December 24


How To Run A Facebook Ad Campaign For Small Businesses – Complete Facebook Ad Tutorial

By Randy Sult

December 24, 2021

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What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here in this video I’m going to show you accurately step by step how to run a facebook ad for your small business So my goal here is to give you a terminated Facebook ad Tutorial so if you’re brand new to Facebook ads and you’re various kinds of like hi I merely don’t really know how to go through and deep-seated these up where you’ve heard various kinds of mingled rulings Whether Facebook Ads work or they don’t work. I want to kind of break down those hindrances Show you guys maybe why they haven’t worked and reveal you guys how to actually originate those direct So I’ve worked with now over the last 18 months or so I’ve worked with over 3,000 small business owners chiefly working with real estate agents mortgage middlemen and other regional business owners and also in the last 18 months I’ve been able to go through and generate 1.5 billion dollars in receipt rigorously from Facebook Ads so guys If you various kinds of listened like mingled sentiments and reviews and all that stuff like I don’t know if they truly make or not work And all that good stuff.They effort. They labour amazingly well You merely kind of have to have the right person to break it down and explain the reasons to you So I hope that I’m that liberty person today, and also if you guys want my free at Facebook Ads mini course It’s a $97 importance All you got to do is drop a comment down below and also if you don’t mind give this video a thumbs up If you’re brand new here, my refer is Jason Wardrop. I specialising in pass generation Running through and changing your business distinguishing your business online so make sure you got you guys subscribe to the channel where we launch new videos every single week helping you go through and Generate more contributes develop your business and all that good stuff so you guys do want that Facebook as mini-course drop a comment below give it a thumbs up and Let’s jump into things guys. Let’s break down Why perhap you’re not having success with facebook ads Or if you’ve heard other people saying like I don’t know Facebook people don’t really work now This is the typical narrative of what beings do they’ll “re going through” the imaginative Facebook page Which is obviously pretty easy because it’s a hundred percent free it takes about 30 seconds vanish designated it up They’ll go through They’ll make a post if we come down here to one of my recently completed announces So this is my my pin pulse up here at the top of my sheet They’ll go through to make a post like this one right here, and they’re like okay? I crave more beings see it because I want to generate causes I just wanted to originate auctions or whatever it might be and then they’ll come over here like Oh boost pulse like that makes it’s gonna and more people are gonna see this so they’ll click on this it is really easy to go through and Set up this berth be improved so that more people in their own communities or in your target audience are gonna See this okay now if you’ve done this before and you’re like Jason this just does not work at all I tried it I’m didn’t get any leads-in or whatever you’re exactly right, okay? Now if you go through and you sounds boost post and click boost right here Facebook has so much data on all of their different users So they are aware which useds were most likely like and comment on a announce which ones are more likely to become causes Which ones are more likely to buy something online or those even more likely to watch a video, okay? Now if you click on boost upright you click boost right here on this little Facebook post and you target two People in your neighbourhood society or people in your target audience It’s gonna “re going through” and appearance your pole two beings were most likely like or comment on that Facebook post okay, so That’s probably not what you want.You probably are looking to generate leadings. You’re probably looking to build auctions apparently This is really good to get a lot of showing on that pole But if you’ve kind of gone through and you haven’t seen ensues that’s probably because this is exactly what you’re doing and Facebook’s just showing it to the wrong beings because You know it’s not your glitch You really didn’t know that that’s who they “re going through” and testify it to right So let’s jump-start over here to the Facebook Ads overseer, and I want to show you guys how to set this up So you’re actually presenting your ads to the right people based on what your objectives are whether it’s to generate produces become auctions or if you do want likes and commentaries Or if you want people to view your video or whatever it might be so you can see right here This is just a test account which I’m actually having it shut down now because I don’t really use it But just for the sake of this precedent what we’re gonna Do is come over here to create a campaign so that dark-green button right? There is to create a new Facebook advertising Campaign now if you went through and you made a post on your Facebook page so for example like this one you still can use You still can use this berth by setting up things on the back end can I’ll present you guys how to do that here in Just a second okay, so if we come over here.It says what’s your sell objective right now remember? How I said when you sounds boost post that exclusively is gonna show people more likely to like and provide comments on