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Top 5 Traffic Sources To Make SALES & $$$ (FREE Traffic & Paid Traffic Methods)


March 29, 2022


– Hey everyone, it’s me Sarahhere from Wholesale Ted, one of the largestYouTube canals dedicated to giving you actionableadvice on how to build a real money meeting business. And today, I’m gonna begiving you my top five ways to drive congestion and sales online. Yes, if you want to bemaking money like this, then you’ll need buyers or precedes, and to get those you’ll needto find a traffic informant to drive them to your accumulate or website. Of direction, there are many ways to do this. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and honestly, while allof those can be great and all of them have their own advantages , not all of them are suitable for all types of online organizations. And so if you pick thewrong one concentrated on, instead of getting this, youcould consume a assortment of meter going results and well, you could lose a lot of money and nothing likes to lose money.So in this video I’m gonnabe going through my top five traffic roots andexplaining how they direct and how you can use them to drive traffic, leads and customers toyour store or website. Plus I have also invitedthree of my good friends who have driven millionsof dollars in online sales through traffic techniques. They’re each gonna highlightone of their traffic methods and explain why thisworks so well for them. So hopefully by the end ofthis video you will have picked the right generator of trafficto focus on for your business.Alright, let’s go on totraffic root number one.( upbeat music) Traffic source one, Facebook advertising. So when I say Facebookads, I’m solely talking about the ads yousee as you’re scrolling through your news feed. And let’s be honest, if Facebooktraffic was in high school, I assert that it would be thehigh school valedictorian. You know that person in highschool who is good at, well, pretty much everythingand has lots of friends. Their on the trail unit, they get directly A’s and everyone likes them. That is Facebook Ads ina nutshell, they are the all around traffic source.They can be used to sell almost anything and they are beginner friendlybecause they are low cost and easy to use. And while the menu systemto set up the ads can be, admittedly, a little bitintimidating for novices, the reason why I call themeasy and novice friendly is because of the fact that you don’t need to be an expert at them to see answers. Basically, you come tothe Facebook Ad algorithm and you tell it what you want to achieve, who your paragon customeris and you give them your ad idol, your video and text. And then you give them do the respite. For example, formerly inside your Ad Account and your Business Manager, when you sounds Create to make a brand-new ad Facebookgives you choices of what you want your ad to do. Do you want to createan ad that will get lots of likes, comments and shares? Then come and click on Engagement. Facebook will now putyour ad in front of people it knows are more likely to do that. Or are you instead loping an online store and time want Facebookto put your ad in front of parties most likely to seeyour ad and buy your entries? Then install the Facebookpixel on your site, which lines customer pleasure, and then pick Conversions.And then you can choosewho precisely you want to tag with your ads. Because Facebook has somuch data on its customers, you can get very specificabout who you want to target. For example, there is avery successful Etsy store, Smash Transit, that maketravel and regionally themed t-shirts, hoodies and baby garment. Now they don’t actuallymake their own clothing, instead they work withprint on challenge spouses like Printify and Printfull. After their Etsy success, Smash Transit exited onward and made a Shopify storeto promote their makes. As you can see, one oftheir top marketers is their airport themed shirtswhich are all exactly repurposing the same design of the system of the airport and this plane icon.So let’s say that SmashTransit wanted to advertise their LAX airport shirt with Facebook Ads. They could come to the location slice of the targeting optionsinside the Ad Creator and adopt it so thattheir Facebook ad will simply target beings what live in Los Angeles. And then they could cometo the Interests Section and select it so thatthe ad for their t-shirt will simply show to peoplethat are interested in both LAX airport andthat are frequent travelers. Which is their target audience. Now, admittedly , noteveryone who lives in LA, who is a frequent travelerwill be interested in the LAX airport t-shirt and will want to buy one of these. But that is okay, because as your ad passes Facebook learns what type of users like to buy your part andwhat type of users don’t, and thus it will get smarter and smarter and better and better at putting your ad in front of the right peoplewho will want to buy it.So it’s actually a goodidea to start with smaller ad plans, and proportion upover hour as Facebook learns more and more about your customer locate. And yes, you can run ad budgetsfor as little as$ 5 a epoch. Nonetheless, I know a lotof people are gonna go, ugh ads, oh, I don’twanna have to pay money, I wanna have