February 18


Solo Ads That Work: Udimi Solo Ads Training For 2020 (New)


February 18, 2022

eleven thousand six hundred and twentyeight dollars and forty six cents that’s the amount of money I’ve made by helpingother people purchase Solo ads watch traffic but I’m not here to talk to youtoday about the OODA me solo ads affiliate program you see as much asI’ve made eleven thousand dollars as a side income as a new to me solo adsaffiliates that number pales into insignificance compared to the amount ofmoney I’ve been able to make by purchasing udemy stall watch trafficmyself and using it to make affiliate sales in my business in this video I’mgonna walk you through the step-by-step process of turning a demi solo hourtraffic into money so that you can copy this process and start earning as soonas today so if you want to know all the traffic secrets that taught me frombroke and living in the back bedroom of my friend’s house to building an onlinebusiness that pays me up to half a million dollars per year then pay closeattention because your first step is to what’s on my friend Ben Martin here akathe king of email and welcome to my youtube channel profits and paradise onthis channel I make videos about how you can make a real income from home theright way and how you can build an email list for free using YouTube now be sureto subscribe and hit the notification bell so you get updates about brand newvideos to this channel so you’re probably watching this video for one oftwo reasons either you’ve heard about solo ads and you’re thinking abouttrying them as a traffic source to make some money or you’ve tested out soloads before possibly not had much luck with them and you need some additionalguidance on how to turn them into the leads and ultimately cash in your backwell if that’s the case then you’ve landed on the right video because I’vebeen using solo hour traffic to profitablymy business since 2013 and in today’s video I’m gonna give you my exactblueprint so that you can just copy it for yourself I’m gonna show you how tofind an offer that suitable to promote of solo traffic I’m gonna reveal theexact funnels I use to turn solo hour traffic into leads and sales so that youcan just copy it and I’m also even going to touch on email follow-up which is asuper super super important part of turning solo hour traffic into sales seea lot of people think that solo ads words are these miracle cures and that they’rejust gonna push a button turn on the traffic and make thousands of thousandsof dollars and although that can happen sometimes really the magic is in theemail follow-up solo ads it’s about getting those leads on the list and thenusing emails to convert those leads into salesyou got a warm that traffic off they have to get to know you and a big partof that is it’s done through email so in this tutorial I also dive into a littlebit of email marketing too but before we cover that just in case you don’talready know let’s take a look at what a solo artist so it’s once of thisquestion let’s just take a look at what Google pulls up which is pretty accurateyou know they’ve pretty much hit this on their head here so a solo ad is an emailbroadcast that you buy from solo ad vendors to promote your product orservice so the solar vendors our email list owners and they’re going to chargeyou to click to send traffic to your pages using their email lists sobasically there are people out there in your niche on the internet and I’mreally in this video I’m talking about the make money online work from homeniche but there are people out there on the internet we’re gonna find some ofthese people through to me later they have big lists of people who areinterested in make money online type authors when you buy a solo ad whatyou’re gonna do is you’re gonna say to themhey can I give you my capture page link for you to send traffic to so that I canuse your list to build my list and make sales of the offer or businessopportunity that I’m in they’re gonna then say yes and they’re gonna give youa price per click for doing that and you know as you’ll see a little bit laterprices per click do vary and I’ve got some guidelines for you on that but in anutshell if you didn’t know that’s what a solo it is so now we covered thebasics of what a solo water is let’s dive into your first step which isfinding a suitable offer to promote with salawats because I found over the yearsthat not all offers are suitable for this traffic source which is a mistake alot of people make now we’re going to be using a site called Clickbank I’ve gotan offer in mind already so let’s go over there right now and I’ll alsoexplain a little bit about how Clickbank works so in the future you can find evenmore offers to promote on that platform so we are over on Clickbank which is asite where you will find affiliate products you can promote in many manydifferent niches for free those niches range from health and fitness to cookeryto survival to make money online which is what we’re gonna be looking at andjust pretty much any niche you can think of is on Clickbank so it’s free to setup with Clickbank accounts to do that you’re just gonna click create accountand it will take you through the process obviously I’m not going to show you thaton this video because I already have an account but that is very verystraightforward to do what I am gonna do though is I’m gonna log into my accountright now so that we can take a look inside I’ll show you how to navigatearound and I’ll show you how to find the best offers to promote with the solo adtraffic okay so this is the back-office of Clickbank and I’ve had an offer inhere that I’ve wanted to promote for a whileso today I just fought instead of promoting it in the background I justrecord this video and let you see exactly what I’m doingbut Clickbank is not a site that I’ve actually used for quite a while but Idid used to use it in the past to make a bunch of money with solo ads and I knowthey’ve got one offer in particular right now that I really want to test outsome other sites by the way you can use to find affiliate offers our JV zoo andwarrior plus and then a lot of these home business opportunities with a lowfront end price point which I’ll talk more about in a minute are pretty goodto test out with Solarize well anyways what you log into the back office you’regonna want to set up payment method which Clickbank will walk you throughbut once you’ve done all of that you want to go to the marketplace right nowthe marketplace is where you’re going to find all the different niches and offersso you’ve got arts and entertainment all the way through to travel you knowsports spirituality software and services tons and tons and tons ofdifferent niches whatever niche you may be in watching this video there is anoffer on Clickbank that you can at least test out but I want to go in under Ibelieve it’s a business and a marketing