December 4


Solo Ads Training: How To Make Money With Solo Ads (Part 2)


December 4, 2022

so i'm back with part two in my free solo ad 
training video series and in today's video   i'm gonna show you what the perfect solo ad 
funnel looks like and i'm also gonna dive into   something called tracking and how you implement 
it in your business when using solo ad traffic   now if you missed part one in this training series 
and what i recommend you do right now is look in   the description box below this video and go and 
watch part one before watching this video so you   understand exactly where we're up to and what's 
going on now assuming you already watched part one   what i want you to do right now is grab a pen 
and paper to take notes cut out all distractions   pay close attention to what i'm about to say and 
let's do this what's up my friend ben martin here   aka the king of email and welcome to my youtube 
channel profits and paradise on this channel i   make videos about how to create an income from 
home the right way and how to build an email list   for free using youtube now be sure to subscribe 
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you want to know my top free system for making   serious money online then you can click the first 
link in the description box below at any time   during this video or alternatively go to www dot 
get paid easy dot biz that's   okay so i'm going to keep today's video short 
simple and sweet because the first video   was about 40 minutes long and i just want to try 
and keep these a little bit more bite-sized so i   thought i would start off by showing you what 
i consider to be the perfect solo ad funnel   so in the perfect solo ad funnel we start 
off with excuse me we start off with solo ad   traffic right you've got to have some traffic and 
we're using solo ad traffic what a lot of people   do and make the mistake of is they order this solo 
our traffic and they send them straight to the   sales page for the offer now that is a big mistake 
and that is not what we're going to be doing   the reality is that most people from your solo ad 
traffic order who see your offer are not going to   buy on their first time of seeing the offer 
it's going to take them several exposures to   the offer before they make up their mind as 
to whether or they or not they buy at best   any sales page you send traffic to is 
going to convert at one to three percent   meaning for every 100 people who see it you're 
going to get one to three sales at best now let's   imagine that the best case scenario where 
you get three sales out of every 100 people   what happens to the other 97 people if 
you don't capture their email address   is that you lose them forever and you 
cannot market that opportunity to them   or any further product or opportunity so we're 
never ever ever ever going to send solo ad traffic   straight to a sales page we want to send our solo 
ad traffic to a capture page now a capture page in   its simplest terms also known as a squeeze page 
is a one-page website that you put on the internet   where you collect somebody's email in exchange 
for some free information you know a lot of   people feel like you have to give people like 
a free gift like a a an ebook or some pdf but   that might have been what you did back 
in like 2001 but it's not necessary today   none of my solo ad funnels these days include 
giving away a a free gift in terms of a pdf   or anything like that you know i typically send 
people to a um a system sometimes that system   is free to register for sometimes they have to pay 
for it but i'm not you know i'm not creating pdfs   and all that stuff it's just not necessary to um 
do that in these this this day and age excuse me   i'm a little bit all over the place here because 
i'm thinking of 15 different things at once so you   want to send your solo out traffic to a capture 
page it's just a one-page website where you   collect the person's email and we'll dive a little 
bit more into all these different pages i mention   in another part of this training series but if 
you're thinking by the way while i don't know   how to build a capture page it sounds difficult 
it sounds technical if you sign up for the gifts   i've got at the first link in the description box 
below you're going to have the ability to get the   capture page built for you it's already done for 
you so you don't have to know how to do that you   just need to know how to copy and paste a link 
and a little bit of code and have the ability   to watch a video where they show you how to have 
that page done for you in the next 15 minutes max   so we're gonna go solo our traffic capture page 
and then what a lot of people do is they go   sales page now that can work and it's okay to send 
your solo ad traffic to a capture page and then a   sales page but if you want the best results that's 
not what you should do if you want to copy what i   do then that's not what you should do you 
should go solo ad traffic to a capture page   to something called a bridge page or some people 
call it a handshake page now on that bridge page   handshake page whatever you want to call it the 
idea of that page is to introduce yourself let   people know that you're a real person that you're 
there to help them and also let them know that   they can click the button beneath your video or 
if you do like a kind of a written paragraph of   who you are and how you can help them let them 
know that there's a button beneath that paragraph   that they can click and check out the same product 
system offer whatever it is you're promoting   in this case it'll be a warrior plus product 
let them know they can click that button and   go and check it out now if you think about this 
in a logical sense if you're meeting anybody for   the first time in the real world you wouldn't 
you wouldn't go hey buy this from me you would   introduce yourself you would let them know your 
name you'd let them know you're a real person   you'd let them know you're somebody who cares if 
