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How To Buy UDIMI Solo Ads – Top Vendors, Fast Targeted Traffic


February 2, 2022


Hey this is a AR Rizvi and you are herebecause you want to learn how to buy UDIMI Solo ads okay. Now I’m not surewhether you are aware of solo ads or not so we’re gonna run through the basicsreal quick so that everyone watching this video understands exactly what I’mtalking about when it comes to solo ads right? Now if you have been in the onlinemarketing opening for the last for at least five minutes or so you will haveheard of solo ads, beings mentioning solo ads on Facebook radicals or you know youwould have heard of that solo ads one practice or the other and you may or may notknow exactly what it is okay? So let’s let’s dive into what exactly is a soload right so I’ve checked out this other website and it gives you a briefdescription of exactly what a solo ad is A solo ad constitutes a form of circular, alist rental if you will that is sent out to an part or fraction of an emailsubscriber list.What you are basically make is buying targeted traffic to yourwebsite or affiliate associates that you are looking to promote. So what’shappening is that you could have let’s say an proposal that you have on a landingpage or a crush page or some sort of page that you’ve created right that isgetting your leadings those visitors to your furnish for them to see right andwhat you’re doing is those precedes those people that are coming to your websiteare actually from solo ad dealers right that are selling you those causes right? So that’s essentially what I solo at is now with UDIMI, UDIMI is a very popularplace to buy solo ads okay? It’s been around for quite a while and Ipersonally know a lot of dealers that have been selling solo ads for quite anumber of years there and have done so successfully and there are obviouslythere are some merchants that come and go the quality of clicks when I say thequality of clinks the quality of the visitor right is obviously every vendorthat sells you those solo ads is giving you different kinds of traffic qualityright? So we’ll get into that in a moment but the first thing you need to know isif you are looking to come fast targeted traffic to your site literally within 24 hours sometimes 24 to 48 hours going to UDIMI and use buying a solo ad is onedefinite way to go okay? So if you if you come to UDIMI.com, you come to their homepage right and on their homepage you can you knowread up all about you do me what they do how many clients they’ve you know youknow they’re saying they’ve got two million fortunate purchasers over two milliontestimonials or people who’ve buy via the platform okay you can save time you don’t you can directly contact theseller our details ask questions etc etc.You get you can get a lot of informationabout the visitor the type of visitor coming to your place where they’re comingfrom what municipality what browsers they’re using are they mobile congestion are theyyou know desktop etc so there’s a lot of thingthat you can find out through UDIMI when you are buying a solo ad. Now whenyou open an detail so what you would do is you would go to sign up okayand once you’ve signed off with the account you would come to theback-office right so this is your dashboard your for your own UDIMIaccount and you can look for traffic look to buy traffic based on yourcriteria right so what I convey by that is you would click on find sellers okayright and now you let me precisely reset this to default everything to defaultand you would basically come to this page and when you click on find sellersright now here you’ve got certain filters right that are important rightto use okay they’re important to use right.So the first filter is how quicklydo you want the traffic to your furnish okay some some providers do it within 24 hours and you got 24, 48, 3 periods five days etc etc right. So let’s say for example Iright so this is how I would filter out a good solo ad merchant right so you wantto be getting a good reputable solo ad merchant who is going to deliver you goodquality traffic.The mistake parties make right when purchasing traffic fromany solo ad or vendor right or any vendor any traffic source is looking forcheap traffic right. NEVER buy cheap freight alwayspurchased traffic that is quality that is good quality traffic because they areleads that would actually be responsive to your furnish they are not wasting yourtime and they’re not just clicking and then only you know not know you’re notbuying a non accept index a non accept transaction right? You want to buyquality traffic because if you buy a inexpensive traffic in the long run you’rewasting a lot of time and of course a lot of money right so this is how Iwould buy a quality traffic from UDIMI.So you let’s say for example I amlooking for traffic within the next five days right and I am looking for simply toget a good amount of tourists to my place and a good quantity of if I was topurchase let’s say 50 tourists right or let’s say 75 tourists I can do that butif I am researching out my offer to begin withI need data right the more tourists I get to my site right initially withinreason I can get some data as to see whether that