and what I’m looking for is an fact it’sright here it’s just off record the 12-minute affiliate system so basicallythe 12-minute affiliate system is enough for that people come by and when andwhen they buy it they get given all different products in the make moneyonline affiliate marketing niche they can promote but it’s like a done-for-yousystem where their links are automatically plugged in the emailfollow-ups all done for them so it’s it’s just basically an all-in-onesolution that allows people to earn a bunch of money with many differentproducts just by clicking a few buttons really but if you’re using Clickbank forthe first time and you don’t want to promote the offer I’m gonna grabtoday here’s what you should do rights you find whatever niche you want tooperate in and you go to gravity you want to sort by gravity and you canactually see that the 12-minute affiliate when I saw by gravity is thetop offer with a gravity score of a hundred and seventy-six 0.37 so whatdoes the gravity score man well the gravity score means that overthe last thirty to sixty days there has been at least a hundred and seventy sixdifferent affiliates who have made one sale or more of this offer right herewhich is a really really good sign because a lot of the times you know ifan offer as zero gravity score he pretty much even means that the offer convertsbadly or sometimes it just means that not a lot of affiliates have discoveredthe offer yet maybe it’s a new offer or maybe it’s enough for that’s buried nowin a lot of tutorials you’ll see when they show Clickbank they will tell youto not bother testing any offers off the first page but I’m gonna tell you thatyou know that is actually not accurate part of being a marketer is testing andI have found many offers that convert while with solid traffic just byclicking through these different pages and testing our offers that offer a fillit just won’t even bother digging around for for example I know this offer righthere has done quite well for people I’ve not promoted it yet but I do know it’sdone well for people let’s see if there’s anything else on page two I knowthis often niche marketing kit has done well I’ve actually promoted that on adifferent platform before but anyways let’s go back to let’s go back to pageone I just wanted to make you aware though that sometimes you want to do alittle digging but if you’re new to clip a good indicator to go off is gravityscore and for the most part that means you’re gonna be working off page 1 orpage 2 so we got the gravity score which remember is how many differentaffiliates have made at least one sale or more in the past 30 to 60 days ofthis author so this is the highest gravity score right now on the niche andthere’s an average sale of $70 ninety one this is basically telling you onaverage you know when you make a sale this product you’re going to end up with$70 ninety one per person after you factor in upsells so down here let’sjust take a look at a little bit of this stuff just so you understand basicallyhere we’ve got something called hops which is just showing you how manypeople have visited your affiliate link and this is he is that’s 46 which isactually me I’ve been clicking on this link a lot recently because I’ve beendebating setting it up and running it and I’m actually now going to so afterthat you’ve got a bunch of other stuff which is not that important you can seeyour refund rates here with this stuff you don’t want to pay too much attentionto this right now but obviously in the future if you do promote this offer andit has a really high refund rate like if your refund rate is like I would say 10%or more then that’s not a great sign but what you want to look at is down hereright so basically down here you’ve got onetime billing which means there are products in this funnel up pay you onetime but there are also products in this funnel that pay you recurring income andthere is also products in this funnel that are upsells meaning you’re not justgoing to make money off one front-end products here you’re gonna be able tomake recurring income and money off up sales – which is greatnow before we like select this offer I already know that this is an offer I’mgonna pick what I want you to understand why I would pick this with solo ads soin order to do that what I want to do is I want to go to their affiliate page soI’m just gonna right click and open the link in a new tabI’m gonna go over to their affiliate page and I want to just pause theaffiliate video and I just want to scroll down and what I’m looking for isokay so if you want to know a bit more about what this is it’s a plug-and-playsystem that finally makes affiliate marketing easy it’s I’m not gonna readall that because you can check it out for yourself but if we just scroll downthis is what I want to show you so this is the funnel for the 12 minuteaffiliates so basically on the front end they have a 995 offer which pays you afifty percent commission and that’s a 14-day trial I believe after 14 daysit’s cost the buyer something like $40 a month which you will get a fifty percentcommission on now the reason I love that 995 price point is because when it comesto solo ads I’ve honestly found that the lower the front end price points themore people you will get to say yes pull out their credit card and buy and at theend of the day if you want to make money at the back from the upsells you’ve gotto get people saying yes at the front you know in regards to solo ads I’vefound that offers any where all the way from a free trial all the way up toabout ninety nine dollars can work well but typically under most conditions thelower the offer price point the better then you can see you’re not just gettingthis 995 offer here there’s also aoops I’ll for $39 that pays you 50% Commission’s $67 that pays you 50%Commission’s and then 47 a month which pays you 50% Commission now this issuper super super important because if you’re paying for traffic and you’reonly getting paid 50% on a basically a $10 product you’re only gonna get fivebooks a customer and you’re never ever going to make your money back from thatyou know you have to be promoting offers that have decent upsells and preferablyrecurring to so that you can break even because the aim of your solo ad is toget close to breaking even and then get into profit on the back end with emailfollow-ups so also additional lot cells they’ve got a $97 a month a threehundred and ninety seven dollars and they seven hundred and ninety sevendollars and you get 50% on all of that so you can see that you’ll understandlater when we talk about the cost per clicks of various so our vendors trafficyou’ll understand that you are setting yourself up with this offer to putyourself in profits if you find a reliable solo ad vendor so now youunderstand like some of the parameters for picking an offer what I want to dois I want to show you