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solo ads 2020 | do solo ads work – are solo ads worth it | solo ads 2021

By Randy Sult

January 4, 2022

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hey guys this video is about solo ads 2021. do they still work yes they do but i found something that’s even better okay i ascertained a secret method to get 87 k email customers to your roster within a week okay and i will show you right now um how you can do this too all right and subsequentlies um you will see my full solo ads tutorial where i will tell you the five crucial steps that you need to follow in order to get successful with solo ads in 2021 because they still work yes they do but you have to get a few things right okay if you stick with me to the end of this video um i will even indicate you how you can get 100 solo ad sounds for free if you’re interested in that okay but um yeah right now let’s dive into my mystery spoof that i’m really excited about to be honest how you can get um 87 k email subscribers to your directory not for free but virtually for free okay now check this out these 84 000 subscribers that you see here on my schedule i added them to my to my forward list it’s the self-hosted autoresponder within the last week paying around 60 bucks for them in total and that was of course not with solo ads as you will pay one dollar to three dollar per email subscriber each um with solo ads that you can add to your schedule okay to be honest um these here are shared email causes and this will simply work for the make money online niche now this hack and and i will have to warm them up before i can start promoting but i just wanted to share this real quick with you guys um because yeah it only blew my thinker as i as i learned about this hack i won’t dive deep into this because this video is about solo ads but if you are interested in this how this works you can just click the link the first attach in the description down below and get my case study where i explain how this works in detail okay now let’s get back to the topic and dive privilege into my solo ads instructing now this video is going to be a little longer because you will get all my hackers my tips-off all that i’ve learned from obtaining solo ads for the past two years and um even selling solo ads myself so um these um five points here i am going to talk about okay first of all um i will go over how to optimize your platform page for the highest opt-ins and too how to optimize it for portable okay if you won’t do this it’s like throwing money out of the window because most of the email traffic is portable nowadays okay next next target um will be how to use a tracker so you will be able um to to know how many of your guests actually opted into your email inventory if you don’t do this you will never be able to tell if a marketer stipulates good freight or not okay employing a tracker with solo ads is actually a must do and i will also indicate you a tracker that nobody else is mentioning that is really a negotiate and which is cheaper than all of the usual tracking applications okay the third point now um is likely to be two scaffolds where you can buy solo ads and these stages will protect you from coming scammed okay and i will show you exactly how to buy solo ads there and things you need to pay attention to okay on figure four now on our list um i will show you how you can really tell if a marketer renders good congestion and this is actually something that is generally nobody else will educate you um though it’s really crucial in my view if you really want to want to get successful with solo ads okay and in the end um i got a little nice surprise for you because i will show you how you can get 100 solo ad clinks for free so um yeah satisfy stick with me to the end of the training so you will know how you can get these 100 free free sounds okay all right now um first stage is let’s take a look on how you should optimize your land sheet now really important chaps always use a land sheet is where you capture um the email addresses never never never ever send traffic solo ad traffic to a sales page instantly because it won’t work you will only squander your fund all right what i want to show you here is a very good awfully optimized territory sheet that will work perfectly with solo ads okay it looks very very simple but these kind of squeeze pages generally will work best with solo ads now you need to use single opt-in okay no double up then because you will time lose like 70 of your subscribers use um single opt-in and just ask for the email address okay because for every additional information you will ask them for like appoint telephone number whatever less beings will opt in you should use a few threads to pitch your your product or your service at most but um you should not add long pieces of textbook okay uh the best converting opt-in pages do not contain more than 100 messages okay triple key your sheet should fit in one desktop screen looks just like you see here or in two portable screens okay now speaking of mobile it’s very awfully very important that your landing sheet worked very well on portable since nowadays a large portion of email congestion is portable okay so if your bring page is not mobile optimized you will again lose readers and you don’t want to do that okay so what you can do if you have a landing page and you want to see how it looks on mobile you are eligible to on your desktop you can just right click with your mouse and then go now to um inspect didn’t work let’s get it on again go to inspect and then you come to a page like this and if you go on over here you can simulate the end with a mobile phone okay now as “youre seeing” my disembark page here is optimized for mobile um i will show you a couple of couple of precedents that are not optimized for mobile but it’s really an important point and each shoring sheet make is a little different but all of them will have the the possibility to show