February 14


How To Create a Landing Page For Cheap! (Step by Step)


February 14, 2022

If you are an affiliate marketer, email marketer, CPA marketer, or simply anyone who is selling something online, you must learn how to set up and create arrive sheets. Why? simply because arriving pages is the number one tool when it comes to digital marketing and online business and this is what I will show you in this video. How to be established, and organize, and publish platform pages.Not exclusively that, watching this video will give you the skill to provide this service as a freelancer, so you can provide this as a gig on Fiverr or any freelancing website which is simply how to set up and publish a platform page. This video is really awesome and fits everyone here. Stay chanted. Hi everyone, I’m Hassan from H-educate and today I’m so excited to be with you in this new video. Today, I will show you step by step how to create a landing page and how to host and publish it online, and how to connect with an email marketing service to automate things. Not merely that, I will show you different methods and I will show you likewise how to publish a ground sheet free of charge, so this will help apprentices start working online. likewise, the disembark sheets that you will see I will conclude them available for free, for you to download and use.So, you will have everything and you can start for free setting up and publishing landing pages. So, let’s start together but before, don’t forget, please if you like to watch more videos about online business, digital marketing, making money online, please don’t forget, subscribe now to my direct to get every new update, almost every day. Okay friends so this video will be divided into two parts. In the first part, I will show you how to create a landing page and then in part 2, I will show you how to publish and multitude this arrival sheet and as i predicted you I will try my best to start everything almost for free.So, let’s start with step number one or part one which is “creating the bring page”. Just in one minute, I want to show you some services that you can use to build landing sheets as a digital purveyor. So, number one is “Click Funnels”. With Click Funnels you can create automated marketings funnels and simply landing pages to sell concoctions maybe to build email list and so much better. Click Funnels is a great application, but it expenditures at least 99 dollars per month. So, as a amateur, I don’t think it’s the excellent choice. The second option is to go with an email marketing service like in my example I use “ConvertKit” and here you can see landing pages and ways and you can create landing pages. Likewise, ConvertKit is a paid application. If you are providing email marketing and you must, you will be using an email marketing service like ConvertKit like Constant Contact, MailChimp.All these services has an option to build landing pages, but you have to pay per month. The other alternative, other email service is Sendinblue, it lets you likewise to create landing sheets. Now, you know here on my direct i talk a lot about creating and building your own email system, to save money and save costs as an example, in my case, I use Mautic Marketing System where I can send unlimited emails, unlimited contacts, whatever I require for cheap. If you want to learn more, you can check my other videos. I will keep all the links in the specific characteristics below So, in Mounting also we can build.Landing sheets and anatomies and then you don’t need to pay any additional rewards. Too, another option is to use WordPress. Like in my occurrence, I illustrated this in detail in my “Email Marketing Free Course”. If you go to my academy here academy.H-educate.com and you go down now you will see “The Email Marketing Mastery Course For Beginners” It’s totally free, in this course i explained in detail how to create opt-in models and arriving sheets with WordPress and this plug-in “Master Popups” now Master Popups is also not free. If you go now to Code Canyon, it expenses around 39, but what’s nice it will give you two permissions and it’s only one-time payment so you buy it formerly and you can build whatever sheets you demand on your website.So, also it’s a great option and I use always to build my sheets my opt-in species and everything else. So, this option quantity five is using a plug-in with WordPress option number six is to go to a website called themeforest.net and then here, you can simply search for landing sheets in Html or WordPress and you will have a lot of landing pages that you can buy for five dollars, sixteen dollars, ten dollars, whatever you want and host online. Also, i don’t want this option I demand somehow more cheaper option I recall one of the most wonderful, is buying this megapack for 29 dollars, which gives you free access to Pixfort Page Builder it’s 29$, only one-time payment what is Pixfort? simply this is the application Pixfort.com It is simply a web page builder. As I “ve told you”, what’s nice about it that you buy it only once for 29 dollars and you can create unlimited pages, unlimited property pages with simply one time fee. This is the best thing I ponder for apprentices to start with and by the way, all the links mentioned here, all the services I will keep the links in the description below.So, don’t worry about them now So, I will log into my chronicle, I already bought this, I have a license so I will log in into my detail. Now we are, I will go to my H-educate project to the builder merely to show you in a few minutes or less how to use this make it’s so simple by haul and throwing let’s wait a little bit. So here we are, you can see this is a small landing page to collect and build email list. So this is a free course we can see free cPanel main server course simple title and here someone can enter the email and you will send him the link to the course after he refers this form and the email will be automatically saved in an email marketing system. Now what’s nice about Pixfort, it supports a lot of email marketing