February 6


How to Buy Solo Ads from Udimi – Udimi Solo Ads Tutorial


February 6, 2022

hey guys just check rail to Charles II saloons calmwith another awesome train video how to buy solo ads for us beginners these videos are whatyou look for click the agree button sound the bell icon you’ll come notified every time Idrop a brand-new video now let’s dive into the laptop when you do a solo ad there is three objectivesthat you got to think about when you’re running a solo ad leave me a comment down below on whatyou think at least one objective of the solo ad is and if you got the right answer dependingon how you word it I might pin your commentary to the top of the comments well the first thingyou think about when you want to run a solo ad is you are trying to catch someone else’s emailthrough your ground page so that’s the aim of the solo ad is number one step one is to gatheran email from somebody who’s interested in what you have to offer the second objective is what isthe front end offer for catching that email is it a free ebook is it a free video schooling is it alow ticket make that’s your second aim is acquiring someone’s email or passing a solo adthe third objective is any high-pitched ticket marketings that you might have on the back end as they get drippedthrough the process of the sales funnel that you have added into that’s your third objective sonow that you’ve got those three objectives down did you pick the any of the correct one if youdid clink yes now there’s something I want you to think about when you are running your solo adthrough a specific vendor on you to me you’ve got to think about how many times this person’semail list has been hit with the same offer over and over and over again so the idea is notto use the same landing pages everybody else is using but to build your own landing page similarto theirs but with your own wording and accommodated toward your identity and person so you lookdifferent than everybody else because if somebody keeps attending the same age-old ground page over andover again they’re gonna click off and it’s gonna make it harder for that vendor to actually giveyou tone commerce and you catch a good opt-in rate the next thing is is the ad copy that theemailer is going to the seller is going to be sending out a lot of day if you’re good at copyyou can develop your own copy but what I review for us beginners is that you just leave the ad copyto the seller because they know their list a heck of a lot better than you do so they’re gonnago measure that site they’re gonna encounter what your landing page is saying and then they’re going tomake an email that is congruent and ad imitate ish is that even the privilege message that will help theiremail schedule is aware that that render yes I would recommend don’t time any ad copy until you get alot more experience an ad copy of your own the next thing you’ve got to think about is what isyour budget for the solo ad you got to think in mind do you have a set-aside budget that you canset out and move coin to actually drive transaction over a two day period to your disembark sheet howmuch congestion are you gonna want to buy how much fund are you able rendered what is the cost per clickthat you want to pay for that is something that you got to think about I do have to remind you ifyou’re buying inexpensive clinks you’re gonna get inexpensive freight that is something that you’ve got to wrapyour manager around as well because sometimes you’re just gonna come rubbish traffic and they’re just gonnabe on your convene emailing this some people just like to be on email is because they get a lot ofemails and maybe they don’t open most likely they don’t but you got to decide on what your budgetis how much you want to pay for what your penalty per clink that you want to pay for now if you’venever had a you to me solo ad account then you must set one up now there’s a associate down belowin the description it is going to be the first associate it is my affiliate link for udemy for rightstring with a solo ad so that you can set it up now once you get in you’re gonna be wreaked overto set up your profile all these things that are congruent to you you don’t have to set up yourpicture hitherto you don’t have to do anything here let me show you you don’t have to set up a picturebecause there are some reviews else there are some remembers where people don’t have a picture setup at all so you know it’s not something that’s imperative for you to set up right away your goalis to figure out learn and transcend across the testing process of know a good solo ad vendorand affixing with them or maybe they’re burnt out on your list and you have to go to another one itis a constant testing period when loping a solo ad or picking a seller now once you get yourselfset up you’re gonna have a screen like this here you’re gonna come to this home screen and you’regonna check all this advertisement what’s going on in the last 90 dates if you’re an affiliate formwhat you have sold and what has gotten clicks or what have you have bought I should say and whatyou’ve got clicks for in the appointments that you ranged those you’re too going to see some dealers thatare getting promoted who are actually getting a lot of good critiques from inside you dimmi itselfso now that you’ve got the residence screen that’s it now you want to go ticking you can go take a lookat your previous solo ads if you don’t have any previous solo ads and you’re not gonna see thisas you can tell I’ve work for from here I have raced I mull a total of six wholly four fromhere one from