you the the contemplate for portable and to to optimize your bring page for portable very okay because when we head over to um how to actually or where to actually buy solo ads you will see that you will have troubles to find merchants um that will only send you desktop traffic okay so um yeah really make sure that your arrive page is also optimized for mobile now i wanted to show you some examples of not so so great landing sheets um first of all this year now this this one is not so great for a couple of reasons first of all um they are asking for the first name and the last name and this is proven to decrease the number of opt-ins then second it the whole page here appears to be very awfully very busy and um this is all also proven to to decrease um the number of opt-ins and if we look at this one how it examines in portable you’ll see it will look like this on mobile and for a mobile user it will be impossible to to sign up so this guy here will lose opt-ins so this is very very bad okay okay now here’s another example um this is not not my land page by the way um this examines okay at desktop all right but if we look at this on mobile we see that something went wrong here okay he he has no mobile um nobel portable look at all i don’t know where it even is okay um what you should do is test it out like this here and um likewise evaluation it actually on your mobile phone okay how your arrival sheet looks so um what you can else do to um to increase opt-ins is um add words like free or confidential wink or something like this to your arrive sheet and you can you can include a departure message pop-up okay this usually um increases the number of opt-ins for a couple of percent degrees all right um that’s it with regards to optimizing your arrival sheet and now we will head over to the next detail on our register now let me talk a bit about utilizing a tracking software to track your opt-ins now a tracker allows you to monitor how many of the lineup clinks opted into your roll and it’s crucial for you to use this because otherwise you are able to you will not be able to compare the effectiveness of different solo adventures or the effectiveness of different landing pages because that what it’s all about okay testing what works and what doesn’t you will not be able to track sales if it’s not your own product but to oversee the opt tells you a lot about whether you should use a particular vendor again or not so how does tracking work well virtually you have to insert a little piece of code into your so-called success page that is the page that a reader realise after he opts in okay i am working two different tracking applications and i will show you how to do this with both of them the first one is clicker and it essentially has the same performs like clink occult is exclusively a little cheaper and the second is hits connect and the cool thing about smacks connect is that many purveyors do not know about it but it expenses simply 10 horses per month regardless of how many sounds you will track and um this is really unlike clicker or clink wizard that will that will need you to upgrade to more expensive schemes as you move more clinks so uh yeah affects connect is uh truly a negotiation and i will show you how to to move your opt-ins with both of these applications right now now now we are in my clicker dashboard um i left the link to clicker down below if you if you sounds that attach and sign up you can you can sign up for free and have a free tribulation okay um now i will show you how to precisely um road opt-ins first of all you will have to make a tracking link for a specific um solo ads merchant okay you go now to add link then you say solo ad vendor 2 whatever okay and then you put your territory page url in here in my case that would be um this url here okay i would imitate it and glue it um into my clicker right here okay so that was the first part what we then save changes what we then have to do is go into track link conversion i punched that and then it will show um these pixels okay what i do i pick the action tech tracking pixel i follow that and what we then have to do is insert this pixel to the so-called success page and that is the page that a reader will be redirected to after he opts in usually this is a page where you thank your subscriber for agreeing and then um opening him the possibility to click click further on to some kind of offer okay now let me speedily demo you how that will look bring sheet make okay let’s just say this “wouldve been” the connection sheet that would follow the arrive page that i’ve i’ve evidenced you okay um subscriber opts in and then comes redirected to this page now uh congratulations delight check your email after clicking the links below um whatever okay now what you need to do is insert the tracking pixel from clicker inside the body of this page um i use insta builder to build my my bring pages okay and um it will be slightly different for for each property page builder software um but here in sebilla i would go over here to this button um the prepares button and then go to writes and then i would insert um the the tracking pixel inside the body section now okay um you know i emulated it a few seconds ago and then i can glue it in here hit save and then i would be done okay and i’m heading over to clicker here now what i would give the solo ads vendor is the tracking link okay i would go to copy tracking associate and give this link to my solo adventure and then he will send his traffic to my tracking connection and i will be able to see how many sounds i receive okay this here is unique clinks and if i buy 100 clinks there should be 100 unique sounds here okay and because i um placed on the tracking pixel in my i will be able to see how many parties of the 100 clinks will have agreed okay um i will see the the the subscriber right here and i will see the number of members of readers now here’s a little um hack i want to share with you guys who would want to