October 16


How to Set Up a Solo Ads Landing Page for Beginners


October 16, 2022

hi guys and welcome to website traffic secrets my 
name is daniel grant and as you're searching for   how to set up a solo ads landing page for 
beginners i thought i'd create this quick   little video to really help you out it might 
make the difference for you so first of all   you need to understand what is a landing page 
if you're searching beginners for beginners and   i guess you're just starting out so what 
is a landing page let's just clarify that   once upon a time little story about me and 
landing pages once upon a time i thought affiliate   marketing was the greatest business in the world 
right i thought how easy can it get go and get   the link a referral link for an amazing product 
from an amazing marketer who's had a breakthrough   in something and wow oh my god the product is 
amazing and what they're offering is amazing   go get the referral link share that people 
will go and buy and i'll make some money   so just grab the link and make money no it doesn't 
really work like that it was more like this really   to be honest i'm just taking money putting 
in a toilet um which is saddening to say the   least and uh disappointing it was you know felt 
dejected didn't work what can i get it worked   for me but really that's how a lot of people 
start and everyone has to kind of walk that   path to learn that fit to learn that if you 
haven't already you're gonna go through it or   you take what's said in this video videos like 
this and you skip that out so what the plan should   be which i went back to the drawing board studied 
who affiliate marketers solo ad vendors and so on   what should the plan be you grab the referral link 
still but you send them to a landing page which   we're going to talk about today and then you make 
more money you actually make money that way round   so with focus on the landing page today 
what that is and how you can get one started   happy days so you actually make money that 
way so that's how you make you transform   your uh from starting out a beginner to making 
money in affiliate marketing and using solo ads   so what is a landing page and how to set 
up a solo ads landing page for beginners   so a landing page is also known as a squeeze page 
i don't really like this terminology because it's   got like a negative connotation to it you know 
you're squeezing information out of someone   um but it's also known as that it's also known 
as an opt-in page uh and basically what it is   is a trade so you're offering a gift in exchange 
for a person's name and email simple as that but   that gift really should be magnetic it should pull 
them in your ideal customer or the perfect person   that is searching for what you you have to offer 
your service or your product and there's loads   of ways to do it right so landing page can look 
like this and you can use lots of different fonts   and images and styles and all sorts and you can 
go on forever doing this right so there's lots   of different styles i'm going to talk about some 
design today i'm going to show you how to create   one for beginners and just get one up and a 
lot of times the ugly ones perform the best   so anyway that's another story so now 
we're certain what a landing page is   there are a few options these days of what 
software to use but before we talk about software   there's four main elements that need to go on your 
landing page no matter what software that you use   so you you could be using any of them whatever 
landing page software use has to have one has to   have these four main elements and they are one 
a killer headline really important to hook the   the person visiting your page hook them in and 
keep them on the page a great offer or a gift as   we've referred to it just a moment ago and the 
offer gift part can come inside you can deliver   that inside of the so you make a promise in the 
headline and they're really enticed they want it   and you can use the headliners sub headlines to 
do that and then obviously opt-in boxes where they   can put in their name and their email and then 
you need a submit or confirm button on the page   that they click and they'll go on to another 
page so that bears brings up the question um   where did i go on that next page what should they 
see all that stuff so in the there's a link in the   comments or in the description of this video i've 
got a perfect funnel structure this is what most   if not all solo ad people who use solo ads and 
affiliate marketers use this a similar structure   to this if not the perfect structure grab that 
and you can you can put that together for yourself   and that's how that's the structure that 
you're going to now let's go into an easy build   of how to set up a solo ads landing 
page now the software that i use   is click funnels you may have heard of it it's 
the leader in the market at the moment and you can   grab yourself a two week free trial there's a 
link in the comments if you'd like to use mine   or you can google them and find your own 
link and send click funnels all the money   if you use my link you give me a little 
i'm using a referral link just like we're   talking about in all these videos um feel 
free to do that if i provide you any value   right so then you'll end up on the page like 
this once you've logged in and got your account   and you'll be able to click um build funnel 
top right there it's pretty straightforward   and then what we're talking about is 
a landing page we're collecting emails   so you click this one and you see a page like 
this and you'd name it let's call this one test   and then you'd see a page like this now this is um 
first time you land on it it's a bit confusing but   basically these are all templates of landing 
pages and these are all fully editable   so you can use these as they are and just 
substitute swap out your information for what's on   the page now you can change the background image 
everything's editable and there's loads right   and then just along the top here you'll see email 
thank you page i'll give you the structure of um   what what how you link it all together what's 
the system that you're putting people into   um that's in the link in the video there's 
the sales page lots of different options web   and options and so on so staying on point for 
this video landing page is what i like to do   because it can get a bit confusing in here 
right i just go all the way to the bottom   and i click this one and i can 
select template or you can preview   the image i just select the blank template and 
then what you'll end up is on a page like this   and then you're ready to rock and roll so to speak 
so you click edit page this one here and then   move myself out of the way and then you'll be 
on this page right so now we're on this page and   that's why we did the little intro there's four 
main elements right so those elements are let's   forget this bit for a moment you're just going 
to see add new element i'll give you a quick   insight there's loads of training on click funnels 
they'll help you out there's got endless amounts   of training any question you got they've got a 
video for it so once you get your account you can   get two week free trial with the link i provided 
um they'll help you out customer service is great   and there's loads of videos on it anyway so i 
won't go into the ins and outs of how to build   everything because it's vast we're doing another 
video so basically there is a section box a row   box and an element box so let's just say we're 
going to roll with this with this setup all we   need to do is to put the four main elements in 
which was headline remember to kill a headline   and then we had sub headline and then we had input 
boxes so input boxes so we're going name and i'm   just gonna along here there's options you can 
just clone it you can press clone and then we've   got two and the email can go there and then the 
last thing was the submit button so you do button   okay i'll just go back to the elements there's 
loads of other things you can add there's videos   drop-in boxes facebook opt-ins all 
sorts right again won't go into the   details on that today i'm going to help 
you build a landing page for beginners   so very simple put those four elements in the 
headline sub headline the name box the email box   and the submit button okay so now we're going to 
get rid of this one at the top we need to do is   hover over it you'll see this cog and a clone and 
a trash can or a bin as we say in england and you   just delete it don't need that okay now we've 
got the headline all i'm going to do is click   on double click or treble click on that i'm going 
to type the headline so let's type that in how to to create okay so more or less what this video is about 
and then all we're going to do to edit that is   click the cog um first of all you can select 
font and you can choose whatever front you   want you see the font changes on the screen 
choose whatever one you want sort me on there   oxygen sounds good and then we can choose 
the size as big or small as you want again   it's all design preference you can choose all 
that yourself color let's just go big and bold all good so let's just say i'm happy with 
that that's fine i'm making a promise there   that someone could be interested in um sorry 
and then we're going on to the sub headline   and we're gonna do something like this master 154 and boom click off and then i'm going to come back 
press cog and then i'm going to match the font   so it's oxygen and then i'm going to match the 
color as well you don't have to again it's design   edit and then i'm going to choose the font size i 
can go as big or small as i want i want it smaller   than the the headline obviously because it's 
sub-headline but i'll keep it all on one line   so that's that and then we're on to the input 
boxes all we do again is press cog it's not set   what the input type is so you can click their full 
name i generally like to just collect first name   and then underneath that it says enter your email 
address and i'm going to change that to is um   enter first name done it says not required i would 
put that down as required and that makes them give   it so give you their they give you those details 
you're requesting only name and email you can just   go for email you can go for a lot more information 
generally speaking the more information that you   try and collect the less opt-ins you'll get so 
you're requiring more information like phone   number and address you'll probably get very little 
opt-in at that point because just trying to entice   them in with something you can just use email you 
don't need their name um just on again depends   how long you've been marketing and what your 
preference is so i'm going to match the font   and then i'm going to choose the 
font size that's obviously too big   um but around 20 is good on a desktop setup here 
come back to the other bit in a moment so now   i've done that rather than go in and edit all of 
this one what i prefer to do is i just clone that   and then go in and edit this one to say email and i could have clipped the first one i guess but   either way around you'll find an optimal way to 
do it your email here required oxygen 20.

