February 1


How To Make Money With Solo Ads


February 1, 2022

this video i’m going to show you how you can make money with solo ads you will need a budget for this at least to buy the ads and likewise other expenses that you might have such as landing sheets autoresponders attach trackers and so on software that will help you increase your benefits and you will be able to realize commissionings but likewise constructed your directory with this method and so if you say until the end i’m also going to show you how to avoid bad vendors and likewise how to get targeted traffic for offerings which have a specific geo in mind such as cpa offers so stay chanted if you would like to check that out[ Music] hi i’m hugo and in this video we’re going to be checking out this traffic source which is a play traffic source and it’s called solo ad or solo ads and first i’m going to give you a short rundown of what they actually are solo ads are mainly exactly email advertisers that you buy from someone else’s email list so other email list owners other purveyors have been building their email list in a specific niche for a long time and then you can take advantage of that and send a message to those email list subscribers promoting an volunteer a commodity and so on you will pay for a certain number of email sounds or sounds on those emails to buy solo ads you will need to find a seller and contact him or use a system or place such as udemy which is pretty much an aggregator with a lot of solo ads that you can buy and they have different proportions and so on it is very important to choose the privilege dealers and filter out people who might be selling you a mixed bag of someone else’s solo ads move clinks and paid ads which will result in very poor arises on your place because those people are not really interested in what you are promoting and sometimes this gives a bad rep to the ad format and so what you are aiming for is a list of steadfast readers interesting in the topic not freebie seekers or scrapped emails from random websites and so if you do it right you are getting a huge opportunity to sell relevant offers and build up your email schedule at the same time so udemy is a great target where you can find solo ad vendors and i’m utilize it as an example you have the vendors tab and you can scroll through a knot of them you can filter them by use filters which are here at the top so the hear vendors tab is right here i was previously on the home so you go now and you’ll recognize a bunch of those frequently they are just sorted by the amount of beings or clicks that get shift this is what this stat or emblem right here would convey and then you you can choose one so you can filter them by marketings right here and you can choose a niche you can choose the countries or the main countries and there are a lot of them who actually have a mix of countries meaning that all of them are from surpass tier but they are not undoubtedly from really one single country so if you click on one of solo ad dealer you can come here and then you can see the rate that they accuse for the number of clicks so “youve had” 100 clicks minimum 300 and then you have the max for 1000 for this specific seller and they have a cost per clink right here so this one would be 95 cents for it or 0.95 dollars and then you can use some filters such as a prime filter the only top rank so this would include countries such as usa uk canada australia new zealand and singapore and this would provided free of charge more 10 cents per sound and then you can choose also only mobile traffic then what you would need to do is put your affiliate link or the link for an offer right here so this can be as i said an furnish from someone else’s or your own offer or produce and then you can choose exclusively attach if you have selected only relate they will write all of the email reproduce for you and then promote your connection or if you click on included verse right here you can choose the facsimile that wishes to the provider or solo ad seller to send to their customers then you click on finish say and that’s it if you want to buy it very straightforward nonetheless what’s recommended is not following this process but instead contacting the solo ad vendor directly and then asking them what the hell are you demand for instances if you are promoting a specific offer or a cpa offer if you will we can then narrow down what we want such as mobile or desktop the countries that we want and everything like that so let’s say that for instance you are promoting an proposal in the bs op niche and you require merely traffic from australia so if the vendor say to you that they have top tier traffic exclusively but you exclusively want to buy for australia you can contact them right here and just ask them if they can provide you traffic from that specific geo which is australia and then you will pay for pilgrims time from australia which would mean that you will buy less but too that the traffic will be much more targeted you can ask for other specific nonsense as well for portable only and surface tier simply you can even have a better agreement for it and then again according to what they say you can just fill up those studies and then time click on buy and that’s it or you can just talk to them and get a deal for it it’s highly recommended that you reach out to the seller before you purchase anything as i said and if you don’t do that you might be missing a great opportunity some sellers can actually construct you a good deal for traffic merely from one country one device type and get them to email at a specific schedule that’s another one you can ask them from be discussed with the seller that is intended to him to send the emails on a specific day and appointment because the hour on a country might be different so there’s that and you want to send the email to your possible clients when they are the most active on their email purchasers so as you can see in this example the minimum that you can actually order is 100 clinks for 98 dollars so one of the things that you can do should you want to promote affiliate offerings or cpa renders is adding to your network or program and check out a soul self-liquidation offer what this conveys is pretty much that within one or two marketings you will be able to get all your fund back so this means that you would have to search for higher payout offers and then go for exactly higher by per make or per sale so we would actually go to something which would closely accord the same rate so it would be something around 90 on 100 so we have a bunch of those right here this is for 80 so here you have some for eighty dollars per precede 78 and something like that this means that with one cell or just two auctions you would be even and everything apart from that would be only profit from what you spend on solo earth clinks so if you go now a lot of them are from the us simply so “theyre not” from simply top tier countries but specifically from u.s or canada which means that you would need to contact your vendor and ask them for exactly specific traffic to that geo and that action you are able to of course too save a lot of money now if we open an proposal this one is actually worldwide you would need to then create or grab your attach in this case this one would require you to get paid from max bounty firstly and then you would need to copy paste that right here on simply join but if you just wanted to and you are expecting to get more arises faster and too have some more budget what you can do is use your promoted software to build a landing page and then too captivate email so if you are just direct relate you won’t have that option if you want to build your email register you should create a landing page which i’m not going to show in this particular video and you would place the link of your arrive page right here copy paste it here and that’s it then you can use your tie-up tracker to take a look at how many people actually go to the page who purchased and everything like that and of course you can improve your own email list so if someone ops to your email index but doesn’t purchase the product you will still have that leave that you can then retarget and send content later on which is pretty good so if you can afford it it is important that we nonetheless if you can’t you can just steal a direct tie-in and it will still work to a certain extent so that’s pretty much it for this video thanks for watching now hopefully see you on the next one bye-bye[ Music] you

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