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How To Make Money Online Without Website & Without Audience 🔥


April 4, 2022


you don’t have an gathering online you don’t have awebsite you don’t want to create one or a blog and start publishing material and waiting maybe formonths or years to establish an online business you simply want a shortcut you want to makemoney online fast without waiting and working too much you are in the exact right placethis video is for you stay aria hi everyone i’m hassan from h-educate and today i’mreally so excited to publish this video today simply i will share with you the roadmap how youcan obligate my online fast without having a website and without having an audience starting fromscratch not only that then i will show you how i did this last week so i knew it i testedit i know it productions and today i’m sharing with you the roadmap and my experience everything on thescreen my dashboards what i did everything in detail and what’s nice in less than 10 times soif you are ready let’s start together but before don’t forget if it’s the first time for you hereon my direct and you’re interested to watch more videos about digital marketing online business howto make money online crypto jolly occasion studies real event don’t forget please knock the subscribebutton like the video and let’s start together so what is the fastest way to make money onlineif you are following me you know i explain a lot of business simulations a great deal of methods to build abusiness online like blogging creating content saas works supporting freelancing servicesand much so much better but today i want to share a specific method that numerous people workswith online and 100% guaranteed 100% working and it’s so simple as a notion and maybeyou already know it but you didn’t know how to apply it i’ll have to start in short theeasiest room to make money online is to sell something online sell a make online very nicenow the main questions are what are the products that you are going to sell perhaps you tell me nowi don’t have a product okay don’t worry just some patience and the second important question is howto sell it we said we don’t have an audience how to sell this concoction so this video is about how tosell a product without a website without gathering so let’s answer the first question what to sellonline mainly we have two types of produces physical produces and digital products physicallike t-shirts like electronics anything you want to sell drapes anything now to be honest with youi didn’t ordeal yet selling physical products i am doing some research now i’m doing some testswhen i finish i will share it with you but i have a lot of knowledge selling digital produces sothis is what we are going to focus in this video what do you buy digital produce anything coursesebooks swipe data graphics layouts instagram poles packages whatever digital product you cansell you can simply now go to google write down digital products precedents you will get hundreds ofexamples that you can get and sell but now for the sake of this video i will pick two examplesjust to narrow down and continue our work i will pick ebooks and routes now you may tell me idon’t know how to write an ebook i don’t know how to create a course again we have a lot of otherexamples please do some study from your area “were having” patterns you can create with canva instagrampost swipe documents anything you can sell online anything again to our example i will pick ebooksand directions you can simply go to websites like buy qualityplr.com or the plr accumulation speck com oridpl.com and buy a plr make what is plr product it’s simply a make that you have the rightto reuse and sell you have total rise to sell so super easy travel here as two examples and searchfor an ebook a course we have a lot of trash now free and paid you can get and you will have theright to sell now in my experience it’s really so important to revise what you buy so merely do someeditings compose your own version of the ebook or such courses or whatever you aregetting cause your own version then go and sell it you can see here the uplrproducts we have here videos software applications ebooks templates graphics music we have a lot ofstuff you can download have the rights edit them and then sell it okay so the idea is somehowclear now in my event going back to my test to my own experience i chiefly sellonline directions you know here in my establishment if you go here i have a list of online coursesso what i did last week i picked this course this one now but i know a lot of you will tell mehey hassan you already have audience we can sell it this is why i try to sell this course withoutmy audience away from my public so what i did is i promoted it outside my websites outsideeverything we will see now how and this is what makes us to the second question is how to promotethe digital product how to sell it how to promote it without gathering but before we move on to myreal case study and tell you how you can promote a make without audience i want to announce anew giveaway for this month a lot of you asked me about the new giveaway so today we have anew giveaway three hundred dollars for three winners if you wanna join you can find the link indescription below to join the giveaway let’s now continue our work so how to sell this commodity thisdigital make simply we have two methods the free method and the compensate technique if you miss superfast reactions you need to go with a compensate programme and that’s what i did where i saw my first revenuefrom the second day if you want free procedure you are eligible to simply entered into with the free freight techniques iexplained in my free course about getting traffic you can find a connect in the specific characteristics below orsomewhere now on the screen i is not now reiterate how to get free traffic to your web pagesproducts