August 13


How To Make Money With Solo Ads – Solo Ads Training – Part 1


August 13, 2023

Make Money With Solo Ads – Solo Ads Training – Part 1 Hey guys, Steve IN China here and in this video I'm gonna show you how you can gain fast results by understanding and
implementing the importance solo ads in your online business. So let's get started Okay guys now, for the most of you who
have gone through my six-figure blueprint you'll already be aware that I've built a reputable solo ads business from the ground
up, and I want to assure you that when solo ads are done correctly, they
can produce amazing results and they're also a perfect marketing
strategy for those who are just getting started with internet marketing. So, it's really worth putting in the time
to master this traffic source and that's exactly why I'm here to teach you on how to find the best approach when it
comes to solo ads. Now for those of you who don't know what a solo ad is… it’s essentially a popular way for internet marketers to get their message out to large numbers of targeted prospects for a relatively low cost.

The basic approach to this is that, you would find someone in your niche who owns a large list of subscribers. You would then agree on X amount unique clicks to have sent to your offer, and when I mean unique clicks I mean that, in your email the basic approach this is
that you would find someone in your niche you under largely so subscribers you don't
agree on X amount of unique clicks to have sent
your offer I'm when I mean unique lakes Umina for each
individual person at click that link to your email you basically have a guarantee person
and see what you have to offer you effectively rain delay spy pain in
to send out an email to their subscribers and it's the reason that myself and many
others like you can say loudspeakers is one of the best traffic sources that
email subscribers my second favorite traffic sources
Facebook paid ads the reason so I did my first choice is
because if the nice consistent and reliable
traffic source when it comes to email subscribers now no matter what nature in whether it
be fitness internet marketing make money online is
gonna be you might consist in traffic source because there is always someone
out that building a targeted email lists and targeted subscribers to put it simply the mall targeted
traffic you end up with the more sales and profit you'll get so for instance a the make money online
niche which is pretty pretty much my mean age now when you
have a ton of people who are interested in seeing business opportunities is really hard to find one place that
you can get those types of people now blogging works exceptionally well
but the reason it works better is because somebody already did all the
hard work for you they we have a targeted email lists and
he's pretty much traffic on demand so if you want more traffic it's as
simple as by more sale ads and a right on the site are provided out there so is
a very very consistent traffic source something I would suggest doing is not
just to go out and buy traffic from anyone he says I can send your site
allowed you can get co-op in all kinds a poor traffic fake traffic and you know from booklets
and wife is things like that if anything I suggest come to me and
asking for my opinion on Sun so I providers or would be even better is that we could
run a co-op and I pretty much say fuel house only by
a little traffic is a group from high quality traffic provided from
people I've been working with since I got side in the solar lights
business which was around March 2013 going back to what I was just
sayin let's say that you want to get 200 leads
today okay now this can very easily be done if
you wanna get 500 or 1000 or 5000 or as much as you can afford to buy you
can buy it now the reason is probably one of the
best traffic sources out there is a people are conditioned to
put their email into a squeeze page in order to get a
free offer so the people in this niche especially if you're in the make money online it's like I am they're
often used to put in there a mountain to squeeze page they know that if they want to get some
free train or whatever is on the other side they need to put in a remount to
get the offer this is why it's one of the most
consistent and reliable traffic sources the people who own lease email
newsletters they want to be there they want you to present them with
business opportunities you know they use to receiving
promotions and looking for different business opportunities to join so is not like some other traffic
sources like say blog in way you have to convince
somebody in order to put in a e-mount to get on your email newsletter
is going to take a lot more time to build enough traffic to your blog but you probably won't end up getting as
many email to stay as you would probably think that traffic is type which I think it responds
differently so what I mean is that not everybody who is going a huge the pain
in the email address n some other just like know they hear
about a business opportunity the type into the search engine if I my
blog but they're not used to pay in every million to get a free offer so too then they may be skeptical if
it's sad that first business opportunity they're looking into they may be scared to put their email
address in because is just something that they're just not
used to a okay now they may think it's a scam or they
might think something is going wrong compared to someone who's on aside
