January 3


Solo Ads Email Blast…Why

By Randy Sult

January 3, 2022

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hi everybody this is cool girlblues so what’s a solo ad okay this is information I’ve gathered for myself notknowing what the heck we’re so glad precisely a couple months ago so here we go what Ifound out and what I’m going to be using okay so solo ads or email basedadvertisements you buy from other email list sponsors okay they’re generally sentas dedicated emails so the part sense is all about your advertising sowhat you’re sending out and what you’re paying for is dedicated email promotionsso this is how it studies you find a solo ad schedule you’reinterested in you contact the owner or buy access to rolls from other from thesite you buy these are the two ways to buy Silhouette you buy either how manysubscribers your email letter will be sent to okay or by how many clicks youremail will get those are the two ways to pay for your silhouette to the sellersokay if all goes well the subscribers will sounds and those clinks will convertwell in the end you’ll end up with solo ad shifts that overhead little than anyother type of advertising I mean that’s a fact down the line on marketingadvertising okay so if you’re in a niche that is completely overrated Oh schemingoversaturated with material which are many of them but these are two examplesof marketing or weightloss which both I know for a fact a lot of marketingpeople that I’ve known of or contact with use solo ads for affiliatemarketing and weight loss okay or if you are in a niche that’s intense and thecompetition is intense for search engine traffic that’s also ever good ifyou’re about to open a product or you need traffic sent to your page quicklyor to an internet site immediately or to your push speedily whatever and youdon’t have time so you are well aware do we need to doyour guest posting you’re just build an audience or do anything that it makes inmore than a few daytimes you’ll encounter arises with this that’s the key of this you’llsee solutions if you pick a good marketer and that has good reviews etc okay sothese are some of the questions that I personally ask the email list sellersall right first question is ask the owner how how they got their list builtlike it was through advertising was it through social media was it throughforums was it organic how to give their list built for the particular listyou’re looking at in the particular niche okay what’s the age group of thatlist what’s percentages per of male to female what’s the country breakdown askthem how often they’ve actually mailed exploit that mailing list that you know howmany times a year how many times a month or how many times a week so that youknow how many times these people are getting emails okay ask students what typeof render do best with the particular risk that you’re talking to them aboutask them what their spam frequency is as if it’s object one it seems to be average ifit’s object two it’s time to move on that’s what I’ve heardand then research and then finally like “the worlds largest” major important thing is theaverage response rate what is it it could be from like forty to sixty whichis pretty damned good okay so these are just some bullet spots that I wanted tobring to you guys attention all right thanks a lot take care bye you

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