what I do before I grab an affiliate link because I want tocheck out the sales page for this offer too and what I do is if I come to thesales page and I read what’s on the sales page and it doesn’t get me excitedthen I won’t promote an offer because my theory is if it doesn’t excite me whythe heck would it excite anyone that I’m sharing it with but if I come to theoffer page and I’m like man yeah I could see me buying this and this gets my youknow blood pumping and excited then that’s something I want to promoteand if you if I as I read this and as I’ve already listened to this video thisis the exact kind of offer and page that gets me excited and I know has thepotential to do well with Salwa traffic so after I’ve checked out the sales pageand I’ve made a decision on that I will go back over here and to get my link I’mjust gonna click promote so when you click promote you’re gonna basically getthis box up here and you’re gonna click generate hot links and then this is youraffiliate link right here so you would grab your affiliate link right there youwould copy it copy your affiliate link and you would then just paste it onto anotepad to use in your funnel later on so now you understand like how to pick aclickbank affiliate offer the next stage is really building a funnel that canconvert this offer into leads and sales so I’m gonna jump over to my funnelbuilder which is click funnels and I’m gonna show you how I go about it not somuch the technicalities of hey here’s how you use click funnels bought morealong the lines of the psychology behind why I’m putting certain things on mypages so I’ll meet you over on click funnels okay so I’m in the back off itsof the page builder I use for pretty much everything in my business which isclick funnels I’m gonna leave a link to click funnels in the description boxbelow alongside my uh dummy link and links for any of the tools that Imention in this video that would be useful to you now if you do grab a clipfunnels trial through me I’m gonna give you a share code of the funnel I’m aboutto show you so you could just literally upload this funnel to yourcounts in about 30 seconds you know make some slight alteration so people seethat it’s you and away you go so if you do decide to grab clickfunnelsplease let me know in the description box below because once I verify that Iwill find a way to contact you and give you a share code to the funnel but I’vealready gone ahead and built that my funnel and I want to show you the funneland I also want you to understand how and why I came up with the fall so thefirst thing I’m gonna do is open up this capture page in a window and you’llnotice that I’ve got this headline brand new system makes up to nine hundred andtwenty-two dollars per day and you can copy easier than order in a pizza and alot of people ask me a lot of people will ask me how did you come up with theheadlines for your capture pages ban when you promote in these offers becauseI suck at copy well I actually keep it really really simple see what I do is tocome up with their headlines for these capture pages I go over to the salesplace now by the way did you see what just happened when I tried to leave thiscapture page I got this exit pop-up here’s a little bonus tip for you aboutcapture pages you need to be using an exit popup on your capture pages whatthat means is is that if somebody tries to leave your page they’ll get thislittle box that pops up and basically says are you really sure you want toleave here’s and here’s another chance to give me your email so you can getthis information so make sure you’re using exit pop-ups on your capture pagesbecause that’s gonna put more leads on your list with storwatts but anyways ifI go over to the sales page if you read this notice how it says if you can ordera pizza you can make money with this system you’ve just stumbled across abrand new system that almost no one knows aboutyeah it currently makes me seventy eight to nine hundred and twenty two dollarsper day and does all of the selling for me this video shows you how to copyexactly what I’m doing step-by-step in minutes so what I basically do is I takeelements of the sales page headline because this is already converting forpeople this is already making people money so I take elements of the salespage headline and I use that for my capture page headline see I’m talkingabout a brand new system that can make up to nine hundred and twenty-twodollars per day and it’s easier than ordering a pizza and then notice thisbrand new system easier than ordering a pizza up to nine hundred twenty twodollars per day my capture page is congruent with the sales page so youcould in effect you could take the sales page headline pretty much as it is andthat’s what you use for your capture page headline it’s that simple now letme break down a few of things that are going on in on on this capture pageright it’s a very plain basic simple ugly looking capture page that almostlooks like a three-year-old came up with it and you might find that funny or youmight think oh this is very basic but I have found over years that whenever Imove away from anything more more like extravagant than this it always hurts myconversion rates the most basic and ugly capture pages when it comes to solo adswork you don’t need things like flushing arrows or videos or images in thebackground I have found over testing countless thousands of clicks I meanthere was a point where I was ordering five to ten thousand clicks a month andI have just found that these basic pages convert the best of keep things simpleright so you just want a headline modeled off the sales page headline youjust want something where you say and your best email here you can alsocollect names as well I have on some of my pages now started to collect namesand I’ve really found that the opt-in rate is not really affected that much bycollecting names I thought it would be but it actually isn’t and I wouldactually advise you as well as collecting the email to collect people’snames too but then you’ll notice this button here that says yes show me thefree video now because obviously on the pages to come they’re going to see afree video I have found when you can use the word free on any of your pages itwill increase the conversion rates because people obviously love the ideaof free stuff I’ve also found that you know on this boat and I could of roadslet me send you the free video but that doesn’t work as well as me speaking asif the person visiting my page is saying it I think they call that speaking inthe first person narrative something like that but you know you want to writeon the botton as if you are the person visiting the page say in the statementso yes show me the free video now would be better than yes let me send you thevideo also underneath this button notice how I write I call this like the magicphrase I write the free information