February 9


Udimi Solo Ads Review – Scam Or Legit?


February 9, 2022

so guys in today’s video I’m gonna beshowing you guys a review on udimi.com cuz I know a lot of us might bewondering is udimi a defraud? is it legit? should i expend this website? and in this video I’m gonna clear all mistrusts for you, I’m gonna clear everything I’mgonna support you exactly how to get scammed and how to not get scammed Iknow it might be funny but that’s what I’m gonna do in this video I’m gonnashow you how you can get scammed on udimi because they can scam you andhow you can’t get swindle because there are also good sides to udimi so with thatbeing said we’re just gonna head claim into something I want to show you guysreal quick here’s a review on udimi right hereand um it’s got a 3.86 rating over 5 out of 5 that’s3. 86/5 and I think this good and now we’re gonna picture all thereviews about udimi and this chap says it didn’t work, say it’s low quality trafficoh being I came cough a cough this guy said you cannot even read this comment justtry to buy advertising for your business and see solutions for me it is good andprofitable as for you only try and see you buy the smallest amount of sounds andtest it so it worked for this guy and this chap right here I’m exploiting udimias a buyer for almost a year and it’s working for him thisguy he left a five-star rating then this chap a five-star rating and this chap afive-star rating and this chap right here a five-star rating this person right herefive star rating but I’m gonna appearance you guys why this his first guy JohnsoonSays why he got scammed so I’m just gonna top to udimi and youknow um um there some actually shitty solo ads right here on udimi andI’m gonna display you some things that you should make sure that you check beforeyou buy a solo ad in other to impede get scammed like the person that we just sawand that website whom was feeling bad after the buying solo ads from udimiso this guy have it to expose something is gonna search for okay let’s not dothat lets precisely ability over to find vendors and what that’s gonna do that’s gonnabring out a filter for us and we’re gonna depart head over to confirmed ratings5 00 plus ratings ratings with sells 50% auctions next next that we’re gonna do thisleave these at 50 cents and that’s what we actually become make love but you can seethere’s no guy here that sells or 50 penny and has all the specification sojust gonna get it back down to it five and now you can see this guy right hereBrandon Sean, his traffic coverts 61% this guy’s traffic converts5 2% so these are the kind of parties but you should use and this chap I’m gonnaleave him I’m gonna cancel him I’m not gonna buy from him simply because he hasto has two bad examines I actually do that while buying an udimi because that’s howudimi works for me cuz if you buy from this chap perhaps you might end upbeing the third person who’s gonna get disappointed but if you buy from thisguy that has all good reviews and a 61% transition charge and itsells for 80 cents per click then you won’t get scammed on udimi because I think this guy right here this chap in this website right herecalled Johnsoon Says I think he actually bought one of the cheap solos andprobably bought from someone that has a a low-toned rating on udimi and maybe hedidn’t know and that’s why I’m making thevideo let you guys know and now that I’ve shown you guys how to do this Ithink I’m done for this video, but guys if you haven’t really go youraccounts ready on udimi and you want to get a discount on your first lineup adiscount on your first tell then use my udimi relate it’s gonna be in thedescription and if you use the link you’re gonna get a discount on yourfirst order on udimi and trust me it’s gonna really help me..Thanks guysfor for watching this video it’s gonna be the end of this udimi critique todayand bye bye guys.

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