your post Well look at all these other objectives right here, okay? So and awareness that’s just gonna get you tons and tons of reaching various kinds of similar with this one right here or the consideration Traffic that symbolizes if you’re trying to do people to click to your website to your blog or you exactly want people to go to a certain destination online engagement right here this one’s just like the elevate upright that’s gonna come more parties to like and Comment on your Facebook post app sets plainly if you have a mobile app They’re gonna get more app invests video deems beings watching your videos and you can go through and say hey I want to shoot parties that or I want to target people okay that are gonna be watching three seconds of the video Ten seconds the video 50 percentage of the video 95 percent of video and the cool thing is actually You can go through and initiate custom-built publics by how much beings have watched of your videos now I Cover all that in detail in my facebook as mini direction so as I mentioned earlier chaps if you guys want that make sure you Guys drop a comment below thumbs up the video, and I’ll share that with you guys as well, so Um also we have lead generation okay now lead generation.This is using facebook lead forms, okay? It’s a little perform that when they click on your advertisement your ad it’s gonna pop up And it’s gonna have you know their name phone email the cool thing about this is it Pre-populates with the information that Facebook has on file so if you kind of done stuff before and you’re like somebody I’m getting bogus Lee’s or whatever This is a very good option to consider to eliminate a lot of the the bogus induces like you know test at Or no gamble observe com or something like that right and then messages This is kind of tying in with Facebook’s messenger platform, which is really cool You can have that engagement instead of following up via email or verse you can follow through Facebook message, and then changeovers This is something that I actually really like I use this a lot This is going through and using a land page now if you’re various kinds of like Jason I don’t really know the difference between a bring sheet and my primary website my prime home page that is also in the Facebook Ads Mini direction because when you use a landing page versus referring beings to your main website You’re gonna see about 10 to 25 times bigger produces When you’re sending people to a disembark page as opposed to merely your main website, or your blog okay? So I flood all that I’d like certainly there’s a ton of ton of information that I can go through and envelop But I want to get to Kind of preferring one of these objectives and then showing you how to target the audience how to material the ad and I’ve also got A few ad lessons up now And kind of give you an idea of how to actually set up your ad is you’re going through and creating all this so so For this illustration, let’s just say we’re going for traffic ok now traffic This is not like you’re on the freeway right there’s not like yeah, you know you got stop and vanish traffic all the red lights this is Sending beings so someone encounters your Facebook ad or your Facebook post is there scrolling through their newsfeed on their phone or in their laptop And then they click on that post and then it sends them to your website Okay, or your blog or to your arrival page or wherever you’re wanting to send them all right, so That’s what this traffic one is all about so if we click on this we can give it a campaign name So let’s just say we’re gonna do like traffic and then it will merely do demo right here for this example, okay? So we’ll go through.We’ll reach continue Okay, so now we get to you can see like we’re ruin it down so we got the campaign which is basically your objective Right like what? Do you want to actually? Do you want to generate leave some people your website parties to watch your videos? Whatever it might be and the ad set this is getting into your targeting like Who do you want to target you want to target beings in your regional society? What age you want them to be do you want to be male/ female do you want to display target specific interests? What is your budget? You want to spend five dollars per day do you want to do a lifetime budget of? $100 for the whole month all that different stuff, and then once we have the campaign objectives selected, which we’ve already done that will dive in we’ll go through this ad specify level at that point we can go through and initiate our Facebook ad okay, so Right here, let’s just give it a name really quick.We can just say evaluation demo right here and ordinarily I like to give it a identify based off of who I’m targeting so if I’m targeting beings in Dallas within a ten-mile radius ages 45 to 55 I like to kind of go through and put that right in here so when I’m going back and looking at my advertising campaigns I Can look various kinds of a quick look at which ones are accomplishing better than others, okay, so we’re gonna go through do traffic website Right there.We don’t need a messing with any of that stuff, and then we go down to the audience now guys this is where it starts to really get phoned in with who we want to target and in that Facebook as numerous trend is about I Show you how you can go through and compose custom gatherings of people who have already watched one of your videos on Facebook Okay People have already visit your website parties that already are your lead so your contacts you can actually import all of your contacts Whether you have their email their telephone