employments. If you go to the form and click on this small icon, the email icon constitute regulates you will see here in the sets option you can see the forum type.Look how much servers we have. we can use MailChimp Campaign Monitor, Getresponse, AWeber, Active Campaign. All these services even MailWizz is supported and what’s nice also it supporters a custom-made email so you can collect the emails by moving them into your inbox and compiling them manually so you don’t worry about how to collect the emails. So, we have a lot of services and you can connect the emails manually. Now, before I show you how to download and publish this work, let’s see in one minute how to create a page like this. So, I will go now and click on “manage pages” and I will create a new page from scratch. Start with sections, and now I will compute a header. You can simply compute this one like this you look a menu with a symbol so you can build even a full website with this service in minutes, it’s really an impressive application. Anyway, I want to create something like the one I evidenced you before so i will go back here and go to sorts and i will go down and click on this template time draw it and you can see it’s ready, in really one minute you can create the full template, exactly edit the entitle now you can do whatever you want.This is your entitlement whatever you want and what’s the most important thing to take care of is the form options here as I told you you go now to the locates and you select the forum type, like as an example let’s say MailWizz or Sendy or whatever and you need to enter the inventory ID in your organisation, but before you do this you have to go to the Pixfort account your note and connect your services. If you go to settings in my account, you will see I already connected in the forum section, I once connected MailChimp and MailWizz, so you can connect whatever service you require here and then even you can connect reCAPCHA If you want or designated a usage email whatever you want and then you can use it now to connect with your gathering so anyone submitting his email in this forum will be automatically saved in your email market structure and this is really awesome and very simple especially for beginners.So, this is the page let’s go back to my pages. Let’s see this one here is my page now the next step, after you build the landing page use whatever assistance you require you have to host it online. Now exactly one tiny target if “youre using” your WordPress website like in my occurrence Master Popups or if you are using Mautic or ConvertKit, or any email market assistance or ClickFunnels you will not worry about hosting the land sheet, because it will be hosted automatically on that service, but as i told you it’s somehow expensive like 100$ per month or 60$ per month so for a beginner, it’s not that good option.So, let’s see how we can host this disembark page starting from zero dollars for free and then for only five$ per month. So, as a novice, it will be a great option. The first step to do is to download this platform page, ought to have the registers. So simply now, go to settings, and then click on “export project”. By the highway, you can publish automatically using FTP If you have a hosting service, but we want to do this manually so anyone can do it and to be implemented and understand the concept very well. Let’s click on “export project” and then go to export page and that let’s export such projects export super simple. Now you can see it’s downloading my projection as a zipped register. Very nice, let’s wait a little bit for the download to finish and then I will show you how to publish it and host it online also in like two minutes, it’s really perfect so now what we are going to do is to buy a server, to buy a hosting package.As I “ve told you”, I will show you how to start with zero dollars. So, the first option you have is to go with zerozerowebhost.com and start with totally free hosting. By the channel, I excused this website on my canal, if “theres going” now and you go down, you will see this website “How to Create a Free WordPress with FreeHosting”, I excused this website you can check the video if you miss. So, this is the first option to start totally free of charge. Now if you want to be more professional, you can go with a paying propose so you can get higher conduct, and one of the most wonderful options is Host Stinger which allows you to start with 0.99 dollars per month only if you go here to Web Hosting you can see the shared hosting 0.99 dollars, you can save now 90% on this plan, and host your website on.Also, this is a great option for fledglings. other options is to use Contabu web services and get a full server. If “theres going” here to VPS servers, let’s go now. Yyou can see here it’s only 3.99 euros, so that’s like five dollars per month, but look at the specs two cores, four gigabytes of ram, 300 gigabytes SSD improved. It’s an stunning alternative also to start with for only five dollars, and by the way, all the links mentioned in this video as i told you on the description below, you can click and start working instantly without searching for anything. The other alternative which I will go with in this video is DigitalOcean which allows you also to create a five-dollar server, but what’s nice likewise, I will share with you my special certificate, so you can start for one month thoroughly, entirely for free so you are eligible to learn whatever you want for free. So, exactly click on the link in the specific characteristics below if you want to follow up with me and sign up to DigitalOcean with my connect Now I will sign in, I don’t want to squander your time signing up it’s somehow simple.I will signed off to my account and see how we can publish and emcee the ground page on DigitalOcean on our patronage server. You will see how things is really super simple now in a little bit. Here “well my dashboard in DigitalOcean click on this green button, “create” and click on “Droplet”. Droplet simply is a server, it’s only the reputation in DigitalOcean