December 31


How to Film and Edit on iPhone

By Randy Sult

December 31, 2021

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So let’s go back To the coasts where Ialways see you laugh To the forest where wefound and didn’t have To the summer of two thousand and five When we were still alive When we were still alive( upbeat music)( camera clicking) When we were still alive – Hello everyone, and welcome back to another mobile filmmaking tutorial. I know that most of you guyswatching this video right now, carry a smartphone with you. Well, guess what? You cancreate awesome things with it.You now have the advantageto create a masterpiece right there on your smartphone, and the good news is youdon’t even have to spend money on expensive camera gearto create good videos. With that said, let me showyou how to film and revise on your iPhone so that youcan get the best ensues for your video. Should I bring back that intro? Hell yeah.( upbeat music) For the filming responsibility, I will be filming myself without any help using the iPhone 11 Pro standard camera.I will be using this inexpensive tripod, this space, I can getinteresting slants of myself. By the route, if you’re interestedin the mobile gear I use, I will leave links to it inthe video description below. I reflect filming yourself is the best way to learn filmmaking fast. It’s a tedious process becauseyou have to set up the shot and be presented at it. It too spawns it difficultto compose your shot neatly since you can’t really seeyourself while filming, but it’s definitely possiblewith a few tips and gimmicks that I will give you in this video. So I will go through a few simples first, before we get into the behind the scene.In the end, I will showyou how to edit the video exploiting the free account of InShot, which you can download onyour iPhone or Android phone. So that you are well aware, this videois divided into eight fractions. We’re gonna talk abouta location, storyline, camera locates, focusand revelation, essay, movement, behind the background and editing. So with that said, let’sget into the video. So is the beginning with the locating. It’s important to considerwhen picking your locating is the fact that it coincides with your story.Choose a sit that helps tell the story. Too think of the time ofthe day you’re shooting, because that can reallychange the suitability of your locale. I picked a day where thesun is not too high above, it’s actually a cloudy date, which has beneficial, this acces, the lighter will be softer, developing in less coarse shadows, giving you a more satisfying inspection. So try to avoid shooting during midday or pick an overcast day toreally get better result unless you’re going for that coarse look like in Western movies. So if you have to shoot during mid daylight, but want a softer illuminating, then look for perfectly colors expanses, maybe behind trees or behind a structure where there is a shadow.So moving on to the storyline. For this video, we’re goingto have a vague storyline. It’s important to have somekind of story in your judgment. I will start out from this recognize. I will then get shots of mewalking through the neighborhood, observing the place andcrossing the bridge. In the end, I will be arrivingat an interesting spot where I’ll be filming most of my B-rolls. I will then put down my camera purse, grasp my camera and takephotos of the environment. So with this story in mind, I sort of know what shots I need. This is helpful because you don’t want to exactly captivate random things. When shooting videos, youdon’t always want to shoot from eye-level since we seethe world like that regardles, genuinely take the extra stepto find interesting directions, to originate the video seek more interesting.Maybe run a little lower or get on top of a rockto have an angle above, truly keep your eyesopen for unique directions and doing so will definitely enhance the story you’re trying to tell. So the process of how I do this is that I movie a sequencefrom multiple slants. This behavior, I have more optionsin post to cut the floor. I generally start off withan substantiating shot to give the viewer an idea of where the incident is taking place.I will also be taking medium shots that will help tell the story. These shots will mainly be static because my smartphone will beon a tripod most of the time. And of course, I will contribute somenice detail or close up shots to add more spirit into my tale. Camera puts, we will beworking with the standard camera of the iPhone because Iwant to keep it as simple and easy as possible for you guys. But if you are interested inusing an advanced camera app like Filmic Pro, whereyou have full limit over your camera, then I highly recommendyou check out this video where I explain how it works in detail. So the camera situates I will be using is 4K 60 frames / second. 4K has more detail andallows me to crop in. And this is really importantsince I’m filming myself and therefore might not getthe making right all the time. If you don’t have 4K 60 frames / second, you can also go with 1080 P, 60 frames per second, but be pointed out that youwon’t have the flexibility to crop in that much, so be careful with that.Make sure to enable grid wire so that you can determined yourcomposition accurately. Speaking of form, the rule of one-thirds isone of the basic rules and easiest to get started with, to create a strong offset idol. You simply want to enable gridlines and target your topic on one of the four intersection points. Avoid placing your subjectin the box like now, although grade yoursubject in the middle can create a strong composition, doing it too often can makethe shot watch particularly boring. Keep in imagination that youdon’t always have to use the rule of thirds, it’sreally here to guide you to create a