free traffic. And examine, I understand that, but I can tell you now though, my good friend Adrian Morrisonwould vehemently disagree.He is one of the mostsuccessful dropshippers and reproduce on requirement marketers I know, and most of this fund wasmade through Facebook ads. So I asked him to come onand explain why he has had so much success with them. – Hey, my name’s Adrian Morrison and I’m here to talk toyou about how strong Facebook advertising hasbeen for my business.Listen I use Facebook Ads for eCommerce to generate millions. I’ve use Facebook Ads foraffiliate and digital market. And it’s because Facebookmarketing obliges it so easy to target your audience. Look, I have a screenshothere where I waste $160,000, I know that’s a lot of money but I got over three million dollars in return. That’s all with Facebook marketing, because they make it easyto target your audience and everybody in the world, nearly, is on Facebook, in one place. It’s why Facebook marketingis the number 1 tool that I use to drivetraffic to my business, to grow and proportion and reaching my both consumers and why I most recommend that you use Facebook marketing foryour business as well.Once again my name’s Adrian Morrison and Facebook Ad subdues it for my business and I’m sure it could dovolumes for yours as well. – Lesson of the working day, targetingyour clients is gold. I actually did an interrogation with him, where we discussed hisFacebook Ads strategies and I will have a link to that video in the description below. Traffic source number two, search engine traffic. Otherwise known as SEO. Oh boy, this is going to be really fun to try to explainwithout getting technical and jargony. Yep, if search engine trafficwas a high school student it would almost definitelybe the class nerd, which makes ability becauseI was the class moron and I adore SEO. For example, the worldsbiggest search engine by far is Google. This is what people usuallythink about when you say the word search engine.If you come to Google andtype shoe paint into it, and scroll down to the search results, you’ll see that this websitehere is at the top of the list. Angelus Paint makes about 70% of its money from people learning itthrough Google scours like the one I simply did. So as “youre seeing”, this trafficsource is very valuable. And guess what? While these stores hadto pay Google to purchase an advertisement slothere, down in the organic search results AngelusPaint paid Google nothing to sit here.So if you win this spot, it is free traffic. Free, free, free. Everybody affection free. Or, is it? The truth is, is thatit’s sort of is, you learn, if you want to be competingfor competitive keywords that are gonna bebringing in lots of purchasers into your collect, grading inGoogle for those keywords is going to be hard. So let’s come back to ourexample accumulation, Angelus Paint. Check it out, Google chosethem to be number one out of over 900 million results.That is very impressiveand it begs the question. How did they get intoGoogle’s good goodness? How did they be brought to an end ranking number one, and how can you rank number one as well? It used to be simple, long storey short-spoken, back in the very old days ofGoogle they used to choose websites based upon relevancy. Mostly Google wantedto see the exact keyword, in this case, shoe depict, onyour place as much as possible.They wanted to see it in the name, they wanted to see it in the contents, they wanted to see itin the meta keywords. As you can imagine though, this was pretty easy to control and so, Googlehad to come up with a brand-new nature to rank websites and to choosewho would be number one. And they did come up with a highway. And that was, backlinks .( detonation) A backlink is simply whenanother website links to yours. If we come to a freebacklink checker, Ahrefs, we can type in our into it and take a look at whichwebsites link to ours.As you can see from theresults, we’ve got this backlink here from a Forbes articlethat I was incorporated in, relating to business and sales. And so Google will look at that thinking, hey, I can see that Forbeslink to in an clause about business, I truly trust Forbes they must have for a good reason, I will rank them highest in my search resultsfrom now on when it comes to relevant searches.Ever since getting a fewof these strong, relied backlinks, WholesaleTed.comhas been far more likely to come up highly in searchresults for words on issues related to announces that was stimulated on our blog. Now this is an over simplification, backlinks aren’t the onlyfact that Google looks at, as the SEO Moz graphshows, but they are easily the most important. So back on over to Ahrefs, let’s check out which websites are linkingback to Angelus Paint. As we can see here, they haveamassed a lot of backlinks. So it’s not surprising that they do well with the Google search engine. So that’s all you’ve got to do to come lots of search engine traffic from Google, merely get a bunch ofhigh quality backlinks.The secret’s out. Yeah, I can imagine a lot of you are like, thank you Sarah for thatlesson, it was fantastic and all but that bangs really hard. And you know what? You’d be right. Now I am hoping to createa tutorial where I will teach you how to get trafficfrom