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I Spent 700k On Solo Ads… 😱 Do They Really Work in Affiliate Marketing? 🚧


April 13, 2023

Yeah g'' day guys. Uh simply doing a quick video below ah in the team. I'' ll try and do one every like couple of day or weekly or something like that. Let me just turn the speak up on that. Um just making it known inside other teams also. Simply give me a moment. So I really hope every person'' s doing good. The phone call today is much more so around you recognize there'' s a great deal of little bit like, you know, misconceptions on exactly how solo has work or the sort of web traffic or how they stop working or exactly how they suck and also you recognize, there'' s how would certainly you put it? You know, I think there'' s a full misconception concerning how just how they work.And I assume certainly, there'' s a few different manner ins which most of us probably, a great deal of people have actually discovered on why this kind of web traffic isn ' t you recognize, preferable across the board which'' s most likely why since noone understands how to utilize it. and also certainly, when you'' re not knowledgeable about a particular traffic resource or exactly how to exactly how to go concerning it or you'' re mosting likely to undoubtedly encounter trouble if you don'' t know exactly how to manage that source effectively with any kind of offer that you'' re doing or any kind of kind of lead resource or any niche.You know, and also I was speaking to someone recently. It was it was a trainee and he was actually, you know, saying that like well, this is in fact, you understand, my offer and also you recognize, the the opt-in price'' s far less than what I generally obtain. I said, well, I took a look at the web page and the deal doesn'' t really align with the kind of website traffic that ' s coming through or where that website traffic'' s coming from. You recognize it'' s a simple obviously, like, as well as when, when individuals have undoubtedly informed on that website traffic source, it ' s no various to being enlightened on YouTube ads or Facebook ads or you recognize, any type of various other kind of source available and also I ' ve and also I made a reference of this the other day on my Facebook article.

you recognize it all comes down to being enlightened on where it'' s coming from. Which can come from a simple conversation with your traffic provider or whoever'' s you know doing you know doing the like driving web traffic at any type of any web link. And also and all of it boils down. And also undoubtedly when you when you'' re doing that you wish to ensure that that opt-in web page or lead page or lead magnet or whatever you'' re doing need to straighten with you understand that that deal and that resource where it'' s coming from since if it doesn ' t your price per lead or and price per procurement is going to be your Skies, you know, cost back is mosting likely to skies high and the lower that you can get that down, and the higher the average order worth you can rise there.The method better that you ' re mosting likely to more than time. As well as this is why, you recognize, a great deal of individuals are claiming, oh James, how do you do it? Well, there ' s a particular means of setting about it and also it ' s simply a matter of comprehending educating on your own on as well as where it was originating from. Like in all sincerity like if I intended to I might pre-qualify traffic on my checklist. Like I ' ve obtained a list of like three various checklists of over 150000 customers. And also I combined.Sorry combined. And also I might I might actually pre-qualify them to high ticket offers.
You recognize I could pre-qualify them to drive them into this group. Based upon a whole variety of various aspects. It might be you know earnings level. Maybe anything. The the method behind it you recognize I can do quite conveniently. I know the niche what what they ' re trying to find. I recognize the target market. What kind of leads they are. as well as I inform you what, there ' s a couple of great, there ' s great leads within that duty. And also it ' s simply an issue of one, having the ability to set apart the leading those rates, the rates of web traffic, and having the ability to determine what supply to really show to them, and what supply that you think you could capitalise at a specific at a certain like top of late like revenue degree or what not.So the entire factor you understand, and also I assume this is the most significant point is where people
can be found in the solo as they get told to right into these associate programs as well as they get informed to simply, below ' s a lead web page, attach the dots, drive traffic at it, and also this is what ' s going to'happen. Within these affiliate programs that, wear ' t also offer you an opt-in page that converts'. 2, the workplace socks. And 3 they ' re primarily creating they ' re mostly the access levels complimentary. And also that ' s why people don ' t generate income. Due to the fact that when you drive them to a totally free access degree deal they ' re not going to they'' re they'' re targeting free offer seekers.And when you have something like that experiencing no surprise people stroll away with the **** So and also as well as not having the the traffic transform. The entire point of it is the profit. So it ' s no different to Facebook ads. You understand Many Facebook ads these days drive website traffic to a paid load tiered deal unless you drive a brand-new like you got ta unless you obtained ta kill a webinar that ' s optimised to the get go and also you ' ve obtained your characteristics good to go after that it ' s no different. You can have drive solar website traffic to any offer if long as you ' ve got your lead page you ' ve got your bridge page you ' ve obtained your offer all straightened'with that said kind of traffic and also as well as your follow-up sequences you can literally set apart that website traffic via the different rates, the kinds of leads that they are. Or you can segregate them out the method anyhow you wish to be able to you just got ta be smart about it. And also in that way you can send it to a high ticket offer. You can obtain them right into your Facebook