dynamiccomposition in your video. Another important part of composition is that you have a strong foreground, mid floor and backgroundto add a sense of breadth into your vistum, think of it as layers. In calls of shallow depth of discipline, you won’t get that much on a smartphone, meaning that the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus.Now, there is a way to achieve a really shallow depth of fieldon your smartphone is to get really close onto yoursubject, that would work. Focus, and exposure, thevideo alternative on an iPhone are somewhat limited compared to a video app like Filmic Pro, but there is small amount ofadjustments that you are eligible to fix on your iPhone’s camerawill still enable you to do important things. Now, preparing focus ispretty easy on an iPhone, really sounds where you want to set the focus and it will automatically do it for you.To get a little bit more advanced, I like applying the AE and AF lock for locking focus and exposure. AE stands for auto exposureand AF for auto focus. Keep in imagination that youcan separate these two. For that, you would needan advanced camera app, but for what we’re apply it for right now, this should be enough. Now let me show you howyou can fasten your focus. Frame the subject, and tap the screen to select your focus top. Hold your paws down on your focus level for a couple of seconds, and a small yellow box will start to flash with AE, AF lock seem. Your focus is now locked.If you reframe to something else, you will see that it’s out of focus. To release it, tap elsewhere. To lock your revelation, again, wishes to made the vistum and sound on the area of the idol that you want wish toauto expose correctly. You should now be understood that the brightness of the idol has beenadjusted to the point that you have selected. You should be having aperfectly exposed idol now. If you reframe to a brighter country, you will see that theexposure won’t vary. Another beneficial featurethat is important to know is to manually given your revelation. This comes in handy ifyou want to reduce noise or simply want to correct your revelation, because you’re unhappywith the auto correction that has been stimulated on your smartphone.So to manually adjust your exposure, tap on the iPhone screen, on the point of focus, you will see a yellowish boxappear with the sunbathe icon, move your finger up or down the screen to brighten or shaded the show. All right, let’s move on to movement. Most smartphones haveoptical portrait stabilization that will compensatefor the pas action. To even get smoother shots, make sure to have your knees somewhat bent and your foot move when marching. Likewise impounded your iPhone with both sides and keep it wheneverpossible, close to your chest. Really move with your whole form instead of using only your arms. Because we’re recording in slow motion, this will too help constitute thevideo sound more smoother, Now, I denote exercising a gimbal because it allows me to be more flexible and I are genuinely createdynamic shots with it. But since I want to keepthis video low-spirited budget, I would just be using my tripodand some handheld campaigns. So I hope you digestedall of that intelligence , now we’re gonna get intothe behind the situation and shoot the video.So we’re gonna start up herewith our show shot. And what I’m gonna do ispull the camera upwards to reveal the nature’s knockout. So I’m gonna move the focusfirst and then lock it, and then I’m gonna createthis uncovering shot. So there’s a nicereflection going on here, and I think this is gonna lookgreat for a nice said shut up. So I’m gonna use the tele lens for that, I’m gonna set the focus on the thought, fastening it and war. All liberty, so I place my tripod over here. I’m gonna get a medium shot of myself accompanying over that bridge.I have some neat foreground with this tree and I’m gonna defined my focus onthe bridge and then lock it. And I’m gonna push down theexposure exactly a little and I’m gonna start recording.( paces) So I think this shot would look great because of the leading boundaries, uttering it a delightful symmetry. So I’m gonna define the revelation on the sky to preserve those foregrounds and fasten it. So let’s assessment it out.So for this shot, I’m gonnause the tripod to film myself and procreate some gesture in it. So I’m going to switch tothe breast facing camera so that I can see myself andjust as I gaze at the needles, I simply turn the tripod around me and I think that’s gonnalook great, so let’s try it. So I’m gonna cinema myself going, I’m gonna use the tripodagain and employed it upside down and slant it so that myshoes are in the make. And for that, I’m gonnause the ultra wide lens.So let’s go. So I think this would be aninteresting angle as well. As I said before, I want to get for every sequence, different slants. So I have a little bit offoreground, these foliages, and I’m gonna walkacross the bridge again, and this is gonna createa really dynamic shot. Start recording. So now I’m gonna get ashot of this towering tree likewise because of this leading line, and I’m gonna movie it likethis in a circular motion using the ultra wide lens, let’s see how this looks a lot like. The next shot will befrom a different angle, like a endless shotof the previous video. And again, I have someleaves here in the shot, and I’m just gonna walkacross the bridge again, along this path, start recording. And of course, there isalso some acting involved. So the camera’s hidden between the trees and this is a differentangle that I want to get.Again, me strolling this path soI can create a dynamic shot. Press the video and we can get started. So this is the part whereI walk towards the bench and take off my luggage, pull out the camera and make pictures of the city. So I’m gonna located