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How To Build An Email List Of Buyers For Free (0 to 5,000)


March 4, 2022

Hey everyone, Jason now digital marketingconsultant. And in this marketing guide, you’re goingto learn how to build your email roll from scratch use free application. This is the exact same process I use to takeour roll from zero to 5,000 here on YouTube. So make sure you check out that timestamptable of contents along with some other helpful videos to doing your auctions follow writing aswell as a click by sound leader, that asks exactly what this diagram is and how you canimplement it use a free tool called mailer Lite, but Ill get more onto that whenwe get to one of the second largest gradations. So first, how on earth time we start by growingyour email register? Well, there are three key elements or threesteps we need to take in order to start originating your email directory, but more importantly, takingthese steps is going to ensure that you get the right type of customers and subscriberswho eventually want to do business with you. After all time getting a assortment of random emailsreally is it gonna aid if they’re not interesting to your products or services.So the three-step process we’re going to useis something called a lead generation funnel. We’re going to have a ground sheet, that givessomeone a make magnet. And then we’re going to use a simple fiveemail sequence called a rapport sequence. Now, we’re going to go through each one ofthese in detail as well as Ill link up some other videos in the description thattake an even deeper dive if you want to go into a deeper diving. But firstly, we’re going to start with the mostimportant part of building your roll. And that is a lead magnet, because after all, if you walk up to random strangers say hey, give me your contact information, chancesare they’re gonna say no, thank you. You pussyfoot, right? You need to be able to give people a logicalreason to provide their contact information. And a lead magnet is how you do that.Now, this precede magnet is going to be the mostimportant part of your register growth process. Without a good cause magnet, you’re going toeither not get readers or you’re going to do bad subscribers and customers whodon’t trust you. So we’re going to expend the most amount oftime now, because your lead magnet is what’s going to dominance the rest of your schedule raise. Now, the good news is it doesn’t have to takea long time to put together a head magnet. It can be a video, a representation, a spreadsheet, exactly a plateau old-fashioned PDF, what’s most important is your lead magnet actually delivers valueto your ideal purchaser or expectations. Something that a good deal of new email marketersforget is that this is priming someone to actually do business with you in the future.So if you provision a bad guide magnet up front, well they’re probably not going to be very inclined to actually whip out their creditcard and obtain your products or services or whatever you’re promoting in the future, because you started off the relationship on a bad greenback. So now I’m going to go through several differenttypes of lead magnets. I’m gonna start with pdfs, because these arethe easiest to developed in partnership. Now, time because something’s quick to puttogether, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low-toned appreciate. And merely because something takes a reallylong time to put together, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high value. This is all about helping your ideal customersand prospects. So there is four different options we have. We have an audit and it is possible to simply be achecklist showing them everything that they’re doing wrong or demo them where there areholes in their process of things that need to be fixed.Then we have a template this is one of myfavorites, where it’s simply a frame or kind of a meet the blank worksheet thatsomeone can go through in order to solve a problem or achieve something that they’retrying to work on. This next one is a resource guide. So if you have a list of resources or trustedsources in your particular industry, you can save your ideology customer a lot of headacheby only contributing them all of the resources that you think they should be using, whether that’sa gear guide for filming YouTube videos or if it’s just a trusted reserves register of placesyou go for other products or services. And then finally, in the same vein we havereport and this is simply where you do a knot of research for someone and pact all ofit down and say, hey here’s the answer, right? So a speedy precedent of a report would justbe the top five dividend broths to buy or the 5 best stocks to buy right now, right? So that’s something where you’ve done a bunchof research and you’re just saying hey, instead of trying to figure out what stocksyou should buy, here’s just the answer, right? Then and there, right? So the first pattern we have here is goingto be an audit.Now, all these precedents are here are justto help you figure out and trigger an idea of some different leading magnets to try you shouldbe trying multiple. That’s why we’re going to expend so much timehere, because it’s the most important part of stretching your email register. Without the cause magnet your index emergence isdead in the water. So this particular example we created an analyticsaudit checklist. So someone could go through their analyticsand they could see all of the stuff that was broken or not being configured correctly.So this next one we have is a template sothis is a simple 9 page Google Doc, where we actually walk someone through the exactsame process we go through for creating our auctions funnel. So it has some dialogues and some headline formulasalong with some of our email automation rules to really help someone readily go through theprocess of putting together their move this has actually been one of our most popularlead magnets to date. So “youve never” know which one’s going to work. This next one who didn’t really do well, butit’s the Google tag manager playbook and this is for people who are trying to do some advancedconversion tracking, utilizing Google tag manager on their site.I won’t get too much more into that, becausethen Ill start to look like more of a nerd than I actually am. So then we’ll go over here to the video. So