another transaction marketer one from an individual who I’ll never go back to again andI’ll explain why later so now you’re gonna you can go over here and you can check your messagesfrom those tribes that you distinguished from them or the sense that you be transmitted to other vendors you canalso go over here and sounds your ad text I’m going to clink this ad text because I want you tosee something there’s two things you can do here number one is add or new associate that’s what thisfirst screen is right here this is the link that I’ve automatically just leave in here becausewhen I flow another solo at it I’m going to use this join again so that’s going to be drivingtraffic immediately to my sales my arrival page now you can also add any swipe that you want toadd then that way we need to tell I’ll show you where we get to that when you get to representing yourad you can pick it’s already roped which swipe you want to have the marketer send out and that’s itdon’t worry about the money part the money part is when you have to see how much you’re expend yourbalance in national budgets for them for the month so we’re gonna go back over here to the home screenand I’m gonna show you what we do first the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna find sellerslet me click find dealers you’re gonna come down here you’re fine dealers the first chest that youwant to be concerned with is this box up in the top you want to decide when you include solo ad wantsto go out you want to decide on how many clinks pilgrims you want to your website you want tobe you want to decide on the max price and so on and so forth you can read it I’m going to gointo deep deep into them generally folks wanted to start within 24 to 48 hours some people wantto wait some of the options are wait 5 days and so and so forth I conceive the minimum clicks are 50 tourists I don’t think you’re going to get a good quality score on anything that’s less than 200 Iwould really say 500 is probably the best because I’ve done 500 and I’ve done 200 and I judge 500 is the best but when you’re just getting started out there’s a lot not a lot of budget in yoursolo ad 200 is a good start so we’ll stick with 200 I’m going you can pick any minimum price thatyou demand right here I want to tell you this much if you have selected a inexpensive price per click which is4 0 pennies right there you’re gonna probably get cheaper traffic which is not gonna be good qualitytraffic I often leave this at mounted it the highest that it can go because that direction then I can comedown over here on the right side and critique every single one of them that I want to now where doyou require your freight informant to be coming from it depends on what your offer is and if it’s adislocated stuff then you might pick all countries or for me I like to pick top-tier countries soI’m gonna leave it top tier don’t worry about to hide verification you but I kind of want it tobe verified on udemy that means what has happened is that seller has attached their email index toudemy and ran a check on it to see if any of its junk traffic or whatever the committee is also helps the sellerget rid of the rubbish emails that they have on their index so you might want to stick with substantiated withUD me that style you’re not going bought traffic I don’t worry about sales more to less it’s it’snot something I’m looking at thing is I can come over here and check it over here I you can picka ratings over here of zero if you want to what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna bring up everybodythat has nothing in this column over here with any ratings I like to choose at least 100 ratings ormore now I don’t worry about the ratings for sale because I can see that on the right hand side whenwith these little light-green specks right here vendors usage I don’t worry about that seller locatedin I’m not worried about that vendor tests last watch ever within a few months that’s what I wantto see where you can pick online right now now there’s some keywords that you can put in hereto actually search for what you’re looking for you can put in marketing finance health mobilesocial or whatever the example may be or even throw in for a dealer specific mention if you’ve gota favorite one that you want to go look for maybe someone told you hey I use this seller andthis is the this is my results and you come over here and you can search for him I often put inmarketing or health will vary depending on which email inventory I’m trying to get traffic to but for this instanceI’m gonna leave it the same now as you scroll down here you can pick which one of these you likeyou can review these little descriptions right here but I have selected one and I want to showyou what else you need to review when you click on one you got to read the description in hereand made to ensure that what they’re offering is what you’re looking for this gentleman is exclusively sendingtraffic to make money online and biz op that’s all his traffic is for so if you’re trying to do someMLM or a health commodity or social media his index “re not for” that so you’re gonna have to go findsomeone else if that is what you’re looking for you’re too gonna realise buyers reporting sales thesixty percent his rate per click is sixty nine pennies and he averaged time-it he abides an orderis within two hours so he’ll accept he may accept your succession in two hours and then you’ll start itin twenty four which implies he has some work to do on his tip wrap in the ad verse and contributed in yourlink and so on and so forth now I’m