will be sent to the email provided above andbasically I’m using that word free again but I’m also letting people know thathey if you enter the wrong details above here that you are not gonna get thisinformation so psychologically what that does is it gets more people to give metheir correct email address because a lot of people who have seen offersbefore will give you a bogus email address just because they want to getaccess to the information but they don’t want to necessarily join your email listbut by telling them here that you’re not going to get the information unless yougive me a correct email you’re gonna ensure that most people do give you thatemail address so that’s really the psychology of the capture page andthen what we’ve got is this bridge page here so I’m gonna open up this bridgepage real quick and you’ll see here’s my bridge page that I use for pretty muchmost of my offers where I just say hey it’s Ben and it’s great to meet youbefore you check your email check spam and promo tab to follow the two quicksteps below so I’m telling them that hey I’m gonna send you an email it may go toyour spam or promo tab – so make sure you check that and that’s important todo because sometimes emails do go to spamming the promo tab and that welcomeemail that people are gonna get and we’ll talk about that in a little bitit’s the most important email you’re gonna send to a person if they don’tfind that then you probably lost them forever so step one watch this importantvideo below now what’s going on in this video is basically I normally do a shortvideo of like five minutes or less where I introduced myself in this video I didgo a little bit longer because I was giving people a tour of my house andsome other cool stuff but for the most part you just need to do a two orthree-minute video where you introduce yourself when you just say hey thanksfor opting into my email list that shows me you’re an action taker just wanted toinduce myself this is my name I’m here – I’m here to help you on the next pageI’m gonna show you something that can make you up to nine hundred twenty twodollars per day and just click the button below right now check it out andafter you’ve checked it out and got started go and find the email that I’vejust sent to you it will be waiting for you yada yada yada right so it’s just atwo to three minute video to introduce yourself now if you don’t like doingvideos you can also just put an image of yourself here and you can basically dolike a written up version of what I just said then under the video you just put abutton that links people to the author and also ablue link that links people to the author and I found by doing that I foundthat more people click through because we are conditioned to click on theseblue links it’s just become part of our conditioning so when people obviouslyclick those they go to the 12-minute affiliate page and then underneath Ijust have this see this 922 dollar per day system an action click the buttonabove to see automatic cash coming in some very clever words there people lovethe idea of automatic cash and I’m just reinforcing that but if I click thebutton you can see what it does is open up the 12-minute affiliate system salespage so that really is the psychology behind my capture page and my bridgepage while I hope you’re getting a lot of value so far and that you understandhow to pick an offer to promote with salawatsand the psychology behind what it takes to put a funnel together now remember ifyou do want to just make your life easier and grab the exact pages I use atmy funnel just grab a clip on off trial down below and then leave me a commentletting me know you did that and once I verify it I’ll send you a share code butwhat I want to do right now is I want to show you how you connect yourautoresponder inside of your capture page in click funnels and also where toplug in your affiliate link on the bridge page so that you actually getcredited for sales plus a few other additional things I do so that I canactually track where my sales are coming from and see how many leads I’m actuallygetting from the visitors that come to my capture page so let’s go back over tothe screen share and we’ll break all that down now I’m not going to major onthis part for too long because click funnels has its own videos for this andyou may choose not to use click funnels which if you don’t then how you set thisall of your page builder will be different boat I’m gonna just walk youthrough some basics right and needless to say you need to have created a listinside of your autoresponder first before you do this again I’m not gonnago into how to do that because there are so many different autoresponders outthere that I might show you and you may be using different autoresponder youknow we’ve got a web we get response active campaign and in fact I’ve got anaccount with all those free autoresponders plus ace and sharkaccounts but here’s the basics anyway not for the waffle he’s the basicsinside you a click funnels account when you log in go under your name or yourimage in this corner here click on account settings this is how youintegrate your autoresponder and over on the left here you want to go tointegrations you want to click on add new integration and then when you do youshould be able to find your autoresponder from the list now theysupport a bunch of different autoresponders I am recommending thatyou get aweber getresponse or activecampaign as your autoresponder andwhat I’m gonna do is I’m gonna leave a link for one of those in my descriptionbox below so that you can go and sign up for it and then you’ll find tutorialsinside of that autoresponder platform on how to set up a list or you can go onYouTube and find tutorials or you can ask their support and they will help youin some cases even do it for you but let’s just imagine now you’ve integratedyour autoresponder we’re gonna go back to our funnels and I’m gonna go into the12-minute affiliate funnel and the first thing you’d want to do is you’d want toopen up your capture page and you can do this in the edit page mode or in classiceditor I’m just gonna do this in classic editor and over here I’m just gonnaremove my integration but over here you’d want to click on email and you’dwant to select the integration and you’d want to selectintegration for whatever your autoresponder is so I’m gonna selectactive campaign and then you want to select add to the list and I’m justgonna refresh my lists and I’m gonna select the list twelve minute affiliatesso I’m now gonna save this right I’m gonna quickly save this and I’m gonnaexit it because the next thing you actually want to do is you want to go toyour bridge page and you want to open up your bridge page and again I’m justgoing to do this in classic editor remember the bridge page is the pagepeople land on after they opt-in not everybody does this by the way amateursby