team. You can mould that you can mold that bring about anywhere you wish to go. And also it ' s through a simple straightforward process. So I ' m simply saying you understand a lot of individuals around say it draws yet you know I ' ve proven that incorrect. Due to the fact that my ROI is well'over 250%throughout the board given that doing it for 2 and also a fifty percent years. So when you have that as well as throughout like I can recognize why a great deal of individuals obtain pissed off with it and also they have lack of experience with it and they struggle with it and also I completely understand that as well as that ' s why you know being able to share a few of the advice and share and also share some of the little nuts as well as screws of what goes on. You recognize I assume it ' ll modification that kind of resource as'well.And I understand that the you recognize on top of that there
are a great deal of **** vent pass all out suppliers around as well. Um So and also I know I ' ve been throughout a few of them and you understand they wear ' t a great deal of them just certainly just wish to do a money grab. They wear ' t respect you recognize duplication of clicks or anything like that. They simply won ' t deliver the clicks and get out take their cash as well as run. Despite the outcome of the customer. as well as that ' s where you recognize a great deal of things I come in where I ' ve, you recognize, established a traffic Rolodex where I ' ve spent over on a few of these vendors. I ' ve invested over$100, 000 or at the very least like, you understand, three or 4 of them at the very least in the last, you know, 18 months to 2 years, driving web traffic and also because, you recognize, I build a depend on degree with them. They recognize what I such as, what I advertise, and also how I go about my business.So, they optimize
that leaf for me. And when you develop that partnership as well as make the effort to handle that connection the the skies ' s you recognize you can actually have the ability to optimise that traffic. So like I stated you treated to understand like various other website traffic resource due to the fact that the majority of typically this sort of website traffic resource is targeted from YouTube from media buyers from Facebook ads from Google AdWords. It'' s just a matter of exactly how you make use of that traffic. And just how clever you intend to with it And you understand I you recognize I go through that a great deal with in our in my breakout chief executive officer program.And you know at Bondi and really I ' m assisting an individual today off such he ' s what I ' m experiencing and also jumble inspecting his you know funnels and I got a phone call with him next week as component of his own like you understand his one on one call that I ' d break down so I ' m eagerly anticipating you recognize helping him keeping that due to the fact that when you have a opt-in web page which is not like not yet targeted to what that lead is. So you understand it ' s simply a matter altering the range and also changing the duplicate of'that lead gen. Undoubtedly you still intend to be you know maintain that interest also. However obviously they ' re interested with the deal beyond. Yet you got ta target'and also make certain you optimize that lead as well as page to bring them bring them along the trip at the same time. Since that ' s the ultimate goal. He ' s bringing them along a trip to the utmost point where you them to buy, purchase your product, and go from there.So I really hope that aids men. Um certainly, you know, it ' s

everything about being straightened, having the ability to you recognize, recognize what your specific niche is, how you can make use of that website traffic to enhance it. What can, what else can you do with the leads? For instance, if you ' re enhancing it for a high ticket, what else can you do when you after you set apart a high ticket, can you send them to low-ticket deals and certainly to raise that RRO on that traffic as opposed to simply wishing for a high-ticket sale? there ' s a whole variety of various you understand means to set about it. There ' s numerous strategies that you ' re mosting likely to integrate. It ' s simply an issue'of applying and also squashing it. So anyhow people I wish that ' s you know just'a little of a suggestions provided concerning it as well as with any luck that radiates a little bit of light on really how you can make solar wades function. Um just a little bit of a suggestion. So guys thanks extremely much.Um it was

simply a fast this'' s just a quick one. Take care and also I'' ll catch you a bit later.

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