direct opt-ins or readers immediately to an volunteer you couldn’t move your opt-ins right but what you can do is build a bridge page which has the tracking pixel in it but will redirect the visitor automatically to an affiliate offer okay i will um prove you what i’m talking about here um no sorry this is what i want to show you okay because i’ve done it before this is a bridge page um and now it’s redirecting automatically to a varia plus render okay and what this allows me to do is track my opt-ins with a with a pixel on the on the connection page but then directing the the customer to the to the offer automatically so because i miss as numerous eyeballs as possible to see this offer okay now let’s abruptly um go into the page and seem how i did the connect page is on my own my own discipline i built it with the uncertainty plugin okay um now this is all stuff um that that’s in here so it’s pretty easy to to build a page like this um but the the redirect is the interesting part okay um if “theres going” here on the icon scripts and what you see here is is a script that redirects the reader to a many present now if you want to do something like this i will leave this write here this redirect script in the specific characteristics below in order to be allowed to exactly use it for your own um time paste it in the body of your aqueduct page okay um here where the crowd says three that is the number of seconds um that it will wait before it redirects um the visitor and here you’ll you’ll ensure um the link where it redirects to okay so you would want to paste in an affiliate offer of yours affiliate connect of yours in now articulated this into the body section of your aqueduct sheet and then you’re good to go okay now what you you could even do is leave this page blank only only make it a white page placed um determined this crowd here to one second okay and then um glue in your tracking pixel in here um and this will this will do the job okay it will allow you to track your opt-ins and then redirect the visitor to your affiliate tie automatically and all they’re going to see is a blank sheet for one second okay all right all right now let’s head over to the second tracking software that i want to show you it’s called smacks connect and basically it toils um just like clicker or clink power but it’s real genuinely a bargain because it overheads 10 bucks per month regardless of how many um how many sounds you will track so if you plan to to track a lot of sounds i would recommend you to use hitconnect um they too have a free accounting um that you can sign up for but you will need to upgrade to the paid account to the 10 per month report in order to to be able to track changeovers to move your opt-ins um and um yeah otherwise that this tracker um won’t make sense now i will leave a link down below in the description if you sign on through this link with hitconnect you will get your first month um for free okay so uh feel free to check this out now let me immediately present you how you um can set up your tracking with knocks connect okay if you um have a new uh new solo ad fiat new solo adventure you go to new campaign now then you glue your landing page url in now okay that’s the platform page we exploited before in the description you made the so solo ad merchant three um require one whatever okay and then affected save expedition what they do is they check the page for um different metrics yeah gait pass check page pass check then you go to confirm my place and then what you then need to do is um to to mimic that moving here okay they were have one tracking pixel copy that one now and then kept it into your success page or your bridge sheet in the body section like i showed you before okay and this one is your tracking link and this is the link would be provided to your solo ad vendor all right and in the end you would be able to see um how many of the the sounds that you told um converted into email subscribers all right now um guiding principle time a slightly different look all right then um now we’re going to talk about where to buy your solo ads okay um well to say the most important thing never ever try to buy cheap soli from websites in google or from facebook radicals because i know that there’s many numerous scammers out there and they will send you fake traffic uh or bot freight or even sign on into your your list themselves with um with different vps virtual private servers and so on and you will have no possibility to to even notice it okay um there’s countless parties out there that can send bots and these bots will opt in your land sheets and they are able to even open up your emails and um of course these phony mailing address will never ever result in sales and you merely burn your hard-earned money now i will uh i want to show you an example because i um i did that mistake too when i started out with solo ads i just went to google and search for solo ads or cheap solo ads or whatever and i property on a sheet like this solo at queen and i was like wow what a delightful agreement now uh 2 500 solo ad clicks for 119 okay and i bought a parcel now then guess what i received the clicks i received the sounds but “ive received” no single opt-in so this is fake traffic and this vendor didn’t even bother to forge any opt-ins okay he didn’t even hassle but i had no possibility of going my money back um so i just burnt my fund now if you attend a pricing like this okay then you you can be sure this is fake you will not find a pricing like this um for real solo ad clicks okay for a high quality solo ad that will get you upshots you will have to pay at least 40 cents per click at least okay sometimes even 60 70 80 pennies up to a dollar per clink but don’t go for for cheap um clinks like this because these are not real now there’s two solo ad stages out there and that will protect you from those scammers because they have sure-fire filters in place that would detect any fake traffic um so i would highly recommend