traffic and send it straight to the author you never want to pay for trafficand send it to an author you want to build your list intermediate people sendtraffic to a capture page because they’ve realized that building your listis the best way of making the most money and then they send it to the author butthat’s not what I do I send traffic to a capture page I then send it to thisbridge page because I want to introduce myself to my new subscriber and warmthem up to me and pre frame them for what’s coming on the sales page and thenI send them to the sales page so on this page here is where you would connectyour affiliate link from Clickbank for the 12-minute affiliate system so whatI’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back over to Clickbank and I’m gonna click onpromote and what I’m actually gonna do though is instead of clicking generatehot links I’m gonna actually use this code bridge and then I’m gonna clickgenerate hot link okay so it’s logged me out of my Clickbank account so I’m justgonna log back in really quickly and we’lltry that again I’m just gonna log in real quick sign in let’s go back to themarketplace and I’m just gonna type in 12 minutesphileas so I can pull it off real quickly and now I’m gonna press promoteagain so I’m gonna in this box I’m gonna put bridge and generate hot link andthen I’m gonna copy this link now what am I doing here what I’m doing here isusing something known as a tracking code meaning that somebody visits my bridgepage and click this button here or this link here and they go to the sales pageand buy it’s gonna show inside of my clickbank account that this personlanded on your bridge page and then they made a purchase so I’m gonna know thatthe people who who come through this bridge page I’m gonna know how manypeople who initially come through my funnel land on my bridge page and thengo to the author I’m making a purchase right away and that’s cool because thatgives me an indication of how effective this bridge page is if a lot of peopleare coming to this bridge page and they’re not going from the bridge pageto the sales page Mumbai and straight away then maybe I can change the layoutof my bridge page maybe I might do a shorter or a longer video basically it’sjust gonna give me data that I can analyze and play around with it’s alittle bit more advanced but hopefully that makes sense but what you want to dothen is take that link you just created and you’re gonna click this button hereand in this URL action box you’re gonna paste the link in there and then I’mjust gonna unlink this for a second I’m just gonna actually unlink this and showyou from scratch so what you would do is you would drag over the top of this Ilike to bold it I like to press this link heredelete what’s in the box paste your link in there and then you are going to presson this and you’re gonna find gonna find dark blue basically we want to make thatlink a nice dark blue and then we’re going to press save so what that meansnow is we just linked our button to our affiliate link for the product we’repromoting and we also hyperlinked this here we’re then gonna press save andwe’re gonna press exit and also what you want to do is you now for this bridgepage you want to copy and paste this link right here gonna copy this andyou’re gonna go over to the capture page I’m gonna edit in classic editor and uphere in settings in the redirect override box I’m gonna actually paste mybridge page link in that box and then I’m just gonna press save and beforeexit I want to check that it’s still in the boxwhich it is and now I’m gonna press exit so you’ve basically what you’ve done nowis you’ve connected your list to your capture page so that when people opt-into your capture page they’ll be added to your list but you’ve also connected youraffiliate link to your bridge page and your bridge page to your capture pagetoo meaning people are going to come to this page they’re gonna opt-in they’regonna be added to your list and then they’ll be immediately transported toyour bridge page where they watch your video register and then they click abutton below or the link below and they go to the 12-minute affiliate sales pageso now we’ve done that right what we want to do is we want to be tracking ouropt-ins and what I mean by that is for our capture page here we want toknow out of every hundred people who come to this page how many people aregiving me their email because ideally you want to create a page where 50% ormore of people who visit the page are giving you their email if less than 50%or at the very lowest 40% are giving you their email you need to redesign yourcapture page or test another version now to track this I use a piece of trackingsoftware called click magic and to make this work what you do is you grab thelink to your capture page here and I will leave a link to clip magic below -you’re gonna go over to clip magic I’m already logged in and you’re gonnacreate a new link so you’re gonna click links and for the name of the link whatyou’re gonna do is you sorry you’re gonna click create a new link and forthe name of the link you’re just gonna call it the name of the author 12minutes affiliates trying to spell inside and then in this box you’re justgonna go 12 minutes affiliate – you’re gonna put that in that box and then foryour primary URL this is where you’re gonna paste your capture page link andthen you’re gonna click create link now what you want to do is once you’vecreated that link you wanna grab that link by clicking here you want to clickthere and you want to grab this link because this is the link that you aregoing to be giving to the solo ad vendor later now when you’ve got your emails inplace and all that other good stuff – I recommend that you grab this link hereand you open it in a window and you opt into your own funnel and you make surethat all the pages are working when you click on buttons they’re working youreverything’s in the order it should be and that you’re actually added to yourown list always alwaysalways test your own formal before buying traffic you know when I was arookie I remember several times I purchased thousands of clicks didn’ttest my funnel wondered why no leads are added to my list and it’s because Ihadn’t connected my funnel properly please don’t make the same mistake as meI want to help you avoid that but just for now what we’re gonna do is we’vetaken this link and we are just pasting it onto a notepad here because we aregonna need that in a few minutes to give to our solo ad vendorso here’s what we did so far we went over to clickbank and we picked asuitable offer to promote with udemy salawatstraffic we went over to click funnels and we integrated our autoresponder andwe connected that autoresponder to our capture page so that we could collectleads and follow up via email we also connected our capture page to our bridgepage and placed