number or whatever report you have Import that in so you’ve got this like warm busines of parties that already know exactly who you are now those those ads are actually gonna accomplish a Fortune better than if you’re just going through and targeting a coldnes market But the nice thing is is it’s nice to do a little bit of both because then you can go through and get more revelation Or beings that have no idea who you are But then you can also have maybe an ad rolling for a dollar two dollars a day to your heated market And be able to generate contributes for a lot less.Okay, so for this example Let’s just say we are a realtor in Dallas all right, so Where we go through it as I mentioned chaps to look the habit publics They talked about in the Facebook Ads mini track that is all down right here We can go through and generate them adopt them and do all that good material But we’re not gonna hit that right now in this video Okay, so we’re gonna say we’re a Dallas realtor, or you could set your Dallas restaurant, or gym owner or whatever business? You’re in claim. It kind of only is the same type idea so instead of saying orientations United States.We are gonna placed our Regional region, okay, so we’re just going to say Dallas, Texas well click right there Then this is really cool guys based on what business you’re in okay like if you’re a restaurant You probably don’t want to do a 25 mile radius, but you might want to do really a 10 mile radius K Or you can even told you ogled up here. It says current metropoli simply okay, because you’re like hey I’m a diner so beings are probably not going to come ten miles just to be done in order to my restaurant So you want to go through and get that super phoned in now? Depending if you’re you know let’s say if you’re a diner you probably would want to use everyone in this location Whereas if you’re a local gym or a realtor like this example you probably want to do people who live in this location? Okay, because everyone in this location that means they could be there visiting for employ They time passing through or whatever it might be which if you have a business where you know like they’ve got to be there to actually like buy a dwelling or They’re there for you know to go to a gym or anything like that.You don’t really definitely want to target Just everyone you want to get jolly Specific now plainly look at these cool things if “youve had” like a sightseer business you say hey I merely want to thumped people traveling in this location so you can do some pretty cool things with Facebook advertising right here So let’s just do people who live in this location because we’re gonna go through and commit more of the like a realtor example Right so now we come down We choose our age range.Okay , now person looking to buy a residence They’re probably going to be I would say minimum age is about 25 claim, and it could go up to 65 plus You can kind of dial it in like if you like to work with the younger community or various kinds of like the middle age community or more of the older community, you can kind of go through and target based on that and then patently if You’re going through and selling residences you demand exactly all genders right you don’t want to be able to be specific to men or women But plainly if you run like let’s say a fitness gym and the focus is just Women or precisely implied men or whatever it might be you can go through and target that and then too languages now I normally like to leave it open-ended, but you can come in here Just to kind of show you guys you can say hey.I merely require target English talkers Okay, or maybe you want to go through and working in collaboration with the Hispanic market, so you would might type in hey I’m gonna kind in Spanish and merely touched beings that speak Spanish, so you can see there’s 450,000 parties that’s a pretty good market right there right, so let’s just leave it at that I’m not going to target any language because you know whether they speak Spanish English, I’m fine with that Okay, so we’ve got 1.8 million people there And then we come down we can choose some detailed targeting based on what business you’re in you might want to target, okay? So like let’s say home owners Okay, so like you can come in here You can see hey the reasons of homeowners or demographics right here chaps parties that own dwelling So if you’re looking to go through and help people sell their homes you might want to go through and target homeowners right there Okay So that that goes through and that plunges it down quite a bit because not everyone certainly owns a dwelling a lot of people are Probably renting in the area And so exactly you want to think about okay like what type of advertising campaign am I leading Who do I want to target and then go through you can include some detailed targeting here now? Batch of times what I like to do just right out of the gate.I don’t really like to include targeting I like Facebook time to go through their publicize algorithms are actually extremely smart and so they a lot of times can go through and Find the ideal people based on your ad time you just got to give it a few cases days Maybe three four or five days to go through and kind of like learn some information on who your target audience is and who’s clicking on that ad Who’s opting in and all that stuff and so a lot of times? I like to just leave it open right here. Okay now? Connects I generally simply kind of leave this open-ended. I time don’t touch it and then placements now.This is big people When “theyre saying” automatic placements this is recommended, I don’t inevitably ever