low-grade rivalry keywords. But, in the meantime, it’snot the easiest traffic source out there. But, you know what? Google isn’t the only search engine.Everyone is haunted with Google, but there are lots ofsearch engines out there. In fact, I can think of two very big ones that have very highly valuable traffic. And that is the Amazonsearch engine beings use to find concoctions listed on Amazon. And the Etsy search enginepeople use to find products listed on Etsy. Amazon and Etsy are onlinemarketplaces that anyone, including you and I can list produces on to sell and make money. And the number one way thatcustomers on Amazon and Etsy sort through the productson there and find the ones that they want to purchase is through the internal search engines. And interestingly enough, theAmazon and Etsy search engines can be manipulated in very similar routes. In behaviors that really much easier to influence than Google. One, settled keywords in your commodity listing.While Google has devaluedthis with their search engine, Amazon and Etsy have not. For example, make this pot now. Now this is a productthat we’ve highlighted in a recent video lastmonth on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel that isdoing really well on Etsy. This jug “re kidding about how on Tv sees, if someone is called adoctor, it exclusively ever refers to a medical doctor , notsomeone with a doctorate. So parties often give this mug as a gift to their friends or theirfamily who have freshly graduated with a doctorate, or a PhD. Now let me show you something. If you come to the Etsy searchengine and type the term, PhD gift into it, thismug comes up near the top of the search engine solutions. But that’s not all, if we come back and do a search for a different motto, this time, doctorate gift. Take a inspect, once again, this pot is at the top of the search engine results. This cup ranks for a lotof keywords and quotations. So why is that? Well take a look at this, if we come to the title of this we can see thatboth of the keywords feature in the title and the phrasesin here were not chosen at random.They will have been chosen on purpose because if we come andstart typing PhD into the Etsy search bar, youcan see that it renders us these words as some ofthe most commonly pertained search for by Etsy useds. Two of which feature inthis mugs concoction name. Two, use the search sales trick. You know how the biggestfactor that Google looks for is backlinks, but when itcomes to online marketplace search engines, the biggestfactor that they usually look for, especially onAmazon and Etsy, is sales.In special, they liketo see which concoction that the user discontinues uppurchasing after doing a search for a keyword or a phrasein their search engine. This is a bit of asimplification, but basically, if someone goes to the Etsy search engine and categories in PhD gift and perceives this beaker, opens up the inventory and thengoes ahead and acquires it, Etsy’s algorithm beliefs, ohwow, someone who was looking for a PhD gift obtained this and bought it, this must be what peoplewant when they search for the term PhD gift.Oh soldier, every time anitem sells, we get fund and so since this mugsells when people find it, let’s place it even higherin the search results so that it will selleven more and we’ll make even more money .( cash register rings) And as I’ve discuss issues of this video, this search marketings ploy works for Amazon’s algorithm as well. Having the strategy to launcha commodity and get sales is especially important onAmazon, so if you’d like to learn about it, besure to watch this video. Yes, you may end uphaving to reimburse family and friends if you get them togo ahead and do this for you to rank your item higher, but, remember your goal is to do what this beaker managed to achieve now, to be ranking highly in lots of different organic search results. So that you get lots of free transaction, which means you get lots of free sales, which conveys, well, you make money.Traffic source three, Instagram ads. Back in the day when youtalked about advertising on Instagram most peoplethought about buying a sponsored story slot on anInstagram influencers page. And while that is a way to drive sales and traffic over epoch, it’sbecome far more expensive and it’s not a scalabletraffic method at all. So instead if you wouldlike to take advantage of the 800 million plus beings on there and turn them into customers and results it’s a much better idea tobuy ads from there instead. And I recon that if Instagramads were back in high school, they would definitely bethe cool, favourite boys. And that’s because whenInstagram ads are done right, they should be highly visual. On Facebook, you have toteach this thing long text located ads from businessgurus like this one. And that’s because these arehighly effective on there for the right niche, suchas the business niche.In fact, I’ve also usedlong form copy on Facebook to promote our free eBook, The 6 Steps That 6-FigureDropshippers Follow To Make Over $ 10,000 a Month. Which, by the way, youcan download by clicking on the link in thevideo description below. But, I would never postanything remotely same to that on Instagram. And so for my ad promoting our free eBook I posted a