May 4


Top 4 Solo Ad Provider For Your Affiliate Marketing Business


May 4, 2023

well hello and welcome to another
episode of my 100 day to prosperity challenge journey it's me – Timesha I am
so glad to have you here with me today I am talking about affiliate marketing
I am internet marketer and basically what I do is I help teach other
entrepreneurs how to start build and sustain their business for the long haul
I also give product reviews talk about tools and how to use them tricks tips of
the trade and also sometimes give you a little kick in the butt when you need to
so that I can encourage you to and push you to be successful with your online
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brand new video which right now is daily so let's go onto the topic of today
today we're talking about traffic and we're talking about solo ads traffic
mainly okay so we have gone through a whole series of solo traffic I hope you
have enjoyed it so far so today we're going to talk about some of the major
solo ad providers other than Facebook that I have been privy to learn about
and i'ma take you through each of their websites so that you can get an idea of
what it is that you want to do and if you actually want to you know basically
promote with any of these people and if that is the case then I hope that you
check out the links to them down below and do do what you got to do and happy
promoting all right so the we're gonna go ahead and share my screen and I'm
gonna go over and show you the four different options that we have and then
and I'll talk to you a little bit later so make sure you stay to the end of the
video all right okay the first one we're going to talk about is called traffic
for me and traffic to me was the first actual solo ad matter of fact the first
marketing that I ever did on a legendary marketer and I actually do like them and
they actually go through and you get to pick what your niche is and if you're
not in any of these niches then you probably do not want to promote with
traffic for me but biz ops crypto ops make money online internet marketing
health diet personal development forex binary bit coin and crypto again and
survival and prepping so if you um you know have people in your market who want
to build their their safe getaway underground then this place will help
you traffic to them okay they got they have a lot of people apparently on their
list that are intimate one thing I do like about traffic for me is that they
always seem to have a deal okay so because it's March believe they have a
March Madness deal and so it's kind of like twenty or twenty percent over
everything and so this is the deal for the month if you get two hundred clicks
you get a hundred and fifty-four you can get them for a hundred and fifty four
dollars actually it goes up to two hundred and forty clicks so they give
you basically what's that twenty percent or so more and so they go through all of
these and if you you have the Mac Daddy which is twelve thousand clicks for six
thousand dollars which you know is above my pay grade right now but I'm gonna get
there I'm gonna get there so if you do not do the March Madness thing then you
also have the regular premium traffic and premium traffic is basically your
Tier one track okay it's all tier one I believe it you
get cells is over 80 to 85 percent of visitors that will come from the top
five countries okay and and this is for biz ops crypto ops
and make money online and so if you get the premium track traffic you can get
201 402 and that's 194 dollars and 200 is their minimum and then of course they
go up from there alright and you can get as much as 80 to 85% know so it's like
80 to 85% then you can get a hundred percent top five or tier 1 which of
course is going to be more expensive and the least amount for that is 500 and I
believe that's the one I started off with but they were having a deal when I
started so my cost of $300 which was an awesome deal for 500 clicks of the top
five and then you can get just a hundred percent USA so and of course that's
gonna be more expensive and you can get the least amount you can get as five
hundred clicks for four hundred and forty-five dollars and ten thousand for
$7,500 and then of course a super premium which are the ones which are the
top converting and make money online biz ops and crypto ops and they have the
highest opt-ins rates in the most sales conversion and tons of reorders so
assuming the super premium means that they they are ready to buy like they'll
buy like today okay so well if you have the money for that which it doesn't look
like yeah basically the same price as the 100% USA
email traffic looks like it's a little even cheaper because the 10000 is 6500
and then of course you have starter packages so if you're just starting out
you have the top 5 200 unique clicks and 4 174 and then just the premium which is
80 to 85 percent premium for 154 and they pride themselves are having clean
traffic that is their guarantee there are no box in their traffic nobody just
sitting there pressing and clicking your traffic they do start their traffic I
say for experience they do start their traffic within two days and I can tell
you an experience that they end with in two days which was definitely I open her
