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How to get traffic to your website – promote your affiliate link


July 14, 2022

everyone hows going Ervin Harvey up today
coming with you with an additional video clip to today'' s video we ' re going to be talking concerning how to drive web traffic to your internet site ok or how to drive website traffic to a. website are an associate link in an affiliate deal and and
this video is. essentially going to be for those of you men who remain in the cash making niche fine haha you put on ' t network advertising and marketing a. completely marketing points such as they wan na do you recognize if you have you are no.
product that but that you desire to offer the solution that you'' re selling all. right as well as primarily i suggest i put on'' t treatment if you.
if you have a five-hundred-dollar no item or an associate offer if you'' re. not driving traffic so that deal you understand if you'' re not getting visitors to
. your website if you'' re not getting site visitors to your blog site or whatever it is.
that you have this promoting this deal fine then then you'' re not making any kind of. actual money alright so the main goal is to get website traffic to your offer oh you can think of it
in a. brick-and-mortar detects like you recognize exactly how do you get clients into your shop you recognize just how do you obtain individuals to see.
and come by the shop so it'' s a numbers video game guys as always it'' s all about
it. being a numbers video game and there'' s there ' s that you understand every person who comes into
. your store everyone will see your your your affiliate offer you understand they'' re. not all going to buy you know they'' re going to be some window customers so simply understand that the more individuals who.
you get involved in the shop okay the even more people when you get involved in your.
internet site after that the even more money you'' re going to be making fine so alright so allow'' s start all right now what you see right below is.
exist as a site called udimi solo advertisements is great and this is among the manner ins which I used.
to drive web traffic to my offers this is just how I obtain website traffic to my internet sites ok are currently generally with udimi what.
you have is a listing full of people okay who have actually assembled a big listings.
big email checklist of individuals that have actually chosen in to or revealed interest as well as as well as mostly.
you understand home based business type possibilities or are you recognize sales or.
online marketing as you can see here internet marketing expert with a specialized listing.
and also this specific niche experienced as well as participating alright top quality list filled with x is briefly.
extremely low cost for testimonies make sure to capitalize while you.
still can alright so we'' re mosting likely to take an appearance at. some of these individuals as well as I'' m going to go into information concerning how the system functions alright so allow'' s take
an appearance at this man. right below Brian Harkin so as you can see right here he ' s billing 44. cents a click ok now what we ' re going to be performing with this is called as it ' s. called getting traffic all right is the really very
cheap as well as. affordable means of getting web traffic all right currently as we can see here this.
for 75 clicks and 44 cents a click the rate is thirty-six dollars now what you.
will be getting for the thirty 6 dollars is generally …

You'' re going to be sending out an email blast alright to 75 people in his e-mail this good and also a certain percentage of.
those people are mosting likely to opt into whatever it is that you'' re promoting all. right as well as and and what i utilize that this is you recognize I made use of capture web pages and also.
some people you know you may call them spray web pages or you recognize there are numerous.
various names for them yet i use capture pages essentially a web page where you.
have as well as a let'' s go to take an appearance at
it i. utilize a system called the power lead system as well as it ' s primarily a web page where
. you have a prospect as well as surrender their get in touch with info ok and after that by entering in their contact.
details they can gain accessibility so whatever it gift it is you have.
whatever promo you have running or whatever solution or product it is.
that you something ok so we'' re just going to proceed as well as
. take an example I look at it in a it'' s mosting likely to take a. check out a wedding celebration at a capture web page okay justjust instance of the web page alright alright so below'' s one right below ok simply see it as an extremely really.
professional catching that can catch web page okay.
so generally just how you to fulfill jobs exists are two means you can do this you.
can do what'' s called a web so low you can do is call the e-mail solo I indicate to do'what ' s called an email solo. all right and what is email solos they have what they
call swipes ok as well as. this white is essentially the email that this'person ' s listing nevertheless many clicks. you choose to pay for and you can obtain a lot more than 75 as you see here yet. the the swype is the e-mail that they are visiting all right which is which is. what going to determine whether they want to click net so this is the swype that I'' ve created I.