That's   all the same okay we don't need this third 
box now that was just the placement holder   and so i'm going to delete it and then we're 
on to the fourth and final element which is the bucket so um what you want to do here 
is set an action you can either send it to   a website or you can have it submit the page 
again it's a full training around there but   what you generally want to do is submit the page 
and then it will automatically collect the email   and the name whatever details you're collecting 
and put it into your autoresponder which i'll   show you how to link up in a second uh and then 
it will go on to the next page that's easy way   to do it lots of different options on this i 
want to keep it short and sweet as possible so   set the action as submit the page and then you can 
choose what it says on the button so click here to master landing pages okay so that's 
enticing you can put a subheading   tend not to overdo it on the button 
i'm going to match the font again   and then the size and i made that bigger i want 
to make it obvious i'm not going to go that big   um what looks like a good size again we could play 
around with this let's let's go there for now and   then last thing is the color um let's make that 
green green for go okay now you might want to save   move myself down here um save is in the top right 
corner you might want to press save at some points   just so you don't lose your work at any point 
um it's usually fine though and it auto saves   up to a certain extent but press save every so 
often anyway to be sure um integration is the   next thing so what you'd have to do is go to your 
autoresponder and set up a tag in there and set   up a list in there and then connect that to your 
clickfunnels account again all other videos not   going to do it in here now let's say that's all 
done um once you have your clickfunnels account   they have training on all of that how to do that 
with whatever autoresponder you're using um i've   also made a video about all the autoresponders 
called solo ad autoresponders check that out   um so you click integrations and then here you 
just go into select one of the integrations that   you've connected to your clickfunnels account 
select what action you can add to a list with a   tag and all sorts right let's not go into detail 
on that right now okay so you do that now you're   ready to rock and roll the last thing that i would 
suggest doing is this is ready for desktop yeah so   most people these days are on their mobile 
so over here just uh up to the left you'll   see desktop mobile so if i click the mobile this 
is what it looks like on mobile at the moment so   it's not optimized for mobile so what i prefer to 
do is i found the easiest way to do it is get it   how i want it to look on my on the desktop right 
that's good i'm happy with that okay now let's   go over to mobile and then let's click on the cog 
and edit this and what you'll notice here you'll   see font size and mobile size so if you click on 
the mobile size you can choose a font size and   25 is usually around depending on your font 25 is 
quite a good size for um the page you might want   to go bigger again down to you but you can see 
that's now changed on the mobile page because i   just changed the mobile font but it hasn't changed 
on the desktop page which is pretty smart so let's   do the same for the subheading so we did 25 for 
the heading on this page let's take that to 20.   i might want to get that onto two lines so let's 
try 17 one more okay we're good we're on to two lines there so the other thing is the top 
margin i might want to edit my page slightly   i want to bring that all the way up close to the 
headline and you can play around with that right   um next thing we're on to the box 
input box your first name here   and all we want to do everything's all set 
what we'll do is change the font for mobile   and around 12 is usually pretty good 
on the mobile sizing same for this one 12 perfect okay and then the last bit is the 
box you may need to click somewhere on the   page sometimes it gets stuck the editor so just 
click off here and then once you go back on it   will work better or fix itself so click the cog 
for the button what i want to do is edit the mobile size which is that one actually click 
the right one and i'm going to go down to 12.   that's too small so i'm going to go up to 15.

