January 21


How To Buy Solo Ads That Convert In 2021


January 21, 2022

-[ Igor] What is thedifference between somebody who experiences roughly instantovernight success online, somebody who’s making a ton of money, somebody who gets respect andadmiration of their peers, somebody who can easily takeup on a new furnish, promote it, and make money before this time tomorrow, and somebody who investslots and lots of effort, occasion, force, and resourcesinto their online business without much success? What is the key gamechanging divergence creator between somebody who’sconsistently struggling to another person who’sconsistently dominating their online business? Well, the differenceis traffic generation, and, specifically, one’sability to generate highly-targeted, automatedtraffic on demand.So with this training, what I’m gonna register you is my 24 -hour traffic solution. I’m gonna explain to you howI get targeted leadings fast for any offer, make, or niche. And I’m gonna refute the numberone question in your psyche, that is, how to get lots oftraffic actually, really fast even if you’re justgetting started right now. My name is Igor Kheifets. I’m the CEO and Founder of Igor Solo Ads, and my number one purposein life and in business is to help people just like you who are trying to promoteInternet marketing offers to figure out the easiest way for them to get traffic and leadsfor their business. And on this training, I’m gonna explain to you the number one traffic sourceyou need to use right now to experience instant solutions. Yes. I know it’s a big claim, and I know you’ve probablyheard similar claims before, but I give you my assurances if yoususpend your agnosticism for precisely a few minutes, I’m gonna share with you exactly why everything you’ve tried so far didn’t work for you, precisely, why freetraffic didn’t work for you.You identify, I’ve spend a longtime, about three years or so, trying to drive free trafficfor my online business. I would be promotingother people’s makes through what’s called affiliate market and I would get links toother people’s offers. And if I were to refersales to those offerings, I would make a commission. “Its probably” same to what you’re tryingto achieve right now.And so the only job that I genuinely had was to drive clinks or drive traffic, drive targeted visitors to my tie-ups, which doesn’t seem all that complicated if you think about it, right? But what I discoveredwas that free traffic was the biggest time suckthat I’ve ever gone through and that free traffic wasn’t free at all. Allow me to explain. So I’ve been putting a ton of effort into trying to build my freetraffic portfolio, if you are able to. I’ve been trying to do visitors for free to visit my affiliate associates. And the first thing I recognise is that just how sluggish free traffic is. Because in order to get any traffic, I had to create lots of content and berth that material online and then hope that somehow people woulddiscover that content through maybe keyword researchor some other resource, and maybe if I’m really, really lucky, for my commodity or my video togo, excerpt and excerpt, viral, which of course never happened for me.So not only free trafficwas really inefficient, but the moments that I did get it, I only got maybe a trickle, maybe one, two, maybe five sounds over the course of the entire campaign. Now another thing I’ve discovered is that in order to get free traffic, I had to learn a ton of technological trash, including but not limited to how to shoot and upload videos on YouTube, how to write articles, which necessitated I needed to learn how to actually write contentpieces that were, you know, easy to read and reallyinteresting for the people to read. I also had to figure outwhat are article indices, I had to figure out what is blogging, and how do I installWordPress in my website, how to get a domain, andwhat is keyword research, how to build backlinks, and a assortment of other stuff that I genuinely had no interest in do because I was building mybusiness on a part-time basis, I still had a full-time job, I had other interests in animation, and I genuinely wasn’t looking forward to spending 16 hours every single day, trying to figure out the technological factor of online free freight generation.Now the next thing that I’ve discovered is the few instances that I was able to spawn free trafficwork was that the moment I obtained a proficiency that did work for me, it was quickly, unusually, very quickly saturated by other parties, meaningthat I wasn’t the only one looking for free traffic. In fact, it appears to me that the whole world and their brother was trying to get freeclicks off of the Internet, and that intended the momentsomebody , not only me, but anyone, concludes a opening to get free traffic, do kinda siphon thetraffic off the Internet, that loophole is being immediately abused, and as a result, saturatedby the people themselves.So the market sort of like, you are familiar with, avoids itself from further developingfree traffic proficiencies because there’s so manypeople trying to get it. Now the other thing that you’ll discover if you ever try to drive free traffic is that it is very, very cold. Now I don’t mean thatit’s physically freezing. What I necessitate is that itis very hard to convert because the free click, for example, a click youget from social