January 14


How To Promote Clickbank Products With Bing Ads: Video 3 – Presell Page profits

By Randy Sult

January 14, 2022

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so we’re back with video digit threeabout how to promote Clickbank offers with bing ads and today we’re reallygonna start diving into the meat and potatoes of making money with Clickbankand Bing because I’m gonna school you about something called pre South pageprofits so one of the main things that you need to know is that there are threeways that you can successfully promote Clickbank makes applying Bing what’s upmy friend Ben Martin here aka the tycoon of email and therefore welcomed my youtubechannel benefits and the paradise on this canal I fix videos about how to growa real income from home the right way and how to build an email list for freeusing YouTube now be sure to subscribe and affected the notification buzzer so you getupdates about brand new videos to this channel too make sure to check out thefirst link in the description box of this video if you’re interested andlearning about a strong style you can do more coin on Clickbank with atraffic root I do not coach about in this video serial so let’s just diveright in then because there are three ways to successfully promote Clickbankproducts with Bing ads practice number one is through something called direct linkingnow with direct join this is where you communicate cold being idol freight directlyto the sales page of the proposal you’re promoting hence the name operate linkingand although you can make money by direct connect I attained through testingthat it’s often the least profitable highway of making money with Clickbank andBing and it’s the method that I use least of all so does that mean thatdirect linking is bad and should never be used well the answer to that questionis no there are times when I do use it myself in my business sometimes ifthere’s an render that I want to quickly test I’ll direct link to that after andthen if it starts to produce sales I’ll construct out a more full expedition around myresults so the second way of promoting Clickbank office through Bing wards isby doing something called schedule house and you’ve probably heard of this beforeif you’ve been around the internet marketing industry for even a day or twonow with register building this is where you transmit cold being God’s traffic to acapture sheet before redirecting it to the sales page of the author you’repromoting and this allows you to build an email list which is super supervaluable so you know an email list is how I’ve made a lot of my fund on theinternet so an email list is super valuable and you can also automaticallyfollow up with parties over and over again once you’ve got an email index nowit’s a well-known fact that most people take up to 7 to 15 revelations to an offerbefore they make a decision on whether to perch it or not and all that all Imean by whether to purchase it or not and 7 to 15 exposures is normally theaverage person needs to see your offer 7 to 15 ages before they decide whatthey’re gonna time which is why over the long run list building is typically thebest mode of moving the most money from your time bank and Bing ads campaignshowever the negative of roll structure is that you commonly make less money at thestart of your safaruss and not all offers suit roll house also itrequires you to have an understanding of auctions imitation and the psychologicaltriggers it takes to get parties to give you their email so if I don’t use directlinking a good deal and I don’t start off trying to build a list with my campaignswhere do I start well I start with way number 3 which issomething called a pre sell page with a pre auction sheet it’s basically a specialpage you can use to warm your traffic up to the offer on the salepage before redirecting it to the sales page a good priest I’ll page helps toshift potential purchasers from a district of pursuing in the internet looking foranswers to their problems to a position of being ready to buy the offer you’repromoting it warms them up to the offer on the sales page and gets them excitedabout buying it but how do you procreate the redres resale page for the offeryou’re to foster and how do you know it’s the chastise resale sheet if you’venever done this before well the reality is that you can only be a hundredpercent sure that you’ve created the redres sheet through testing howeverthrough something announced funnel hacking you can massively start the odds ofsuccess in your advantage let me go over to Clickbank and substantiate you exactly what Imean right now okay so we’re over on Clickbank and I’mgonna go to the marketplace and what we’ll do is we’ll go into the categoriesand as an example I’m gonna go into a business and emarketing so what I’mdoing right here is I’m showing you the exact process I use to come up with theright kind of pre-sale page or at least massively stack the curious of my favorso what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna sort luminou seriousnes real quickly ifyou’re not sure what gravitation is can be attributed to I believe it’s the second video in thisseries where I break down gravity but don’t repeat me on that it could be videoone boy I’ve surely clarified what seriousnes is but regardless let’s say forexample I decided that I wanted to