January 30


How To Do Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing


January 30, 2022

what’s up everyone welcome to my direct uh as we know solo ad is one of the quickest way to grow your email register nonetheless um there is some skills you need to learn in order to have a good solo ad flowed so in this video i’m going to share everything i know about solo ad such as residence to buy solo ads script to use to approach any solo ad vendor so stay aria it’s going to be big quality[ Music] okay let’s see how to do solo ads for competitors selling so basically my present will be divided in two sections so the first parts i will give the definition of solo ad the characteristics of congestions and finally uh where you can buy solo ad okay and for the second part uh i will release the video uh later this week i think so we’ll be talking about tracking your campaign and what is exactly t1 t2 t3 test of traffic and how to share uh your public start and plus the scripts write that “youre using” when you approach any solo ad vendor so that’s being said what’s exactly uh solo ad so solo ad is a exceedingly targeted traffic so mostly soul has a huge email list let’s say around 100 000 or more than that and uh you refer him his offer and he’s going to advertise your furnish in his email list so you are paying you are paying for the sounds you are familiar with so each time somebody sounds on your volunteer then you you pay for the clicks yeah so uh that is what you call solo ad and mostly you need to use a platform sheet or opt-in page or pinch sheet right so and you want to make sure that you you set up correctly your ground page right so the idea the idea is uh to captivate uh you know your merely to capture people’s emails right in exchange for free gates or or free valuable information that can that can help them right so that’s why it’s very important that you set up your bring page precisely yeah okay so let’s see now uh traffic so basically uh commerce uh it’s a very interesting interesting things to to to really understand you know before you send your uh your proposal your offer to to solo ad congestion so mostly we have uh three type of traffic traffic you restrain traffic you don’t limitation and traffic you own privilege freight your own is basically your email list so beings are already warm to you they know they know about you they are aware of your your business you are familiar with and now uh cold congestion uh parties doesn’t know you they don’t know your business you know they are completely unaware of you and volunteer or sometimes they even don’t know if they have issues now you know so and uh mostly uh it’s you know this is traffic you regulate right like uh pay ads that we’ll discover last-minute and uh congestion you don’t limitation like you know uh free freight freeze joyou free congestion sorry free congestion like facebook organic you know all that stuff seo well let’s that is something you don’t switch you don’t know who’s sounding and when they’re going to sound it’s completely random you don’t self-control don’t dominate this okay and unquestionably let’s see now what’s what is called traffic so as i have spotlit uh earlier uh ask commerce we have uh the issue of trafficking you ensure and it’s the traffic you don’t ascertain so traffic you switch are remunerate ads so offer ads like you know facebook youtube google ads bing ads so all these are pay ads so why you controller those traffic because you put your money right solo ad as well yeah so as well so you push your fund uh and uh you can you can be you can be uh exceedingly uh very precise you know on which is what you want you demand people from uh for example let’s say u.s exclusively you know you likewise need to click to click on your ad you know you can be very particularly very precise extremely exceedingly targeted so that’s why you restrain this traffic because uh you know you set up you set up everything you need you know to to to to to make as a campaign success successful right so and uh the traffic you don’t control uh is free traffic liberty like uh seo blogging facebook organic so it’s free transaction so yeah so you don’t you don’t uh really come to control them okay so uh uh it’s very important to highlight that uh in the stage of freezing traffic you know people are completely unaware like i have said too earlier so beings uh don’t know you they don’t know about your company your commodity and sometimes parties even don’t don’t know if they have any issues that they want to solve so it’s up to you now you know to meet them trouble aware so once then there problem question aware so[ Music] that’s uh where you start you know introducing yourself and and induced made an offer to to to help them right so it’s very important to understand that because you know so at people who will click on your on your volunteer they are completely cold right so now it’s very important not to uh send your render just like this you know you need to go through nurturing you know to um when i say nurturing is like you know you use your platform sheet your opt-in page and you give excuse me so you give people you know if free valuable datum then they will give you uh the email address so this is a valuable the free valuable knowledge is certainly help them and then from there from there you uh engage with uh your audience you compose relationships you know in order you know to to to those people in your