allowed laced that already conditioned supper in a rematch s in net to receive
a promotion they know what they're getting
themselves into and use to it that's why it's the most consistent
traffic source and that's why it's very very easy to scale to put it simply is just an equational
by more traffic in Assiut not the reason to go into the size
business and the main reason I like them is a is very affordable depending on where
you get your site I G campaign all or less and a dollar click I've even
seen two dollars a day it just depends on what kind of wish to
get in if you're buying into a dedicated bias lacy going to have to really dig
around to find people that will let you tap into that buys less for the most part is often a freebie
seekers list some with the lists are going to be free
opportunity seekers mixing the buyer's bank order to get
dedicate buys less you will pay a premium however you can
get traffic a lower price per as I said before you have to be really
careful who you're buying from I G Star get more expensive the traffic
is often higher quality since I've always say lies I purchased
many cider at so I've done a lot of tests and basically filtering out the losers in finding
premium providers I now work with on a regular basis at
the end of the day if you decide to buy say I can feel free
to ask me anything before jumping in making the decision to buy not there are few ways to decide to ads
but i wanna talk to you about the different methods are I'm going to be
showing you how I go about doing it and how to find some good side leads but
the first thing you should know is that when you actually do is say loud you
need a good headline body copy and this makes all the
difference another talk about not just in a minute but a
lot of sunlight vendors who use their own headline copy as well as body copy
because most people when they try to make up their own
headlining body copy to be honest and not really that great a lot then release up nothing that a lot
of companies are to blame because most people would issues what the
company provide and because they give out to everyone within amarah weeks that copy is pretty
much I ve done and it becomes ineffective not
seen plenty of people that have brought so much from me and a buddy cop in
headline thinking about just but not confer so it's not a big deal but I would
suggest testing out different headlines and body copies and get used to write nan I'll always be
here to help you but do any and just asking for it are two completely different things but
regarding a copy there is a way to do that the next thing to mention is that your
headline chink gauge interest to get aprons say something you need to realize
is that when you do anything with email marked in whether it's a site
allowed to whether you're sending out uranium out see a list the headline is crucial and it makes all the difference if the headline is in
great you know it doesn't catch 00 gauge interest it doesn't have something to make
someone to open it unite you I permite won't be great and you click freeways
gonna be horrible meaning that you gonna get less people
seeing your offer but this is something I had to lie when I first i doing email
mark 10 and how I did it was i subscribe see a
bunch of people's email lists just to get ideas of what they were using for
headlines that way you can see what kinda body
copy in headlines marked as a center now to give you an idea of how to do you run
it's best to keep the body could be short and straight to the point yet you wanna wrinkly curiosity that makes
people want more information so just remember take sets in the body
of the email needs to be short and straight to the
point it needs the gauge interests as well because if you tried to right way too long is
going to lose interest with regards to the headline itself you
know they're e-mount title you also want to try and keep that show
sometimes you can make it longer but keep it sure and include curiosity if
you can because if it makes in think and the details
straight to the point it will make them want to click on the link to get more
information now when actually click on the link
inside at the email make sure your squeeze page is congruent with the body copy because
if it's not let's say you're talking about how to
make five thousand dollars and may click on the squeeze pages about
how smart SEO well then obviously it's not very
congruent even if you can make money from me is not going to get their
attention and is probably going to cause a lot lower all teammates if any at all said just make sure that
everything with regards to the body copy and the squeeze page lineup I mean this is pretty much common sense
but you'd be surprised I've seen people where their body copy doesn't match anything
with that squeeze page and that's a big reason why you don't get a great I'll
teen great results even if he didn't know any of this I'm
glad I'm in a position to at least be out a teacher in help you from going down the same mistakes I
first made when I first got started I just don't want you to feel that
something like this is something you could never figure out because I was also in the same position but
since then I've gained a lot of experience so if you have any doubts
don't be afraid to ask now the next thing I want to bring up he
need to focus on breaking even on you'll spend so you can reinvest in this is when most
people don't think logically and this is why they get very poor
