January 24


Interview with Marissa Romero – From Zero To Hero in Just 1 Year


January 24, 2022


hey hello this is Diana Castillo from MoneyMakerArea.com and in this video I have a super special amazing ultrapowerful patron and her specify is Marissa RomeroI’m pretty sure all you guys know about her she’s a person that I personallyadmire a good deal I have been following her for about a year and to be honest theday that I decided by her to have this interview I don’t know I was in scandalize Iwas super surprised when she say yes so if you have a dream if there is someonethat you want to meet I can tell you that everything it’s possible you justneed to give it a try okay so here is it Marisela man hey guysyeah Diana this is an honor to to be posted on your channel it’s reallyexciting I’m really glad you contacted out and yeah people don’t be afraid to reachout to you are familiar with a youtuber or some mentor online that you’re followingwe’re all humans now or are in managing together so yeah happy to be here thisis finally happening uh for those of you guys left you know watching my videofrom before you are familiar with my narrative and “its like” it has been like a roller coasterright and that’s the reason why I connect with her fib I think yourstory’s really powerful extremely because our background has been quitesimilar you guys chaps don’t know she’s an amazing feeling purveyor and but shewasn’t dropshipping before and I’m curious true-life you were pretty successfulwith bumpy determine you know what we will consider successful but you decide toquit and has become a full time feeling marketer why did you decides to does thatshe’s yes well I decided to let ecommerce go because it was verystressful there’s way more moving areas with e-commerce then with affiliatemarketing I mean you have your customer service fulfilling tells you have todeal with the dealer if your lower carrying generally they’ll be presented at Chinaif you’re lucky they’ll be presented at the US and Facebook ads that’s a huge variablethat we can’t regulate and you are familiar with I participated the cost of Facebook ads fordropshipping collects go far exactly in general going up but especially fordropshipping accumulates that was the trend going on and Christmas 2017 going into2 018 I was burnt out I was completely burnt out and I’m like you know I got itI gotta figure out another way to make money online so I sold my places and andstarted to do to try other things didn’t supplant at first but you know eventuallyfound affiliate marketing one of the things well when I first knew about youyou were invalid you know you weren’t traveling a lot do you ever imagineyourself you know like right now you know yours what I can be found in they’re supersuccessful because I know there are certain positions okay there might bepeople who can hear me successful like living the dream but they didn’t likewhat they want liberty did you ever picture yourself like with the amount ofsuccess that you have right now with that really big audience because when Imet you I think you have less than 1,000 customers which is crazy because rightnow you have over 30,000 right you were doing I think it’s called follow a lunchjacking lunch yeah yes did you ever imagine yourself like being a superaffiliate being recognized I wasn’t stunned when she say yes so thisinterview right did you ever picture yourself that route or what was like yourgoals at the tongue yeah you know big question I know when I started YouTubeit was purely to survive I was it was purely to survive thank you and thechannel had to work affiliate marketings had to work or else I would have had to goback and get a job that’s that’s what it was I had so much credit card debt I wasspending the least amount thank God I was in Bali because if not I signify therent was less than $ 400 I was depleting the most on food probablybut you know if it wasn’t for for those circumstances it would therefore be I wouldhave been in big trouble but for YouTube my goal was was to start fixing sometype of predictable income with recurring commissionings with withdifferent produces and I I exactly might visualize myself living on YouTube ifthat fixes it not really being an influencer but yeah it came to it wasjust so exciting to watch the the increment I had it was unbelievable it truly wasand so yeah and I I credit it to a lot of visualization I did if genuinely peopleroll their eyes a good deal at you know the they downgrade the mental the mentalityand you’re oh my god what am I saying your personal blooming you peopledowngrade personal exploitation but if it wasn’t for the strong visualvisualization knowing that my Commission’s were going to come in thenthen the canal would not have been a success and I would not have been ableto make money online well right now you mentioned two things that I have twoquestions about that there’s warnings about your family right sometimes allour parents genuinely don’t understand how we are genuinely make money online thisconcept you know it’s kind of I don’t know different you know yes the onlything is about the branding you know how important you think is branding to besuccessful online and how do you excuse your family and friends like hey youknow I’m here I’m making money online you know they can’t understand what youare actually doing yeah well my parents my family my friends even had a reallyhard time when I decided to leave my vocation it was three months after I gotmy undergraduate degree and they were they were stunned they were sad they’re veryvery surprised and that all those