suggested that okay, so mostly that saying hey We’re gonna show your ads on Facebook on Instagram on you know on our push networks all these different stages So I often like to go to edit placements And you guys can get a general suggestion of the different places you can go through and see these ads Okay, so you could even say hey? I exclusively want to go and show people on mobile or only show to parties on their desktop, but for this just to simplify I Normally leave it on all maneuvers right here, which is recommended Okay, so I’ll just leave it at that then you can see all these different options people likely this Facebook You got the newsfeed instant articles. You got the right-hand column like when you’re scrolling through on your desktop you got the Marketplace you got the Instagram feeds you can pop it up into the Instagram tales up at the top you guys have probably envision some Of those ads that you got the audience network And then too messenger when people are scrolling through a messenger on their telephone They can see an ad and you can see kind of like what the ads are gonna Actually look like now if you’re brand news.Just start now guys. I would just say unchecked everything besides The Facebook news feeds, and if you want to do Instagram newsfeed, that’s totally cool, too If I go through and only uncheck all of this And then simply keep it to like people scrolling through Facebook on their phone or on their desktop or moving through Instagram And I like to merely kind of keep it basic at that, okay so now we’ll scroll down and this is where we can go through and cause our budget right so we’ve got a daily fund or A period plan now if you want to say hey, I exclusively want to spend a hundred dollars total on this campaign I would use a lifetime budget, and you can go through and named the start and end date And how much you want to actually spend or you can say hey, I want to do a daily fund And maybe you want to start out with just ten dollars a day, okay? Or maybe five dollars a day or whatever the budget “whos working” and fits within your push budget there But I generally like if you do have the budget I generally like to start out about ten dollars a day just because you’re able To “re going through” and get the data back from Facebook and see if campaigns are working or not working You’re able to see it a lot quicker So you know if you’re spending only five dollars a day It’s gonna go maybe two or three times longer To see if that safaruss wreaking as opposed if you’re spend ten to even 15 dollars a day Okay , now if we come down here I often are happy to exactly kind of leave the optimization for a transmission precisely just as is a lot of this material I just leave it as is and frankly There’s a lot of like high-priced result advanced stuff that you can get into But a lot of times kind of the basic general feeling of what Facebook gives you it’s good enough And you don’t really need to go through and get all you know special about what’s checked on.What’s checked off Setting like a entreat ceiling and all that stuff just material that you really don’t need to go through and optimize right now So we’re just gonna made continue people and now at this stage This is where we can go through and set up our actual Facebook ad now let me jump-start over here I wanted to show you guys a couple of these ads and really display you how they’re broken down and why I do The different things that we do so this is an image ad okay So you can go through and you can use a video here you can use an portrait you can go through there’s one? That’s called a carousel where you can actually add multiple portraits or multiple videos so some pretty cool different things there But you can you go what you want to do kind of the structure of an ad is you want to call out your public? Okay, so I would say hey your municipal or your County homeowners, and we’re looking for people looking to sell their home We’re gonna say hey attention.You know Dallas homeowners right or if you’re a eatery you can say hey Dallas foodies right or do you like to work out in Dallas, or you know just like calling out that specific public And then what I like to do is kind of ask some type of question to pique their interest hey Do you want to increase the value of your dwelling now if I’m looking to this I’m seeing hey. I’m a Dallas homeowner Okay, and you say hey Do you want to crease up out of your dwelling? Of trend you want to crease the value of your dwelling right you various kinds of piqued the best interest And then you get initial call to action Hey, go through click here, and this is taking them to a arrive sheet So I’ll time see you guys various kinds of what that looks like right here This says it like seven simple tips are conjuring the best interests of the your residence before selling Get the tips-off they lay in their email, or you go for the name telephone email You know what you’re going for this is obviously time a demo right here, but Then you go through and maybe add a little bit more value Okay, so that they didn’t they’re like not wholly sold to go click and opt-in right there You can say hey by the way, I’ve compiled a free spew the seven simple hacks I tell my clients to raise the value of their residence or let’s say if your local restaurant we do awesome like Taco Tuesday where we have like fifty percent off all of our tacos or Hey, you know if your gym owner.Hey, we’ve got an awful seven-day Free like membership or something like that precisely various kinds of like get you kind of peaked into there And then I ever like to close out with another call