for me because that was my first solo ad and me not knowing what so ads were I
was not expecting it to be it's a go as quick as it did so now I'm like I'm out
of 300 dollars and I have nothing I got these leads but I have nothing else so I
don't know if I can keep doing this so uh so yeah so I do love traffic for me
though I believe my opt-in rate wasn't as high as 30% let's see I had 7 174
keep my calculator out cuz I don't want to do it in my head I'm a math teacher
Monday through Friday and today is not the day ok so I had 174 opt-ins I
believe I divided by 555 so my opt-in rate was 31% so I was right at 30% or a
little over 30% so it was good my opt-in rate was good my traffic was pretty good
I did have some front in sales I had to so I
you know highly recommend traffic for me if you have the dollars to do so then
definitely definitely recommend it okay the next one we're going to talk about
is supreme supremacy solo ads and I was also told to go here and they give a lot
of testimonials and they tell you basically all of the things that I told
you to look for did they give did they over deliver so
they got mixed clicks from remember that means that they got solo ads meaning
email clicks but they also got photo clicks and they had they order 300 and
they got 330 so this actually over delivers they have a 53% opt-in rate
which is awesome they are Tier one at 98% which is over
eighty-five percent which is awesome also and they didn't get any sales I
assume but these these got sales to front-end sales one sale her first sale
ever so you know definitely look at this and you know consider the source do your
homework because these look like they came from the solo ad testimonials like
I said so make sure that you go okay so make sure you go online and see if these
are real people before you yeah before you just jump on the bandwagon because
you can be catfished in business as well so all of these are testimonials and
they have a video testimonial which is cool and so wait you know what solo ads
are and so now they tell you what share list this list is specifically for make
money online offers and home business opportunities so if you're doing
something other than that then this wouldn't be the actual avenue for you
but all of these are the companies that they actually work well with Clickbank
products jvzoo well your plus we thought about that these earlier so
and I've heard a 4% group before and so all of these are some great big big
renamed products in the in the field so basically his traffic guarantee is 90%
or higher of top-tier traffic that's pretty good that's pretty darn good
right there and you will never receive the same click twice every visitor is
unique and so the clicks are real people who are highly interested in anything
related to internet marketing affiliate marketing multi-level marketing network
marketing business apps or business opportunities home business work from
home etc and order with confidence because he's saying that you may be
going in blind but it's not a huge leap of faith okay so he goes into how you
can see you can secure your actual market your your sole ads here and so if
you're ready to get started so he has this side which is 80 plus tier one so
that means that you know you're not gonna get 20% of your solo ad clicks are
not going to conference here one traffic which is not the best but that he said
the list is they're responsive and has proven buyers well where on this side
it's insanely responsive and produces buyers often so this is a hundred
percent Tier one where this is eighty percent so generally you know this side
is definitely gonna be higher because it's you know all Tier one but this side
you know if you need a deal but if you see his level per click or how much he's
asking for per click it's under that dollar dollar 15 which is good really
really good and I think you know because more people are getting involved in the
solo ad business you kind of want to be more you know you want to make sure that
you you're competitive that market but 99 cents per click is
the cheapest that he has and on this side is $99 400 which isn't horrible
especially if it's guaranteed a hundred percent traffic
so he said guaranteed 100% tier 1 traffic excuse me 99 dollars per 99
dollars four hundred clicks is not bad or you can get this side which is 70
dollars four hundred clicks but that's only 80 percent traffic that's not
horrible but you know if you want to make sure
that you have opted high opt-in rates for the people that are actually going
to be able to pay for it I splurged I do the extra $29 if it were me but that
that's just me you do whatever is best for you and so they also offer a high
converting landing page – if you don't have one so that's a good deal – because
not everybody has a high converting landing page I know traffic for me told
me that if you don't have a high converting landing page you will I won't
even be able to buy the solo ads that's how serious they are about that so
because they want to make sure that they get a good reputation one their traffic
and they can't get a good at reputation if you don't do your part so some
supremacy solo ads actually offers this to you but it's for forty seven dollars