things saw it very hard for me because ofcourse you just wanted to move you just wanted to impel your family proud you miss your familyto support you and be very proud but no it was it was very it waswe all go through this detail when we’re building our jobs where we’reembarrassed because the money’s not there you know you’re like you’retelling parties like I’m doing this new business it’s you know I’m gonna bereally fruitful but genuinely it’s like you haven’t been you’re not makingprofit and you’re merchant more you’re still in the red and that when they askyou you know like Oh how’s that online business thing becoming and you’re likegreat so that was that was tough to get past but when you start to obligate yourfirst the committees and they you eventually get to tell your friends and familyabout your results it’s pretty easy to explain it’s it’s it’s oh for affiliatemarketing at least I entail it’s like in the department stores that JCPenney thepeople that work there if they sell anything they get a commission it’s it’sbeen the oldest business mannequin for forever right and so once they justrealize that it only went online it’s the same exact thing right referralprogram so he and our spouse planned all companies have this type ofmarketing but it’s just really a lot easier online was part two of thatquestions called the branding these branding is important yeahand that was the other thing I formerly I realized that having an audience was wasthe key to all this whether you have an audience traffic to a blog a bigPinterest a big Instagram a big YouTube channel that gives you the authoritythat for people to naturally come and trust you and to build a relationshipwith you and and video sell I intend diana has this down she’s got twoYouTube canals video selling I know you’ve you’ve seen is second best tomeeting somebody in person right because you’re they they get to know you throughvideo you they get to know your expression your personalitymm-hmm yeah so an audience is everything having it’s very very powerful that’swhat my concern like why did you decide to go into you two rather than be blogand you are familiar with and I get started I was blogging and oneof the things that I mentioned under my previous video is that I’m not blogginganymore because for me it’s so much go eating to write a great article Imean a 1000 words all equal and at the time I that I decided to go back intothe online business and do affiliate marketing in my example I didn’t have thattime because I was on my regular nine-to-five and then I you are familiar with I haveto do this like a back hubbub but why did you decides to do and start rightaway we do – or did you have a blog before nohonestly I knew that with YouTube the SEO is much easier to grade excuse me theSEO on YouTube is much easier to grade than with a blog on Google because Icould I’ve heard I don’t know for sure but it could take you times to you knowrank on the first page of Google as opposed to being able once you you knowget a certain amount of subscribers and get more traffic to your canal you canrank a lot of things on the first page of YouTube the the keyword research andall the keywords are more in your praise with YouTube there’s small canals thatcan rank on the first page whereas a small blog can’t write on the first pageof Google so one of my first instructors online it was was a YouTube marketer andthat’s that’s where these sorts of deceive go seeded but I discontinue the first timearound I really liked it back in 2016 yeah I was like no this is too slow Idon’t want to do it it’s I signify I feel stupid I have no is of the opinion that I discontinue thefirst time but then I began to be notice I the reason I started up was because ofwhat I realized with the success his direct is getting I’m like wait a minute so allhe’s doing is sharing evaluate and you know being consistent and uploading a lot andjust sharing what he learns and then giving a call to action to a producthe’s promoting I’m like any I could do that and you know anyone could do thatit’s really you know that’s that’s what’s cool and actually you could build Istrongly speculate YouTube is the plat for that helps any business aside fromonline sell merely any business you have I signify I understood a canal the otherday they have a channel around how to open a brick-and-mortar business I meanthey’re broiled they’re bakery and they’re teach other people that want to starta bakery or to start another neighbourhood business how to get it on I signify it’s it’spowerful yeah it’s really really powerful and well right now you guysknow how important is to do labelled you know to have your audience but which arethe big criterias you you actually elect or you pick like okay this isgonna be my quote-unquote winner product this is going to be or the product sincethat I’m gonna be promoting because I so how’d you involve like you know a lot ofcontent about clink then share your story how you were doing it but whichare the criterias that nowadays you can caused us know or which are the criteriathat you use to bake like this is the actual product because not all theproducts are created equal I have been there done that low-pitched and lowand ticket products high-pitched and ticket makes you know you get informationfor currently which are the criterias how do you say like this is the frontthat I’m going to be promoting mmm-hmm yeah great question because yeah not allCommission’s are created equal clearly not and um the first thingyou I tell people to to be considered in our makes that proposal a recurringCommission