the focuson the bench and fastening it and start recording. Oh, and one important memorandum is that you don’t want to have thetrashcan in your frame. So, I’m gonna get a closeup of my baggage, I’m gonna use the tele lens. And I determined the focus on my baggage, this style I is generated by somenice shallow depth of field.So let’s see how this will look like. So the next shot willalso be a detailed shot where I grab out my camera, but I don’t have my second camera with me. I’m actually gonna call this one. So you guys won’t reallysee the behind the place , so sorry about that. So after grabbing the camera, I will get a medium shot of myself. I’m gonna use the front facing camera so that I can set the emphasis placed on the sky and cure the highlights. I’m just gonna lift up the camera and then take a shot of the city. So the last shot is gonnabe a sort of POV shot where I placed the camera back into the bag and I sort of close my bagand then fade into black. I previously have a shot attaking out the camera, I’m just gonna reverse that clip in post and yeah, I think it’s gonna look great. So let’s start and I’m gonnause the ultra wide angle for this one. Yep, that’s gonna be our destroy. All title chaps, so I actually previously finished revising the video.We’re gonna use the InShot app and it’s actually a reallysimple video editing application that is almost self-explanatory, but I’m gonna tread youstep by step through it and too establish you some advanced facets that you can apply for your video to make it look even better. So make sure to download the InShot app and we can get started. Alright, so open up the InShot app and we have video, photo and collage. We’re plainly going to workwith videos, so select that. As I said before, Ialready revised the video, so it saved it as a enlist, it does that automatically. And you have to really becareful not to delete your original documents onyour saved camera wheel if you’re still working on the project. So merely to show you howto import the video, you would select New andthen select the videos in the right order. So as two examples, and I wouldselect the light-green check mark.Okay, all right, so this isour timeline, as “youre seeing”, and the first thing youwant to do is go to Canvas and you have different aspect rates. So you can choose a four byfive for Instagram or one by one or nine by 16, but we’regoing to use 16 by nine because that’s thestandard rate for movie. And you too have the option to zoom in, which is really great ifyou want to change directions, for example, and you can alsoselect different backgrounds. So if I would go back to ratio, for example, one by one, I can go to background and represent the backgroundeither exceedingly blurry, or I can choose a colouring, which is really awesomeor contours patterns, but we’re not gonna operation that for now. All claim, so we’regonna choose 16 by nine and select the check mark. So the next thing I would dois remove the InShot watermark. I select that and then remove this once. I do that for everyproject I establish on InShot and you can do that every time.So that’s pretty cool. And if you don’t want the adsto be displayed, you are able to, for example, close the InShot app and select flight state and then select InShot again, video, and then our drawing and it’s gone. So you don’t have to deal with that. Then you have music, you can choose moves. They have their own built in trails. I personally have a paidsubscription on Artlist and I only use music from them because I, most of thetime monetize my videos, but they also have a few selection here. Now, another greatresource to get music from is YouTube Audio Library, or No Copyright Music.I actually have a dedicated video on that, you should check out. So I actually importedmy own music from Artlist over airdrop, which is really cool that I used for this video, but you can also connect it over iTunes and you too have effectsfor example, artilleries, instruments and all that stuff. And I actually used a coupleof them for this video. For pattern, I use the birds since the representation is takingplace in the woodland. You can also record yourown voice if you wanted to, to create a voiceover for example, but we’re not gonna need that. Now, you likewise have theability to add stickers. I don’t use that, I usuallyadd my own PNG paintings. You can import them fromyour camera roll for example, and I’m gonna evidence you howthat can be an advantage for your video. And then “were having” texts, you can add your own text. All of the texts you’ve seen in the video was lent through now, and youcan also create modulations. You can change the fontof the text and so on. We will get to that in detail later.Then you too have theability to add effects. Most of them are paid, butI don’t use them that often. And you also have filters. I actually paid for the cinema backpack filter because I think it looks really nice. And you can also adjustthe severity and you, if you miss, you can alsocolor grade or color remedy your epitome exercising these tools right here, jolly boosted for videoapplication on the phone. And if you want to applyall of the effects, to all of the videos, you can click the doublecheck mark for applies to all. And this is really usefuland will save a lot of time. So we’re gonna have back, the next thing is precut, thisis great for precise editing. So on a phone, it can get reallyhard to originate precise cuts.And with the precut, you’re able to do cuts, for example, to the beat or so. Next we have delete, then wehave publication, clearly, accelerated. And this is gonna be really useful because I’m gonna sluggish parts of the times down to around 50%, since everything was shotin 60 frames / second. Now you can’t apply thisto all of the videos. That’s kind of a bummer, so you have