volunteer is convertingor not right are you with me? So what I need to dois buy a reasonable sum of sounds pilgrims right to see my place right solet’s say for example I extended with 400 tourists right to begin with and over aperiod of five days I can wait five days for those 400 visitors to come to mysite right? Now here I can filter out based on the cost right so this is theminimum amount I’m willing to pay so for example if we left that at 0.35 pennies andthis is the maximum amount that I’m willing to payclick 0.95 pennies let’s say for example I don’t want to pay 0.95 pennies I want to Ihave a budget of let’s say 0.75 cents per click okay right? So this is based on perclick okay the toll right? So here it says envision merely dealers who areonline now no that’s fine just leave it the channel it is and here this is importantbecause what this depicts is the number of sales that previous purchasers have got fromthe from a specific vendor that’s selling here so for example right nowit’s at 0% so I are able to obtain dealers who have sold solo ads before but nothing hasactually reported them having reported them saying that we’ve buy thisparticular solo ad from this marketer and I engendered marketings so we want beings wewant solo ad vendors to those that have at least made some sales so I wouldgo with about 40% I would go with about 40%. Now everyone’s got their owncriteria and some people will say go with 30 percent sales got some peoplesay go with them and in fact I would actually go with about 30% auctions andI’ll say and I’ll tell you why because when you purchase any solo ad customersdon’t you don’t get marketings immediately right it makes when they see your offerthey may they will more than likely opt-in to your directory your email index andthen you have to market to them and it’s you know mostly get them to buy yourspecific product that you’re promoting or selling title which should help themyou know succeed in whatever they’re doing rightyou can’t certainly, you should never sell a produce that you don’t believe init you should never promote a make that you don’t know fully about thereisn’t that system there’s a lot of things I can talk aboutwhen it comes to how to promote a produce this is no longer the this is not thevideo for it but what I will say to you is at least 30% or more marketings right persolo ad merchant okay and now you’ve got the number of ratings right so I wouldsay that at least at least you should be looking at at least twenty five-plusokay and here you’ve got a roll of marketplaces that your your your volunteer isabout is is about so for example if your render fits into the marketing nicheright niche, then you would click on marketing if it’s finance pertained thenfinance if it’s health referred state mobile and you can see like every time Iclick on this different keyword I get different dealers coming upokay? So for the purpose of this instance for the purposes of this examplewe are going to go with solo ad merchants who provide us with marketing, marketingleads okay? Now straight away you’ve got some vendors come on here and nowwhat you need to do is go through the dealers that you think you would thinkare worth trying out okay importance seeing.Now based on all these all thecriteria’s that I’ve given gone through all of these marketers pretty much all ofthese dealers are are pretty good are quite good in termsof they will send you quality traffic Now let’s have a look at Dana solo rightso Dana solo over seven years experience immense 60 pennies per clink per click soit’s the price wander “re right here” over 30 about 38% marketings okay2 577 thumbs up and as opposed to 13 negatives if we click on her profilewhat you will see now is an in-depth mostly they’re evidence you how manyshe’s how many solos ads she sold and here’s the important part right so youyou’re looking for 400 visitors right so you’re looking for 400 guests and hereyou got these filters okay now this base filter is already it’s already coded inyou can’t conversion that for your armour this filter is this filter iscannot be turned off it saves your coin by dismis glob useless or duplicatetraffic which is fine we want that prime filter I don’t often go for with whatthis prime filter does is use prime filter on this solo each clink heywhat’s up chaps sorry I got cut off there so continuing with the filters right sowe talked about the base filter the prime filter is something that you woulduse only if you want to try and make sure that you get the best possibletraffic etc right now with this vendor Dana so know she has already providedyou with information on the type of quality traffic that she’s getting rightso 100% top-tier countries US and Canada now when we talk about top-tiercountries we’re talking about the top five english-speaking countries UK USACanada New Zealand and Australia so this vendor has already told you he’s alreadytelling us that she is providing 100% top-tier countries US and Canada and shehas an email list total size of 55,000 which is a checked roster by Oda meso udemy has verified this list and twenty-five twenty eight percentfiltered sounds so her sounds our quality sounds coming through right nowyou can clearly opt for only top-tier