October 24


Read Your Spam

By Randy Sult

October 24, 2021

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What?  Am I crazy? Hear me out.

If you work online, you get tons of spam in your inbox.  But believe it or not, 90 percent of what ends up in your spam folder isn’t really spam at all.  Most likely it’s something you subscribed to, but are no longer interested in.  Granted, there are always going to be messages in your spam folder that you didn’t ask for, but you can get rid of them.  Here’s how to make sure you are getting the right emails in your inbox and keep your spam folder to a minimum.

Go through your spam folder daily.  Look at the “From” line to see if there are messages there that should have went to your inbox.  Mark them as not spam so the next time you receive a message from that list it will go to your inbox instead of spam.  We all subscribe to interesting things and then forget about them.  At least once a week I find something in my spam folder that shouldn’t have ended up there.  Most of the time, they are something that I really wanted to see.  Just today I found an offer I signed up for that was an excellent deal on a solo ad.  By the time I found the email and clicked the offer link, it was too late.  If I had checked at the end of yesterday, I would have been able to take advantage of that deal.

When you’re done with that, take the time to look at the other messages.  If it truly is something you’re not interested in, then open the email and unsubscribe from the list.  If it’s really spam it won’t have that option for you.  Then you need to report that.

Over time you will find that your spam folder is not filling up.  And you won’t miss important messages.  Most program owners send out emails with information on special credit deals and upgrades.  If you aren’t taking the time to read emails then you miss out on things that can really increase your results.  Let’s be honest, when we log into a traffic exchange to surf we don’t always take time to look at the login offers.  We are there to surf or assign credits and leave.  I know I click through them pretty quickly so I miss a lot.

Another tip, if you never read the emails from sites that you belong to; then unsubscribe.  You’ll be saving space in your inbox and you will help the list owner too.  I know I would much rather have smaller active lists then to have 10,000 subscribers and have all my messages end up in spam.  That does nobody any good.

Also consider these points as a marketer with your own list.  Here’s how to avoid your messages ending up in your subscribers spam folder.  Avoid the use of symbols like $ and %.  Instead spell it out.  Even spelling out numbers helps lower the spam score.  This will ensure that your readers get a shot at seeing your message.  Yes, we want our subscribers to know about the great deal we are offering, and I know it’s very tempting to take the shortcut.  However, using the time to craft emails will not only avoid the spam folder, but also increase your open rate.  If you have to put too many spam triggers into the email then consider telling your reader that they need to click a link for more information and then send them to a sales page where you can use numbers and $ signs to your hearts content!

See…you got smarter, didn’t you?

Randy Sult

About the author

My name is Randy Sult. I'm a successful affiliate marketer and list builder. On this blog I talk about everything related to solo ads email traffic and list building. For some of the best business opportunity seeker email traffic just click the home tab above and choose your traffic package.

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