to, if you want to slowdown all of the videos, you have to do it by selecting each. So you are eligible to duplicateyour excerpt, rotate it, flip it, freeze it, overturn it, all useful tools thatI used for the video. Another huge thing you have to know is if you inadvertently deleted a time, you can undo it byselecting the left arrow. As you can see, it overturns that. Now, if you want to seethe video clip as a whole, just harbour and tap outside of the timeline and you can see each shot taken.So this is really greatto reposition your clips how ever you like to. Now, you can always included more excerpts by pressing the plus buttonand going to video/ photo, this course, you can addmore video excerpts to it, for example, this one, butI’m just gonna delete this. All right, so I’m gonna open up my draft and this is how it looks like. As you can see, there’sthe watermark again, I’m gonna remove that byselecting remove this once. So I started off by organizingthe clips in the right order so that I could tell the story and to do so you can justpress and hold on the timeline or outside of the timelineand then re-organize it the style you want it to. And what I likewise did is incanvas, I adopted 16 by nine, which is the standardaspect ratio for movies. So I took this as theopening shot, as “youre seeing”, I lent some cinematic word bars to it, which is really awesome. This was also shot in slow motion, actually so I slow-going this down by 50%. And the hue score is really awesome. I really like the LUT preset on this one. So if I adopt filter, I preferred cinema one. This is how it was like before, and with the LUT requested, looks really nice, right? It makes a huge difference. So in order to add aletterbox to your video, I actually downloaded a PNGletterbox from Google images. You can time type in letterbox PNG, save the PNG letterboxto your camera roll, and then you can go ontosticker, select sticker again, and then choose from camera roll, and it will give you that PNG letter box.PNG entails a visualize withoutthe background, basically. And then you can adjust itthis way and there you have it. And then you can stretchit out the whole way, as you can see, I’vestretched it till the end so that it remains. And now a cool spoof to give your video acinematic feeling to it. As you can see, I alsoadded a transition to it. The lane to do this is to goto Edit and select this part. So you have differenttransitions right here. And I elect this one becauseit looks really great. The next thing I’m gonna showyou is how to add your titles. So we’re gonna hand-picked verse, and then as “youre seeing”, Ihave different names over here and you can just select, so you can edit the textby selecting the pen, as you can see, I canchoose different fonts.BEBAS is my favorite. You are also welcome to choose the colorof it and likewise change. So I pick this as a fadein and fade out transition, and you can also selectthe duration of the fading. And I reckon 0.7 would fit excellent. All claim, and you can moveit by hampering on the textbook and then dragging it, which you can actually bereally precise with it. So another thing I would like to show you is this transition right here. So in between excerpts, youcan see this white box. You can select that andchoose different changes. My favorite transition forthis would be this one. I really like this transition, particularly for this scene because of the sunbathe flaregetting brighter and brighter with this transition, it fades into grey. So this shot was actually upside down, so it looked like this and Ijust revolved it and that’s it.So I actually have two same shots, which is this one, me grabbing the camera and putting the camera back in. So this is actually a reverse shot I did. And I likewise pastured in, because I don’t want to havethe same framing all the time, how I did that is I went to Canvas and zoomed the whole way in, and you can also adjustthe framing to your attraction. So let me show you howto add seemed outcomes. Time go to music, so as you can see, I havedifferent sound aftermaths. I have fowls, I have walking on the needles and I likewise have whoosh transitions. For sample, where it fades into grey, I added a whoosh change. Below is the music track playing, and I also contributed a fadein to this music track. As you can see, you canselect fade in and fade out.And frequently these soundeffects aren’t too loud. I often lower it to around 5 %. To export this, you justpress the upper title button and save it and thiswill take a little while, but it’s gonna be on your camera rolling, and then you can use itfor your social media. So as “youre seeing”, filming yourself and revising it on your iPhone is possible to create quality videos. Even though I personallyprefer to edit my videos in Final Cut Pro X, it was still a greatchallenge for me to do and this video applicationis actually reasonably boosted for what you can do with it. That is why I most recommend you go out, try shooting videos ofyourself and editing it with the video lotion, InShot. Now I would love to see your videos and if you upload it on Instagram, make sure to call me at Benett Graezer.Now it does take pattern shooting videos, and the more you do it, the very best you get at it. If you like this video, leave a thumbs up and let me know what youwould like to see next on this path, Subscribe to my canal sothat it can continue creating these awesome videos for you guys. Now, if you want to divedeeper into mobile filmmaking, I got two videos right herethat you can check out, that will certainly help you improve your mobile filmmaking sciences. Until then, I wish you all the best. Thank you so much better for watching, and I will see you in thenext video, take care people.( upbeat music ).

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