March 11


How To Get Targeted Solo Ad Traffic (Review Don’t do this!) 😧


March 11, 2022

Boom! Hey what’s up my friend’s Cameron Malcolmson now and in this video on 24 hour transaction media I just wanted to talkabout this specific traffic source which I have done a few cases hours now and this oneis very very easy to go and deploy to get sounds and visitors to your place fastso we’ll just go now second and I’ll go to this guy’s profile so I justrecently bought 100 clicks from this guy here and I came 30 37 opt-ins and on myemail roster and something that I would like to just say before you go anddeploy that’s traffic strategy if you do go and deploy this traffic strategy isthat you want to control your ad so you want to have this here in place youwill have your own email drop that they’re going to send out for you andall that cool stuff so I’ll simply tread you through this here so you understandhow to do it and stuff and all that there but simply remember you always wantto control the ad so you just want to go here and you can type in your keywordsso say if it’s affiliate and you can see look these different Listowners all have affiliates and something to do with affiliate marketing inventories ofpeople who are interested in this kind of stuff you can also type in here Fitnessand you can see here other niches Internet market and make money online, Biz Opp, health fitness, diet, relationships and all that there so thesehere list proprietors will have their directories Segmented most of the time and you willbe able to ask them to say exclusively cast it to people who are interested in fitnessniche so you are eligible to do that there is nothing to and you time should get going here but say if Iclicked on to this guy now and I was down and you can see their reviews sosix percentage of all beings that required get marketings so you can actually go to findsellers and then you can go to marketings percentage and then go up to like 40 percent goes up to 95 let’s see so forty seven percent of all these persons, thislists proprietors solo ads that people have bought have acquired them marketings so that’s I161 100 or 691 different remembers 47 percent reported seals so this is aspecific traffic source and you may have already seen it before but I’ve testedthis here a few occasions now and it’s how I constructed my schedule somewhat fast and that’sjust all I wanted to talk to you about in this video today I have left a linkin the description below have a great day see you later!

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