lampoon videoabout people who try to sell dropshipping course by showing off Lamborghinis, here is a snippet. So, I’ve got a question for you. How many times have you sounded on a video from someone who’s promisingthat they’ll teach you how to create a moneymaking dropshipping store, exclusively to be noted that thevideo’s actually simply,( trendy hop music) yep. And believe it or not, beings are perpetually leaving observations on the adgetting super mad thinking that it’s real. Yep. The other enormous thing about Instagram ads is that Instagram isactually owned by Facebook and so you get to use thesame awesome ad platform and targeting tools whenmaking ads for Instagram too.So if you wanted to go aheadand dropship this AliExpress item here, this good oldclassic camera lens advance mug that, yes, looks like a real camera lens, but is indeed a mug. You create ads for it inthe same way as you are able to for Facebook. You come to the Facebook AdManager and sounds Create. And you then select whatyou require your ad to do. So if you wanted to makesales or engender produces, you’d espouse Changeovers as your goal. You then use the same targeting alternatives that you get with Facebook Ads, such as, preferring specific countriesor municipalities to target, like Australia, and youcan then choose overlapping interests that match your core public. Which, for this cameratravel mug, is of course, someone who beverages coffeeand someone who is passionate about photography. Which is why I chosethis overlapping interest because, despite its honour, it’s actually an international organization. Once you’ve designedyour model purchaser utilizing the targeting options, you then come to placement and you sounds Edit and you un-tick all but Instagram ad placements.And, spoiler if you’recurious, out of storeys and feed ads, it is storiesthat usually perform the best. I “ve talked to” my verytalented friend Bren, who runs a give adagency and he works with multi-million dollar companiesand we were discussing how interesting it isnow that Instagram ads are outperformingFacebook ads when you sell the right products. In fact, Bren showed mea side-by-side comparison of two ad upshots. The top half was the Instagram version and the bottom was the Facebook version. Both had the exact sametargeting and video ad. While the Facebook ad had ahigher sound through proportion, the Instagram ad hadfar higher transitions and made a lot more money. I asked Bren to come onand explain why he anticipates Instagram ads are onlygonna get bigger and better. – Hey Sarah, it’s Bren hereand the reason why I like Instagram Ads, is becauseInstagram is the new Facebook.People trust Instagram morethan they trust Facebook. Likewise, three out of fourpeople, adore witnessing brand-new symbols on Instagram. So beings are in a modeon Instagram of disclosure, which is significantlydifferent than Facebook. Facebook has been aboutrelating and connecting to friends and beings you know, likewise, it’s what’s right now. There’s been a move fromFacebook to Instagram.You know, due to a lotof the privacy issues and scandals that werepublic and in the news about Facebook, and although, Facebook technically owns Instagram, the vastmajority of the public appreciates them as completelyand totally different. So it’s now and it’s alsonext and will continue to grow into the future, so now’s the time to get on Instagram andbe leveraging Instagram for paid ads. – Traffic source four, YouTube videos. So I won’t go into it too much now, but undoubtedly given thatWholesale Ted has over 250,000 customers at this station, I’m certainly not bad atgenerating traffic on YouTube from posting videos. I think it’s not even a question that, if YouTube traffic was in high school, it is certainly beone of the theater kids.And that’s because on YouTube, having high quality videos is actually really, truly important. For example, here isa recent video I did. While, yes I put keywords inthe designation and description, the most important factorfor whether YouTube chooses to rank your video ornot, isn’t relevancy, it’s about how usersinteract with your video, including, for howlong they watch it compared to other same ones.As you can see, relativeto other same videos, our attention time was above average for the whole video. If you’re interested instarting your own YouTube channel to drive traffic, remember, aspect is key. Out of all of these trafficmethods, YouTube is probably the most challenging, in my opinion, to make money directly from. But there are two types ofvideos that I’d recommend focusing on building if you want to do this. Firstly, tutorial videos. You take a tool or an appthat has an affiliate program that one wants or need lessons for.For example, here’s atutorial video I represented for an app announced Jungle Scout. I monetized the video byputting my affiliate attach in the video description. And yes, beings do choseto use it as a expressed appreciation for. I have earned over $70,000 from Jungle Scout affiliate commissionings. The next is scrutinize videos, which are extremely popular. For example, here is a reviewof the soul matching scooter. It has over 50 million views, and guess what you find in the video description? A good aged affiliatelink to buy it on