our affiliate link on the bridge page so that when people camethrough our funnel we could actually get credited and make sales but now what weneed to do is add some emails to our email sequence and then we need toactually get some traffic from who to me but what do you do if you have no ideahow to write emails do you hire a copywriter you know do you struggle wellyou don’t do any of those things because I’m gonna give you a very very short andquick hack to getting some emails in place that are gonna make you sales ofthe 12-minute affiliate system so for 99 percent of offers on Clickbank andpretty much all of the platforms these days you are gonna be given somethingcalled a JV page which is your lifeline when it comes to getting emails in placelet me show you why that is this page here under the 12-minute affiliatesystem by the way here’s another offer underneath that can doreally really well I’ve promoted this on another platform before and this can doreally really really well so you may want to check out that one too butanyways you want to go to this JV play guy right click on it and open it in anew tab and I’m gonna go over to it and at the topsorry about that at the top you’re gonna click on email swipesI’m boom look you’ve got all these swipes you can use promo 1 promo 2 promo3 promo for they they miss one this is actually promo 5 promo 6 promo 7 there’s8 let’s just count our money are there 9 even 10 11 let’s just go to the bottomyou’ve actually got 15 so you’ve got 15 now what these are are emails that youcan plug into your autoresponder without having to be a sales copywriter so youcan see what they do is they give you an option of two different subject linesyou can use there and then basically where it shows this it says click e toactivate the system and it’s got this link underneath what you’d want to do isyou’d want to take your affiliate link for the offer and you’d want tohyperlink this where it says click e to activate the system so that when peopleclick that link you would get credited and then you know a the same with emailto you choose one of these subject lines and where it says watch this video formore info on how it all works you can see there’s a link but you’d want tohyperlink this part with your link where it says everything is explained in thisvideo to hyperlink there and so on and so forth now another question I getasked all the time is well Ben how many emails should I use in my autoresponderseries for an author well that really does depend on theprice point of the author but what I would do withsomething like the 12 minutes affiliate system it has a very low front end of995 but after the seven-day 995 trial the customer I believe does paysomething like 47 dollars a month so typically the lower the offer price theless emails I would use so in something like this case whether it’s reallyrecurring built in to I would use like 10 emails no more than 10 then after 10emails I would find another offer to promote or maybe in between I’d maybehave 2 or 3 days where I just send my members on my list value you know ifyou’ve got a YouTube channel you might want to send them over to YouTube towatch a cool video you might want to send them over to Facebook to connectwith you or join a free group you run so that’s typically what I would do for nowif this was just a seven dollar offer with no recurring I would just basicallydo seven emails because you know at the end of the day for an offer price butthat’s priced between three and ten dollars seven emails is adequate ifsomebody can’t make a decision about spending that amount of money then afterseven emails that’s enough they’re probably never gonna buy it and you wantto share something else but if there’s a recurring involved you know I’ll extendthat to 10 emails because I want to try and build that recurring so my answer isfor the 12-minute affiliate I would do 10 emails and then I’d have two or threedays where you just share some value and then I would find some other offers onClickbank or other platforms that you can promote and just build out youremail series and you know if you can build it out to a whole year over timethen you can really have a hands-free business where you just drive traffic soin regards to emails this is your short court hack right here come over to thepage plug these into your autoresponder and what you want to do is or what Iwould do is is if I was using these out of the box I would just go through eachemail and I’d maybe adjust each paragraph slightly so it’s worded inmore of a way that you would write and so it becomes unique to you that’s alsogoing to help you to land in your email subscribers inbox as well so I hope youfound that little shortcut hack valuable take the seven ones that get yourattention most from this page or the ten ones that get your attention the mostchange them up a little bit plug them into your autoresponder and away you goyou’ve got yourself a really effective follow-up series in placeokay so we’re finally at the part where most people just want to start withwhich is traffic but believe me traffic is the last place you want to start youhave to get your funnel and follow-up Series in place and I urge you not toorder traffic without capturing the leads I’m about having a follow upseries in place because it will be a big waste of your time and money but we’reat that point now where we can go over to odami and order solo ads from avendor there I’m gonna walk you through the entire process it’s really simpleand remember if you don’t already have a new dummy account you can set one up byclicking my link in the description box below but that being said let’s go backto the screen share and I’ll take you over to do to me so if you rememberearly we took our capture page link and we placed it on a tracking link insideof a piece of software called clip magic and we pasted that link onto a notepadwe’re gonna take that link because this is what we’re gonna want to give to avendor on udemy when we find one so this is the back-office of you to me andagain you know once you get onboard review to me by clicking the link belowit’s completely free to join you to me you know you don’t pay anything untilyou purchase traffic but this is what your back-office will look like and ifyou go under your affiliates tab this is where you’ll be able to get anaffiliate link to promote dude me and get paid and basically you receive 15%of all orders which your referrals place so if somebody buys a thousand dollarsworth of traffic you’re gonna get paid a hundred and fifty books now of courseyou don’t have to purchase that amount of traffic you know you can purchase aslittle or as much as you want but that’s just an example and you can see just byhelping other people get traffic to their business I’ve already made eleventhousand six hundred twenty eight dollars and forty six cents and any timeany of these four