to action Which is send them to see the same landing page, and then thanks And then your figure to kind of add some personalization to it alright, so we break this down again really quick You’ve got the you’re calling out your target audience Okay, you’re peaking their interest with some type of question right which is kind of like a no-brainer question like hey You know Dallas residents? Are you would be interested to get fit for the summer like that that’s really targeting that that specific market right there like you know Dallas foodies Would you like to try the best new barbecue sit in city or whatever it might be right? And then you’re kind of sending them there And then you can go through and route like Write another row of some different bonus or some value that they’re gonna come when they go through and opted in so Another one.I’ll display you guys really quick. I’m not gonna break down accurately step by step like I did the last one But it’s a very similar one, but this one is obviously a video Which is cool because like as I mentioned that face book advertising mini-course. I’ve got for you guys I substantiate you how to go through and distinguish The people who have watched three seconds of your video ten seconds of you do 25% 50% and so on so it’s really cool because then you can know like hey this person’s not a wholly freezing Audience right they’ve actually identified my video They are more likely a little bit of new ideas of who I am What my business is and how I can go through and help them, okay? So now let’s mount back over to the Facebook Ads overseer So this is where we are going to go through and make our ad or as I mentioned earlier people if you you know already Made your post and you’re like hey. I exactly want to use that berth I don’t wanna “re going to have to” recreate it you can click on use existing post right here Okay Now what we want to do is we want to select our facebook business sheet that we’ve got you can see I’ve got I’ve actually take a few two over here, but we come through I select the Jason ward drop links That’s the one I want to use you can even go through and select what Instagram account if you want to run it on Instagram as well And if you don’t have an Instagram account connected you can just say hey use my Facebook page as that Instagram account okay? Then coming down.We’ll just go through and click select announce it’ll pop up all the posts that you’ve recently posted It’s like let’s say for this one I want to berth this one right here And so now it’s just gonna show this and then at this place all we got to do is hit confirm And that’s it, but the ad is completely set up now. Let’s go back Let’s say you don’t have an existing post you want to create this completely from scratch So we firstly want to select the Facebook page right and then we can choose the format right here. Okay now I registered you guys we have the idol ad we’ve also got the video ad we’ve got these different options right here And so there frankly guys, I don’t consequently favor one or the other They’re both Good for different reasons kind of depending on what you want to go through and indicate if you want to go and render an insight Look at or of your diner or an open house or a you are familiar with your gym or whatever business, you’re in Obviously a video would be kind of nice and kind of like simply show people inside and the cool thing is people With this I don’t recommend so like this one right here.This is a very professional video These actually don’t play as well as just kind of like a ordinary basic video shot with your see telephone Or your whatever mobile phone you use okay, so I would highly recommend Just going through maintain it basic You don’t have to go through and have a massive commerce publicizing plan for all this so just go through And use your phone as you’re going through and preparing all this up. Okay, so now you can go through you can choose Hey single idol single video slideshow, so I like to often Start with either a single persona like I evidenced you guys earlier or even the single video and then right here You can go through and upload an epitome from your desktop like let’s say, perhaps you’ve got an image of your gym Or of a residence that you’re looking to sell or you know your restaurant whatever It is or you can even “re going through” and you can use some free capital epitomes And you’re going through select.Let’s say you are a Realtor right that’s kind of the pattern. We’re employ so we want to go through and use a home Okay, so we go through we click on this and like you can see it’s got a watermark when it moves live It’s not gonna establish the watermark. Okay, so you don’t have to worry about that we’re gonna smack confirm Okay, so now it’s gonna pop up.It’s gonna show us the ad right here, and then let’s say our website I’ll time draw out my website right here Arsalan kg comm let’s just jettison that in that’s this is where we’re trying to send parties to Okay, and then well. We use various kinds of like that same approach now just for only sake of time chaps I’m just gonna emulate and paste this right here and We’ll come back over here into this text box here. It says residence what we’re gonna Do is just like go through and leant that right in here? And then the cool thing is is we’ve got some of these templates for you guys so we can say Dallas homeowners and time kind of fill in your own information, so you can say hey get my gratuities here and link out to We’ve got our website up now Which guys if you guys go through my facebook guys mini-course drop comment down below give it