large-scale inform now, what we just went through9 out of 10 eras it’s going to be good enough to start thriving your email roster. I actually recommend starting with some sortof PDF, template, examine, source or steer, and then moving over to video because of obviouslyvideo is going to take or a direction longer, right? So Ill just go through one example hereand that’s going to be the presentation.You can do four constituent series or testimonialsalthough those are really intensive, so I definitely don’t recommend starting with them. But if you want to go above and beyond afteryou have a couple of lead magnets in your range, you can go ahead and try that. So our speciman here is we have a 60 minutetraining on how to grow a YouTube channel and it sells one of our training courses. And so instead of it actually used to be setup as a webinar, but webinar necessitates some software and you can use get response if youwant to run webinars, but we like to use a free tool called mailer flame, whichIll get more onto in a moment here and we just have a presentation on a page andthis is altered amazingly well, even though we’re not apply any imagination software. So it can simply be a video that learns andthen goes into a sales pitch. Now, this final one is one of my personalfavorites, but that precisely because I’m a little of an Excel geek and that is a spreadsheet. Now, you don’t have to build the spreadsheetyourself.They’re great spreadsheet makes you canhire on websites like Fiverr and Upwork to build these for you, so it can be a calculator, a calendar, a tracker or an organizer, so as an example one of my previous companieswhen I used to be a registered investment advisor, “weve created” this outdo tool to helpour potential buyers figure out whether or not they should be purchasing a stock theywere thinking about.We had a lot of consumers come to us and sayhey, what about this furnish or that’s furnish ?, and we got really tired of answering the samequestion over and over again, which roughly nine out of ten times was yeah , no, youprobably shouldn’t buy that furnish. But instead, we put together this tool andwas a great way to start that auctions gossip. So this next one is going to be a calendar. This is one that we currently offer on thischannel when we talk about material market, this is a simple google sheet that we giveto people in return for their contact information, so they can plan out their YouTube contentas well. And ultimately as two examples, we have a UTM organizer. And this is something that Ill talk moreabout when we get into how to actually drive transaction during your traffic project. So with that those are just a couple of examplesof what you could do with a lead-in magnet.If you miss an even deeper dive yes we cango even deeper, Ill link up in the cards in the description to a full-blown video thatgoes through a ton of different lead magnet thought. I cannot be stressed that this is the mostimportant part of your directory building process. Without a good contribute magnet, everything elseis dead in the water. And this is so important because when youhave a great lead magnet beings are actually going to want to open your emails and be moreinterested in what you’re offering as a paid offer, because they know you actually deliveredon the free offer, right? So if you generate a lousy result magnet, they’reprobably just going to assume the same thing about your products and services.So once we have that we’re ready to put togethersomething called a landing page. Now, mooring page is going to be a simplepage on our site, where we ask for their contact information in exchange for the leading magnet. The better your result magnet, the less workyou have to do on your bring sheet. So we’ll go through a couple of patterns here. And Ill reveal the free implement that I likeusing I study I grant it once and that is mailer light. So mailer light-colored will allow you to do everythingwe’re talking about in this video for free. I’ll link up in the cards and the descriptionto a video that goes through excruciating detail on how to set this all up click byclick utilizing mailer dawn. If you want to get more advanced with youremail sell you already have a couple of products or services and you want to doupsell and down sell sequences and you already know what upsells and down cells are, thenprobably abusing something like get response and thrive cart would be better.If you don’t know what upsells and downs sellsare and only ignore the last 15 seconds Ill be talking and let’s go into the landing pagehere. So all a arrival sheet needs to be is a headlinea graphical representation of whatever your lead magnet is and then a couple of bulletpoints and of course a plaza for them to enter their email or their call and email. In this particular instance we’re just askingfor their email. Again, the video and the cards in the descriptionwe’ll amble you through how to actually build this sheet. Now, what’s really cool is this page you’relooking at right here is converting over 30% and you actually don’t even have to do thismuch work. You can even do less toil and use somethingcalled a squeeze page, where instead of having bullet stages you just have the graphic theheadline and then enter their identify and email.And if you even want to go a step further, you can even really have a graphic and a headline and enroll the honour and email and only be donewith it, right? So the stage I’m trying to get out here isthere’s no secret to these territory pages. There’s no copywriting formula that you needto know. There’s no scheme gimmick or hacker that you needto know. The reason that these acre sheets convertand they proselytize anywhere from 25% all the way up to 40% at times, is because of thelead magnet.Because people actually require the make magnetbecause the lead magnet is actually valuable. So certainly why we spend so much time onthe precede magnet? Because candidly these sheets they don’t takea whole lot of work to put together. The reason that they work is because of what’sbeing offered not because of the road they ogle or the copywriting formulas that wereused .. So now we’re ready for the rapport sequenceso let’s say you’ve created your extraordinary make magnet someone’s entered their email or theirname and email on your arrival your mash sheet , now it’s time to actually start