Amazon, while the Amazon affiliateprogram has very small fees, when you considerthat this video has had over 50 million views, I’msure that it has attain him a great deal of money. Traffic source numberfive, Google Adwords. So remember back when Iwas talking about Google search engine traffic? Well when you do a hunting on Google, you’ll find two differenttypes of results.First you’ll find the free indices, these are the top websitesthat Google’s probe algorithm has decided are the best for this keyword. But if we come back up here at the top, you’ll see that these listings here say that they are sponsored. These are paid ads thatyou can purchase through Google’s ad planned Google Adwords. And it’s funny because, while Facebook might be the ruler or the queen ofdriving traffic right now, it didn’t always use to be this way.When I firstly startedselling online, Facebook Ads didn’t even exist, infact, Google Adwords didn’t really exist eitherwhich is why I was forced to learn about the more complicated source of traffic, SEO. So when Google Adwords wasreleased in a more public road, it was absolutely revolutionary. It was by far the easiestway to drive targeted, high quality traffic to your website. There is just something to keepin mind with Adwords though, the ads aren’t the cheapest. You receive with Google Adwordsyou’ve got two main types of advertising. There is display advertising, where Google will lean ads next to content on websites. And then there are theads that will show up when you search for a specific keyword. Shopping ads you purchasecan also loom now, these are the primaryads that beings think of when you say Adwords, as these are usually the most effective. And why are they the most effective? Well it’s because of thefact that they are extremely, most targeted. You is likely to be arguethat Google Adwords is more targeted than Facebook Ads.That’s because of the factthat when an individual is necessary to Google and forms in a keyword like, couches for sale, theyare clearly in the mindset that they want to buy a couch. And so advertising your couchin them, is a no brainer. Right? But the action that Google Adwords drives, is it’s basically a entreat battle. You bid for search keywordsagainst other advertisers which drives rates upfor the best keywords. And so, very quickly, ifyour paying $4.00 a sound, that can add up. It implies then if you’re tryingto sell lower cost items like these, it can bedifficult to earn a profit unless you’ve got a wellorganized auctions funnel that is upselling customers to large-hearted says. Which is why, I wouldn’tnecessarily call this traffic source peculiarly beginner friendly.But, while Adwords istrickier than Facebook for lower costs components, itis usually more effective for higher expenditure components. Think about it, if you’regonna move buy a couch, you’re unlikely to buy one on a quirk. Instead you’re gonna goto Google and you’re gonna do a search for it tocompare your alternatives. So being up there, in the searchresults is imperative. And person I know, whois a master at use Google Adwords to turnprofits is my good friend, Fred Lam.Fred has been participating in this channelbefore in one of our more popular videos of all time, so I will link to that in the video description below. And actually, Fred issuch a original at initiating sales pours that he hashad success with Adwords selling all sorts of things. So I asked him to come onand explain how he has had so much success with Adwords. – Hey Wholesale Tedcommunity, Fred Lam now. And listen, I adore GoogleAdwords, and, in fact, ever since that I started myjourney as an inventor, I actually started withGoogle Adwords first. And, I actually startedadvertising on Google before Facebook even hadan advertising platform. Now there are some prosand cons when it comes to Google Ads. The pro is that once youactually able to dial things in, you will get consistentsales and also, have your ads on vast publicationwebsites like,, for a fraction of a penny.Now, on the downside though, when it comes to Google Ads, it is a lot more complex than Facebook Ad. In Google Ads there areYouTube, there are Gmail ads, there are display ads, there are even search ads, which we are all aware of. Now search ad is somethingthat I utterly desire as this is hyperactive customers. And, if you are trying toactually get into Google Ads, I actually encourage youto actually figure out Google search firstly. Because, these are themost highly altered, converting tourists thatyou can actually get for your business.It is a learning curve whenit comes to actually understand better Google Ads, but again, you should not actually shunned or ignore Google Ads becauseit is a lion share of freight that you actually tapinto for your business. – So hopefully, you nowknow which traffic root is right for you. And if you like this videoand you’re not a reader then you should totallybecome one because we are constantly releasing newvideos with actionable the recommendations on how to build a realmoney becoming business. So go ahead and click the Subscribe button( bell dings) and then click that little notification bell nextto it so that you don’t miss out on any of our videos ..

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