you had any result with the particular product   you wanted to share with them you would let 
them know what your results were before then   sending them on to check out the offer and it's no 
different in the affiliate marketing world yet a   lot of people forget this rule and they don't use 
this bridge page and it costs them sales because   later on in the process when you're following 
up with emails if people don't realize who the   emails are coming from they're less likely to 
open them so you want to go solo ad traffic   to a capture page to a bridge page also known as a 
handshake page where you introduce yourself and my   preference is to introduce myself on video 
again it doesn't have to be a video i know   some people hate video if you don't use a video 
use the best image of yourself that you've got   and write a paragraph or two about um who 
you are and how you can help them and yes   i will be showing you real life examples during 
this free series of where i get solo our traffic   the kind of capture pages that are working 
for me what a good bridge page also known as   a handshake page should look like so you're going 
to get real-life examples now again if you wanna   if you wanna get going with this before i finish 
my free series all of this is revealed when you   click that first link in the description box 
below you can sign up for a free system that   is making me a lot of money right now i'm sure you 
can do well with it too if you just follow along   and all this hard stuff here is actually ready 
done for you waiting for you to just plug in   so after you go to the bridge page handshake 
page you then want to go to the sales page   so i won't say too much about the sales 
page because it's self-explanatory   it's the page where whatever offer you're 
promoting is sold now the glue that ties this all   together is something called and let's go here i'm 
gonna just go around about there email marketing   follow follow or emails so as i 
said to you a couple of minutes ago 97 to 99 of people even when you have this process 
in place are not going to buy your offer the first   time they see it it's going to take them anywhere 
from seven to 15 exposures to the offer depending   on what the offer is what the price point is and 
some other factors before they make their decision   what's going to make you money what's going 
to get you more sales is by having email   follow-ups going out to your new leads in the 
background so what happens is in this process   when you send solo traffic to the capture page 
as soon as they give you their email on this page   in the background you have emails that start to 
go out and people some people open those emails   and those emails lead people back to your offer 
and you're gonna keep following up with your leads   with that offer until you know they either decide 
that they want to buy it they decide that it's not   for them and you begin to show them something 
else or some of them will decide i don't want   emails from you and they will unsubscribe but 
you know don't worry about unsubscribes it's   just part of what we do but this is the glue 
that holds all of this together without this   none of this means anything and you know a lot 
of people they struggle to write emails they're   they're unsure about email marketing but it's 
actually really simple and i'm going to dive into   a little bit of that in this free training series 
again though if you want to get a head start on   everything i've written on this page you can 
just grab the free gift a free system the first   link below because they will provide you with some 
emails to get you going too so to summarize so far   we're going to be sending solo our traffic to 
a capture page to that bridge or handshake page   then to the sales page and in the background we're 
gonna have emails starting to go out to our new   subscribers and later in this video series i'll 
show you examples of everything on this page and   exactly how i've got this set up for now though 
i want to um in fact i'll i'll minimize this   notepad because i'm not finished with the notepad 
but i want to remind you of in the last video   i actually set you some homework and if you're 
wondering what this is in the background this   is just my warrior plus account if you watch 
part one you'll understand what warrior plus is   but basically i set you some homework and 
the homework was to go over to warrior plus   and apply for a bunch of different offers 
get approved for six and then copy and paste   your link your affiliate link for those offers 
onto this notepad right here now i don't want to   go over too much old ground in this video 
but what i'm going to do is i'm going to go   to offers and i'm going to grab some links for 
offers that i want to use as demonstrations now   i talked about how to pick the right offers how to 
get approved for offers and all the rest of that   stuff in the previous video so please if you 
didn't watch it go back and watch it and you   know if you do ask me any question that i answered 
in the first video i'm only going to direct you   to go watch that again anyway so 
please take the time to watch that   but i'll give you an example and i'm not gonna 
i'm not gonna break down here why i'm picking   what i pick because as i said i already did 
that but i'm gonna grab um i'm just gonna grab   this link right here i'm gonna copy that 
and this link is for a product called   unfair advantage that's the name of 
the products i'm gonna paste it there   i'm gonna scroll down um let's just grab something 
i'm approved for i'm gonna get a link for this and i'm gonna put this here and i'm i'm 
actually gonna put something here i'm gonna put lead lead offer   and i'm gonna put his unfair advantage 
and then i'm gonna put here rotator offer or rotator offers and this one is called shuffler pro and i'm gonna 
grab um probably one more rotator offer and you'll   understand why i'm doing this as you continue 
to watch this video and the other videos in the   series so if anything doesn't make sense to you 