hundred and fourteen people that are hard coded to merepurchase traffic I’m gonna make even more money but as I said we’re not yetto talk about the affiliate plan really today that’s probably another video atsome point in the future what we want to do is we want to click on the findSalle’s tab now for this fine sellers tab there are few parameters up herethat we need to understand so price max is the maximum price you wish to pay fora visitor that passed all the ODA me filters so basically you can set this tofrom anywhere from forty cents all the way up to ninety five cents I like toset this at 70 cents I’ve really found like with solo ads the sweet spots interms of what you are paying for a click is anywhere between 30 and 70 cents anyless than 30 cents and I’ve normally found the traffic is garbage and anymore than 70 cents I’ve just never really found necessary at all now whenwe’re talking about price per click what this means is you’re Italian to me rightnow I want to see a list of vendors that will charge me no more than 70 cents perclick for each visitor that comes to my capture page now that doesn’t meanyou’re gonna pay 70 cents a click it just means they’re gonna show you listof vendors who charge more than that now in terms of got salesif you hover over that this is like see only sellers who have generated saleswith customers on 100 lady solos now if you set this alight 30 percent whichagain is what I found the sweet spot to be what you’re telling me is hey I wantyou to show me vendors who have had at least 30 percent of customers on theirlast 100 sales report that they got trappedthey got leads and sales from that traffic and again I found the sweet spotto be 30 percent so set it to 30 percent now in terms of niche you can leave thison any niche or you can also go to you know you can set it for marketing to andin terms of ratings I like to set this to a hundred plus and ratings it’sbasically how many people have left the vendor good reports so what she do thatalso last seen within 24 hours I was I would probably leave it sets is that youdon’t really want to use any vendors that haven’t been seen on here in thelast 90 days you want vendors who are active and then you’ve got this list ofvendors right here and you can literally see this fender here says he’s got highquality leads fresh list with buyers a hundred percent USA traffic so thisperson has a 100% USA traffic meaning that all of the people they send to youare from the USA which is known as a top-tier country so anytime you hear thewords top tier it just means people who are in countries where they actuallyhave the ability to pay with credit cards so we’re talking like USA CanadaAustralia New Zealand Great Britain you know islands there are other places toobut there the main wants and their traffic they’regonna give you 15 percent over delivery so if you order a hundred clicks you’regonna get an extra 15 clicks on top of your order so this is also traffic fromthe make money online space the bids up space work from home crypto and all thatgood stuff and this vendors got 30% of people reporting sales and they’recharging 49 cents click and they’ve also got 931 for Azure now if you go down alittle bit you see this person is sending you 90% top tier traffic it’s a40 percent 40 cents a click and they’ve got 31 percent of people reporting salesyou can see this person is 59 cents a click worth 35 percent of peoplereporting sales this person here is 43 cents a click with 36 percent of peoplereport in sales and you can also see that they are giving you a hundredpercent t1 by traffic which basically they’re saying hundred percent of theirtraffic is from countries where they have credit cards so you could scrolldown this list right and you could you know I’m not gonna tell you what vendorto use it’s it’s just a case of testing I just test different ones I dunnoalthough this guy 69 cents a click look at his sales reported 44 percentI’ve used this guy before I’ve got pretty decent results with him um butlet’s just say you find somebody and you like the sound of them I’m like this guyhere this is not bad you would just click on that and what we’re gonna seeis says he sold 19 solo ads recently and he says see that badge on my profileit’s getting repeat orders he says his traffic worked well for me20 online affiliate marketing as well as personal development Forex clickbank MLMand travel also doing great blah blah blah all these traffic’s fromthe USA Canada UK Australia New Zealand and this people saying 40% opt-in and 3sales will continue to purchase I actually like the sound of this guyquite a quite a lot so what you could do is you would basically come up here andyou would let’s just see if I’m just gonna mark top-tier and see if that doesanything to the price okay I don’t I don’t need to do talk to you anywaybecause he’s already from he’s already given us top t so don’t really worryabout these filters here all you want to do is select how much traffic you wantso you can see you can do as little as 125 visitors and all the way up to 500right now with this particular vendor and here’s the price you would pay for500 clicks so that would be two hundred and eighteen dollars so let’s say youwanted 500 clicks now my recommendations for clicks is when you’re using a newvendor what you want to do is you probably wanna order no more than 300clicks you want to send thunder clicks to your capture page see how theirtraffic responds to your capture page because 300 visitors to your capturepage will begin to give you enough data to see if your capture page is workingwell and see if you get any sales from 300 clicks you never really want to goto a new vendor in order like Tamm files and clicks or anything crazy test thewaters with small amounts first a hundred is really not enough I found 300is about the Suites but so let’s say you’re ordering 300clicks basically you can just give them your link only if you wanted to writeyour own email copy you could but I recommend you don’t you just want togive them your link only and and I’m just gonna delete what’s in the box andwhat you would do is in this box you would paste that link over from clipmagic you would click Add to Cart and then on the next page it’s gonna takeyou through the checkout process now wondering if it says closest availabledate to start as the 5th of February so you just want to check that rightbecause if you want traffic in a rush and let’s say you know you can’t waittwo or three days you you might have to find another vendor but if you come waita day or two or three days then this could be a vendor you could use and youknow basically that is all there is to it you go through the Add to Cart andcheck-out process and then what will happen is the vendor will alert you whenthey see that you’ve paid and their lock date you when your order is about tostart now there is one other thing I forgot