January 28


Keys To Solo Ad Success – Watch BEFORE You BUY Them 👀😮


January 28, 2022


well hello and welcome to anotherepisode of my 100 epoches of succes challenge wander it’s meTimesha and I’m so glad that you’re here with me today we are talking aboutinternet marketing and changing livings while we’re doing itthat is what my channel is about so basically what I give or teach is thatI teach affiliate marketers or inventors how to start a businessgrow their business and sustain it for the long haul too I apply produces toolstricks transactions programmes and likewise positive revelation and encouragementto help push you towards your goal of success in the internet sell streamand if that is something that you are interested in make sure that you clickthe subscribe button and thumped the buzzer so that you’re notified of any time that Idrop any new videos which right now is daily so what we’re talking about todayis traffic and chiefly solo ads and if you is not find my introduction to soloas a sole ad is mostly people to promote their product on someoneelse’s schedule and so they offer by the click and so anytime person or persons clicks on yourlink you are paying out of the sum of money that you’ve given that actualmarketer to promote your your tie-in and we spoke the pros and cons lastvideo so now we’re going to talk about some keys to success if you want to gointo the solo periphery business or not into the business but actually you solo adsto promote your business that’s better okay it is therefore in order to better to do that the firstthing you need to do is find a quality and dealer and to do that is going totake a little bit of research but not muchand you can find them in a lot of different places you can find them onFacebook you can find them on you to me there are various other websitesbusinesses that actually exactly sell traffic associations and we’ll talk about themin another video but you can go to many different places to find traffic foryour actual attaches now you need to make sure that you qualify them and we’regoing to talk about the questions that you need to ask in a different videobut you need to make sure that number 1 they send you the rectify number oflinks and if you’re see somebody off of Facebook or Skype if you look at thetestimonials how many ties-in that we are really cast that person if they sentthem precisely let’s say they order 200 clicks if they sent them exactly 200 clinks that’s great if they communicate them 220 sounds that’s better because thatmeans that they have enough in their inventory to actually spread out to you or tohave whoever buys and it testifies good business sell programme when theycan over deliver so you want to find someone who can’t over deliver all rightalso you want to find someone who actually has at least 85% tier 1 traffictier 1 is like USA Canada UK Australia New Zealand all of those lovelyenglish-speaking countries that have credit cards because basically you aretaking payment through credit cards and if they don’t have one then they can’tpay you so you need to make sure that whatever whoever you’re promoting towhatever commerce that you’re getting from them they have it to have at least8 5% rank 1 or else you’re basically squandering your time and fund all rightthe next thing you need to do is see if they will agree to getting your feed totaking your email swipes because generally they are only make a mass email toeveryone that they are sending your offer to and if you want it to bespecific and you want to use your own branding and your own words so peopleare not only opting in to look at your relate but they’re also opting in to youso that’s a great path to go around that flaw not knowing liking and trusting youit starts off with the first email are you able build a relationship and fix themwith the first email and you want to be able to have that opportunity and so askthe company can I use my own email swipes so that means that so that meansyou can actually build a relationship from the first email and they’re notjust opting in to be addressed your list or look at your concoction but they’re optingin to find out more about you as well and that’s what you want to happen allright so that’s the first thing another thing is to guarantee that youhave a high converting lead capture page yourself your first sheet of your salesfunnel needs to be high converting and we spoke that in the other videoif you’re getting your marketings move from your fellowship I know famous marketerhas their own positioned of sales funnels and if “youre using” that proportion use them they arehigh converting and high-pitched converting means that they will get you passes at atleast 40% so if you can get or capture produces meaning that people are actuallyputting their email address into your little opt-in box and 40% of the peopleare doing it so out of a hundred forty beings are putting their list in theiropt-in box you have a great conversion at least 40% alright if their opt-inrate is less than that it’s cause for concern specially if the vendor hasless than that for more than one or several of different companies orpeople that are in that are promoting with them so you want to see that theiropt-in rates when you look at the testimonials are at least 40% that