surprisingly basic cash creating remedy all right if I go below to my swipes you.
can see the entire swipe all right so so this this is the e-mail primarily okay so.
you wan na you wan na do email are you understand based on discussing what it is you.
don'' t yet not to distribute also much info you intend to be very vague ok.
because this is basically what we call click be just intend to intrigue whoever are the visitor is all right so.
when people see this email you generally intend to put something that you understand if.
you were to obtain this e-mail what would certainly someone need to claim in order to.
get you to click this link right below alright so so consider that because.
attempting to betray you don'' t like minded individuals ok to make sure that'' s a let ' s go back to 25. sellers all right and also we ' re going to go return.
as well as locate Brian once more alright so we'' re mosting likely to go back to as well as. click on Bryant ' s profile and also as you can see he has 18,000 510 subscribers all.
right this is the seventh potential individuals are.
you recognize that that you can take a beast and your chance alright so in order to compute as well as see.
the number of clicks you may intend to send out let'' s just enter as well as'allow ' s jump up to. 150 ok then you see the price most likely to 69 cents a click great i imply to 6 and eight.
bucks for this 150 people they have various filters that you can use here.
when I do my successors are often the t1 feel sorry to hear what I want the very best.
traffic no scrap web traffic now his case if I was to.
opt for the Tier one that will jump my rate approximately eighty 4 bucks ok currently.
i'' m mosting likely to the harvest this year all right a min these people – gasps.
they over-deliver so as you can see below he or she or 50 clicks as well as he obtain 67 alright so incredible i obtained whole lots of choices.
i'' ll buy his solo again as well as once again wonderful work do wonderful customer care at.
least I'' m sure we ' ll cover i obtained us there and also'I ' m certain for to come excellent so here is where you can see where are.
you know people do you recognize their reactions regarding how excellent a particular.
celery so you know you recognize what do you wish to choose uh you know a specific.
vendor Annette okay now so once individuals at the end.
individuals that involve us below claim if i if i was to establish off a hundred.
and also fifty klicks ok and out of that 150 individuals that say perhaps 60 or 70 of those.
individuals actually insert the info they really enter their name and also email.
or just e-mail have a type of capture page that you have actually established up ok now the system that i usage together with.
you to be solo advertisements is the power lead system and also this is this is where I come.
to you recognize either produce my uh to create my capture web pages which is extremely.
basic to do we have a great deal of layouts and standard you can just come right here and also.
pick the page much like this as well as you can transform the words so whatever it is.
that you want of these words to claim so you know if you intended to you know.
individuals who were entailed with mca you can come here and also and you can and make.
this MC a capture page all right if if you'' re entailed in you.
understand I don'' t understand tender loving care perhaps you can you can be available in as well as you can make this a TENDER LOVING CARE.
capture page or or what is it does the slim body that we'' re going to obtain a. great deal of that come to now so you can primarily tailor this as well as make this a.
capture web page to whatever you desire as well as after that you can get a link this capture.
web page so you know whatever website you want to if you wish to connect it so you.
know your video presentation there are discusses you know what it is.
that you'' re marketing you can quickly you can pertain to and you.
can do that right here in the end the site section where you are available in as well as you you.
recognize do your web sites up until now I can show you a bit of that I'' ve done. I ' ve done it and also another video that i have really reveal you you recognize exactly how you how you would certainly tackle.
doing it however uh simply simply quickly i'' ll simply review below so you know individuals.
don'' t be discouraged since I understand this doesn'' t resemble it ' s a lot yet it ' s. extremely basic and also primarily when they have access once they
have accessibility to this. info you know when as soon as they opt in and also they. see your video clip or you can really you know you can do you develop your very own. video clip if you wish to as a sales discussion as soon as the customer sees that they likewise. desire to begin getting automobile reacted e-mails from ok this this program has a series of.
car -responder e-mail arrangement for now i put on'' t know if you men ever before you know. check out something like I know our prior to I onward I got wed my other half.
was looking into a david'' s bridal and in order to to obtain accessibility to something you.
understand what kind of present for offer the head she had a web page you know that does she is.
she uh she needed to capture a customer she had to go to and also state you know to receive.
whatever all intend to see what we need to offer just enter your name and also best.
e-mail so she event and also nail even to this.
day she still obtains huh still obtain e-mails from david'' s wedding is. ok so as you can see this is this isn'' t just something that you don ' t network.
marketing professionals are no person this is a great method of online marketing.Generally ok as well as.