it will all make sense by the time you go through   these videos now i'm just gonna grab this 
one here because i'm already approved for it   and this is just as a demo i'm not saying 
that these are or on offers i would test i   i may or may not that's not the perfect 
purpose of what i'm showing you right now   the purpose of what i'm showing 
you right now is just a quick demo in that office called phoenix and so 
i've got like just three links there now   once you've got your offers and you 
know you can get get three at least   you know you might want to get four or 
five or six but just get three at least   once you've got those offers you're gonna go over 
to a place called clip magic and you're going   to sign up for a free account and i've left my 
link to click magic in the description box below   i appreciate it if you take the 14-day free trial 
through me because if you do decide to keep it   that will pay me a small affiliate commission 
and every little bit helps and it's also you know   encouraging for me to keep making these 
videos for you now with clip magic clip magic   is what's known as a piece of tracking software 
but also with a link rotator so let me explain   those um two different elements to clip magic 
tracking software basically means when when you're   driving solo ad traffic to your capture page they 
opt in at your capture page and then they go to   your bridge page click magic allows you to put a 
piece of code on your bridge page which will tell   you it will communicate with your capture page 
software and tell you out of every hundred people   who visit your capture page how many of them are 
giving you their email what percentage of them are   giving you their email and that's really really 
important because if you've got a capture page and   at least 40 or more of people who visit there are 
not giving you their email then your capture page   is not very good and you need to test something 
else click magic allows you to split test   two three however many different capture pages you 
want at the same time so you can find out which   capture page is capturing you the most email 
so that's the tracking part of it which i'll be   showing you how to set up in the next video but 
the other part of it is what's known as a link   rotator now with a link rotator basically what 
that's going to allow you to do is put multiple or   multiple offers multiple affiliate links in 
one place and then what's gonna happen is   person one is going to visit your link and 
they will see offer one and person two is gonna   visit your link and they'll see the next 
offer so your rotator link is going to   rotate through various offers sequentially so this 
is an important part of what we do and what i do   and it's going to make more sense as i dive more 
into it in videos to come but for now make sure   you go over to click magic or just click on 
my link in the description box get yourself   a free account and when you do you're going 
to come inside and you would click on rotators   and when you click on rotators you'll 
obviously have absolutely nothing whatsoever   here because you haven't set anything up 
so you're going to click on create a new   rotator and you're going to call this rotator 
name lead offer you're going to call it lead offer and i'm actually just going to put test 
because i'm just doing this as a test so   and then underneath you're just going to call 
it lead offer and you're going to leave it there   but i'm going to put test so i know this is a 
test now for the rotator mode you're going to   um select sequential now what click magic 
does is it has something called a backup url   i don't want to get into what that is but for the 
backup url what you want to do is you basically   in fact i'm going to go back to warrior plus 
you want to grab another offer from warrior plus   and you want to place it inside of your backup 
url box so i'm just going to i'm just going to   grab this secret email system it's gonna copy that 
let's close this window and the backup url box you   just wanna put an additional offer again i'm not 
gonna get into the technicalities of what a backup   url is and also what i like about warrior plus is 
you can actually track where your sales are coming   from so if you wanna on the end of this link 
here if you do forward slash and you put backup url you will know if any sales of this offer come 
from you having it as your backup url so i'm just   going to click create rotator so you can see i've 
got lead off a test now what i want to do is i   want to click on this here and i'm going to click 
on add url i'm going to go back to my notepad and   where i put lead offer unfair advantage i want 
to copy this i want to copy this link right here and i want to place that link in to the box here and i want to also make sure 
i know what the product was   by putting the product name in 
this box unfair advantage now   what i want to explain here is oh yeah and 
you can also do this and this will make sense   in another video in the series at the end of 
the link you can go forward slash bridge page   before i press add to the rotate i 
want to understand what i'm doing   this is gonna be your leading offer so this is 
gonna be the link you are gonna put on the button   on your bridge page this is gonna be like the 
offer you test if you go back to my previous video   and you use my formula that i gave you you're 
going to send the exact amount of clicks to this   offer based on my formula that i gave you and 
if it doesn't work you're going to pause the   offer and you're then going to test another 
offer again i'll be repeating myself a lot   here but if none of what i said made sense it's 
because you need to either watch my first video   or re-watch it and pay closer attention but 
i've put the product name in there i've put   my url then i've put forward slash bridge page 
and this link when we get to that part in this   training series is going to be attached to my 
