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How to Promote Clickfunnels using Solo Ads | Solo Ads For Clickfunnels – Solo Ad Training

By Randy Sult

December 12, 2021

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How to use solo ads to increase your click funnels, active members. Hi, it’s Belchior Pinto and in this video I’m gonna show you how you can use solo ads to increase your clickfunnels active members fast Now remember that a solo ads is one of the fastest way to get traffic to your landing page, right? Because solo ads are becoming more popular day by day. The solo ads are increasing the amount of money You need to pay per clicks and also the demand is going very very high So because of that You know the scammers start to appear To avoid losing your money and also increase your clickfunnels active members very fast You will need to use this platform that I use today Udimi There are some solo ads platform providers but in this video we are going to use this one (Udimi) If you are brand new with solo ads, grab the link below and sign up is completely free.

No Monthly fees or nothing you need you don’t need to pay anything So I’m gonna show you exactly how you can use it To increase your conversion rate And the in this video also I am going to use this landing page that you are seeing right here Just for the sake of this video so that you don’t see how it came out the process, you know Like step by step how everything will go.

So if you also want this landing page, I’m gonna give it to you just grab the link below I builded this landing page using ClickFunnels So it’s up to you if you want it. Okay guys, so let’s Go back here Okay.

Okay, so Normally when you are using Udimi or any others Solo Ads vendor. You basically need first of all to understand a Little bit how everything works, right? So there are many people selling You pay an amount of money to use their email list and Not everybody have the same email list like for instance they may have an email list for just crypto or for just a a specific niche, alright and if you want to use for make money online (niche), you need to ask.

Sometimes you need to ask and See if they can provide or if they have this kind of email list, right? Here we are using Udimi you have the forum and with the forum. They’re gonna help you better to understand or to ask question first of all, so that all the vendors on Udimi gonna see Basically, your question and answer, if they have this kind of email, I know Perfectly that you can select here the niche but you know just for the sake to Increase our conversion rate.

Let’s see the question over here. Go to forum and in the forum, you’re gonna see a lot of the question of people asking many things and you can type a question here and see the answer or you can just come here and search if there is somebody that Already did what you are trying to do right like somebody that already asked for Instance how to use ClickFunnels to increase conversion rates, you know, increased the conversion rate or something like that Just click here.

And let’s just type here ClickFunnels and see what Okay, we got our results here ClickFunnels as you can see There are many questions many people asked already a lot of questions about ClickFunnels as you can see here: I need Solo Ads for ClickFunnels trials; any clickfunnels Manifestation and law of attraction. I don´t know why he is asking this here. All right 14-day trial sign up for ClickFunnels with one reply, you can see right. You can see here and Let’s go. Let’s see which one has the most amount of replies?

Okay this one: twelve. This one is for autoresponder Anyone good at promoting clickfunnels: let´s see here with 8 replies, and as you can see Okay, this guy said I have sent traffic to ClickFunnels Can you pm me your link and I will check your funnel and I will check your funnel and let you know if it would be good for my lists. Okay, you can just see you know the answer and see which solo ad vendor as the most Or better, can provide you with an email list that there are people that Can become a clickfunnels user.

Okay, so also Remember that it depends? Of your landing page.

Okay, if you landing page sucks, it doesn’t matter which kind of email list you are going to use, kind of traffic you use It won´t convert, it won’t get to nowhere. So just remember that okay so as you can see here, this guy message got a prove, these guys said: which one sale you got for $97 or $297 so you can go around and see what they are saying and Demian here said: I´ve done over 2k clicks per trial for the SAM funnel this week.

Average 100 and 200 clicks per trial that’s a good results, oh my God. This is already You know the dream car, so if you have like 100 people paying Clickfunnels using your link the dream car is yours, okay [Robert] same here I got a lot that do the trials but most cancel after the trial is up Demian is also saying that you’ve to be aware when you’re trying to do that because there are people they can just Send you a list of people that they can start a trial but after the trial the can Leave the platform. So you don’t want that, you want people that can stick and use the platform as well and if you want to increase your Active members very fast.