so all right so yeah let'' s see about an allowed'' s just let ' s really enter into a little bit extra. into the autoresponder system and how that works ice cut'' s primarily uh I see here take care of sites one sec good uh I just intend to go.
to to this domain here I won'' t attempt to maintain this quick okay but it'' s truly
no. way around revealing you gasps what it is that I want you to see however I this is I'' m. mosting likely to make this actually quick ok so we'' re just mosting likely to go down here are I'' m. mosting likely to claim use this we'' re mosting likely to choose name and also e-mail as well as scroll down to.
have various other videos are more specifically on the system that that they ought to go a.
bit extra into information regarding how you want to use this as well as they likewise have.
training as well as points like that also however I indicate did they generally function for.
any kind of chance anything did it is that you intend to do ok so r for this domain name all right now wish to pick my sales.
page I see here the letter letter choices to select from.
sales page ok so we'' re simply mosting likely to select. something such as this this is a the lightning is something.
that is a part of this website so generally i will be promoting this.
site so people and I should have kept up this however this is simply an instance I just want you men to see the checklist for.
one of the most part fine they'' re being that this is this this our website here allows you to.
create you know capture pages for any kind of chance and either attach are not.
reacting list that someone has shown to you or ahead up with your own.
checklist yet being that the power lead system heads are is an affiliate side of.
it to itself you can advertise the power lead system.
and you can promote our what they have is a tripwire offer to the power lead.
system called Lee lightning ok so today this campaign this is a power lead system possibility.
campaign so we'' re mosting likely to have a look at it and we ' re visiting this is a.
collection of emails here alright so this discuss this of a.
20-day span that you will certainly be receiving these emails so we'' re mosting likely to get
. just a quick glimpse at the very first one all right and you recognize a few of the.
coding right here because you recognize it I place in the name in email classifications.
depending on what the person'' s name is no that ' s what would appear below stuff.
so primarily you can see I don'' t recognize if you individuals know with HTML however you understand your requested to know a lot more.
concerning the power lead system as well as I just desired to examine back as well as see if you had.
an opportunity to assess a get ok so it'' s just generally you recognize you. you ' re reaffirming every little thing to build the day an individual would certainly have seen in your.
sales funnel or your sales video or whatever that is okay now this would.
in fact look like this in the email this is dis is simply the coding HTML.
format currently if I really wanted so i can obtain this email sent to my account so i.
can see just how they all look you know what I may desire to alter her.
or modify them at off good yet essentially humanity.
individuals we require to see the exact same point extra than once and also this is concerning his e-mail.
this is Sookie ok due to the fact that an individual may opt in it might be interested enough when you see.
your e-mail that you receive from that they receive from you to me okay so they.
may go on and enter the details therefore this capture page here are currently.
they decided in all right then after they up there okay.
after that currently they have access so your video Oh or whatever it is and also.
i'' m just mosting likely to us let ' s have a look at an example of that all.
right I'' m gon na send you to one of my funds that I have going right here and also I'' m. just mosting likely to go via the process i'' m going to > May right. quick so you men can picture what it is i'' m. trying to take alright the mines just needs you to put in.
your email okay so it is here enter my email but and run against.
access all right as well as naturally verified I'' m human okay currently wassup is mosting likely to take me directly to.
this discussion right as well as you'' re gon na obtain you recognize us a handful of people.
or actually you understand you will obtain them just based off of the presentation alright so this discussion is mosting likely to.
start now as well as this set is out website traffic months of money.Collaborate jr.