results when do in sale ads and this comes down to the structure of
your sales funnels so what happens is that most people
would invest say a hundred dollars into a siloed and if
you just break even worse they don't break even they make nothing all are you make a
little bit money so what happens is that most people
would invest say hundred dollars into a cycle add and if
they just break even know if they don't break even they make nothing or I E make a little
bit money as people go for your sales funnel and then you know it's a lost cause so
the end up dumping site lights and they say doesn't work well this is a mistake I made early on
and when I first i'd silo as I was like all this method doesn't work is just
junk traffic is no what everyone says it is I'm really it wasn't the traffic it was
me I didn't have a sales funnel in place a had nicest thing to say people free to
make me money on the back end of my marketing funnel once people walked into my email list I
had nice system to make money say if they didn't buy initially
like when you read our into one time offer or special offer
which is something you might have experienced before or it could be redirected to whatever
company put out the promoter in but if they don't make sales United they
automatically counted as a loss I'm tiny dies it took me a number of
course is a varied from sale ads you know it down to Dunphy sales funnels
to actually think about the importance of having a profitable
sales funnel so I'm gonna save your love how so
explain its you right here now part the reason to make your money
is a you need to be emailing often to your list you know and you need to have a sales
funnel in place so if you don't have a cell phone place I would suggest you to go back and watch
a video that I D previously up before continuing on with sidelights and how to
do it because if you do not have a cell phone in place
you'll even a ton of money on the table without a sales funnel you're not going
to break even and you're probably not going to make any profit if you do break even this say if you spend a hundred dollars you only
real goal is to make hundred dollars back and when I first
saw it I can understand that concept a sore be mentioned several times but
let me explain St and I'll do my best to make it as clear
as possible so he spend a hundred dollars in silence annual goal is to make a hundred dollars
back you know you makes a hundred dollars back plus now you gain 50 or
eighty subscribers back which means you've just build your email
list for free now if you believe this thing you've
made your money back your business is now free and then if
you reinvest that money again and you break even again or possibly be
in profit and Yuki we invest in it then soon you have a big list so what
happens then is that at Spain gets more more because you'll
make more profit in the back end and the follow-ups and then basically they'll end up
getting more money and your list gets bigger so what
happens next well you take your original investment
and you compound it with the profits are making on the back n a simple way to understand this is that
the big deal subscriber list becomes the more money you make and I'm telling
you guys it's simple as that some you should also consider is that
subscribers have an average industry standard safe every subscriber you have you make
at least one dollar and I can tell you right now my
subscriber list as well as a whole lot more than that because I focus a lot
more on value-based content to really engage in my list but even if you're fairly new to online
marketing and you just now for the worst offers in the world and trust me people by then by seriously
recommend that you don't do this because it doesn't do you any favors but you going to make at least one
dollar per subscriber anyway say let me just give you an example if
you had at twenty thousand people on your list
you should be making at least twenty thousand dollars a month and I can say from having a lot of
friends in this industry which they pretty much do I told G that
basically emailing different offers every day and I don't really focus on
engaging a list you have to understand site allowed list is completely
different from unless that we want to build nOCO so different lace but I can tell
you my ex-wife is a heck of a lot more energy follow the principles I T Chi heels will be as well and if you folks
on these concepts and especially the last play which is the most important
one here and whatever pay traffic sources that
you use in you only interest is to break even so if
you spend a hundred dollars you wanna make a hundred dollars back as
they go free all sales final now you reinvest a hundred dollars and
then as they sought to gain profit he take your profits plus your original
a hundred dollars and your marketing budget come together
and then you use that to put back in making email is big on making more money each
month so what happens now is that you have an automated business that's
run completely free and you know out pocket okay I wanna go more into you this what
copy or in other ways to take that would be used in the email because this is
very important and I'll show you an example my squeeze
page here in a minute that he need a congruence subject line and
body copy that guy's longwave what we're talking about because your
squeeze page will also need to reflect that and be very similar so