Now, here in the idol, you have to go to marketplace. Just follow up carefully, it’s so simple, click on “marketplace” and select “lamp” on Ubuntu. Why lamp? simply because this server will be auto-configured with everything you need to start hosting. With PHP with MySQL with Apache, with everything so you need really to publish and upload the files it will be so simple so click on “lamp” here was down and adopt “five dollars machine”.It’s super cheap, go down select any region you miss, I will go now with “SanFrancisco” as an example go down enter a password, and then go down and select a host name. By the road, now you will use your domain name. I will talk about this in a little bit. Now let’s skip this, and proceed click on “create droplet” That simple, in one click now digital ocean will create the server for you and it’s already configured you don’t need to worry about anything. The only step you have to do now, is to publish, is to upload the registers That simple. You will see now how to do this, just with a little bit for this to finish. Let’s wait and great in less than one minute, “were having” the server you see this number here it’s the IP address, it’s the unique IP of this server, simply click on copy, copy it , now we have the crowd the IP address.We are going to connect to the server and upload the folders. Let’s see how, I would use an application called win SCP, WinSCP is a free remote register overseer, so it allows you to easily upload registers to your server in like one minute. WinSCP is totally free you can download from the description below too, all the links in the specific characteristics below don’t go anywhere WinSCP open it, this is the application you can see it precisely enter here news locate, I will glue the IP address say “root” and participate the password you used and DigitalOcean.That’s simple. Click login. Okay, yes let’s certify. Now merely to be implemented with me, travel here and now go and select the “var” folder doubled sound then www then HTML and you will see this index page. If you go here and glue your IP in the browser, you will see it will open this index page. This is the index page anyway delete this we don’t need this index page.Delete it, and you will upload the nothing record in this location so go to my downloads slouse now and this is the project downloaded from Pixfort, time lag and throw here and that’s it. Precisely wait now for the upload to finish and the application files will be on your server and we just need to extract and really nice, we will have the website you will see now in one minute. Great! The enter now is on our server, we need now to extract it. The easiest and the fastest way is to extract apply an application called PuTTY So, again open the start menu, open PuTTY, which is an SSH client to connect and control your server I will glue the IP here again, click on “open” It’s so simple, don’t think you need to code or something. You will see now, it’s only one minute enter the beginning password you used before really nice , now we are in our server That simple, we will now extract the document this one here. Simply I will install the unzip utility so say “APT install unzip” that simple.Enter. This is the first command, APT install unzip. that simple. Let’s clear again the screen. Say “clear” and now we will go to the directory say “cd” which entails “change directory” say www Html now we are in the Html directory, you want to extract this project I will say “unzip project” sorry “project.zip” That simple. Enter and let’s see the supernatural Let’s go now, refresh and you can see, it’s here, obtained and now we can access our ground page. Do you want to see this? I will rename this as the index.html page simply to show you this, I will go now, here and refresh my IP address and look at the supernatural. You can see this is my landing page. It’s hosted on my server. That’s great , now we still have the last step, which is using a figure instead of this number of course, you want to share this page on social media, perhaps you want to run ads, whatever.So, it’s better to have a domain name here. Simply, I will show you now how to planned the domain to this IP I will open my region manager which is GoDaddy time to show you as an example you can use any land provider in my client it’s GoDaddy. Please focus well this is a great tutorial, you are learning a very important skill. Anyone, every digital marketer or anyone working online was essential to this skill so you can host your disembark pages or provide this as a ability, as a gig, as a service, as a freelance. So, here is my domain list I will go now and select anyone like this one now H-educate.net I will open this and then go and manage DNS so I can configure DNS records as I told you this works the same on any domain provider on NameCheap on Enum whatever domain provider you are using is the same conception just follow up.Now I will compute a subdomain, a call I “re just saying”, now a record I will say mooring as an example and i will paste the IP address of my server now. That simple, click on “save”. Now, I moment this sheet, this address landing.mydomain to my server address. So , now I can access my server exercising this appoint. Do you want to see this? Let’s see I will go now I will say landing.h-educate.net participate, sorry it’s territory i’m not ground and very nice look at this. This is my landing page, under this domain name. So, this is how you can create a landing page, publish and legion it on your own server. I hope that members can experienced this video. Don’t forget to use my vouchers, my special tickets to get free access and don’t forget also download my platform page for free and then you can try this by your own and emcee it and see how things work so you can provide this as a freelancing assistance or do this for your own online business, I hope you enjoyed the video, don’t forget subscribe now and turn on the notifications to get every new update, almost every day.See you later![ Music].

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