as well as
I'' m going straight my account because i wish to show you how extremely basic
web page to earn money online ok to make my e-mail as quickly as you can
see right here is 40 minute discussion are you recognize it'' s very authority created
discussing an item of a something that i use call the web traffic gale which is
essentially it'' s a verizon and system one more method to obtain three website traffic okay now as you can see after of
Frank discusses this for me an individual can either enlist now or they
can most likely to tip 2 make more cash as well as will do is that will certainly take them so are a different video clip that discusses
more about the program and then they have other alternatives to continue he goes
into a great deal of things very incorrect here now Frank initially of all he made this this
entire presentation with the with the power lead system alright just simply did not
recorded some videos on his screen as well as link them to each one of these web pages as well as
the training area of the site it shows you just how to do that well
basically so this goes to reveal you what rather thinking about the e-mail okay they mail have access to this
training or so you recognize intro or or you recognize something that explains exactly how
the discussion in the business in any way things work fine we understand everything right and additionally as quickly as they
whenever they go to inspect their email once they went into a the information is
as well as all now the emails that are affixed to this presentation will start
to go out to that individual okay as well as in this instance I among the
terrific points that you can do with this system is actually have someone to share
code with you so state as an example i can come here as well as i.
can develop our a produce a capture page and a sales.
channel for electric motor club of america and also then i can send it so you understand any person who will certainly want the.
exact channel you know this exact same capture web page the exact very same video.
presentation and also the precise very same string of e-mails yet it will certainly all be affixed to.
you you just have to have the power lead.
system so as to get it done alright so essentially what individuals need to.
normally see if they require to see are they require to see your emails on a.
2nd basis all right because we I indicate we we simply.
met a problem so to doing points after we'' ve just seen them once
I. suggest you know you might see a business once on TV and also after that you need to see you. understand 5 6 seven times before you claim'ok I ' m going to look into whatever it is. that they have that their deal so I wear ' t understand precisely what suggestion with. the the pager right here that will show on the project currently let'' s obtain back to it so claim for instance okay they go
. with that procedure all right and they receive an e-mail.
an additional e-mail one more e-mail an additional e-mail maybe that I open it at this time after that.
state to obtain wish to get all right now I did that you know their interest they.
wish to they wish to check this point out so they start seeing your e-mails.
alright and after that perhaps concerning the moment you obtain to the cell for the eighth email you put on'' t understand what that can take a look at. these are the emails you know when it clicked on the web link send these e-mails.
and like I say emails simply an article so reassure whatever it is that they.
already seen in your presentation bear in mind repeating is essential repeating is is you know that'' s exactly how we. learn you recognize that'' s how we our minds our program all right in the increasingly more were. revealed and we see a particular point the boards on that particular conscious as well as.
home loan interest to it so there by that time alright BAM ok sent on on the eight e-mail.
that you have a on day 8 are predestined you claim you just obtained a brand-new.
possibility and your company all right as well as remember you said this thing out so.
150 people alright so i imply i can'' t guarantee your.
the number of people really going to join you you know is this is various every.
time ok but the important things regarding this is you.
wish to correspond ok these are your commercials are these are.
your flyers this is just how you marketing your your internet site that'' s. what you ' re doing to drive website traffic to your website to drive web traffic to your. blog to drive web traffic to your affiliate web link off ok so what you desire to do is you wish to. established a budget that you can pay for and you intend to come with and do this. here on a regular basis great or you understand have commonly that. you can you wish to come below you intend to discover a seller you intend to pick. happening you understand take a look at there their credential see just how.
you recognize what list they have what kind of track record they haven'' t here are you. understand get it i presume an excellent cost effective cost for you as well as then you will certainly desire to.
you understand purchase solo just like them so you understand.
you can start on the LOI Inn recognize if you simply starting off and also you put on'' t have. a large budget to see 50 click efficiency pieces to click something.