right here I've got swype given from mytouch a business and the subject line
is confirm your free video now so obviously once they obtain are going
to redirect into sales video that can show them how they
can get 1000 free thousand and five thousand dollar commissions the nicest here only eight spots left so
you have scarcity in an mean in he let me know that hey this is
a limited time offer and not get people's attention if you're
thinking to yourself hey other one EU scarcity if there's not really a spots left I'm
telling you this stuff works are I'm so sick with this and on know some
people had spent thousands just a test scarcity but what you have to understand is that
people need a reason to take action they need a reason to put in every mountain and
that is exactly what you want to do now if you take a look here now is that
the body copy is congruent to the subject line so in a body copy also mentions about
1,000 3,000 and 5,000 dollar commissions say only eight spots left free video
reveals a twenty once that businesses to net deposits 1000 3000 five thousand
dollar commissions directly into your bank account you'll
also have a fine team illegal disposal to closure leads we guarantee you make a commission
within 30 days of complete missteps will pay you five hundred dollars in
cash and of course I include my link their now I'm getting twenty why each step to
this is done so this is actually promote an offer the
I'm company involved in right now which is called mud or might want a business so on the
company squeeze page they give you it talks about a twenty once that
business model that allows you to make 1000 free files in five thousand dollar
commissions now twelve months I does the people my
listing customers in general I would say that ninety-nine percent
then 12 traffic to be sent directly to the company squeeze page but I never use the company squeeze
pages and you'll see this in a train I did not teach you to do that either
because is just not going to work very well so basically what I did was I modeled of
the squeeze pages and I made my own custom squeeze page
now I mostly use in a bit what the system is actually promote him which is
one of his biggest selling points and not simply that you don't have to
sell this is one of the main reasons why I joined because there's actually a fine team in place it
does the same forty so wanna the biggest thing that people
want is they want more businesses box kinda thing and I a dump the system
so on plane officer you don't need to have a fine team you
don't have to bank phone calls herself they provide a fainting for you that
does all the sales for you and a lot business opportunities
especially in the past it was required to be on the fighting to make sales the internet marketing industry go away
from not trying to say that you know you just now to a squeeze page
all a sales page and you good and you know it does work
but your conversions are lot lower then when
you actually talk to somebody I use a fine team that mobile anti-tb
has in place and anytime you have a fine team
yourselves a really high so the plane of that they giving you a
professional fine tame now the last part we guarantee you'll
make a commission within 30 days of completeness that so we'll pay you five
hundred dollars in cash and this is important because most
people want to guarantee you know they want something to make
them feel like there is some kind of guarantee in place that and not to lose money and they're
not going to get scanned out money and they have something they can rely on
so with this particular offer if you don't make money in your first 30 days by following the steps Mecum proof that
you follow the steps the No give me five hundred dollars in
cash if you don't make a thousand dollars in your first 30 days said basically that's all it is is given
him enough to grab their attention get their interests and make them want
to click on that squeeze page and in the next reality show you this
grease page before I get into showing you where to get so and so it just makes
sense and you can peace everything that you've
line here all together but now I wanna talk to you about some very important
things that you need to know and missus a lot of stuff that a lot of people miss now on now my
side I had vendors for the most part are not going to use the same spot for you
give then by suggests that you learn to do that
stuff anyway because it's going to help you get more comfortable and better write you an email house but
is also good for when you actually work out a good deal with the satellite provider in the future so
if you provide a good swipe in any now or get high or subject line lot Hunza
vendors who use it and if you have a solid cell phone in place and say hey I just made on my money back
Mason proffit your side to a provider will most likely
key your email copy and use it again in the
future but for the most part they know when new be stuck out this white still
performs well on basically if not going to get clicks so when I guarantee you going to get say
500 clicks but the last thing they want to do is
email the offer any cats like 200 clicks and they have to keep male in our own
hammering lives to try and get into click another I've gone free day several times
so what myself another so %uh providers we do is we'll notify us what to make it
so that it's actually going to get clicked because a lot people are not very good with copy
