February 10


How to Build an Email List Fast and for Free — My Secrets to Reaching 270k+ Subscribers


February 10, 2022

– A e-mail list can be really helpful. When you have a list you can persistently sell to them, imparting themback to your website, sell commodities efficientlybut the real problem isn’t that you don’t knowthat a e-mail list is valuable because everyone knows thatthe money is in the schedule and they’re talking about a e-mail list. The real issue is, how do you build one? Hey everyone, I’m NeilPatel and today I’m going to teach you how to build a e-mail list fast and for free, my confidentials to reaching over 270,000 active e-mail readers.( light-headed, upbeat music) Before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel. That direction as we releasemore material like this you’ll get apprise and if you’re on YouTube, sound the alerting notification.The first gratuity I have foryou to collect the e-mail, bring out a self uncovering or assessment. So what I want by thisis, you can do audit tools so let’s say you have a accounting site, someone can do a audit toolor if you have a health site someone can do an scrutiny on their load and where they should be. You can even docalculators, like if you’re in the mortgage industrythere’s mortgage calculators. If you don’t know how to build them you can end up squandering CodeCanyon. CodeCanyon’s a site where youcan buy these calculators, pop them on your website for a few dollars and as people are puttingin their datum you can collect their e-mail address to show them the results. My favorite type of assessment is quizzes. I ask them all these questions about their fortes, theirweaknesses, their capabilities and then I give them assessmentthroughout their journey.You can use tools like LeadQuizzes to create quizzes and it’ll capture e-mails. Example of one is NeilPatel.com/ Quiz. Again, if you go toNeilPatel.com/ Quiz you’ll view an example of what my quiz looks a lot like. I collect a ton of e-mails from this and you can just copy my format and even blueprint, I wouldn’t mind, and use that to collect e-mails as well. The next thing that youcan do that I’ve done over the years to rally a lot of e-mails is run evergreen webinars, beings love webinars. They want to interact with you. So you can use tools like WebinarJam to interact with peopleand make it evergreen. Evergreen means you record a webinar once and you are eligible to prevent exposing it as a replay but it also seems like a live version even though it’s a replay. It’s super actionable, beings enjoy it, they’re engage withyou for 20, 30 hours and because they’re commit that long they’re much more likely to buy. The third thing that you cando is exit intent popups. So you can do this through Hello Bar so that room when someone’s about to leave your locate, askthem a yes or no question and then collect their e-mail information.Such as, do you want toincrease your transaction? If you sounds yes, I’llcapture your e-mail address. If you sounds no, I’ll say congratulations! Thanks for having big freight , now put in your e-mail address if you want to double your alteration pace, right? because you said no, you must say no if that means you alreadyhave a ton of traffic. Exit popups is one of the best way. Keep this in mind, if someone’sgoing to leave your website what trauma do you have justasking for their e-mail? And with Hello Bar youcan do a cookie base so if someone leaves your website, they see that departure popup, whether they put in their e-mail or they don’t, the next time they come back to your site and they leave, it won’t botherthem for the e-mail address.Because the last thingyou want to do is obstruct attacking beings, it’s very user friendly and also works on portable designs. The next gratuity I have foryou, in text lead-in magnets. So have you heard of content modernizes? Someone’s reading anarticle on the 12 ways and means to doubled your SEO traffic, I can have a mislead membrane within my textbook saying, hey download the cheater sheet, really throw in your e-mail and I’ll e-mail it off to you.When you do that, you’llget a ton of e-mails. It’s one of the most wonderful strategies that I’ve ever expended, a lotof beings don’t do it, it requires a little bit of direct because you have to createa cheat sheet or PDF but that’s why it offices so well because most people aren’twilling to put in the effort. And of course you don’t want to overdo it. If you overdo it and youhave too many popups, too many provokes, too many opt-ins, people are going to get rubbed. Got a few of them, two orthree max and that’s it. I’ve seen some siteswhere it’s like NASCAR, the government has like 13, 14 of them. Even five starts becoming too much. I would try to limit it around three and that’s it and try touse similar engineerings like, Hello Bar does alot of this so if it demonstrates someone one it won’tshow them the other two because the last thing you want to do is continually attacked people.So if you follow all these tips and you go through this, you’ll start getting more love whenit comes from e-mail and formerly you click the e-mail, what I want you to do is make sure you communicate with youraudience at least once a week, I want you to scrub yourlist at least once a month, because if you obstruct transporting e-mails to people who are not opening them you’re not going to see youre-mails get into the inbox instead they’re going to the spam box and the second thing I want you to do is to sell to your audienceat least once a month. There’s no point in having a list if you’re not render income from it. If you need help withyour e-mail marketing or just digital stigmatize in general, check out my ad enterprise Neil Patel Digital.If you enjoyed thisvideo like it, share it, tell other parties about it, subscribe to the channel. If you just have a questionon how to get started or your confused about something, leave a comment and I’ll answer questions ..

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