$ 25 all right in the long run if you leap it as much as the TV red wine just five extra.
dollars alright to ensure that'' s thirty bucks and you ' re sending it out to 50 of.
prospective leads all right then the more you do this the more you begin.
to get sales and in and also sign ups and your services are you can jump this up.
as well as you come below you so you'' re starting to 50 are roaming.
thirty-six dollars that have been nothing to you are simply a component of your.
advertising and marketing budget plan as well as what I do to make mines also easier for me and even less complicated.
and also much better for me as i use my traffic turning point account i stated this before -.
as well as previous video clips that if you'' ve seen it I desire to authorize into my website traffic monsoon.
are one of the most individuals i would certainly say lots of people recognize what traffic monsoon is a.
great deal of people are familiar with yet but primarily what it what it is is simply an.
marketing site where you can come as well as you promote whatever it is to let you.
recognize you'' re foolish deal or whatever our organization it is that you are associated with our great deal.
of people they also use it to you understand property concerning a realty individuals.
they come to be any they have their listings on right here are you know people have their.
very own no residence based businesses they essentially simply you understand they market.
what is to be half therefore essentially you will come to this site as well as your purchase.
and advertising fix all right you acquire marketing.
packaging in there fifty bucks each for every peg all appropriate as well as I'' m. gon na should briefly show you what you get with each of these packs and also i use.
pay interest really near this video men if you obtain confused as well as you need to.
start over and also start throughout due to the fact that i use these three points traffic Mansour I do my solo ads as well as in the power lead.
system all as and also one system to promote every one of my companies are you so when you.
pay fifty bucks on traffic downpour this is what you'' re gon na obtain we ' re going to get 20 ppc. banner credit scores 1000 web traffic exchange credit and one revenue-sharing setting alright so as you can see these 2.
fifty dollar purchase however if you just come as well as you click I says a minimum of.
10 eggs isn'' t it is currently this depends on 50 are you click 50 ads in
the traffic. exchange if you do that 50s that run for five seconds you will.
continue to share understanding income approximately fifty 5 dollars on each sharing.
placement that you have all right so these are some of the batters that I.
have running these are my marketers that I have working on this website you can.
see just how several clicks they have on the number of clicks that they have left based on the number of out packs that have.
acquisition ok now I'' m mosting likely to take you bag so my account web page and you'' re going. to see our my offered equilibrium I so this is my offered balance is.
twenty 7 bucks as well as thirty cents precisely simply just increased by about two.
dollars okay now in overall I'' ve made 6048. bucks with this site ok currently each time I buy a.
fifty-dollar secure and I come right here and I watch advertisements I you can see I sorry i'' ve. already served my 50s for today but i can currently begin over all right so this is the.
ad this is going to compete five secs it.
takes around seven or 8 minutes to do your day art that'' s going to take place at
. ryans then i click on the matching straightforward there goes somewhere below back after that go.
to the following website and do that 49 even more times I can return to my account now if.
i have purchased an application an and I do this all right that that process 50 times.
today are the income that the site makes its mosting likely to be broken up our.
monsters customers and someone that'' s going to be shown to me so now i'' m at the point we decide.
on making our little over forty bucks every day just doing this all right.
since I came and I have actually compounded as well as I'' ve worsened my earnings so each time.
that my account equilibrium which fifty bucks you recognize I initially I was.
instead of a publication attracting our simply return and also i will certainly buy another air fix.
and also it'' s going to it ' s mosting likely to bring me an extra 5 dollars even all on top of.
that so right currently great what I'' m doing
is. are on a weekly basis I'come right here and I ' m possibly make
it was. a draw rather than worsening rather of including are more packages as you claim hi.
I got 35 energetic packs right below and i likewise get commissions from you understand.
people who you r you receive a ten percent payment anytime somebody under you acquisitions and also.
a pack within the system all right but uh what i would certainly do is i.
will certainly come by below and also i will certainly make a withdrawal on a weekly basis I so say my.
male this is 27 30 i will i will wait a couple of bucks no ways i got regarding possibly thirty-five.
forty bucks BAM make the withdrawal so and after that i would certainly take their as well as I will.
come right over all below to you to me alright as well as i will certainly acquire some clicks I'' ll. acquire some images on their own to listen to $43 good damn add to cart already have my uh my swype.
creating here as well as an individual to do that i have actually attached to when it goes out I as well as if you do this.
corner on a regular basis guys you have to remain regular with it so attempt.
to do this about we try to do today to try to do his or every negative days.