line they understand how to create good swat file but you know I'm gonna show you how to
actually get some good ideas for some really good swat files so that way
you can provide a good flight once you're ready to stop by and sidelights now the next thing is very important is
before you pay for a site I you need to use tracking say for me I
personally use quality control and click magic I will show you how
these what well in another video but if you haven't got much press yet then I highly recommend it because it's
very simple to use they should just looking for a high
quality squeeze page 10 in our help you out so if you buy
quality click Control click magic under my affiliate link I'll work with young will build you a
high conveying Constance grease paint similar to the one that's making me a
lot of money a final with nice people something up
too much press would be the best way to get up and running if you're not a technical person and
then won the house so im just like to keep things simple upped my price is probably going to be
an ideal investment because a vote of things that you get with it
when starting out now the next thing is that you want to make a new email list
and a new squeeze page for each side about you by because you want to track the quality of
place Leeds this is actually another mistake I made Disney be when I started
out we just set up the same email campaign
and I i really didn't understand the importance is split testing so what is split tests and actually mean
well it can mean a few different things that
usually means when you have to squeeze pages and you test the
traffic to one squeeze page and so much to the other to see which
ones converts battering you basically eliminate a loser another thing that as far as this guy's
is a when you're buying difference I live
from different providers some ima gonna be performing better than
others say say maybe I'll squeeze pages no make
that 40 percent but then all of a sudden you get to
another list and it converts a twenty-percent in a usually that means if your squeeze
page is used to convey in a certain number you know that that traffic is probably
not so good so what I personally do is I create a new email campaign and inside you all to respond up you
just create a new list unless demonstrate an example let's just
say that this person's name is I deny justice go in like okay so i buy
an aside from Mike and now I create list and not usually
name in something like Mike know of 15 Manian on buying from
Mike my son what day is November 15th so that way I contract that site and why
do is once I have my squeeze page setup
ourself everything quality click Control click magic so that way I can keep track of a list
that's as far as unique clicks and how many T one country
so my offer and my overall conversions you can even
know all this stuff down and create the accounts preachy say you goodnight down the new list name
as well as wit screech pages been sent a you can
also include then named the South pay way but the
traffic from and you can even make a note of their
skype contact or face but link so that way we can get in contact with them
whenever you need to be then say bye over the next week or two
after having received oil aids you can then check whether
these people are responding to your emails meaning on the clicking on the links in emails
or are they just not open any emails the toll so if I put 300 or 400 people from a thousand cakes I'll add I only a
couple people are open any emails we know that that person is probably
sell a nice chunk trafficking is not so good so you would mark that person of the
latest in since I've been in this for quite a long time now I would recommend buying the traffic
with me so that way you'll be getting the highest quality traffic West 728
figure runners-up also get a traffic from you can also go out and find a run by it
but just be sure to track everything the issue leases and scale the winners
now of you buy enough for days was can actually happen is that usually you're gonna buy it may be
around 10 so that's say somebody's a junk from you just never gonna buy from
them again free of florida maybe leases but the
rest of them are going to be when is the make up for
the losers so the key to say let's is testing I can you guess the other one again is
test in this in guys is really the key to
anything in this business and keep a detailed spreadsheet every
site I like you by because I find out what most people do is that
they have nice system so they'll end up buying a sidelight
here and there the mix it in with all the same place and I have no way to track which one is
pull on which one is actually delivering quality leads this is why people fail in this business
especially was so loud speakers they just have no way of really knowing
what traffic is good in which is in after a week or so all you really have
to do is look at which ones are responding and which are not the ones are responding is obvious in a
YouTube gonna wanna go back and consider by not traffic on a consistent basis and if you buy in bulk he can usually
get there till okay so if you're wondering where to find some of the best
places to buy sale ads I've listed them right here feat so this
quickly dive into each one the first one is the worry a form and
this is one of the places I buy from Austin I don't buy from them as much as I used
to but when I need extra traffic are looking here every now and again the