media or a clink you get, you are familiar with, from precisely a random articlereader, is very cold.This click doesn’t know you. This visitor doesn’t know who you are. There’s no relationshipthere, there’s no trust. And as a result, even ifyou are getting, you are familiar with, literally thousands uponthousands of visitors each and every single day, which in and of itself is highly unlikely, but even though they are hypothetically you are able to, you would only represent maybe one, two, maybe five marketings out of thousandsand thousands of pilgrims, which is not really all that fertile if you think about it. You know, if you work really hard to get thousands ofpeople to visit your place, but just a few of them buy, it will be the same as toiling really hard to get thousands of peopleto visit your store, your physical place, and then exclusively, you are familiar with, five of them to actually buy from you. No, that’s not a recipe fora successful online business.Now here’s why the paid trafficalso didn’t work for you. And so for me, after tryingfor three years or so, driving free traffic for my business, I said, you know what, okay, this doesn’t work, let me switch to paid traffic. And even though it cost money, and at the time, I wasreally cautious, you are familiar with, investing fund into my business, I said, you know what, if I take all the hours I’ve invested into driving free traffic and I fraction it by theearnings that I’ve realise, that intends I went paid maybe1/ 10 or maybe even 1/15 of what the usual McDonald’s employee, the lowest-level employee in McDonald’s would have gotten paidworking the same hours, which intended, you are familiar with, I actually made a low-paying job for myself, you are familiar with, but is not simply, you are familiar with , not low-pitched paying, butjust impossibly low-grade compensate, so no one can make a living that way.So I said, you know what, let me save up some coin, let me go get a second job, and let me see how I getpaid traffic to work for me. And here’s what I’ve discovered. The first thing and, well, various kinds of obvious, you know, is that it is very expensive. What happened was Istarted investing money into traffic contemporary and I promptly learnedthat I couldn’t go on for more than a couple of days before I passed out of moneyfor the whole month. So unless I was throttling my financings, I was running out ofmoney very, very quickly, and I had to hope that my business or my auctions move, or my affiliate render would establish me enough moneyto cover my commerce expenses, which actually never happened at the time.The other thing is I discovered that just like free traffic, paid traffic is also extremely tech intensive. Now not in the same way though because to learn paid trafficand to captain paid traffic, and to use it successfully, I had to learn a differentaspect of tech wreak, means that I had to learn how to track and how to split test, Ihad to learn algorithms, I had to learn how to installtracking pixels and codes, I had to figure out howto use Google AdWords and how to use Yahoo PPC. I had to figure out keyword research and a assortment of interesting thing that, once again, I wasnot enthusiastic about. I started my business because I wanted more heat, more freedom, and more fund all at the same time.( clears throat) Excuse me. And because of that, whenI was forced to do things I was not fierce about and the things I was notreally interested in, such as learning technological stuff, the things that wouldoverwhelm the crap out of me, I said, you know what, that’sreally not working out.The other breakthrough, whichis kinda shocking to me at the time, was thatit was very saturated, but not in the same way thatthe free commerce is saturated. It was saturated in a way where exclusively a handful of people would be brave enough to use paid traffic to drive business to theirwebsites in the first place, but that community was so aggressive that the moment you figure out a strategy that works for you, you immediately have atleast 50 other people in the same categorytrying to knock you off by either bidding morefor the same traffic or maybe optimizingtheir campaigns better, or just quite literally copyingyour entire marketings move precisely because they seeyour ads all the time.So I discovered thateven though paid traffic allowed me a certain advantageover the general public in the online market cavity, I was still fighting for a saturation. I was still fighting for “peoples lives”, and any time I found out what would work, unusually, very quickly, Ifound that my adversaries would completely swipe it and use it, and then of course saturateand abuse the system. Now another thing I detected was, and this is something Iwas hoping not to happen, is that paid traffic is also cold. Now it’s cold for a different ground. It’s usually more targetedthan free transaction, but it is colder because people approach this particular traffic source, or the people you render through this particular traffic source are, generally speaking, have their defenses up.What that intends is that theyhave their sales justifications up. They know it’s an ad. They know you’re tryingto sell them something even if you begin the conversation by offering them something for free. So naturally it is alittle bit more difficult to convince them to share their credit