meansthat they have a good buying list and that’s what you are lookingthat’s what you want all right also you need to have high-pitched converting email swipeif you want to use your own like I said it’s very wise to use your own so youcan body-build know like and confidence so something that grasps their attending andsays hey you got a look at this offer it’s awesome you gotta follow meI’d awesome something to that effect and we’ll talk about that more later but youwant to have something that actually will grab them if you are asking forsomeone to use your email swipe if not then you know you don’t have to worryabout that but it’s good practise in order for you to build your index andbuild it will on you and your relationship or constructing a relationshipwith your purchaser your clients your purchaser your customer whatever you wantto call them ok and the last thing you have to have when building or employing soloads to build your schedule is you have to have a way to track or move it okbecause you don’t know whether your concoction or your connect was in front oftier 1 traffic you won’t know you’re just go people’s name for it youdon’t know what your opt-in rate is unless you do the forecasts you likeyour max math geek like me you can do the calculations and then figure outyour opt-in rate but why do that when you can have a software program do thatfor you ok you want to find out if you get in Tier onetraffic you want to know if your what your transitions are as far as how manyleads you’re getting at as opposed to or in conjunction to how many sounds thatyou said and you also want to know the total number of sounds that youactually received because sometimes they can hop you and you also want to makesure that it will stay in one place and that it is possible mostly span the life ofyour business which is hopefully forever right because you want tostay because stay an entreprenuer and so you kid like I said before use thatresearch to decide when it’s time to scale up whether this solo ad provideris actually giving you good traffic and you can also use that to decide whetheryou need to go to another or stay and so in all of this information that you’regiven it is necessary to some type of software to help you now that could be anything ifyou google it you’ll have a plethora of information and a plethora of differentoptions to use I heard that clink magic is the best and so I’m gonna check thatout and actually do its consideration of the item for you guys on that and let you see howclickmagick works for me but there are many of them out there but I knowclickmagick surely does all the things that I exactly “ve told you” and it alsobreaks down all of the statistics so you can make an informed decision on whatyou need to do best or next and so that is something thatyou need definitely need for business especially for when it’s time to scaleup you need to make an informed decision based on the numbers and if numbers arenot your thing and get something to make love for you okay it does sit there in thedark time you know throwing hurls at the board blindfolded you know make surethat you have something that you can actually make a decision with all rightso I hope all of that was a value to you if so made to ensure that you give me thelike button and click the button to subscribe to my path and the bailnotification because I’m giving you fresh daily videos and I want you toknow so if you want to be in the know then you need to make sure that yousubscribe to my channel and all I’m trying to do is help push you to successand help you be successful in your own business and if that is what you wantthen that’s what I’m here for that’s what I’m here for okay and that’swhat I want to do alright and if you need something tangible in your handswhere you can actually you know remember all this material becausevideo editing is hard put all these messages in the videos can be difficultsometimes you don’t have a ton time for so I’m giving you a checklist that givesyou all the information that I’m talking about today on solo ads and traffic andeverything from the beginning of the ability of marketing succession to now so ifyou need a free checklist it is necessary to a free checklist make sure that youdownload my free endowment to help you on your affiliate commerce pilgrimage andit’s just my free talent to you say thanks for hanging out with me and helping youto grow and sustain your business and finally if you want to know what it isthat I’m doing to hopefully fire my boss in 2019 no unquestionably fired my boss in2019 they click on my first associate it is a video that tells you all the informationyou need to know about the programme that I’m in and it is an awesome communityawesome support we’re here for each other just like me but on time 10 youknow we give and push tough love sometimes but it is a great communityand it helps you learn the business and earn money as well and if that issomething that you’re into make sure that you sounds the link and affiliate me onmy travel because I would sure love to help set you free so until next time myfriend make sure that you think large-scale dream big-hearted taking any decision so that you mayown the life of your dreams bye now

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