i'm going to try and get this to the maximum size   but it's keeping it on one line okay 17 is too 
much uh 16 might do the job perfect right okay now   that's ready to roll that's all they'll see we can 
go in here and we can add add a background image   you can see background here you can add images in 
here you can play around with all of that we can   keep it really simple um in generally speaking 
landing pages should be simple but click save   and you're ready to rock and roll that's it that's 
the simplest way for beginners how to set it up   just want to go back to this for a moment how to 
set up solo ads landing page for beginners hope   that helped you that's an easy way to do it you 
can get a free two-week trial with clickfunnels   and just follow along with the video i just made 
any questions feel free to ask and this is how i   can help you right now even more whether you 
buy solo ads from me or from anyone this is   going to help you out so grab the perfect funnel 
structure template that's in the link click that   and you'll be on my landing page you'll also get 
a 10 day solo ad video course which i put together   which will really help you hit the ground running 
and really improve the performance of your solo   ad campaigns you'll also get four secret solo 
ad campaign enhancers um which are really they   will again they'll increase the performance of 
your solo ads really easily and you might have   all of these but it's worth grabbing and just 
testing one's missing might make the difference   um and what you get to do where can you find these 
is in the link that you get to spy on and do a bit   of sherlock holmory on my uh landing page myself 
because that's what we're looking at so you can   click that and then you'll be on my landing 
page and you see me collecting info and off   making you an offer so where that's in the link 
and last thing remember if you've got any value   from this video click the like hit subscribe and 
also hit the bell so you get notified about future   content that's coming out and hopefully that helps 
you out so how to set up a solo ads landing page   for beginners hope that helps you out and click 
the link and i will see you on the other side

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