and so on you can check my free course now now we are talking about fast methodsuper fast programme which is running paid ads what type of paid ads i extend let’s see i willgo here and open google.com okay if i examine now for develop smtp server this keyword whatever youwill find now that we have an ad here an ad now on google google ads and you can see hereis my video anyway so the idea is we can run paid ads on google google pursuing ads why i pickedthis because i believe it’s the best alternative for selling commodities because as an example whensomeone searches for best microphone for youtubers what do you think someone is searching for thiskeyword chiefly “re looking for” a microphone to buy so the idea behind beings searching for suchkeywords is buying something as an example best wordpress course other keyword so someone istrying to find the best wordpress course to learn you can see here we have ads ads ads so i feed agoogle rummage ad campaign let’s see my upshots here is my campaign i refresh the screen now youwill see this is my campaign i determined a plan for 20 dollars a day simply to research this what happened isi got around 479 sounds from google search results i got 14 changeovers with a transition rateabout 2.92 not bad how much i paid i paid 120 dollars how much i represented 14 transitions and thecourse premium is 59 if you open now our browser this is the link i am promoting 40 discounton this course it’s around 59 dollars so if you calculate my receipt 59 by 14 minus 127 699 in seven days divide by seven it is 99.8 dollars per day i started this campaign last week onmonday accurately today “we ii” 25 sunday so it’s around seven days you visualize so this is the fastestway you can make money online picking a commodity running a paying ad campaign and specifically usinggoogle search ads because it’s the best alternative for selling something through google ads andthis is my results from the last week so we finished the 10 instants i illustrated the strategyand my lesson as i promised you only 10 instants but i still have two important points before yougo and start applying you have to understand and no the first one is how i created this campaigni will show you a fast walk through how i created this campaign and i have an important pointto mention also after it so satisfy focus it’s only couple of times so how to create a campaigninside google ads uh not now sign up precisely sign up to google ads here you can create a new campaignand then we can select website traffic to get traffic to our route or whatever you are sellingthe acre sheet that you want to sell with then you will select search as the campaign type so youwant exploration congestion you specified the business website i will select my business website i will go somehowfast i want to focus on one important thing here in the campaign pitch the budget the dailybudget then arrive i will choose exclusively google and here i selected only the united states selectwhatever countries you want usually i adopt the top tier countries then go next here is our corepoint the keywords the keywords the keywords before you continue go to implements designates andclick on keyword the planner and open in a new invoice here “were having” the google keyword planner thistool will assist you discover keyword thoughts that people are searching for and you can get someclicks with the best coast click here on do hunting capacity projections and you need to pastea list of keywords that you want to target how to get a list of keywords you can use any freekeyword tool as an example go to h-super implements free keyword research tool there’s a free platformi developed it’s totally free go as an example or maybe the youtube keyword to it will give you moreideas and say name press best track an example and here you are able to get a list of keywordsyou can see a lot of keywords 33 keywords we are able to exactly select them whatever anythingcopy them extend now paste and simply get started and you can see now now you can select thecountry you crave it will show you each keyword how much monthly research we have andthe page bid how much the low-pitched reach and the high straddle how much people are paying whensomeone clicks on these keywords or these ads so in this way you need to do some keywordresearch i know this is this requires a full track but i’m giving you some notions you canalso exit here to the seo question explorer and say say wordpress anything will give you a lotof question opinions now you can also emulate them and go to the keyword tool and meet the results soyou have to pick the chasten keywords in order to be allowed to not to consume your coin on good-for-nothing and get the exactkey with the person or persons are searching for so you can sell your concoction from this stage i will navigatethe second important moment after i mentioned this now you have to understand something that youhave to learn first before you run any campaign on google or anywhere you have to learn becausebecause we have a high chance that you will lose your money from the first expeditions so it’svery important to learn how to run safaruss how to run google ads how to run facebook adswhatever network you want to use maybe native ads you have to learn firstly so dedicate some time tolearn pick a make research with a small budget then when you start insuring receipt start increasingand scaling your safaruss i hope the idea is clear if you have any questions whatever it is you wantcomment them below again i know that we need more details to explain this but in this video i showyou the road map and my example if you want me to create a full route about google ads go in detailstep by step let me know in the comment section below don’t forget to join the giveaway subscribelike the video and see you in the upcoming videos you

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