buildingsome trust, and begin talking about whatever your paid products or services.Now, if you don’t have a paid offer, that’sokay. You can continue to go through this processand only refer some appraise and rapport build emails, even if you don’t have a paid offer. We get a year and a half before we had anythingto offer that was paid. So just start ripening your email roll now. It’s going to be an asset that you will continueto go back to over and over again. So going back to our representation now, you seewe’ve already has spoken about the contribute magnet the landing sheet that first email that’s justthe email where you’re giving them a link to whatever the lead-in magnet was. Now we’ll talk about the rapport cycle. Now “thats a lot” of things you can do withthis you can go ahead use the time impression table of contents to come back here.I’m not going to go through each one of theseemails independently, but all you’re doing with this report cycle that you’re lookingat is you’re delivering the lead magnet and then you’re starting to build a relationshipwith your new subscribers. Something that’s really important is you don’timmediately go into pitching whatever offer you have. And if you don’t have an furnish, then you don’thave to worry about falling into that trap, but virtually now you’re going to use storiesof yourself or past clients and customers to build rapport and Trust with your brand-new emailsubscribers and then you’d actually have two emails that are a little more to the pointwhere you are making an offer for a product or service.But again, all of these are soft marketings. You never send an email that saying hey, you’re gonna be an jerk .. Or hey, you gotta buy this thing rightnow, like it’s the best thing in the world. That– this thing that’s not gonna work. Just use story and make sure you always sendemails as if you’re talking to a real person not some sort of salesy pitch. Nobody likes read sales pitch, right? And then Ill link up in the cards in thedescription to a video that ambles through how to use mailer light to actually named allof this up. Well a speciman of what it would looklike inside mailer light, it’s very easy to take everything that we’ve been talking aboutand utilize it inside of mailer light. So Ill link up in the cards in the descriptionto that video that goes through all the technical aspects of getting these like triggers andsegmentations and all that recreation stuff.Now, we’re ready for the final step in yourprocess which is of course traffic, where on earth are your email customers goingto come from? So you have two options. You’re going to have free or you’re goingto have give right? Well, free kind of if it’s sweat equity interms of creating content. So you’re going to be creating material oryou’re going to be creating ads. Now, the extend contemporary funnel we’ve createdthus far is going to be the same in both cases. The only difference is going to be where thetraffic is coming from. So if you’re going the free direction, this isgoing to be from YouTube your podcast you blog paid itinerary any give traffic informant likeYouTube, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest the register goes on and on, right? So if you want to learn how to use YouTubeads or Google search ads to get email customers, Ill link up in the description to a coupleof playlists that move you through how to use those two programmes to drive targetedtraffic to your arrival page.Here I’m going to talk about how to naturallyintegrate some calls to action for your contribute magnets inside of your content, whether you’redoing YouTube videos, podcasts or a blog. So going back to one of our pas magnet exampleshere, this is our content calendar so whenever I’m doing a video on material commerce, somewherein there,. I will place a call to action to check outthe link in the description to download the free content schedule that we personally useand of course this is not something where I stopped the tutorial and I say hey, youknow what? This is super great.This is the most awesome spreadsheet you’reever gonna see. You’re an idiot if you don’t download it, right like you don’t you don’t need to oversell it at all. In fact, what I just said if you just wanted to copyour material docket check out the link in the description is all the call to actionyou need inside of your content. Now another enormous thing you can do is actuallyintegrate whatever your offer is into the tutorial or video or podcasts that you aregoing through. So as two examples, where reference is do Google Analyticsvideos, we’ll talk about something announced UTM parameters.Now, you don’t have to worry about what UTMparameters are, it’s just some illusion moving trash. But what we do is during the tutorial we sayhey, you can use our free tool and then we demonstrate an example of how the free tool makesthe process easier. Now, what’s really important when you’re especiallyif you’re doing a tool or a checklist or a navigate, the bit of content that you’re makingneeds to stand on its own. So if I went through the tutorial and said–at the end said by the way this isn’t going to work if you don’t download our excel sheet, well then that would be somewhat disingenuous, right? And beings would not be happy with the content.So you need to make sure that whatever yourlead magnet is when you’re talking about it inside of your content or to be incorporated inyour blog post or podcast, that it is something that complements what is being talked aboutand is not necessary for your model onlooker audience representative to actually is to be effective. And so that’s all there is to it to growingyour email list if you got some value out of this video. Go and thumped that like button, subscribe formore deep dive sell videos just like this one again in the cards and the descriptionthere’ll be a full-blown video on how to use mailer Lite, which is a completely free softwareto get started to set up this entire process. If you’re doing affiliate commerce, makesure that you check out something like get response for Convertkit, because mailer lightdoes not like affiliate simply offers. So make sure you punched that like button, subscribefor more depth dive commerce videos just like this one and until the next, keep buildingthe business you adoration.

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