card information with you because they come into the conversation the same way you wouldenter the conversation at the car lot when you’retrying to buy a new automobile, so goin’ in, when the delightful, you are familiar with, automobile salesman smiles at you and lengthens his or her pas, right? You know that they are gonnatry and sell you something, and the only reason they’re there is to sell you something.So the trust degree is not quite there unless of course you’ve known that dealer for years and times and years, and they have an flawless, you know, an flawless track record, but, again, online almost never happens because most trafficis gonna be super cold. So what is then the answer for fledglings that cannot open the time to learn how to get free traffic, cannot afford the time that it takes to scale free commerce, that are not, well, basicallynot willing to learn how to do free traffic because, you are familiar with, let’sface it, it’s very easy, it’s very hard to flake, it’s very technical, and it’s just not thebest employ of your time , not to mention, that unlessyou’re really, genuinely fierce about figuring out the technical details of online marketing, this willactually become you sad, which I don’t think is the purpose that you’ve had in mind whenyou start your online business.Well, in my experience and in my humble more accurate ruling, the best traffic source isstill paid traffic root, nonetheless, with a quirk, andit is warm email traffic. Now I’m gonna explain to you exactly how it works in just a time, but first, I want to post a question or post an disagreement that’sprobably on your intellect. You’re probably studying, Igor, truly? Email traffic? Isn’t email dying? Isn’t Facebook taking over the world? Aren’t parties exchangingInstagram accounts now instead of their emailaddresses to communicate? And you know what, to anextent, you’d be right. And if you’re marketingmaybe dating offerings or offers to people underthe age of 14, then yes, social media would probably be a great traffic source for you. However, if you’re marketing to anyone with at least half a ability, okay , no pique, 14 year olds, but you still have a long way to go, so if you’re market to real consumers and real serious peoplethat are trying to solve real serious problems with their healths, with their money-makinghabits, with their finances, pretty much in any manufacture where adults are shaping buying decisions, email market is stillthe number one media that you can and should be using.And here’s a study thatwas done by MaleMunch to figure out exactlywhich traffic generators are the best ones. And what they’ve discoveredis that email congestion, as you can see it’snumber four in that listing, alters about nine timeshigher than social network. Now bear in mind, socialnetwork is the combined, okay, evaluate of Facebookand Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube, and all of those networks. So email actually out-converted all those by almost nine epoches, by 8.7 days, by 870%, which in and of itself isalready a great indicator where we should be investing your time, energy, and resources.But that’s not all. Because the most exciting part of it is that if you look at thesecond tower from the left, actually it’s the thirdcolumn from the left, it’s called the encouraged conversion importance, what you will notice is that email, out of all traffic sources, omitting the direct hits, meaning that excluding all the traffic that already had a relationshipwith that business before, which is number one in that list, and nothing trounces that, right. So if you had a relationship with a place of business for years, and, you know, when theydo business with you, there’s no price resistance, there’s a great sum of confidence, there’s just overall avery comfortable setting, therefore, you are familiar with, that’sthe best congestion beginning. But if we’re render brandnew leadings for our business, then email traffic isthe second best option because as it turns out, email referrals will spend at least 20 times more moneyper average transaction than, for example, social media causes. As you can see, socialmedia results have expended $737 on average with this place of business while email referrals spentnearly $15,000 on average, which represents a 20 timesor a 20,000% inconsistency in average earning per client.Now imagine if you had astore, a physical store, whatever it is you, for example, sell shoes. What type of client do you want? The kind of client thatwalks into your collect every now and again likes your shoes, and mostly, you are familiar with, gives you the thumbs up in your commodities, and rarely, if ever, buys, and the times that they dobuy, they invest about $700, or would you like a type of client that buys nine times moreoften when they come in, and any time they buy, they waste practically $15,000? Well, the answer is obvious. You require the ones whoare buying more often and the ones that are spendingmore money per busines, and that, your best friend, is email traffic.Now how do you get email transaction? We get email traffic usingsomething announced solo ads. And solo ads are a fixed costtraffic generation method that allows us to rentother people’s email listing for one ad, hence, ofcourse the identify solo ad. Now what that necessitates is that right now, given the fact thatonline marketing