February 15


Make $20k/Month NEW Affiliate Marketing Clickbank Secret Strategy – Affiliate Marketing Clickbank


February 15, 2022

in this video, I’m gonna display you how to maketwenty thousand dollars a month with a brand-new affiliate commerce mystery policy that worksvery well with affiliate marketing Clickbank for apprentices, we’re gonna do this in three easy stepsbut before we continue make sure to subscribe and hit that notification button because I’m gonnabe obligating more videos about how to make money online and done for you videos and believe meyou don’t want to miss them let’s go to work all right let’s go ahead and start with the firstone affiliate commerce Clickbank for beginners approach number one this is called Lead Magnet. itis an outdated approach I merely want to let you know in case you don’t know that most of almost allof the youtube online making money or affiliate commerce for Clickbank or digistore2 4 almostall of them “theyre using” outdated strategies these outdated programmes certainly gave brand-new behind so let’sgo ahead and talk about what you should do this outdated strategy you probably heard it beforewhat happened is they say okay get a traffic send the traffic and give them a free gift likeebook pdf develop webinar direction and then after that merely rally their email address that used towork before but right now it is outdated now produce magnet a new programme how you should do it by nowand I’ve been teaching this for a while and I hope you’ve been watching my video so you’ll know-howto do it the right way because we test everything traffic now there’s no need to send in a pdf andgo to PLR and try to find out something that is good for affiliate marketing so people can consumeit these are just a waste of time because I’m not going to explain why at this top but whatyou should do is like I have just mentioned in my teaching is you go for example on Clickbankin case you are an affiliate marketer you go and you find a commodity that already has a video okayand let the video do the work for you there is no need for you to do all this hard work for nothingand then after that, they will basically disappear either to the affiliate marketings sheet and you alsoreceive their email in your autoresponder in case you don’t know how to do that watch myvideos because I have it all done for you and I do have a funnel that you can use download withone click only without you buying anything at all they tell you a lot the objective of the salewhat you should do okay the idea is to get leads to your email autoresponder and then if they buyfor example, they become a customer, and if and if they don’t buy then you you would just retargetthem mostly okay good luck with that one the affiliate marketing Clickbank for beginnerstrategy number two now we’re gonna talk about the same thing this is something that amateurs do in Clickbankaffiliate marketing or any other affiliate network like digistore2 4 what they say if they are acustomer what you do is you figure out maybe a different concoction for you to sell them they’re acustomer you have them on your listing then you’ll simply figure out something else to sell them orif they didn’t buy merely save bombarding them with emails until they buy yeah this is a greatway to get banned from your autoresponder so don’t do that because I get lots of mentions aboutpeople going are prohibited from their autoresponder because they do this strategy which you shouldstay away from what top affiliates do this is the top affiliate procedure the channel it drives is that ifthey have a sale they become a customer if they don’t you promote a different concoction but howdo you get it on you don’t do it you don’t wait you would do it ahead of time in other words you willget an ecosystem we call it an affiliate concoction ecosystem this ecosystem has different productsusually on the same niche that you are promoting so in case, a customer did not buy from you whatyou would do you don’t retain attacking them you would not transmit more than seven emails and I havea video on that where you’re not supposed to send more than seven because that’s the magicnumber if you do more than seven your chances of getting banned or commemorated as a spammer veryhigh so you don’t want to do that you would go to something different because perhap they did notlike the one that you were trying to promote them okay so you do have an ecosystem it’s just like abucket of same concoctions affiliate concoctions that you get maybe on Clickbank and you have them andyou’re approved for them and you’re ready to roll the second one if they are a customer so whatdo you want to sell them something with a higher value in other words you know yougo through the value ladder and then you sell them something higher and you get onto fromwhere from your affiliate commodity ecosystem as well affiliate marketing Clickbank for beginnerstrategy count three single traffic programme this is a killer because I ever say that never dependon the strength of one so the traffic comes in a lot of parties they use social media for their freetraffic and they send them to the bridge page then the opt-in page and then to the affiliatesales page in case you don’t have this connection sheet opt-in page and an affiliate page watch oneof my other videos because I give this for free you can use it anywhere you want to but make sureyou watch it because if you don’t it’s going to be an issue I do it all for free you can all do itfor free and likewise get that autoresponder that i actually use for free as well until you contact 10,000 customers by that time merely have 10 thousand subscribers you can afford to pay twenty dollars amonth so what do you do with this is not the way to go because this is very slow so you wannago with the targeted traffic method which is a 24 targeted traffic so whatever you are selling youwould get the traffic for that for example if you are selling something about for example losingweight you will go and get traffic for that it’s called hour targeted traffic the link is inthe description place in case you want to use it you don’t have to if you don’t want to but ido a lot of parties ask me why I don’t tell them that there is a discount on that there is adiscount when you click on that so instead of one root of traffic now you have two one of themis free and the other one is almost free but it is targeted it’s for exactly what you are sellingif you just wanted to conclude five hundred dollars per day with a done for you funnel a completefunnel for affiliate marketing click up here if you want to learn everythingabout Clickbank how does Clickbank work click right here this is a terminated coursewhere you can get started very quickly and you’ll have everything that you needand as usual, I will see you at the top.

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