March 26


How To Make Money Online With Solo Ads In 2020


March 26, 2022

are ya emmanuel now from and today we’re going to be talking about how to make money onlinewith solo ads in 2020 okay so solo ads is this absolutemaze that most people can’t get it liberty you know becausebecause well there’s a few causes because it’s not the best form oftraffic i intend it’s surprising that i’m actuallyeven doing this because usually i don’t even like solo as there’s onlyis i’ve squandered dealers before and i’ve struggled to make it work but then ispoke to a friend of mine who is actually doingvery very well with marketers and i was just saying to him what are you doingwhat is it exactly you doing others aren’t doingand this is some of the things he learnt me and i tried itand i started to get some success from it so this is why i putthis video together so let’s go through this firstlywhat is a solo ad yeah solo ad is basically someone else has gone outthere and improved a big email listing you knowand these are some of the places you can find it “thats one” of the very verycommon regions that parties travel it’s called udemyand all these people now have got large-hearted email lists they’ve got big listsso what they do then they’ve got this big big directory and theysell their list or they give parties sell um mail emails to a certain portionof their roll or their move emails to a certain portion of their listso you pay them per sound yeah so for example now this one is 52 pennies aclick yeah so if you do if you got hundred clicks it’s 520 what’s that yeah 520 um dollars yeahso what what but what the problem comes is in the waythat these sure this is right these parties improve their listsyeah either they buy it from each other there’s this kind ofthey buy from each other this person buys from this person’s butso what that does then that’s just a saturatedsame sum of people i’ve got a certain sum of parties on my roll youbuy some off my listing i buy some of your directories but we’re just kind of dilutingthe same sort of parties you know or the better ones you know andusually the better ones you don’t even conclude on things like udemy butthe better ones they do their own advertising they’ve got theirown products a lot of the times and they do their own advertising they might dobing ads they might do um google adsthey might do facebook ads so they do their own advertising so they’reactually bringing in new people through theiradvertising they they try and sell sell their makes and then they selltheir inventory you know but it’s still a business don’tforget they’re still selling their list so but you won’t be the only person soyou think to yourself right okay i’d like to buya hundred epithets off your roll you know i’d like you to send this email to 100people on your schedule but you won’t be the only person thatthey’re going to be sending emails to on their listing they’re going tobe attacking that roster which is what tends to happen so they’ve got all thesepeople on their directory that get attacked all the timeand then beings on their list then become what i call serial optinersthey’re not actually beings that want to buy anything a lot of the time butthey’ll they’ll go for the free endowment they’ll opt inthey’ll go to your sheet they’ll they’ll click on your tie-up go to youropt-in page here where they have to leave their name and email to get thefree gift but that would be the last they’ll dothey’ll do that and that’s fine so now the deception is how are we going tofind the few pearls that’s on these solo ad merchants roster that come onto ourlist and then buy you know so i hope that concludes senseyou know if you if there’s any questions you can always left open in the in thecomments casket below title so this is kind of a marketing modelhere yeah we have the traffic which this in this casewe’re saying the solo ones yeah so you buy some solo ads from a decentvendor and they say you buy you buy thousands and thousands of lists yeah all rightnow what a lot of beings do this is another mistake so i’m going totell you a few mistakes and the things you should avoided particularly in 2020 things have changed yeah you shouldn’t be sending solo adsdirectly to any product clickbank jvzoo or whatever or even likemy produce whatever you should not be sending them immediately to themyou know because really if i’m buying a list of beings offsomebody else i’m hoping that some of them opt in to mylist to my list and then i i’ll be able i can start building my own listwith the help of the people on their directory yeah so this person’s on their listthe vendor lily-white marketers are now if they opt in they’re on my roster but whateverthe free gift or whatever you’re giving awayand then you send them on to the offer it is desirable to always be that way and i’lltell you why in a little bit but a lot of peopleare trying to do this sellout straight to the offer that’s old school marketingit doesn’t work so you should be stopped doing that if you are doing it you knowthen what we hope we hope that somebody then buys the concoction and this this isone of the main thing people if you’re gonna buyif you’re gonna implement solo ads you need to make sure you’ve got the rightproduct and by that i represent a concoction that hasupsells yeah it’s got to have an upsell whatever it is you make at least 500 maybe up toa thousand dollars maybe even more yeah so that the person that potentiallybuys this concoction here is then sold other added productsthat are higher priced and you make a commission on all of thatthat’s that’s one of the reasons a lot of people disappoint with solo ads becausethey just get this 20 or whatever committee here say5 0 20 50 and that’s the end of it so nowyou know they’re always going to be losing money because the solo ads goingto cost them a good amount of money and they’re not going to even have anychance of spawning it back because they’ve picked the wrong productso number 1 picking the title product make sure the produce has an upsellthat’s one of the things that my friend cured me and ipersonally do now you know because if you look at the numbersbecause unfortunately the alteration paces for solo ads i don’t even carehow the solo adventure is generating the refers the shift proportions are lowerthey’re lower because the type of parties on the inventory are what we calli call serial optimus they they are able to opt in all day long but they’re not alwaysthere ready to buy yeah so if they say a thousand peopleconversion rates for solo ads are usually about half a percentsometimes even lower 0.25 depends on the solo advendor so that’s why you got to get a decent one you got to get somebody thatthat really you know generates their own traffic not justbuys all this