nonetheless typically that you can do it you can pay for to do it you do it right and if.
you can if you have a source that you can make use of like web traffic monster where you.
know it'' s like you ' re not actually appearing of your own pocket which ' s what. you want to do all appropriate and also i would advise utilizing.
website traffic version leading due to the fact that when you spend for the marketing individuals still.
promote your business chance on this site and after that produce money all right since you'' re making what is. a hundred and ten percent more than twenty percent revenue I understand Oh based off of what you.
placed in so you'' re getting that refund and afterwards some alright so i first began with just.
fat i want to purchase rear of my very own cash okay there was two hundred fifty.
dollars and also I just worsened and also worsened and also intensified and also intensified.
so I'' ve transformed two hundred and also fifty bucks individuals into over 6 thousand.
bucks i did not return out of my pocket and so this right into the site I'' ve became 6048 dollars so you see.
how that works below and like i stated hello I obtained ta get to a specific point so I was.
making enough cash in daily basis so there rather of appearing of my very own.
pocket to pay for to drive website traffic to my website I would just want to attract from here great so it'' s like I get me a free
. bit of money pi over here that I can come by here and purchase traffic with all.
right so currently I'' m continuously developing a listing okay conclude power lead system has.
tracking i bought into it so everyone who will occur to my email over.
right here from you to me when I come right here to uh the power lead system their.
e-mails are all in the system all right so look there I can any type of.
different time if i have actually a brand-new provided a promotion or something to add it onto.
the deal them already part then I can go and also I can take all the help the list that i have a powerful system.
and i can send those people as well as you offer yeah oh yep as soon as you have the list is.
so essential is crucial as well as today i have a list of a few hundred people however are.
you know i'' m aiming to get involved in the countless various other individuals on this website.
we have a checklist of a hundred countless a hundred thousand individuals right so just.
picture you coming – as well as you'' re doing a solid regular basis and you reach.
the factor so we'' re similar to this this woman here lisa g she has a checklist of.
14,000 329 clients that you had a listing of 14,000 329 customers so it.
made this amount of people who chose in so you'' re you ' re programs or whatever.
it is that you are that you are selling you don'' t do you'obtain you wear ' t think. you ' re going to make some cash off of there I claimed allow ' s say
you you you have. a fifty-dollar you understand an item or something like that alright and 14,000 individuals have subscribe I and also out of those fourteen.
thousand people okay allow'' s say you know I state maybe. a 4 hundred perhaps four or five hundred people actually are you recognize acquisition that item since you know.
the number is going to be on a smaller scale to to start all right I imply but I imply that'' s wonderful that'' s. that ' s what I as 500 x 50 so I think two thousand 5 hundred bucks or his.
attorney 5 thousand bucks I put on'' t recognize why I ' m having it that. their mind fart here however I mean you put it with each other as well as you see and particularly.
when you when you'' re when you ' re advertising something that has a recurring.
earnings i think like power lead system right over right here residual revenue every single time somebody signs up with.
me in the power lead system I got twenty dollars from for the.
individual that twenty dollars on a monthly basis as long as they are component.
of the system so as soon as you get 20 30 40 individuals below are.
you making some great money all right as well as you'' re going to use this.
system anyway since it draws in and all of your are your get in touches with as well as it.
also allows you to create capture web pages as well as available funnels and send our vehicle.
responder on this so you will want this even if there was no money to be composed.
by utilizing this program as an affiliate you with Stephen desire you to for your.
business that'' s simply an actual place or internal.
that it that it has and afterwards when you come over below to traffic my child I remember you'' re still promoting your.
company and also in addition to that you'' re additionally earning money all right you'' re generating income you buy.
advertising and marketing and making money and you use that cash to find over right here and locate.
as well as in and drive traffic to your site all right we'' ll be using your demon heart.
is so you actually can'' t miss out on people you can'' t shed out on this if you have any type of.
inquiries do not hesitate to strike me in the remark inbox you like this video clip as well as.
you want even more details like this go in advance as well as do not hesitate to subscribe to.
my youtube channel mail all appropriate very easy.

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