okay so let's go on to click on to me and click on to me it's kind of like you
to me where basically it's a network of solo ad providers and you basically
choose which one you have so you'll sign up you set up your profile and then you
just buy and sell and experience the magic now here is my issue with click on
me I have never used them before but I for the life of me cannot find the
sign-up button I have checked this site have clicked almost every button there
is an eye even the whole Michel even the login for your account
it'll lets you log in but if you don't already have an account of course
there's no button to say sign up as I sign up for free or you know first time
first first-time visitor or whatever they have nothing to say where to sign
up so I don't know if you've never actually text him or email him or what
to actually get in but I have no idea how to get in so that is a really really
really really bad sign in my mind if you don't even have a way for new people to
get in to the traffic I don't know maybe maybe he's having some issues and you
know he only wants to work with the people he's working with and that's his
prerogative but I don't know how your you're gonna make new sales new money if
you know you don't have a button Torme so that that's that's me alright so the
next one is you to me and you to me is the same thing it has a whole bunch of
solo ad providers and that's me yeah with my brains so this is my account and
right now I have it bought anything from here I'm still kind of in the research
phase so you know I'm like one of those people who like to check things out
before they actually buy so I'm still kind of in my research phase and I
probably will purchase something within a week week or so because I think next
month I'm probably gonna go full full head tilt into my facebook ads so I
probably will try this out before I get to my facebook ads and so yeah so we
have this here this is my profile on udemy and I have you can also earn an
affiliate Commission on this so you can earn 15% from all orders or of your
Burl's up to 50% for all prime referrals and all your referrals will receive a
five dollar discount instantly after registration so if you register under me
you get a five dollar discount instantly and all payments are recurring
in a lifetime so if you want to take this and you know tell other people and
get other people to use you to me go ahead for boom is your prerogative get
them multiple streams of income in there that's what I'm talking about
alright so they have to promote it I believe these are people that actually
pay to be at the top or if they're not paying to be at the top but it's missing or they're actually just the ones that
kill it it looks like they're the ones that are killing it in the affiliate
marketing game or in the solo ads game I should say so they're probably the top
people and so basically you go in and you find out how what's going on with
their profile so they have a thousand eight hundred and ninety to positive
positive ratings and six fat ones seventeen ratings are from sellers
ratings from sellers user was a buyer okay so they have seventeen positive
ratings I believe that means that they got sales okay so they have seventeen
reviews of people that actually got sales and they were all positive they
have a 30% means they got 30% got sales out of a hundred thirty three percent
actually they if the cost of sixty five cents per visitor so you get sixty five
cents per click and the average time it takes him to accept your order is four
hours which isn't bad okay the percent of repeat customers is 20%
so that's what all of these things mean and then he's a hall-of-famer he's won a
whole bunch of awards and this is where he's from and this is the time that it
is right now so my time is 7:14 in Milan Italy
it's 1:12 and in the afternoon no in the morning because this is in the 24 hour
format and he's online at 112 in the morning that's amazing so what he
guarantees is that he is 90% top tier traffic which is great he also
guarantees 10 to 20 percent over over delivery which is great
he gets 300 to 500 plus new fresh subscribers added daily that means he is
killing it as far as marketing he does is a hundred
percent he's telling you what he what people or what affiliate marketers were
actually do well with his traffic this is make money online I am which I have
no idea what that means Oh internet marketing duh internet
marketing multi-level marketing or business opportunities ok he also offers
free professional ad copy ok and a free funnel review so that means that he
checks out your funnel and make sure is not crap and it will actually convert
with his list which is also a good thing and that he and this is how you can find
out how much his actual clicks are so for 200 visitors as a hundred and thirty
three dollars and his minimum is a hundred visitors okay and so that's 68
dollars which is not bad and then they also have these filters here and so the
filters basically tell you the basic filter it saves you money prime filter
each click will go another round of advanced clearance that filters
that with the filter that is available for Prime members only so expected
equality of 34% to activate Prime status to get a prime filter for free or all of