rehash traffic from other solo ad vendorsyeah but say it’s half a percentage let’s work with that yeah so that’s about fivecells you if you if you if you get a thousandpeople you email to a thousand people you’ll get five salesso if we’re saying you make a twenty dollar commission you’ve now maderoughly about a hundred dollars yeah but if the solo ad a nice solo thecelebrate merchant that i use for a thousandnames would expenditure me 800 you know you can get them cheaperbut already i’ve said to you that examination if you buy thesecheap quality your solo ads already aren’t huge so if you buy the low levelqual solo ads you’re more or less throwingyour coin down the toilet you’ve got to be really really careful with that soget a decent marketer you know and if you want to see the person i personally usethen i’ll left open in the link below thisvideo there’ll be a link below there how to make money onlinewith solo ads in 2020 somewhere yeah so say you paid 800 you’ve made a hundred dollars now so you’re you’re down you’re seven hundreddollars down so that’s why it’s so important to havea product that has an upsell yeah because now maybe this upsell nowgives you say six hundred dollars and if two people buy which usually whensomebody’s already purchase they’re more likely to buy again so the conversionrates are not now a lot higher so now two parties buy so that are currently makesyou an extra 1200 dollars so now we’re in we’re in we’re in theblack yeah so overall you expended eight hundreddollars on the solo i had a decent one you started thirteen hundred dollars backso you’re five hundred dollars in profit and on top of that you now have a listyou have people that have opted into your listand so if we have patience we can thenget even further cadres because we’re going to continue toto email the person or persons here this flake now this emaillist bit here is again the second thing where a lot of people go wrongyou know you’ve got to have the calmnes and think right i’ve got these people onmy roll i got from the solo undertaking they’re now on my listnow i have got an opportunity to build a relationship with these people to givethem evaluate and the person that actually mentors me talks aboutthis section they call the value successions yeah where we are really use videos youknow so but you can use videos you can useemails but you’re systematically trying to build a relationship that’s what i dowith my schedule i’m regularly trying to build a relationshiptrying to show them the value of the products i’m trying toto sell which is what you should do because thenyou will get these cells now you will get the upsells as wellyou know but it takes time i signify the solo ad that i personally the last soload that i use i i broke even it took two weeks tobreak even that’s 14 periods and then it made anothertwo weeks i think two two and a half weeks beforethe one person got the upsell so now i was in i was in profityou know but it’s the persistence to do that and it’s the incessantly buildingof a relationship and then i’ve got all these other peoplestill on your listing that you can continue to build thatrelationship so some of them that didn’t even buy straight awayor didn’t even buy in the first two weeks maybe later on now in a few monthsor whatever we’ll finally think you know this persongive me enough ethic i trust them i’m gonna have a go i’mgonna understand what this is about that he’s trying to sell me you knowso but this bit here is the bit that’s very very important if you realise solo adswork so the two main things i think where a lot of people go wrong is onethey don’t pick the right commodity you know if you’re going to use solo adsconversion charges aren’t enormous so you have to have a highan upsell where you’re gonna where if you get the onegem on this silhouette inventory that one or two pearls that decide they’re gonna buythis and they’re gonna buy all these upsells which it does happenyou’re now behavior in profit you know and you and thenyou once that’s the case once all such cases you then carry onbuilding value with all the other beings on your emaillist and then you’ll get even more auctions and then you’ll make even more profityou know so that’s that’s the thing now to fix solo ads work in 2020 we need tohave a decent product and we need to continue to build valuethis fragment now the email register bit now where you get beings on your email listand you construct price but if you can make it work then soloads i think is one of the easiest forms of trafficout there you need to know don’t need to go out there and learn about videosyou don’t need to time facebook ads facebook beings you don’t need to do ticktock and all this feature of nonsense you simply get a decent merchant and youknow formerly the numbers are altering like thisyou know that all you got to do is just buy more traffic from this person it’s abeautiful thing because that other person is actually really doing theadvertising you are well aware and doing everything and you’rejust buying it off them do it which is great if you’re getting them toconvert and they can convert if you do those few things that i saidyou know and then you know what once you know okay the numbers works with thisguy maybe i’ll try someone else and then youhave that you have the freedom to do things like that you know soit is a beautiful thing you can if you can make it work but most peoplethey struggle to make it work for the reasons i said earlier you know butanyway listen i hope i hope that helped i hope you got some value from thatif you did then delight just take a second really utter it a thumbs upalso share it with anyone else you think might get some ethic from it as wellif any of this didn’t make sense then you know you need you needsome clarification then just leave any comments in the comments boxbelow if you want to see the actual thing that teach me about this mostimportant bit now what we call the value line you know thenyou know i i have access to a free fall part course where i teach you more aboutthat and also my mentor the person thattaught me on on it has a video where they’re gonna they’regonna just tell you everything they’re gonna tell you all about the gemswhy a lot of people’s marketing doesn’t work whether they’re using solo ads oranything and why if you tie these few things andbuild a decent value succession while you’ll start to see success it helps it helpedme so if you want to have a look at it i’llleave a link below this video you can click on itand have a look for yourself all right once again thanks for listening untilnext time you take care and i’ll speak to you soonall the best take how to make money onlinewith solo ads in 2020 you

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