know that’s what amateur affiliates do you know there and thereare three types of affiliates amateur affiliates are the firstly kind ofaffiliate and maybe this is what you’re doing right now and you know I’m notmeaning to offend you because you don’t know what you don’t know until somebodytells you then you know it right but amateur affiliates what they do is theybuy traffic and they mail it to a sales page and then they wonder why that theydidn’t making profits or they didn’t make any money at alland that’s because they didn’t collect leads-in they weren’t able to follow all ofthose laser of emails and drive auctions then you’ve got normal affiliates now atypical disappointment is what most people out there make and this is way way betterthan what amateurs do but it’s still not what I do and it’s still not what you’llfind any top income earner on the internet doing but it’s a little bitbetter than being an amateur what a ordinary affiliate does with their soloour commerce is they buy their traffic and they transport it to a capture pagebecause they’ve realized that they need to build a list and they need to followup because most people are not gonna buy on day one and then from the capturepage they transmit it to a sales page and you might be thinking well that’s goodBen liberty you’re building your listing isn’t that what you’re supposed to dowell the answer is yes but there’s one more fragment I saw over thethat you can add to this solo odd equation to get way way way more salesand make way way way more money and this is what professional affiliatesincluding me do they buy traffic they refer it to a capture page so they buildtheir directory but in between the captivate sheet and the sales page they use thisthing now called a bridge page now a connection page is mostly a page thatbridges the gap between your captivate sheet in the sales page in other wordsit’s a sheet where you even get on a video and you basically introduceyourself and you say hey you time affiliate my email directory it’s it’s great to meetyou I’m gonna be sending you an email by the way this is a little bit about menow click the button below and check out how I’m making money oh you do the samething in a written format and you use a picture of yourself but what that bridgepage does is it acquaints you into the equation because recollect beings love tobuy from those they are aware like and trust and I help find over the last sevenyears that by using a bridge page with solo ads or different forms of traffic whetherthat be free or paid you are going to make more coin 99.9 percent of the timeso this is what I do I do this professional affiliate modelit’s how I’ve made all my coin on the internet and in time a few moments I’mgonna demonstrate you a live expression of this on screen and give you theopportunity to clone this entire thing with the clink of a buttonnow I want to show you a live formal that’s working and making money for meright now squandering nothing but udemy Salwa traffic to sell something that I call mynumber one income earner you can check out that number one income earner byclicking the first tie-up in the description box below and if you join mein that program and you have a click funnels account oryou grab a click flesh of notes I’m gonna allow you to clone my funnel atthe push of a button so not only will you know my exact freight beginning butyou’ll likewise have the move that’s working for me and the present that’sworking for me right now too so let’s take a look at this on the screen ok sowhat you’ve seen on the screen right now is to capture page 2 the funnel I’musing to suppress it right now and don’t forget if you want to get on board withmy number one income earner sound that tie-up below you can grab a clip funnelsaccount and you can clone my move precisely in a few seconds and if you already havea clip one of the counting and you connect me in that number one income earner you canclone this one or two you only need to send me an email let me know below thatyou meet me in the program and I’ll give you an email address or a mode to contactme to basically get the link you need to clone this and you know if you’rewatching this please don’t duplicate this outright you are familiar with I don’t mind youmodeling this if you don’t want to join them in the program but don’t imitation mebecause flat out transcript me probably won’t work for the present you’re promoting youknow this works because it’s congruent but this is the capture page and you cansee I keep it extremely exceedingly awfully quite simple I compile people’s lists and emails andwhen they enter their word and email and press this button remember I don’t sendthem to a sales page I send them to something called a bridge page and youcan see it just says hey it’s been it’s great to meet you I tell people to checktheir email and check spam and promo – because I’ve transmit them out an emailremember this is about building your index and then it’s like gradation 1 watchthis video and this is where I initiated myself on camera and if youwant to you know clone my funnel this style you do a quick little perhap 2 3 5minute video and time show your face and then underneath when they click thisbutton step 2 they go over and thereto check out my number one income earner and actually this captivate sheet and andthis bridge sheet now I’ve used this or some kind of version of this to crush itand basically every volunteer I’ve promoted over the past I don’t know four yearsit’s the same thing “thats how you” utterly crush it with uh Demi solo adtraffic so don’t forget if you want to join me in my number one income earnerand you require this exact same setup exactly sound the first join in the descriptionbox below now there is one other thing that I do you see it’s no good having acapture page if you don’t know how effectively it’s converting visitorsinto leads you know one thing I is striving for with my capture pages is I want to use apage that’s proselytizing at a terribly the most minimum thirty percent in fact mostof the pages I use convert at 50 percentage or more this this one right now I juststarted researching it’s actually proselytizing at forty three percentI’ve had ninety four visitors to the page and I’ve collected forty threepercent of the names and email addresses that have come to this page the reason Iknow that is because I use a piece of tracking