industry has been around for, I foresee, over 20 times at this quality, because the firstly eBook ever was created and sold, I see, in’ 97 or’ 96, so in the light of the fact that theindustry is fairly supported, we now have tons and tonsand tons of parties out there in the niche that we’re lookingto busines our makes in regardless of what that niche is, right.So whether it’s a date niche, whether it’s weight loss, whether it’s suffering comfort, whether it’s monetary newsletters, whether it’s make money online, affiliate market, Internet marketing, any niche you can think of, there’s always businessesand people out there who have email list thatwe can tap or rent out in the same way thatwe will rent out space on a radio station and the same way that we would leveragetelevision to rent airtime, in the same way that wewould leverage in a newspaper and buy an ad space in the paper, right? Because email marketing listor email and newsletters are mostly the same thing. It’s like talk radio, onlyit’s delivered over email. Now the huge advantageof using email marketing is the targeted guides aspect of it, means that you will alwaysget highly targeted traffic for your online business. And the reason for that is because you’re gonna bespecifically targeting lists that fall within your wished niche. If you’re sell, you are familiar with, toys, then you can find baby rosters, or if you’re marketing adviceon how to relieve back agony, you can go and advertiseto gentlemen above 40 year olds the hell is subscribing toMen’s Health magazine, right? Your options are pretty much endless.If you’re marketingmake money online stuff or systems to help peoplemake money from dwelling, there’s literally a wholeindustry around that, and there are thousands uponthousands upon thousands of people and occupations thathave huge email databases that will allow you toemail their databases for a one-time fee, just like if they owned a radio station, they would allow you to runa business on their station for 2 weeks for a one-time fee as well. Now the other aspect that I actually adore when it comes to email solo ads is that there’s no technicallearning swerve whatsoever. In fact, “its probably” oneof the easiest traffic roots you can ever use in your business. You literally approach the list owner, the person who owns the emaillist, you negotiate the reward, you give them your associate, and that’s it. They do the remain. They email their register, which, you are familiar with, is really not up to you, they’rethe ones supposed to do it, and you precisely walk away with the fresh placed of brand new customers in your database.Now the next one is the factthat it’s practically unlimited because, and this is where a lot of beings have lots and lots of errors when it comes to thesizes of the traffic kitties that they’re using, forexample, Facebook, right. Parties say that Facebook is huge. So Facebook is about twobillion members at this pitch. Of course, I’m guessingat least, you are familiar with, 50 , not 50, but maybe 20,25% of those are fake, and probably a good half of those people aren’t really capable of buying anything because they don’t have a credit card or because they don’t have any money. So let’s just say thatthe whole two billion is a viable traffic source for you. Now email actually has overseven billion domiciles. Think about that. Email traffic, as a trafficpool in and of itself, is three times largerthan Facebook in its width, and as we’ve seen, ninetimes more likely to convert and delivers customers tospend 20 times more money.So naturally when people talk about widths, email predominates pretty much everything because you need an email addressto have an Amazon account, you need an email addressto have a Facebook account, you need an email addressto have a YouTube account. You pretty much need an email address to do anything right now, and that is not goingto change any time soon, and it starts double for any beings that are operating withinmake money online space because they register, you are familiar with, all kinds of software and implements, they attend webinars, and they mostly do things that require for them to use their email.So the moment you have their email address and you’re able to advertiseinto their email address, it gives you a huge advantage. And now my most favorite part of using email traffic or email solo ads is the fact that unlike FacebookAds, unlike Google AdWords, unlike YouTube Ads, there’sno red tape whatsoever now. What I’m talking about is the fact that you can promote whatever you want as long as the owner of theemail inventory allows you to, and that’s pretty much it.There’s no one else that can say anything about whether or not you are eligible to or cannot promote that particular product. So if “youve been” tried drivingtraffic off of a Facebook Ads and your history shut down, if you ever had, you are familiar with, if you’ve ever been Google-slapped, if any of that issomething you can relate to or maybe you’ve heard about it, then no, that by expending email traffic, you actually are not going tohave to deal with any of that. All you need to do, once again, is to find the email index proprietor, negotiate a one-time fee, give them your associate, sit back, and watch your business grow. Now I walking around and hating to come across as if solo ads have no downside, right. I