November 4


How To Make Money With Solo Ads

By Randy Sult

November 4, 2021

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How can you make money with solo ads? A lot of people seem to be asking that question lately and I know why that is.


Most people think that when it comes to making money online it’s just a matter of getting traffic to your offer and you will make sales. So if I’m sending lots of traffic to my sales page using solo ads as an affiliate marketer then I should be able to make lots of sales and lots of money.


What ends up happening though is that you will spend some money on solo ads and you’ll get some clicks but you don’t get many sales or maybe not even one sale. So then you think that you can’t make money with solo ads.


Just like with anything you need to follow a process and have a system in place before you start spending money on traffic. Don’t just pick an offer as an affiliate and grab the affiliate link and blast it with traffic. You need to have a complete system set up and that’s what most people call a sales funnel.


When used properly solo ads are a great source of traffic and a way to build your list with leads. Leads become followers and followers become customers. You can’t take a website visitor right to the checkout page of your offer and expect them to buy. You have to build a relationship with them.


So when using solo ads to make money online your front end goal need to be to collect as many leads as possible. So you should be focusing on a landing page or what is also called the capture page. You should have a compelling yet simple landing page where the only goal is to get the visitor to give you their email address or maybe name and email address. That’s it! Nothing else!


DO NOT send your solo ad traffic to a sales page EVER!


Don’t judge the success of a solo ad campaign on how many front end sales you make. In fact…shhhh… here’s a secret: You shouldn’t be selling anything up front. You instead should be giving something to the visitor in return for their email.


If you want to see an example of a high quality, simple landing page that gets leads (and eventually LOTS of sales) then click right here.


Now on the other side of that landing page if you enter your email, there’s a lot of things going on. What happens to that lead depends on what they do AFTER they give me the email address. Everything is tracked but my main goal is to get your email address.


So I’m able to collect a ton more leads than the average affiliate marketer because that is what I’m focused on. Not everyone will end up being a customer of my latest offer. Some will follow me on social media, some will join me in network marketing opportunities, some will be readers and commenters on my blog, some will watch my YouTube videos. Some will just open and read my emails and never buy anything from me.


But the main point is that I’m able to direct them all into my circle of influence and each one of them that stays on my email list be staying engaged will provide me with value in the long run. All of that ends up making me a lot of money.


In another article we will talk about how to keep your email list engaged by providing value and turning subscribers and leads into customers.


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