bridge page i'm going to click add rotate to url   so if i now click on lead offer test if i click 
here what you can see is i've got this product   called unfair advantage so when i drive traffic to 
my capture page they then come to my bridge page   they click the button and they get to check out 
this unfair advantage offer now here you've got   four different columns tcuc fc today i don't want 
you to worry about fc whatsoever i just want you   to focus on this and today so tc equals total 
clicks that's the total amount of clicks that   come to your page so let's say total clicks 
column set of thousands uc is unique clicks   what that unique clicks means is out of those a 
thousand people in the total click columns the   unique clicks number is the amount of those people 
who were different individuals because obviously   you're gonna sometimes get people clicking on your 
link more than once so this is the total amount of   clicks this is the unique amount of different 
individuals and obviously today is how many   people visited the link today but just to show 
you this actually does work you know let's see um   just one second i'm going to 
click on lead off a test i'm gonna   grab this i'm gonna copy it 
i'm gonna paste it in a window and it's gonna open up page just taken a second 
to load okay load it up now if i hit refresh   you can see one click total clicks is one so 
there's been one person me who went to the   offer page unique clicks is one as being one 
unique person now if i clicked on this again   it would in fact will do this hopefully it 
updates quickly but if i click on this again   and we update we will refresh what we now see 
is there's been two total clicks i clicked on   that link twice but there's only been one unique 
click because me the same person clicked twice   hopefully that makes sense so what you're 
gonna do is using my formula that i gave   you in the previous video you're going to test 
this as your leading offer on your bridge page   and when you've sent sent the predetermined 
amount of clicks that again you figure out   by watching video one and applying my 
formula if you do not get any sales   when you've sent the pre-determined amount of 
clicks what you would do is you would pause that   offer and you would basically do this you 
would go here and you would add another url   and it's the same drill you put the name of 
the um offer there the url of the offer there   and then you would just add to the rotator and 
then you would check you you would test the   next offer and basically you will keep testing 
different offers from warrior plus until you   find something that does convert and does make you 
money so that's that's what i call the lead offer   link but we've also got this this other section 
rotator offer links now with rotator offer links   i don't want to get into it in this video and 
i said this is going to be a shorter video but   it's going to end up being just as long if i'm 
not careful but i don't want to get into it in   this video but when solo ad leads join my list i 
separate and segment them into two different lists   depending on actions so the people who open emails 
and click on emails go on one list and the people   who are not really opening emails go on another 
list and they see different offers on that list   and that's why i create this second 
rotator link to use with the people who are   not opening up as any or as many emails i 
i take them through a different sequence   i will explain that once we um go inside my 
autoresponder in another video but basically   what you want to do is click on create a new 
rotator and you want to call it um rotator office   and then you're just going to put 
rotator offers and you're gonna put um   sequential oh and something i forgot to do 
um this box here you want to change that to   same url so i'm going to go back and 
change that make sure this is the same   url you don't basically well actually it's going 
to say you don't need to understand and you don't   but i'll tell you anyway what that means is when 
somebody clicks on this rotator link if they see   offer one the next time they click on the rotator 
link they're gonna see offer one again if they   click on the rotator link and they see offer two 
the next time they click they're going to see that   same offer again it's going to show them the same 
offer every time they click on your rotator link   now again for for each rotator you set up you will 
need a backup url so just because this is a demo i'm just gonna put this as my backup url 
you can pick whatever offer you want off   warrior plus using the training i've given you in 
video one and you're just going to click on create   rotator now what we're going to do is in this 
we're going to take the two offers we picked here   and we're going to where is it rotator 
offers we're going to add them to   a rotator the rotator so i'm gonna put 
that there and that offer was shuffler pro and we're going to add that to the rotator we're then going to grab this 
link for a product called phoenix we're going to add that to the rotator so 
it's called phoenix we're gonna add that there and we're gonna click add to rotator now 
you've got these um offers on a rotator   um what i would do now is i would go lead 
offer rotator link and i would go rotator   offers link and we can kind of get rid 
of this now and what i want to do is   i want to get the rotator link for my lead 
offer which is here that's what's going to   go on my bridge page button and i want to 
get my rotator off as link which is here   and that's basically going to 
go in the email follow-ups for   people who are not initially opening up my emails 
again as i've said several times in this video   if some of this is going over your head right now 
and you're not understanding all of this don't   worry about it for now i just want you to make 
sure you've watched video one and done everything   i say and make sure you are watching this video 
all the way through when you do everything i say   so i don't want to go any further today but i do 