necessitate I’m a realist and Iknow that nothing is perfect. So let me be honest with you and share that soloads do have a downside. Because it’s the wildernes, wild west, because there’s no regulation, there’s no governing body of solo ads that would definitely, youknow, observer the whole industry and protect you against swindles, scams are possible now, meaning that you may endup buying an email solo ad and paying for fake traffic, you may end up buying email solo ad and getting traffic that doesn’tsign up to your email roster, or who doesn’t buy.You may invest in a solo ad and receive something thatlooks like real congestion, but in reality is justa bunch of really bullshit, black cat, infused causes. So it’s all a prospect. But the good news isthat you can prevent that even if you’re brand new to this business. And before I be attributed to you exactly how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you, I would like to give you a few cases tips on exactly how to buy solo ads in order to get the best answers for a minimum gamble andwith minimum speculation. So the first thing you need to remember is that you wanna buy in small dollops, anywhere from 500 to 1,000 clicks at a time is perfectly fine. You never wanna go andbuy 10,000 or 5,000, or 50,000 clicks at a time without testing the list first, meaning that you’re lookingto test a small chunk and then scale only ifyou get great results.And then, again, when you do scale, I still recommend you scale in chunks. So if you started with 500 clinks and it succeeded really well, then the next time, buy 1,000. And if that works really well, next time buy 2,000, right, don’t go crazy, don’t gobuy 5,000 clicks at a time. It’s actually a jolly common mistake that I read people perform, which I hope you won’t. The second thing is ifyou’re really short on money and you can’t investin 500 or 1,000 clinks, then maybe, you know, maybe you can do 200. My recommendation is still about 300. Try not to go beyond 200 simply because it willleave you in the dark. Getting simply 200 clinks from a inventory does not give you the complete picture and you are able time had a lucky segment. You won’t really know thetrue power of the roll. So that is why 300 is the bare minimum, but 500 is the sweet spot.Now the other thing you don’t wanna do is you never want to senddirectly to the sales video. You always want to send your sounds to what we call a squeezepage or a captivate sheet firstly to collect the email result and then follow up withthem with the volunteer. Now what this means is that the first page in your list-building funnel or the first sheet in yourtraffic website, if you will, need now the page where you accumulate the customer’s email addressand exchange for something big-hearted, in exchange for a big idea, in exchange for a webinar signup, in return for a free work, in exchange for a free video.It doesn’t matter what it is. What questions is is that youcapture the email address firstly because when you do, whatthis allows you to do is it allows you toplay the long-term game and start producing a relationship with the people who saw your website because the nature of the beast is that most people willnot buy from you right away. That will simply never happen because they still don’t trust you because they still don’t know if it’s the right fit for them because right now maybeit’s not the excellent time for them in their life to buy from you. Maybe they’re a little bit disconcerted, maybe they are just getting started and still don’t feelcomfortable in service industries. There’s a million reasons why they won’t buy from you right away, but almost always if they’re serious about solving that specific problem, or they’re serious about obtaining the outcome that you’re marketing, that be it making moneyonline or anything else, they will eventually buy from you, be it, you know, after 30 eras, two weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, youknow, it actually depends.Sometimes, you are familiar with, I havepeople who are buying from me after being, you know, in my inventory for eight months or 12 months. I even had one chap who’ve been learn my emails for 4 1/2 years and eventually terminated upbuying a $ 10,000 item. So I review even at that, it’s still a fairly, prettygood ROI on my leads-in. So the most important lesson is always drive traffic toyour captivate sheet firstly, and if you don’t know ifyou have a capture page, or if you don’t know if yourcapture sheet is any good, then abide aria’ til thelast flake of this video, I’m gonna explain to youwhat we can do for you. So next up, you alwayswanna cloak your attaches, and that means you don’twant to rely on the person who emails their register foryou and their tracker. What you wanna do is you wannaalways track your own traffic and for that intent, youwill know whether or not you’re getting the real deal, right, whether or not you’re gettingwhat you’re paying for.Next you should always askfor a customer case study. And this is very interesting because a lot of goes, what’s gonna happen is, extremely if you’reworking with an bureau, a solo ad busines or anemail market agency, a lot of goes that theydon’t have case studies, and they are able to merely not have case studies if their traffic is not really that good, they will try to show you testimonials from other beings just like