let’s take a look the facts we’ll time do itlike this I’m just gonna do esteem because I think that I’ll pull it upquicker there’s a particular author I’m looking for that I want to use as anexample so let’s say I was of the view that I wanted to promote this productcommission hero which is about making moneywith Clickbank is another mate one who have clip bank type concoctions how would Iknow the exact kind of pre-sale page to use to promote this offer to sendtraffic to what I would do is I’ve got the product name here commission heroand retain we’re running our ads on bing so I’m gonna go to Bing firstly butwe can also you can also do the same on Google but we’re gonna go over to Bingand with Bing I would type in Commission hero review something something likecommission hero review and then what I’m gonna do is you can see that next twothings on bing that are an ad you’ll have the word ad there so this here is afull review on board protagonist and how how it wreaks and this looks likeit’s gonna be some kind of evaluation sheet to and anything that says add next to itis even going to immediately link to the offer or it’s gonna be some kind ofreview sheet so what I’m gonna do is I would right click on this first one I’dopen the link in a new invoice and I’m gonna spy on the race also known asfunnel Hokkien and I’m looking basically on this sheet what does their page looklike what kind of material are they saying you know what kind of imagery are theyusing and I’m making a mental mention of what they’re doing and if you clipactually click on the buttons on the page which I encourage you to do I’mjust gonna click on the bottom of this page I’m gonna open in a new invoice andwhat they’re actually doing is they’ve actually constructed this is their pre-salepage they’ve built a pre-sale page and then they’re actually direct linkingfrom the result page to the order form for theoffer now you just have to check in the termsand conditions of the present that they actually allow you to bypass the webinarand go straight to the order form because some merchants do not like youbypassing their auctions page and proceeding straight to an order form so you have tocheck that in the terms and conditions of this offer I’ve got no idea what theterms and conditions are but what I is very likely do is I would if I wascreating a page for this I would basically be taking a look at this and Iwould be modeling this sheet and I want mannequin I don’t mean flat-out steal andcopy I’m gonna model this sheet so I might use a same organization but I’m I’llprobably substitution up the colours I’m gonna switch up the verbiage but I’m gonnareally want to follow the structure of this page because likelihoods are that thispage is working right now and I actually know the affiliate behind this Fred LOMand he would not be running a page like this if it wasn’t realizing him coin andI’ve noticed that this page has been off for a while so before you do any of thatthough what you would do is you would check these over on this this isinteresting they’re using something advanced called site links I’m not gonnaget into that in this free series bought he’s doing some cool substance of his artbut before I make a decision right on whether or not that’s a good page to useI want to open up some of these other ads in brand-new windows and take a look atwhat they’re doing meet what this person is doing is they’ve related immediately tothe webinar registration page for that ad so this is kind of like theequivalent of the sales page for for the render so they’re not house a pre-salepage or doing a review they’re just linking you straight to the freetraining which then if you watch the freetraining and buy they make money so they’re doing it a little bitdifferently so I like to look through all these top results and I like to seewhat’s going on so we’re going to okay so this this is again this is a reviewpage but this is um came more of a kind of blog II feel to it but again this isthis is a review page so we can see that out of the first three ads we’ve clickedon two of them have gone through a review page and what I actually do isnormally I leave I leave all these open so I can compare what each sheet is doingso this was a review page this was direct join this was a review pagelet’s see what this is this is also a review this is this is a review bloggera review page so we know that three out of the top four results are all usingreview pages so we’re building up a mental sentiment of what’s actually workingso let’s check this one out this is also looking like a review pagebut what this actually what it let’s just take a look at this actually thisis this is actually more like a captivate page what it looks like this person isdoing its collecting your figure and email firstly so they’re building their register andthen they are able to redirect you to the webinar presentation page so if you weregoing to build your list with this offer at a later date this is possibly a pageI would pose when you are creating my register for a last-minute year so mostly three outof the five are using a review page one is using direct link and one iscollecting leads so you can see that not that countless beings are direct linkingyou’re mostly coming a feel that the way to go of this is a review page andthen what I would do is once I’ve