a product that you promote that has a monthly subscription becausethose are the most reliable Commission’s you’ll ever receive in your life andit’s worth the the best interests of the that customer is worth way more than sellinga product for a one-time product where you get a thirty dollar commission andthat’s it there’s no upsells or Nothing the other concoctions that I love promotingare the type with with upsells I don’t I don’t currently I’m not promoting thatmodel right now but I haven’t in the past and I like those but I do encouragepeople when you have the opportunity to promote high ticket affiliate productsas as fast as you can and what that wants is you’llreceive a commission of a thousand dollars or more in terms of promoting a productthat expense two thousand dollars or far higher sometimes and that could be used to and highticket commodities could be in the form of a lot of things they could be a digitalproduct they could be an event they could be for example one time when I wasgetting started my friend of mine had a digital marketing he was he had aFacebook marketing agency where he his monthly fee for for his purchasers waslike three thousand dollars and he said if you cite him purchasers he’ll give youlike eighty percent upfront that’s a lot because he knows the cost that thatcustomers gonna introducing him long-term but anyways that’s an example of a highticket produce or services so genuinely anything a high ticket products there’sthey’re great because the Commission’s are great but likewise they’re they’re aproduct that is life-changing right because it’s different than an e-bookthen a twenty seven dollar mini trend or something it’s a concoction that isgoing to change your life unquestionably it’s going to change your life foreverI don’t know if you ever experienced this but for me at the beginning Ithought like no one is gonna buy a high-end ticket product for me likethere is no way that it’s gonna happen because I do learn other influencers outthere but what was the feeling you know when you get that first sale it doesn’tmatter I ever mentioned parties that thosethat’s for sale it doesn’t matter it’s a ten dollar sale we said a 1,000 dollarsale it’s gonna deepen everything actual I don’t know what was your feeling Iyell like crazy I was super resounding no that was my reaction ya know I coulddefinitely actually I conclude I was just I was like numb for like an hour late thenI was refreshing the screen and I like is this still dinner is it still thereand yeah I retain I was so happy I celebrated I get I came sushi tocelebrate and my suitor at the time I was like yes well we gotta go outtonight like it’s Tuesday we’re going out like yeah I was I was super elatedat that moment was when I realise what I what had just said was you knowdriving traffic to no matter what product it’s the same exact effort rightwell actually no it’s harder to make a lot of money with lower ticket productsbecause you’ll need more causes because industry average for any product itconverts at 2 percent so just imagine how many more sales “youre supposed to” induce tenthousand dollars a month with a thirty dollar Commission than with a thousanddollar commission that’s like ten ages the amount of pass you’ll need to havecoming in to your to your move every single day liberty I have that questionbut I don’t know easy supplying for you right now but you are familiar with at that time thatyou were like your career and grant a satellite okay no more I’m not gonna dothis anymore what was the feeling like or if there was like a special talksomething on the back of your psyche you know like thatbesides well you know that bushes the grains for you to move forward I don’tknow what you have like any special feeling you I don’t know if you have adream what happened that day that you decide like this is it not I’m not goingback anymore what was it oh I know what it wasI it was the the very first business opportunity program that I joined Idecided to to buy a high ticket concoction which was a conceive and that that wasit was in March of 2017 and I had a choice because I there was around thattime I had to do a big job traveling for manipulate and I’m like okay I’m not going tobe able to do both it’s impossible and I was I was like oh it’s now or never it’sI go to this thing I precisely paid you know thousands of dollars for or you know I Ido this this this expedition was my job and so I I had a decision to make and Iit was very scary because I didn’t even give my boss a two-week notice I gaveher like a five day notice and I felt so that and I was like tottering sides wereshaking like calling my boss but I remember choice like I merely remembertelling myself the worst case scenario what the hell is what did that look like andfor me it is possible to it could be different for everybody especially with minors butfor me the worst case scenario was living stone-broke at my mothers house and I’mlike okay that’s not so bad so but it was terrifying trust me it wasvery awfully frightening peculiarly because I couldn’t be attributed to my co-workers ormy boss exactly what it was I was doing because I was still learning and I wasstill awfully very new and so that the working day happened and I contributed them the two-weeknotice and like I could stop it right there well and you know one of thethings that I love to ask the people who I interview because they have likedifferent tips-off you know the French suggestions like for those who are outthere watching these videos they know they have been following you maybe youlike me you know when you