them, people they are aware, their friends, or perhaps, you know, people who sell solo ads at the same time.So you always wanna makesure that the case studies you’re looking at have figures in them, means that, you know, theperson who bought the traffic is stating what was theoptin rate they received, what was the sales ratethat they received, how much coin they built, how much fund they vested, how much fund they recoupedfrom that speculation, and so on. And better hitherto, better hitherto, try to get contact details for that special customer. See if the agency or theperson you’re working with, if they already have beenselling solo ads before. See if they can connect youdirectly to the customer to find out whether everythingthat customer said is true because, again, you wannabe safe than sorry, right? You want to make sure that you’re working with a legit email schedule ownerand legit solo ad provider rather than somebody who’sjust trying to capitalize on the demand in the marketplace for people just like you andme who are buying traffic and maybe giving you some sham clicks. And last but not the least, another tidbit is you likewise wanna make sure you’ve got a clear send year confirmationguarantee in writing, means that, you are familiar with, you want to have the email solo ad providerto commit in writing to the mailing date and makesure that they abide by it because it did happen to me more than once when people promised tomail their email inventory for me on a certain date and then theywould disappear for a week.It’s not uncommon. So make sure you’re gettingthem to devote on paper for when the ad is supposedto go out to their email list if you are get them to do that, you have some kind of proof that you can then take to your bank or to your credit company, or to PayPal, or any other, you know, meansthat you’ve paid off the ad, and say, okay, so thisservice product promised me to deliver the service onthis appointment and they did not.And then, and only then, you will be able to prove your occasion. Now I promised to helpyou get a better idea of who you’re working with and, you are familiar with, be more likely to prevent any possibility of coming counterfeit congestion. So what I would like to sharewith you are the questions I recommend you ask, veryspecific questions you ask, and the answers to look for when you’re starting a relationship with a brand new solo ad provider. The first one being is that what presents work best for your email listing? And the reason you wanna ask this question is because when you do, andyou get a very specific answer from that special party, maybe even with the listof offers that they mailed, that’s when you knowyou’re talking to somebody who’s not only legitimate, but who also moves their results.And this is really good because a schedule ownerwith a good quality roster will always be tracking their results and they will always havean idea of the exact proposals that, you are familiar with, work with their directory. Now beware if they saysomething like, well, any offer that’s make money online offer is fine, or any offer that that’spriced at$ 7 is fine. Beware of these asks because that is a vagueand a generic rebut, which means thatparticular solo ad provider is not really trackinganything that they’re doing. The second question is what offers do not convert with your roster? And the reason you wanna ask this question is because any successful schedule owned ever had campaigns that did not work and usually they learnedmore from those safaruss than from the ones that did work.And so if you can findout what doesn’t work for that particular email roll, you can then compare the Nos that the listing owned givesyou to your own offer and figure out whetheror not there’s a join because if there’s no competition, don’t waste your money and hour, you are familiar with, testing that schedule. But if your proposal checksout by all the parameters that the roster proprietor, youknow, shared with you, then you have a good chanceof creating immense conversions. Another question you should request is what’s the salesfunnel or auctions pours that you use to build this email roll? And the reason you wanna ask this question is quite simply because a lotof ages, what may happen, you may end up workingwith somebody who pretends that they have an email roster, but in reality they is not. And sometimes those will even be middlemen. Now don’t confuse these intermediaries from the dealers who areopenly and honestly stating that they are dealers, right.Because, you know, there arepeople and companies out there who frankly state that they’re dealers, they’re organizing email rolls, and that’s the only nature for you to access those special lists. The middlemen I’m talkingabout are the brokers that basically sell and buy solo ads in the exact same placesthat you would do it, merely they kinda, you are familiar with, make money on the markup. So imagine, you know, insteadof buying a house immediately from the house owner, youactually make love through an negotiator, but the operator, to manufacture moremoney, has increased the price of the house by about 25%, so you be brought to an end overpaying 25% for the exact same home. Okay, that’s what can happen to you when it comes to traffic because, again, a lotof beings, what they do, they take advantage of the apprentices who don’t