You need to follow up with emails all the time. Sending them Email saying, you know Give them a bonus, giving them reasons why they should use your link, why they should use ClickFunnels okay? Remember that Click funnels is just a step for something Okay People don’t use ClickFunnels just for using click funnels, they use it because they have a business because they want promote something Okay, they use for some kind of landing page to promote any type of business as well.

So as you can see, this guy it’s look like looks like it’s the SAM funnel which has gone viral. You can use this.

Right, so guys if you want for instance to use this funnel. You can just reply to this message click here reply and send a message to Demian and ask if he can send you the I mean the funnel so that you can use, and you know in this community they really help each other? Don’t be afraid to ask, ask anything any kind of questions that you have and they will appreciate to answer Your question. So now that we can find here in the forum that there are people actually Selling or promoting as well the click funnels affiliate So now you know, which kind of vendor you’re gonna succeed the most, you know because they are providing here like You know screenshot they are selling and telling you that, I have that and that’s necessary for your Success To promote ClickFunnels and you can see you can find here a lot of people doing you gonna see Let me just show you one example One example that I saw This one, and as you can see he sent this screenshot Guga, l believe that it is Guga.

I have no idea if I’m pronouncing his name well, I’m sorry But this guy’s is pretty good, his email list is One of the top email lists that you can find here on Udimi, I used it myself So I’m not promoting these you know his stuff, but I’m saying that I used myself and I saw results as you can see sent screenshots of 21 people trials and That’s good.

And he is saying that if you don’t have the funnel, And if you are buying a good amount of click, he (Guga) can send you the funnel and that’s good The funnel that they are using is a good funnel that can convert very well So just put this in mind.

Okay now You now have the solo ad vendor that you want to use. You have all your questions answered Ok, now you can go to To find seller. Ok, you can go to find seller right now and you already know the seller that you will be going to use for and promotion, right? Oh, that’s your gonna use So, just type in the search bar the keyword, let´s use Guga for this example.

Okay. And we are using Guga, for example, You can use anybody that suite your question first of all ask questions Go to the forum, You´ll see which one you can use just for the sake of this video. Let’s use Guga as an example okay, let’s use Guga And also if you want to know exactly how to select the right Solo ad vendor for more in-depth you can just go to the video that is pop-up right now go to this video and watch, there is a lot of things that I am going through to Show you exactly how to select the right Solo ads vendor on Udimi.

So let’s Just come here. And then here you can grab your your Your link The link of your landing page or you can type a text if you have a text just click here I have a text and then you go through and It’s very easy just grab the swipe up that you have or the ad copy that you have and put there and as well, I recommend to use only Top-tier countries: Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand and United Kingdom, Countries that are more likely to buy stuff, you know, they have money to buy stuff So just put that in mind and as well, I recommend you to have a minimum or to buy at minimum one hundred visitors to your landing page just to test it don’t buy more than that.

That’s my recommendation you know if you want to test first of all with Someone you hadn’t by before so just give a try. Okay, give a try it is $62 and you just Add to Cart and you are ready to go! so after that, for instance, we are using this one, right and we Send them in to this landing page that we showed before This one and when people come herein this landing page that we are using for the sake of you This is this is just an example And they put here the email where they put in here And then when they click yes send me the system you need to have Follow-up System on the place before you do that.

Okay, so that when they don’t sign up in the first place You’re gonna send them follow up You know message to give them bonus, to say to them why they need to sign up, you know? Give them a reason why they should do that Okay, by the way, this this landing page right here This is a done-for-you system If you want again, you can grab the link below and use it and when they say yes and mean the system, you know It’s good to go.

It’s good to go. You just need to know how to sell it more stuffs and collect email, you know, don’t forget that. You know, it’s very crucial, that you have to do that And guys, thank you very much for watching this video, if you have any kind of questions, please don’t be afraid just ask I’m gonna give my time and glad to answer your question Please watch all this video that you are seeing right here. Thank you very much See you!!


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