right so you can click on this filterand up for only top-tier if you think that there are there might be trafficcoming from other countries that you don’t want coming onto you see youroffer for any reason so you can’t click on this but in this case because she hasalready equipped you with the information there’s no need to click onthat and bribe additional is it you people want simply portable commerce so you can click on thisfilter here if you’re looking for only portable traffic that would expense anotherten cents additional per visitor no but no mobile traffic again if you simply wantdesktop traffic then you would click on this filter now this fleck here is quiteimportant because you there’s two ways to look atthis right if you are to provide your ad photocopy right it’s you so your ad facsimile iswhat basically that merchants list will see when they are just before they clickon your volunteer right so affording your own ad copy isgood to do because you know about your commodity and your offer better than yourvendor right so you should know about your produce orfor considerably better so by providing your own ad copy write your theme in the adcopy would join that product or offer that you’re promoting so any person anyvisitor on that merchants list who is ending your who’s mostly readingyour ad emulate and clicks on to your onto your platform sheet right there’s amessage to grocery congruence right make sense of course you don’t have to dothat you don’t have to provide your own ad text you can ask the the vendor soload vendor on udemy to do that for you though we have to do it there’s noproblem but generally it’s a good practice to be able to write your own adcopy so that like I said before you know the product better than anybody else andthen mostly that is pretty much it before you would so here you’ve got alot of refreshes here of of solo ad buyers so for example this individual hereOrlando Garcia very satisfied she over delivered and I got one sale so for agreat job where reference is says over delivered that basically meant that if she wassaying if we’re going to buy 400 clicks Dana solo may return us 430 clicks or 40 clicks all right so that’s what over delivery is claim a lot of these solo advendors do that because they want you to be happy quenched and they want you tobe repeat purchasers right so again a lot of a lot of reviews a lot of testimonialshere a lot of parties please give testimonies for dana solo and you canread that and go through the list of there’s a lot title so what that showsis this this solo ad vendor dana solo is definitely somebody who is experiencedselling so on udemy has been selling solo ads forquite a while because you wouldn’t break up you wouldn’t have over 2500 thumbs upif you were fairly brand-new freedom it’s got the all the medals etc what I imply I’mnot I’m not I’m just giving you this as an example I’m not saying that you yougo and purchase from Dennis Ono or anybody that I mentioned I’m just givingyou an example of how to sift out the title type of solo ad vendor a qualitytype of solo ad vendor on udemy right so the purpose of this video was how to buyudemy solo ads and you only need to go through the information you need to makesure you use the filters you need to make sure you can contact the solo advendors beforehand right so you can send them messages so you can click onmessages and here I was chit-chat to one solo ad merchant earlier you can sendmessages to different solo ad providers and they will they will message you backand you you know you can ask various questions what what what kind of trafficwould I be get is your traffic has your traffic seen this offer before willI you know there’s countless many questions that you can ask them any questions thatyou can ask you can show them your ad replica beforehand get the questions out ofthe way firstly right before obtaining so that you you know don’t send an orderthrough without you know getting your questions corroborated but you do me in myopinion is the easiest and quickest sit to get traffic get eyeballs to seeyour offer to see your website whatever it is that you’re looking to promote youcan get fast traffic within 24 hours or less literally withbeing said people I hope that members can noted this video useful if you did do gives people alike thumbs up and do subscribe to my channel if you find any contents of mineuseful do share my video if you encountered it useful again and I have left a couple oflinks in the video description one of connections is for you to open youraccount with udemy and try out a solo ad vendor if you want to go that and go anddo that and another link is something called the full percent challenge thechallenge I if you were an entrepreneur an online inventor if you aremarketing in marketings marketing Direct Selling network marketing whatever youwere doing online even offline if you’ve got a cop online sorry you’ve gotecommerce accumulates if you’re financier online or offline I highly recommend youcheck out the challenge that’s the link below UDIMI.With that said today guys Ihope to speak to you soon and take care have a great weekend talk to you sooncheers bye-bye.

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