application called clip magicwhich you can also grab in the description box below they too have avery nice little affiliate program inside clip magic that you can makemoney with to I’ll probably do a video on that another daylight but with clip magicwhat you would do is let’s just let’s just do a test right what what you woulddo is let’s say you create wants you to track your opt-ins I’m just gonna callthis experiment test connect I’m gonna call it exam linkbecause this is for demonstration purposes you would go and you would grabthe link to your captivate sheet you simply grab this real quickyou’d be getting inside of time sorcery and you would place it in this primary URL boxand click create link so you can now see that I’ve got this test link so now whatyou wishing to and we are really merely change this around a little bit but nowwhat you’d want to do is you’d want to you mostly want to click on here soit’s note whatever tie you organized click here and you go to truckconversions and then you would go to see they check they cherish changing this stuffaround how do I track transitions abusing moving pixels you click on that andthen you click on the pixel developer and mostly you’d want to select to justtrack actions you grab this code right here you replica the system and the codewouldn’t go on your captivate page it would go on that bridge page inside ofclickfunnels which is why it’s important to have a bridge page and mostly yougo into edit page in classic editor writer or revise sheet in whatever mode youwanted to go to settings you go to moving codes and you’d adhesive that codein there before pulping save I’m not gonna do that because I’ve already setthis off but every time when you do that what’s gonna happen is every timesomebody visit e calls that tie-up I’m getting tongue-tied here that you justcreated and they enter their epithet and their email and they land on your bridgepage it’s gonna register inside of time power and say hey you just got a leadsthat opted in its gonna prove you that and it’s going to show you howeffective your captivate sheets now why is this important well the higher you canget your capture page to proselytize the more coin you can create you can makeif simply 20% of beings are opting into your capture sheet it means your capturepage is absolutely garbage and you need to like tweak your page until you get inat least 30% changeovers I like to is striving for 50% and I willprobably split exam this I’ll probably create a slightly different version ofthis soon that our experiment and I’ll try and bump this up to 50% so that’s basicallya walk-through of my working funnel the capture page the aqueduct page and how Ican how I move everything I predict you that you know if you follow this and youput it into practice you’re gonna get some serious makes with solo ads whileI hope that you get in a ton of value so far if you are don’t forget to give thisvideo a like knock that subscribe button I propagandize the notification bar and droop anycomments or questions below you’ve got about this video and in all about soloads in general you know you can use solar wise to completely change yourlife financially and the above reasons I can so confidently say that is because I wasonce totally and totally break-dance you know in fact I was so broke I had tomove into the back bedroom of my friend’s house in a really rough andshady part of town in fact as well as having those snot green ugly walls andno closet to even settled my clothes in my bedroom ignores a cranny den where drugdealers would turn up every single hour that night and day dropping off packagesto their drug addict clients but there are two things that completely changedmy life thing number one was experiencing thisbeautiful girl here who is now my spouse but she actually would like to start as a mentorfinding a mentor somebody who knows what actually freaking talking about and canshow you the course just like I’ve been doing in this video today is vital toyour success and will greatly expediate it and not only did Angie’s by show methe way but she also showed me how to get traffic from YouTube and together westarted to use solo ads as well to humble it in pretty much every single businessopportunity and make and platform we promoted and because of that we will bea we were able to build this business of ours to half a million dollars per yearand we spent virtually five years living in and traveling across the Caribbean weswam with stingrays we’ve got an amazing how they cut two safaruss and we’ve doneall kinds of awesome things that you couldn’t possibly imagine in yourwildest dreams I’m not saying this to impress you or to brag I’m just sharingthis because I want you to understand the supremacy of the right mentor the rightsoul of our traffic and the right move and concoction to promote with that trafficbut you know eventually we ended up leaving the Caribbean because we gottired of dodging category 5 hurricanes and the condition was so hot that my wifebroke out an axe somebody so we decided to come back to her dwelling country of Ohiowhere we acquired a automobile for $30,000 in money you know we just trod into agarage the working day and decided we wanted to buy a car in currency so we did and yeahit’s not a Ferrari or a supercar but we don’t have any monthly payments on thisand we too acquired our dream dwelling which is close to half a million dollarsin value and it sits on nearly six acres and we were able to put down asix-figure deposit on this home so you know if you’re interested in makingsolar beacons driving grabbing my move and having an offer that converts on theback end what I spur “youre going to” do right nowis to click that relation below in the description box and check out my numberone income earner if and only if you are ready for a change in your life wellthat is it for today’s video my friends don’t forget to click the subscribebutton and push the notification saloon so that you get updated every time Irelease brand new videos to this channel too all the links to everything Imentioned in today’s video can be found below in the description box so checkall of them out or whichever ones you want to check out at your own leisureI’m glad you tuned in today and I look forward to seeing you in the next videoremember you’re just a 10 -minute email apart

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