roster uh to be one so yeah to be one to you so that’s uh where uh emphatically we call about to one traffic you are familiar with so one traffic people are already in your in at least you know and they this time they know about you you know and when they buy from you they become red-hot you know hot so it’s very important too to highlight that you know people buy um from people they know they like and and and they trust you are familiar with people buy from parties they know they like and trust so it’s very important to highlight to highlight that so yeah by the way if uh if you didn’t subscribe uh so far so it’s a good idea to do that now and click on the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of my videos so yeah parties always uh you know don’t join uh com fellowships parties participate people so it’s very most important to to to give that in spirit so and then from here uh parties are already hot to do to you then they can still buying from you you call that returning patrons so they always come to you because they trust you so you need you need the guys to build trust at this stage building trust is uh is imperative okay so let’s see uh region uh to buy uh solo art so okay okay where we are at so we were exactly right here i’ll go to my computer okay that’s fine let’s go to my computer and we’ll identify uh plazas to buy sudo ad so we have uh udemy right so[ Music] udemy.com don’t okay so mostly you click on you know either locate dealers or solo deals and what you need to look at it’s uh the premium you know the price per clicks and its consideration of the item you “youve got to” click on you know you choose anyone you require so it’s a it’s a research right so let’s say i click on the first one just for for example so mostly you need to look at you know the number of likes etc you you look at you read everything it’s a renunciation you look at the reviews very carefully because you don’t want to do mistakes here so you read everything and you prepared your belief right and basically you came here and you decide[ Music] how many clicks you miss you want to buy you hear and each clink it’s 59 cents here so you need to watch for price for examines you know and you put your your your business join now and yeah this is a one mode to to go so and uh what is important also to highlight it’s very important to contact uh you know the seller itself you know and to get involved in him you know to ask him a specific questions that’s where the write will come into handy now and we’ll see that in part two part two of the present presentation so uh mostly believe me or not you know if we do we use facebook for a lot of things well facebook is also very powerful so basically if there is some website solo ads you really need to come here and click on solo ad testaments so add yeah and you have a lot of groups that you can you can you can choose so basically click join all of them and what you need to do let’s say you you demand you want to to buy hundred clinks for example so you go now and we click either 100 or 200 clinks no let’s say 200 sounds then what you need also to do is to look at uh you know what this one okay here is the seller name and you appreciate uh this person buy both 200 clicks you are familiar with and you need to read everything here you know everything this person got two cadres you are familiar with he prescribed 200 he received uh 220 so there is 20 clicks bonus here option rate is here so yeah you need to look uh you will be here to look for uh parties people you demand right then you really click on you exactly click on the marketer reputation and to contact him so and when you want to employed a testimonial you have to follow the same format here seller honours nature the clinks required you click received your opt-in paces you know if you order for t1 we’ ll encounter of course uh the definition of t1 t2 t3 in the next part of the presentation right so uh those are sort of our evidences in facebook radicals you can join a lot of them and you know follow the script that i will give you as well uh to contact solo escapades so and the last one here that i got in schedule is uh freight for me mostly you answer traffic for me you click on uh uh create campaign right then here what is interesting to highlight you have uh some select here either “youre in” a health and diet internet market cryptocurrency business population make money online etc so you have everything you need and you can choose here either you crave exclusively u.s so guys that’s why it’s uh particularly targeted because you choose here and it’s sufficient self-restraint you can control uh you know whatever you want to do here you know you you ensure this so that’s why is uh is trafficking button okay chaps so uh let’s go back to our presentation now let’s go out to our presentation and uh yeah i think uh that’s uh all people and uh let’s watch for uh part two part two will be secreted uh uh really soon so we’ll be talking about tracking your expedition because you need to chat if if you don’t uh you don’t if you don’t measure your your what you’re doing online so you cannot improve freedom so it’s very important to uh to do that and we’ll verify um what is uh exactly t1 t2 t3 uh test of traffic we’ll see how to charge how to share your public stats so that being said thank you for watching and see you in the next video[ Music] you

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