necessarilyknow what they’re doing, and they’re simplyarbitraging the traffic.Now the fourth one is have youdone any affiliate promotions in the last three days, and if so, how did they vanish? Now this is another great question because anyone who’s got an email roll will most probably havedone affiliate publicities. And if they didn’t, “its probably” becausetheir directory doesn’t convert. Now if they didn’t doany affiliate advertisements in the last three days, that’s a little bit over red flag , not all of it, but simply a little bit.Now if, however, they did dosome affiliate advertisings, then what you crave is someproof of how they proselytize it. And usually the proof should come in a pattern of a screenshot because every affiliateprogram or affiliate pattern or affiliate dashboard usuallyhas a statistic’s screenshot, which they can go back to, take a screenshot and register you how much fund they earnedfrom how many clicks, and over what period of time. The non-equation you can ask is how long does it usuallytake to deliver the clinks? Be it 300 clicks, 500 sounds, 1,000 clicks, it doesn’t matter, basically whatever the numberof clicks you wanna buy, you wanna ask how long doesit generally take to deliver. And the above reasons you wanna ask that is specifically becauseyou don’t want for them to start your ad, delivered 10% of it, and then, you know, promise to deliver the rest of the course in the next 90 daylights because that doesn’treally help your business.What you truly demand is somebodywho can deliver the traffic within at least a few days or, at most, maybe a week or 2 weeks so you can have a consistent flow of new a user to your business. And, again, what you’re looking to do is you’re looking to get a written confirmationor written commitment, which you can then taketo the dispute entity in case you need todispute this transaction. Another question you wanna ask is will you write the email swipe or, it’s also called the email inventive, or will I need to supply one? Now this is a challenging thing for most people who arebuying email traffic.They don’t know how towrite an email swipe. The thing is though that ifthe listing owner is any good and if their inventory is pretty good, chances are that they are communicating with their email register on a regular basis, preferably once a day. And if that’s the case, they’ve probably developed a articulate or a posture with their email index, and they’re perfectly capable of writing their own email swipe. So what you miss is you wantto insist on the directory proprietor to write their own emailswipe for the simple reality that they know their listbetter than anyone else. And not least is you wanna ask are there any guarantees? And the above reasons you wanna ask that is because for “the worlds largest” component , nobody will give you any guarantees, but sometimes you canstill get some guarantees. For lesson, you can get atop tier traffic guarantee. For sample, you can discuss these terms before you shut the treat, then you can say that you’reonly looking forward to beings from the United State of America, just, you are familiar with, as an example.Or perhap you only need people from the United kingdom government, right? So you can discuss that and you can get the listowner to commit to that. Now the highway they’regonna be able to do that is by using a special software that segments theirtraffic based on location, and then transmits simply theright people to your sheet. For speciman, what I dowhen I tend to buy traffic, I will always ask for parties from the United Regime of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United kingdom government. So what I’m looking for is English-speaking, first-world countries that are financially capable of buying my products and services, and have the right mindset, too.Because if I’m marketingmy services to people who live in India or Serbiaor Russia or Ukraine , no offense to any of these countries, I’m actually Russian by origin, I was born and raised in Ukraine and eventually moved toCanada with their own families, you know, what you will findis that it’s really difficult to sell a great productwith a great proposition to somebody who’s simply notcapable of buying from you, whether it because theirbanking system suctions, whether it because theirexchange rate sucks, or whether because theysimply don’t speak English and they can’t understand you properly or properly use your produce, right? So only shared sense and good business. Now where are you able buy solo ads? The first place I recommendyou go to buy a solo ad is the Warrior Forum. It’s a great residence to start, peculiarly if you’re lookingfor Internet marketing traffic. It’s fairly inexpensive, and there’s lots of good congestion there, and it’s safe environment, more, because the forum is being, youknow, policed by the admins, and if there’s anyonedoing anything shady, often they tend to get banned.Another region you can go to is Arcamax, where you can get traffic for all niches. It’s different from soloads, from direct solo ads, where you get a guaranteedamount of clicks. But what it does for you is you can advertiseto Ezines, newsletters, and all kinds of online publishings. So it actually is worth probing, so check it out at Arcamax, just Google Arcamax.Another thing you wannacheck out is Nextmark, and this is kinda likethe