want to give you a little bit of a heads up of   what's coming in the next video and leave you with 
some homework so in the next video i'm actually   gonna show you um where to get solo ad traffic 
because there's a several places you can go for it   i'm also gonna give you a 
real-time example of a capture page and i'm also gonna give you a an example of a 
bridge page and i'm basically gonna show you   how you tie all this together with your 
um with your lead offer rotator link   and autoresponder and i actually may make 
the autoresponder a second video because this   will be quite a chunky video now my homework 
for you today is simple your homework is to   number one click the first link 
in my description box below and get set up with your free system it's the 
same system that i'm using to make a bunch of   money with solo ads piece of homework number 
two is to re-watch this video you may need to   re-watch this video and make notes plus apply 
so re-watch this video make notes of anything   that is important so you absorb it and apply 
it and by apply it that includes clicking   my [ __ ] magic link below setting up your account 
it's a free 14-day trial and setting up those two   different rotator offer links that i just showed 
you how to do if you don't understand anything if   it's not fully sunk in yet that's not matter that 
doesn't matter because it will all become more   clear as we get further into this video series i 
hope you're getting a lot of value from today's   video so far remember you can ask me any questions 
you need to in the comment section below also   don't forget that you can grab your free solo 
ad system the same system i'm using to turn solo   traffic into leads and sales by clicking 
the first link in the description box below   you'll also find any additional tools that 
i've mentioned in today's video there too   but before you go ahead and do any of that listen 
to this short and powerful story see this is kind   of embarrassing to admit now but there's a time in 
my life where i was completely broke and i don't   just mean financially but i was like mentally and 
spiritually down in the dumps too so much so that   i ended up having to move into the back bedroom 
of my friend's house who lived on a rough side of   the town where i come from in fact the town was 
so rough and the street i lived on was so bad   that my bedroom overlooked a crackdown and every 
hour the night and day drug dealers would be   dropping off packages to their customers and this 
room you know with the snot green walls where i   didn't even have a closet to put my clothes in 
was where i called home for quite a long time   however even though my life was bad at that time 
i was determined to make a change in my life and   what happened is eventually how i was able to 
make that change was i came across this beautiful   lady here who started off as my mentor then she 
became my girlfriend and then she became my wife   and there are really only two things you 
need to massively change your life and be   financially better off and be more happy and 
prosperous and all the things we all want to be   in life and the first thing you need is a mentor 
you need somebody to show you how to make money on   the internet from home just like i've been sharing 
with you in this video and you need to know how to   leverage online systems that do all the selling 
and the talent for you because let's face it   none of us are really very comfortable with 
selling we don't want to feel pushy we don't   really want to have to speak to people and 
so what angie who started off as my mentor   now is my wife did is she showed me how to get the 
right people on the internet in front of the right   product and how to automate the process so that i 
could make money every hour of the night and day   and we went on together to build a business that 
pays us up to half a million dollars per year   and because of that we got to live in 
two different countries in the caribbean   for four and a half years you know we've swam 
with stingrays this was the view from the the   backyard of one of the places we lived at for 
a long time you know we've done cool stuff like   take helicopter tours and and just all kinds 
of things that i never could have imagined in   my wildest dreams but what happened is after 
four and a half years living in the caribbean   we got sick of dodging hurricanes you 
know we nearly got hit by three or four   different category five hurricanes and my 
wife got so hot that she broke out an eczema   so we decided to move back to her home state of 
ohio in the usa and we purchased this acura for   thirty thousand dollars in cash and you know yeah 
it's not a ferrari or anything flashy like that   but hey we were able to buy in cash and we don't 
have any of those cara payments every month with   the extra interest we were also able to close on 
our dream home which is close to half a million   dollars in value sits on nearly six acres and 
we put a six figure deposit down on this home   and you know it i couldn't have imagined a 
few years ago we would be able to do this now   this isn't to brag or boast or anything like that 
i just want you to understand what's possible   when you have somebody who shows you what truly 
works and you have a system that does all the   hard work for you so if you're ready for a change 
in your life and you want to start earning serious   money i encourage you to click the first link 
in my description box below i call it my top and   my number one income stream do that now but only 
do it if you are ready to make serious money and   you're truly ready for a change in your life well 
that's it for today's solo ed training video my   friend remember to grab your free cash system 
by clicking the first link in the description   box below as well as those additional tools 
mentioned in today's video and also don't   forget to subscribe and push the notification bell 
and remember you're just a 10 minute email away you

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