were celebrating your 500 readers in Balimaybe I have a better recall about that video and you you know like for thosewho are out there that they conceive like okay I don’t have any kind of value toprovide any kind of a special skill what’s the theme that you can tellthem like hey don’t go and buy a Coors or a mount and let’s see what happenswhat’s that’s like power that you would like to share with them yeah so one onereason why people don’t get started is because they have what we call impostorsyndrome which is I forget the exact definition but it’s essentially thatyou’re feeling not been enough you’re feeling like cases of fraud you’re feeling likea scammer because you feel like you don’t have the experience you don’t havethe testimonials you’ll have the research results anything and that’s always what keepspeople from starting because in the beginning you don’t have an audience andyou don’t you don’t have you know a big giant schedule right but what I tell peopleis that you have to you have to have to have to positionyourself as an expert because everyone on this planet if they wanted to theycould be an expert at something and they everyone does have some type ofexpertise that all persons does it so what I convey by that is in the beginningyou’re going to have to slot yourself on a programme like YouTube orInstagram and you’re just going to share your journey you’re going to documentyour travel because by you doing that you are positioning yourself as theexpert since this is beings that are doing absolutely nothing and if youfigure out first how to build a sales funnel if you figure out first how toget thirty heads into your autoresponder if you figure out first how to get yourfirst you know fifty readers on YouTube whatever it is those areaccomplishments that so many other millions of people do have not done ordo not know how to do and by documenting your pilgrimage and then documenting yourmilestones no matter how small-time you think it is parties are going to relate to youand they’re going to start to like and trust your firebrand because they can relatethey can’t they can relate to you but they can’t relate to you know thisperson who has a million customers they’re making eight hundred thousanddollars per month they can’t they physically it’s implementing impossibleso that is why it’s so important have discovered that the first step to all thisreally is positioning yourself as the expert and exactly start doing and to startdocumenting what you’re doing yeah I can tell you that this is a reason why Iconnect with her because she was documented at her season her journeyand I think that that was really really powerful and the most effective way to connectwith someone because at the end of the day we are all realI couldn’t believe I’m doing this interview right now but we are all realyou know and we all have the same opportunities the only differencebetween perhaps us and you acknowledge that we are taking action we are tryingto be as consistent as we can and talking about consistency you circulate alot because you do it you know your YouTube is number one content creationis number one throwing value is number 1 I symbolize there’s a list of business taxtasks that I have but there’s always those top four or three that I have atthe top and that has to get done that are what we call income producingactivities right and so one of those income producing activities for me iscontent market what is content marketing content marketing is thepractice of establishing out free material and in returndown the line last-minute you will that will turn in some money in your pocketbasically because people are attracted to the content that you’re putting outand so that that is always number one is giving value on my channel and as wellon my Instagram building my following on Instagram you know taking care of thepeople who have you know bought a product from me or subscribe to aproduct through me taking care of my crew and so traveling moving andbeing a nomad is is tough because you know not only do I have my business taxtask but personally I have to figure out where to live what gym I’m going to goto where the fast internet is just things I have to find a whole newroutine sometimes and that is starting of this video I was telling Diana beforethis that I’m actually going to settle down here in meta-gene because businesscomes number 1 and this year I have goals that I want to meet and I realizedI can’t be doing all this move if I want to achieve those goals so yeahthat’s just how that’s how it’s worth well I’m so glad I have the opportunityto establish myself Mara for me it’s a dream come true I know that there’s our peopleout there that you might admire and I show you guys to take action don’t bescared to ask don’t be scared to provide value as she mentioned when I satisfy heryou know online virtually I connect with her because of that because of thejourney because she’s real because she is a person who was trying to do what Iwas thinking about doing but I didn’t do it until now you know so I hope you guyslike this interview please give me a thumbs up that’s gonna help me it’sgonna help my videos and have my channel I’m gonna set all the ways you can reachMarissa in that position so you can start following her she has really goodcontent really really good content if you have some comments some questionsliving in the most common area and we are gonna be more than happy to answerthem do not forget to subscribe to our paths and we see you on the nextvideo take care guys

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