a thumbs up I depict you guys significant differences of why you should utilize a landing sheet as to report to your main website clearly this one I’m just exploiting our main website.I most recommend not doing that. I just require it okay, and you can say down now Hey, thanks your mention Jason Wardrop, okay? So now we come down here. You’ve got the headline right here, so you say like hey, Dallas homeowners Increase The value of your home Something like that titles like go through kind of grab their notice right there And then I like to do for the call to action You’ve got all these different options Or you can even say hey no button I like did you learn more because if somebody’s interest is aroused like they do technically want to learn more right and so instead of saying like sign on or what like you know request time it’s kind of a little bit like sign on approximately is a Little bit standoffish, so I like to kind of do learn more because it’s like hey I’m curious.I would like to learn more okay, then down here at an overlay likenes I just leave that several languages just leave that I require first show that now display link optional I exactly probably leave that for right now. Then do quickened associate description so you guys can see over here This is the mobile newsfeed, and if we want to check and see like what it looks like on different scaffolds We can scroll through and so this is what it would look like on your desktop Newsfeed and that’s where this newsfeed link description would be okay, so we can say like hey Increase the value of your dwelling something like that, and then you’ll see it’s gonna pop up down over here But I reflect because our headlines so long I think that’s why it’s not popping up so ordinarily if your headlines Not super long. It will pop up down over here It’s not gonna Sara Lee pop up on your portable, or you know or even on Instagram, so this isn’t like super super important But if you want to go through an out of that you totally can then you can see right here This is what’s looking like on Instagram so it’s kind of nice be able to go through and sort through and consider what it looks like on these different pulpits there and then all we don’t have to do is just strike support and We have now gone through and appointed our advertising campaign right guys So that was kind of like a you are well aware a quick work through I wanted to show you guys all the different steps And why you should be using the Facebook Ads overseer as to report to? Boosting your affix you want to make sure you get the right objectives but if you’re looking to use like you know lead fleshes like I talked about where it’s got that little assemble that daddies up and Facebook automatically crowds in the information with the epithet phone number an email address or if you guys want to go through and start patronage gatherings With beings visiting your website already or watching videos Or you know parties that are already on your email or in your contact database be able to market exclusively exactly to them I have that all in my facebook ads mini-course to sag a comment below give it a thumbs up I will get you guys that hundred percentage for free.I’m not trying to accuse you guys anything I’m just trying to go through help you out. I was I’ve been actually listening to gary vaynerchuk’s brand-new journal. It’s called crush it It’s awesome if you guys have not gone through and get that read it or listen to it or whatever I highly recommend it talks about going through and construct your personal symbol to make your business to the next rank, okay And he talks about you know Facebook ads the significance of this And how you can go through and and germinate your business more and more and so frankly guys I exactly want to provide you guys with some big appreciate because I know how it’s facilitated my business and what it’s done for me and likewise countless of other business owners I’ve worked with now over 3,000 business owners, and I’ve seen what it’s done for them if you can go through and properly implement what the Facebook advertising scaffold gives you and allows you to do you can be Extremely successful it can be a total game changer for your business So so I match you guys earlier if you guys want that drop a comment down below give this video a thumbs up Also, if you guys don’t mind let me know what you guys thought of this tutorial I know there’s like the Facebook Ads manager.Honestly guys We could be on here for 4 to 5 hours But I know you probably don’t have the time to go through and sit through all that stuff That’s why in that Facebook Ads mini route. I’ve interrupt it down into little ten to fifteen Maybe twenty minute videos to kind of show you aspects of the Facebook Ads director how to get your business going and accompanying it to the next tier, okay, so Anyway, thanks so much better for watching today people if you guys are brand new here. My name is Jason Wardrop if you like content like this you miss more of it make sure you guys subscribe the canal also smacked that notification bell because we Will go live from time to time so I can go through show you guys different things You can jump on ask questions I can answer those live and help you guys out with your business the best of my the skills and on this direct I like to go through and share with you how to generate more results establish more fund and develop your business So if that’s anything that you’re in today offsets you guys subscribe and thanks so much for watching today And I will see you all tomorrow

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