your solos no matter what how trap how much traffic you get just 3% per visitor
so I think that is something on here where you can actually sign up to become
a prime status a prime status affiliate all right and then you have the top tier
of courses the top five so if I do the base filter in the prime filter on up to
$71 and then if I do the top tier only I get eighty one dollars and then if you
want only mobile then you can click that and like only on their cell phones or
whatever and if you don't want them to do mobile at all like if your funnel is
only set up for desktop or it's only set up for mobile then that's why you would
click click these filters over here and so I have ad text if you have your own
ad text that you want to add I guess that's your email swipe and so you can
click here and add the address of your funnel and then click a sacar and by
alright and it's pretty simple and it tells you where he's marketing to and
then you can look down and see in one place all of his testimonials from you
to me okay and so that is all of his testimonials and you can see
who got sales and who didn't and you can read the bad like the first one said not
the first one but one of the first one said bad solo that doesn't really give
me any idea as to why it was a bad solo but yeah so that is udemy and you can go
through and look at everyone and basically find who you think will work
well with you you can ask questions through the message bottle the message
button and if you don't want to do or if you want to check them out later you can
click add to favorites you can add a note hot or blossom if you feel that
they're not going to work well with you or you had a bad experience and you know
generally because you don't want to oversell especially if you know us the
same list or the same oughta offer that you want to keep promoting you have a
major offer you want to promote you don't want to use the same person over
and over again because eventually their list will get tired of you unless except
for him because he's added 300 to 500 new subscribers every day but not
everybody is that lucky so it's good to find a good 15 to 25 people that can be
your solo provider that are good with your product so you need to test them
out just like with everything test test test
research homework and see which one's work best for you and once you find your
winning combination you just keep putting our offer out there and once you
start rolling them sales in you start you know building up your your business
then you can start scaling because then you'll get a better statistical analysis
and you'll know which ones will actually which providers that you get how many
people you have to show your offer to to actually find out when you get your
front in sale and how many you have to show your offer to to get
your back in sales and once you start figuring out that statistics then you
just scale up from there and you make it sooner to show if it takes you know five
hundred people to get oh no $2000 then you know you can take that two thousand
dollars then flip it and then you know get to that five hundred dollars quicker
not five hundred dollars five hundred people quicker so that way that you can
get bed two thousand dollars quicker so if it takes five hundred people to get
you in the same time say five hundred people to two thousand dollars then you
want to make sure that you get to that number quicker and if you have good solo
ad providers that you trust then you just put more money into it and then you
get your people quicker and you get your money back quicker okay and that's how
you scale alright so hopefully you found value in this
video I feel like it was long so I'm pretty sure it was so if you do find
value in this video make sure that you give me the like button and also
subscribe to my channel I'm giving fresh daily videos I want you
to be successful and I want you to know everything that you need to know to be
successful so make sure you keep checking me out keep staying on my
journey so I can help you get what you need and what you want and that's to own
the life of your dreams hopefully that's why you're here right
secondly if you missed any of my information I went too fast it was too
confusing I have a free gift and you can check it out it's my checklist that
gives you all the information on all of the traffic providers that I talked
about today and so that you can go and you can do your own homework do your own
research and choose whoever is best for you whichever one works for you and I'm
on board if you have any questions make sure you leave them in the comment
section and I'll make sure that I will get on that and answer them as soon as I
possibly can alright and final if you want to know what I'm doing to
get myself free in 2019 make sure you click out click the first link in my
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learning and it's a great community we encourage support and push each other
and if that's something that you need make sure that you check us out and join
us and we would love to help you on your journey so until next time my friend
make sure that you think big dream big take action so that you may own the life
of your dreams bye now

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