Google of rolls. And what you can get here, you can download the email list of very specific targeting phone directory, address list, and material like that, but it does require for youto know what bulk mailing is. So if you’re advanced, this is great for you.If you’re not advanced, do not go to Nextmark. Another thing that I would recommend is avoiding marketplaces such as Udemy, Solochecker, and anything of that kind because these companies are trying to become the Uber of solo ads or the Uber of traffic generation online. And what they do is they make money by collecting traffic buyers and sellers through a marketplace, right, they’re associate everybody and they’re collecting commissionsoff of every busines. What this implies is that these networks are actually interested inhaving more transactions happening every single day on world markets, and that means that they’refinancially interested in keeping things superpositive by appearing, meaning that if there’sanyone who sells bad congestion, as long as when they sell bad freight either overdeliver for the person or persons, or maybe if they getthreatened with a indemnity and the bad re-examine, they just refund the other person’s money, they will never find out, like you will never know whoyou’re truly dealing with. You will literally have tosift through tons and tons and tons of grime to find any type of gold.In fact, I would evengo as far as saying 90% of the traffic on thesenetworks is complete crap and exclusively 10% is any good. So my suggestion, if you are a beginner, if you’re literally playingwith very limited budget and very little time, andyou can’t yield a mistake, do not go to the solo ad marts yet. Okay, you can probablygo back and try them out when you’re an advanced solo ad marketer.And last but not least, you can also check out Ezines solo ads. They work for all niches and they enabling you to advertisein email Ezines, okay. So “youre supposed to” wanna Google that. It’s called Ezine Advertising. And there’s a greatprogram by Charlie Page, it’s called the Directory of Ezines, where, you are familiar with, he sharesadditional information about that particular approach. All right, so now you knowexactly how to get traffic, you know exactly what solo ads are, you know how to preventyourself from being scammed with poor quality traffic, you know the ins and outs, how to buy them, and youeven know the specific lieu to go and not to go when youwant to buy email solo ads.I’ve also explained toyou why email traffic is the best species of traffic, how it delivers more auctions, and how each one of those marketings will likely be more profitable for you compared to social mediaand other traffic beginnings. Now moving forward, if younever bought solo ads before, this is your very first time, you absolutely have to make sure you’re working with aproven and researched root that’s going to deliverreal tourists to your pages because good-for-nothing will bemore devastating to you than thinking that you’regetting a real traffic when in reality you’ll begetting either hoax clinks or actually low-quality clinks that will result inzero marketings, zero optins, and overall a really bad experience, and of course you losing your money.So for that reason, inaddition to the recognises I suggested to you to go and get traffic if you’re a beginner, I would also like toinvite you to test out your very first solo ad withmy agency, Igor Solo Ads. And the reason I’m reallyhappy to invite you to work with us is becausewe have been specializing in helping beginnerswith coming the issue of trafficking and precedes they need to gotheir business risk-free, exclusively, what we dowhat other agencies cannot is we guarantee your results.In addition to giving you a $150 rebate for the very first 500 -clickorder you get with us as well as a 10% sound bonus, means that you buy 500 clinks and you get 550 minimum, or you get 1,000 clicksand you get 1,100 minimum, we’re likewise gonna make sure that you’re only gettingreal authenticated email results exploiting our in-house verification software, which we’re gonna be really happy to show you exactly how it wreaks as well as we’ll commit to coming you a 99% top tier traffic. But also, in addition to all of that, we’ll even improve you a free captivate sheet and guarantee that this capture page converts at minimum 30% optin rate with our traffic, or we insist for you tohave your money back. If you’d like to find out more about how you can work with us, how you can grow youremail list risk-free, and how you can get risk-free traffic, go ahead and visitigorsoloads.com right now, submit your employment, give us a little bit moreinformation about yourself, the render you’re promoting, the reason why you’rebuilding your business, and exactly what your target market is, and we’ll go ahead and use our software, our methods, and our sources to assist you flourish your business risk-free.So, again, the link is igorsoloads.com. And I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your transaction, originate your email roll, and thrive your marketings, like I said, consuming allthe bells and whistles we got in store for you. So, again, the link is igorsoloads.com. This is Igor Kheifets. Thank you so much for yourtime and attention today. That’s about it, so bye for now ..

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