first one is the worry a form and this is one of the places I buy from of them a don't buy from them as much as I used
to but when I need extra traffic a look here every now and again because
the good thing about this is that in most cases you'll find on his
testimonials and you can find side providers on here
that are even sending out to some law 100 percent directly to that
buyers now the next one is direct web sites so
I like to buy sodas from direct talks and stuff like that so I will go out there and find hearty
blogs you know you send them an email and ask them if they're willing to send
out so hard for you just because a website doesn't have a
tie sides it doesn't mean that they won't do it a lot time he can negotiate especially
bloggers and this is why light well with all this
because a lot of them don't know how to monetize a traffic I have a blog by Mark to not blogger I
use my blog nicely to help deliver my content across but with my main goal in
mind I'm not using it as a lead generation tool now most people use the boat just a blog
give out free information see even go to those people that bill up
a top ten list of subscribers over the course of a couple years in
your own age I one of the best ways to do this is actually not something many people
know about here century finding hedonists from a wet all get response
and you use a certain search string not your type into Google and I look like
this you then click on any of the search
result basically you Inslee have access to thousands of blogs using email mark team
with either a wearable get response who were in your
niche and I'm seriously by this can be a real gold mine so you can follow this and get in
contact with these bloggers and work out a deal some even asked what is a site allowed
then you can explain to them in are sent you know hey how much she a Mountie a whole list that you really
want to get some information from him in us and what they do as far as how many
open rates and how many subscribers they had you really
question to ask a few things to get good results now the next one is Facebook rates are
show you how to actually go ahead and do that but you can search Facebook rates you know there's hundreds them where
site that provides hanging out you can even join testimonial going to find out
who is commonly given kits I'll ads the same applies to Skype great so if
you get bad sale at providers who is selling can traffic the community as a whole outside person
this industry is very testimony where line so somebody buys from now on and for
whatever reason they get scandal they don't deliver people talk and you
can spread like wildfire pin scams out business very quickly to
just keep that in mind something else such a point now is that
there are people who just don't care kelso you the clicks and then I'll just
never deliver I know this happens because it's
happened to me many times in the past and not why I recommend getting involved
in a group I'll something with me so it will never happen but the good
thing is that buy it having these community site Facebook and Skype group the people are there to protect each
other net also sharing result they get okay so the final
auction and a probably say that this is going to be the most ideal for you and
that's the buyer's side I directly from me and that's because I don't often buy
from the typical sources my cellular providers do you can see my son who had served as
page order testimonials from people have been helping to build Ellis generate on a sales when you're buying
from typical satellite providers that all pretty much blind from each other and hammering analysts many times a day
think of it this way if you on a side laced annual been sent to several
offers on a daily bases you know you walked into another screech
page in a you have more emails from the next satellite provider and he just becomes overwhelming so you
have to deal with going through old easy mouse maybe fifty to a hundred emails a
day so as you can probably guess these lists
are not going to convert as well and this is why people complain it's I'll
add some convo n with that being said I buy from the
highest quality providers out there the cost at least two thousand dollars
to buy in these are the types of places where your seven and a figure owners are
buying their sites as well and this is how I'm reaching good
numbers myself now in order to do this you have to buy in bulk I know people are buying 10,000 to
20,000 dollars a month in traffic which is exactly the kind of figures
I'll be spending in a future and in order to offset my cost I share
that with some people on my list and people just like you so if you're interested in buying a sale
at package you know I have taxes for everybody and
you can click on the link below this video and I will take things from there I do have some biases that will really
help you out depending on the package so check it out once a raid to invest in
solar lights and the last thing I suggest to not dive straight into this until you
get a little experience and know what you actually dealing with but in time of you get really good at
sale ads I suggest you to start looking around in you know the community in South building
a relationship can take things from there so with that being said I'm gonna go
ahead and show you next video how to do everything this is Steve from Steven China to calm
and if you have any questions just leave a comment below thanks guys

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