October 27


Quit Trying to Manage Your Time

By Randy Sult

October 27, 2021

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Type “time management” into Google and you will get 1,740,000,000 results.  Wow!  People really want to know about and talk about how to manage time.  I myself have read many books and articles about time management.  I’ve taken leadership courses that stress the importance of managing time.  But experience has taught me something very valuable that I would like to share with you now.

You can’t “manage” time.  You either use it or you waste it.

You see time comes and goes at the same rate.  A minute only lasts a minute, an hour lasts one hour, and a day is the same length every day.  You can’t “manage” time and you certainly can’t save it.

What you can do is plan.  Make a plan to accomplish the things you want and need to, and then stick to the plan.  Prioritize the most important tasks and complete them first.  Then analyze your plan at the end of each week and ask yourself if it worked.  Did you accomplish the things you set out to?  Did it take longer than you expected or were you able to finish early?  Make changes if you need to for the next week, then repeat.  Look for ways to become more efficient at tasks and you will find that there is time to do it all.

Planning is where most fail.  Without a plan you are planning to fail.  Rest assured, without a plan and without executing that plan you will waste time.

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