you to use these two stages now the first one is udemy and i will show you around in a second there and i’ll also give you a index of vendors on udemy that i made good experiences with in the past somewhere down below is a link in the description a room you can find my my favorite vendors on udemy “if youre using” that link to sign up you will also get i believe it’s five dollars credit for your first solo ad if wishes to and um the second platform that i want to show you is traffic for me and there’s also a link to to that programme down below in the description and i believe if you use this one to sign up you will get a 10 approval if you want to buy a solo right there um now let me speedily register you traffic for me now this is the front pre page from traffic for me where you can create your free note um exerting the link below you will get a ten dollar credit and um you can just go over here your own on your own pace but um the government has specific filters to avoid fake traffic okay now you can read it over here that they have clean traffic i have a couple of testaments now let’s promptly look inside the dashboard now because um buying a solo ad in here is pretty pretty straightforward unlike udemy that we will look into right after this you won’t be able to um to pick a certain vendor now you exactly pick your your niche okay and then you pick a traffic packet they always have very interesting options now the sale here i i will try this one out sales of mobile freight via smx sms tariff i just curious i just am curious how this will work so i’m gonna try this out certainly so um if you if you carry your if you choose your carton um you exactly elect how much sounds you crave and then you go to the next step where you are going to pay and then you will give them your tracking tie that you created in clicker or okay now um if you give this a try traffic for me you should definitely check out the video now this is a matter of best shoring sheets and um this is very unusually insightful and i learned a lot from the videos inside here okay so um yeah exactly check it out if you like and now we will head over to udemy and um i will ask you how you can buy solo it’s there and what you need to pay attention to now i’m right here in my udemy report and um if you do not already have udemy note you can use link down below in the description um to create a free history and “if youre using” that tie you will get a five dollars credit if you decide to to buy a solo ad okay if you already have udemy report you can use this link to see my favorite vendors okay now um now in udemy you will see um the different solo ad dealers that sell their the solo ads there if you want to make a bargain you can go over to solo lots and you will see um specific presents um the hell is era confidential okay and you can you can look if you got something interesting there but um i would recommend you to go to find vendors because um only there you will see these metrics now okay what’s really important is this one now okay this is the percentage of people who reported a sale um after they use the this vendor this particular vendor okay and if you if you scroll down you see that these numerals are um very different okay this guy now has nine percent um sales sales rate which is pretty bad okay i would not i would not use them um 37 that seems good okay this is um something i would aim for okay of course the rate here uh 75 pennies is not cheap but if you do get direct sales i think it’s worth it all right um these are the for me the most important metrics um premium and percentage of people who reported direct sales which means um these are the sales that happened directly and not in the course of carrying out your follow up series okay um now let’s just look into this guy here what you can do in udemy is you can for example click only mobile and you will get only mobile email traffic um udemy has also a no portable filter but what you will see is i tried this um a couple of terms you will see is if you uh try to to buy the solo ad then the marketer will contact you and say hey i’m sorry i do not um i do not offer uh desktop simply sounds okay so this is why i told you in the first place that you should optimize your disembark page for portable and what you can see here he seems to to offer it yeah but um you likewise be understood that he bills 50 cents more per guest um if it’s desktop congestion okay and this is really really expensive you don’t want to do this uh what you can do is only top rank okay and then you will um receive 100 tourists from the us uk canada australia new zealand um these are the main english english-speaking countries if you don’t tick this here you will um you will need to read the text uh 1 percent crest rank traffic okay okay he says he delivers 90 top tier transaction okay and then if you don’t check this one you will get 90 of these english speaking countries if you click it you will um you will pay 20 20 pennies more per visitor but you will get 100 of these of these countries if you ask me i would not take this because 90 top rank transaction is perfectly fine and the other 10 percentage they can be buyers on there as well so i wouldn’t i wouldn’t go for this here prime filter is an additional filter that filters out um bad congestion you can test this out but “ive never” worked it as i said udemy has filters to protect yourself from from bot traffic and forge traffic so um yeah what you can do is select the number of guests that are you gonna wanna buy and then you will see the toll here what you then can do is you can choose link simply or lend text and when you choose link only what you put in here is your tracking link okay the link that we um that we originated with clicker or knocks connect um you kept it in there and you go to add to cart in this case um the solo ad dealer will write the solo ad text so the email textbook that he will send to his roster himself okay and um he will usually use some