gonna skip this box right here we’ll come back to that but Iwant to point to something up at the bottom this solar this marketer has sold sixty nine soli in thelast couple of epoches now what’s the definition of couple for me it’s two which means his list hasbeen hit sixty nine occasions within the last two days for every single bit under the Sun so yougot to think about that when you’re appraise future developments acquire he’s also in February he’sthe top five in February for sales based off of what the hell are you d me tracks so that’s those are someother metrics that you need to take a look at now you can come down now to the average traffic jogRafi he’s top tier he’s replenished he’s got filtered clinks or seven percentage which symbolizes some of themaren’t bad his verified list with udemy is twenty six thousand three hundred and twenty-two boythat’s a no verification that’s a December or August 27 th 2015 so he may not have a verifiedlist did we click that over here probably did but anyway that’s how you get to know and then you cancome down here and insure some evaluations click on them or whatever the dispute may be now you have decidedon your budget or you have to decided on how many clicks you miss you made a decision your rate per clickthat you want to pay for you’re on this little page right here and you’re deciding that you want2 00 sounds 100 clinks or whatever you want to go with or you can come down here and you decide onan accurate amount of money that you want to spend if you’re gonna invest 150 dollars he’s going to giveyou 213 sounds now this is where you’re gonna lay in your connect that’s where you’re gonna check yourlink so you bring down that descent well the first time you do this there’s not going to be anythingthere so the first time you do this you’re gonna have to add that tie right there now if you haveyour contribute text you’re gonna clink that chest and you can solely write it right here or you can goand paste it in now from your supplement text file that you saved earlier I showed you where that wasbut I’m gonna tell this gentleman pick his own supplement text establish vendor the option to send earlierthan planned which makes if you pick 24 hours from now you’re giving him the option to actuallystart it in 18 so if he’s selling 69 solo ads in two days he’s probably gonna want to get afterand get it done or fit it in with all the rest of his emails that he hurling out so you gotto think about when if you want it to do that or do you want it to start going in 24 hoursor whatever I’m you can leave that are currently you’re ready to go to go-cart now I’m not gonna buy thisad because I’m not trying to drive freight at this time but when you add to cart you’re goingto start realise let me go to this spot over here you’re gonna start interpreting things like this thisis what your stat is going to look like you’re going to be given a length to follow and check whatyour traffic is and how it is going you’re going to see how many unique clinks that you’re gettingon each one as you can tell some of them “re gonna be all” filtered some of are gonna be where’d thatother one run some are gonna be useless I don’t know what useless conveys but it didn’t it’s nota good sound and you to me is going to know it and they’re gonna tell this down and that theyclick didn’t counting so you’re trying to see how it’s going you’re gonna liken this data withyour relate moving data that you’re having this email to be presented to for the landing sheet where you’regoing to be rallying those emails you’re going to see that this one is 100% top tier and that’sthe way it travelled so then you’ll be able to track it now it’s time for the solo ad to be finished andyou’re gonna check your metrics there’s the reason you’re going to be getting people to your roll isnobody buys on the first time natl if it’s a penny not even now think if it’s a penny none buyson the first time so when you get up add it to your roster then you can provide them further valuein free train that you predicted them give them the e-book or the free video practise that you’regoing to give them or the free quiz or whatever it is that you’re giving them and then you can keepon emailing them with brand-new free cost that you’re persistently made course on eventually you’regonna say in your emails here’s a here’s the furnish so perhaps they’ll move and go straight overthat’s what the purpose of the email schedule is for that is why you buy a solo ad you do not send themdirectly to an furnish because once you pay for it and they did not in and they went to the landingpage of the render you’re lost you have just lost a potential extend and a possible customer so onceagain if you’re interested in starting on solo ads now I exactly picked the most expensive solo ad thatyou could buy which was sixty pennies for biz op there’s others cheaper you have to decide whatyou’re going to do but if you’re interested in beginning with solo ads the top relate down below myrecommendation for solo ads if you’re interested in learning how to build an online business it’llbe in the second link down there sound either one for your solo ads or click to learn and make onthe second link this video is helpful click the subscribe button click the buzzer icon you’ll getnotified every time I droop a brand-new video share this with someone leave me a comment down below ifthere’s something that you got a question about or something perhaps I missed it you may want tohave a question about and thank you for your time

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