toshow you which I’m gonna show you now because it’s really important and to dothat we’re gonna go back to clip magic and you really need to do this beforeyou send the traffic so where you see the 12-minute affiliate link that youcreated you want to click on this here and you want to go to track conversionsthis is really important and you want to click on how do I track conversionsusing tracking pixels and then you want to click on the pixel builder and whatyou want to do is you just want to make sure this is set to actions and once itis you just want to go down here and you want to get this conversion trackingpixel copy it’s go back to click funnels andon your bridge page we’re going to open up the bridge page really quickly and onthe each page under settings in the trackingcodes box on this page and in this box here I already did it what I’ll do againyou’re gonna paste in that tracking link and you’re gonna hit save and I alwaysjust like to double-check that it did actually save there which it did andthen you’re gonna exit now what that what’s gonna happen is right now is whenpeople visit your capture page and they land on your bridge page inside of clipmagic it’s actually gonna register whenever you get an opt-in so wheneveryou generate a lead under actions it’s gonna show you that you got a lead andunder you see this is unique clicks this is going to show you how many visitorshow many unique different people came to your page total clicks will show you howmany total people came to your page but you know the total clicks and yourunique clicks may be different because some people may visit your page morethan once but unique clicks is how many different people visited your page andwhen they opt in because you just used a tracking code it’s gonna show you yourconversions which is why you can see he’s my conversions rate conversionrates and you can see a lot of my pages forty to forty eight percent fifty twopercent forty five percent sixty one percent I really don’t like using anypages that convert at less than fifty percent so that’s basically how you useudemy and how you set up the tracking and all that good stuff and you prettymuch now have the blueprint for success for solo ads in your hand so you nowhave my blueprint for succeeding with solo ads traffic what I want you to do is goaway and test this out of an offer then when you get some results make sure tocome back and come below and let me know what happened alsoif you would like to see the results I get from running so odds are new to mein a follow-up video go ahead and comment below and let me knownow before you go today there is one more thing I want to share with you andit’s a system that I use to make a full-time income from homeI call it my number one income stream and you will find that at the first linkin the description box below but before you go ahead and check out that byclicking the link I want to share a very quick story with you see this is kind ofembarrassing to admit now but there’s a time of my life where I was completelybroke and I don’t just mean financially but I was like mentally and spirituallydown in the dumps too so much so that I ended up having tomove into the back bedroom of my friend’s house who lived on a rough sideof the town where I come from in fact the town was so rough and the street Ilived on was so bad that my bedroom overlooked to crack down and every hourof the night and day drug dealers would be dropping off packages to theircustomers and this room you know with the snot green walls where I didn’t evenhave a closet to put my clothes in was where I called home for quite a longtime however even though my life was bad at that time I was determined to make achange in my life and what happened is eventually how I was able to make thatchange was I came across this beautiful ladyhere who started off as my mentor then she became my girlfriend and then shebecame my wife and there are really only two things you need to massively changeyour life and be financially better off and be more happy and prosperous and allthe things we all want to be in life and the first thing you need is a mentor youneed somebody to show you how to make money oninternet from home just like I’ve been sharing with you in this video and youneed to know how to leverage online systems that do all the selling and theTalon for you because let’s face it none of us are really very comfortable withsalan we don’t want to feel pushy we don’t really want to have to speak topeople and so what Angie who started off as my mentor and now is my wife did ifshe showed me how to get the right people on the internet in front of theright product and how to automate the process so that I could make money everyhour of the night and day and we went on together to build a business that paysus up to half a million dollars per year and because of that we got to live intwo different countries in the Caribbean for four and a half years you know we’veswam with stingrays this was the view from the backyard of one of the placeswe lived that for a long time you know we’ve done cool stuff like takehelicopter tours and and just all kinds of things that I never could haveimagined in my wildest dreams but what happened is after four and a half yearsliving in the Caribbean we got sick of dodging hurricanes you know we nearlygot hit by three or four different category 5 hurricanes and my wife got sohot that she broke out an eczema so we decided to move back to her home stateof Ohio in the USA and we purchased this acura for $30,000 in cash and you knowyeah it’s not a Ferrari or anything flashy like that but hey we were able tobuy in cash and we don’t have any of those car payments every month was theextra interest we were also able to close on our dream home which is closeto half a million dollars in value sits on nearly six acres and we put asix-figure deposit down on this home and you know I couldn’t have imagined a fewyears ago we would be able to do this now this isn’t too brightgo boast or anything like that I just want you to understand what’s possiblewhen you have somebody who shows you what truly works and you have a systemthat does all the hard work for you so if you’re ready for a change in yourlife and you want to start earning serious money I encourage you to clickthe first link in my description box belowI call it my top and my number one income stream do that now but only do itif you are ready to make serious money and you’re truly ready for a change inyour life well that’s all we got time from today’s video and my friend I hopeyou got a tremendous amount of value and that you’re actually going to put what Itaught you into action because at the end of the day action truly is the onlything that counts don’t forget to subscribe and push the notification belland remember your just attend mini email away

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