established okay people are using areview page so I need to build a review page I would literally use my funnelbuilding software which is clip which is clickfunnels and I would compare all thereview pages on bing I’ve also go to Google and our investigation fee heroreview I would compare the pages on Google and I would begin to pick outwhat are the similarities between these inspect pages because mostly I want toI want to create a page with those ingredients elements on it and you can seeall of these re-examine pages have got big you are familiar with for the most part that can havea pretty big clickable buttons and clickable images and clickable attaches andthey’re all giving you a deterioration you know a short breakdown of what theproduct is how they rate it and some of these pages will also give you bonusesso I would find all those common mannerisms and I would make sure to include them onmy page and I would follow the organizations that most resonated with me when I lookat all three of these sheets I look at page number one I really like this whenI look at page number two this is a little less to my liking because I findit a little bit harder to read and then with page number three I kind of feel alittle bit the same about this but that’s just personalso if I was creating a review page for this product I would compare all theother sheets I would pull off common elements to put on my own sheet but forthe most part I would be following the layout on this page so what I would doof this sheets I’ve sound around I find anything else on now that was relevantto the author I was promoting and I want to include those constituents but what I’mnot gonna do is take their verbiage word for word I’ve got to say what they’resaying but I’ve got to say in my own words and I hope that offsets gumption andthat’s what we’re really doing when it comes to finding the chastise pre-salepage so as you can see it’s not a suit of like figuring it out or reinventingthe rotate it’s really a client of move spoofing and modeling what already worksso let’s just take another Clickbank offer let’s go under let’s go underself-help and let’s take a look at self-help and we’ve got if I can find itso does the last highways let’s sort by gravitation for a few seconds and let’s see if itpulls up something else okay I want to find a specific furnish I’m gonna typein okay so here’s something called the last book of rectifies so let’s say Iwanted to promote this offer exactly the same thing I’m gonna go to Bing and I’mgonna type in the last book of remedies and I’m going to see what’s on thesepages it’s again it’s not rocket science I’m just literally funnel Hawking so thelast volume of redress let’s see when I click on buy now where does that take meit’s taken me to Clickbank order form so this looks like this page might actuallybe from the make developer themselves so let’s have a look the facts of the case let’s typein the last book of panaceas as form in review and I’m gonna go down I’m gonnasee what this page looks like okay that looks like the same page as the last onelet’s click on this one because this is an art and let’s take a look okay sothis looks like yeah this is this looks like a review so this this is a reviewpage so what they’ve done on this page is they’ve applied a headline at the topthey’re putting some kind of story underneath these likeness okay well what Iwould have done is I was gonna say these epitomes are clickable but they’re not Iwould have did these personas clickable so when soul clicked the portrait theywould be taken to the sales video but mostly they’re they’re given a shortreview and then they’re frame link to either the sales page so when you clickon this it’s either going to go to the sales page or the order form so I’mgonna click on it and let’s see where it takes usyes so they’re do us to the checkout sheet here they’re bypassing the salesvideo now you have to double check that the volunteer you’re promoting allows you todo that if they say in their Terms of Service that you’re not allowed tobypass their marketings textile then don’t do it if they don’t say anything thenyou can do that but with all my revaluation pages right now I basically have areview page or some form of pre wording sheet and I link to the sales page or thesales video of the proposal I’m not actually bypass in their marketings materialbut you can mostly see what’s going on now right and it’s the same sameprocess you would look at all these different ads doing recalls you wouldstart to find or what are the common veers I’m seeing and then you wouldbuild your page modeling those pages that resonate with you using the commontrends you find on those sheets and that is really one of the big-hearted keys to successwith being pickets and clickbank not reinventing the pedal simply followhacking and modeling what’s already out there working and realise over affiliatesmoney well that’s it for today’s video my friends if you have any questions orfeedback make sure to leave it in the comment section below also check outthat link which will make you to a training about another potent trafficsource you can use to make money on Clickbank and likewise don’t forget tosubscribe and push the notification bell and recollect your merely attend mini emailaway so that

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