kind of generic swipe um so you can add your own your own email text here if you like um typically you can’t tell what works better unless you really test this out okay so if you pick your metrics now you can you can you go to add to cart um you offer and then the solar merchant has i think three days time to accept your your line-up or not accept your say and then again if he admits your line-up yes two or three days to fulfill the order this is how mostly how udemy works um all right then yeah you will find the directory of my favorite marketers on udemy um down below in the description and now we will head over to the fourth item on our list how to tell if a dealer provisions good congestion now as i mentioned before if you are promoting affiliate volunteers you will not be able to track marketings but what you can do and what you must do is track opt-ins first of all if you have your landing page optimized like i established you before a good merchant should cast traffic that at least demonstrates 30 percentage opt-in rate okay at least 30 percent if the opt-in is is below 30 um you can be sure that trafficking in human beings he casts is not good quality or that he exploits rotators or exit popups or other kind of dirty stuff so if you have a really optimized acre page and your opt-in is lower than 30 you should definitely test out other marketers okay but i have worked with solar dealers that were able to to provide me with an opt-in of 50 or even 60 all right now this is the first point and the second largest for me too terribly very important way to monitor the traffic quality is to keep an eye on the open charges of your newly added customers okay the open frequencies of the emails because even if the opt in from a certain vendor is good if the subscribers are not accept and don’t open up your emails it won’t help you or to be translated into sales okay so you can ask why are email subscribers from one dealer more responsive and from other merchants not responsive now the reason is because there are a lot of solo ad dealers who is buy from other solo marketers and that results in email subscribers that are getting more and more and more emails because they’re getting on more and more rolls very quickly and then they get attacked with thousands of emails and then eventually your emails will get lost in thousands of emails in their inboxes okay and this is why they have bad response proportions okay to oversee the open rates will give you a chance of procure good marketers which have clean and fresh sources like google bing or facebook ads okay to get brand-new subscribers to their own list this is a unusually extremely um important station all right i know that that many other solo ads tutorials will tell you to ask marketers to ask dealers themselves how they construct their registers before you test them out but to be honest you can really skip this because you will not get an honest answer marketers who buy from other dealers will never reveal it okay so you are able to always get the answer that everyone wants to hear so let me show you now how i observer my open proportions i will show you this and get response because i use get response now i am here in my come response and here’s what i do to monitor the open paces i create a new roll for every vendor and then i pass in my autoresponder lines and then after i receive the subscribers and they receive the emails i will be able to see accurately the numbers how accept the subscribers are let’s pate over to inventories here now this year and this year this is two solo adventures i have use and if i go to show autoresponders i will be able to see accurately the open charges now okay now in the make money online industry the average open frequency of your emails should be somewhere between between 20 and 25 okay if the open frequency of your welcome email is below 20 i would go for a different dealer for sure okay here it was 20 something it’s not huge but it was acceptable now let me show you um another example from another vendor this here let’s go to show autoresponders and here you envision open load 12 percent now that’s really crappy email subscribers okay regardless how good the the opt-in was um “thats really not” awfully accept customers and yeah “ive never” worked this marketer again again okay and i think monitoring the open proportions crucial if you want to have success with solo ads now for the final point on our roster i promise to show you how you can get 100 free solo ad clicks and now let’s leader over to this okay now down below in the description there is a link to a private facebook group okay if you click the link you come to this page here and you can join the facebook group for free and inside the facebook group you’ll receive lots of training um list building training and you will receive 100 free solo ad sounds okay all you need to do is join the group now and it will take maybe a couple of hours to to approve you okay and formerly you’re inside the group all you need to do is find this upright here this is a pin post that says brand-new to the group wondering what it’s all about and so on you just watch the video and then you join this free platform here and um from there they will they will make you from there and see you how you can get your 100 free clinks um and yeah i’m pretty sure that you are able to also profit from the added qualify the added directory construct training in there really great all right guys um that’s it for this video i hope you you got some valuable datum out of it um satisfy excuse me that it’s got so long okay i had really a lot to say and um if you liked it please give this video a like and subscribe to my canal if you have any questions regarding this training please exactly announce your questions in the comments down below and i will answer them as soon as i can okay i i hope you have a great day and yeah i hope to see you in the next one bye bye

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