January 2


How to Become an Affiliate Marketer: Step By Step Guide // Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

By Randy Sult

January 2, 2022

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In this video, you’re going to learn how tobecome an affiliate marketer, this is a step-by-step guide where you can start making money orgenerating income from affiliate marketing within 24 hours. I’m too going to show you how to choose thebest niche as an affiliate marketer. Not merely that I will give you 27 top affiliatemarketing Niche has free and I’m talking about free blueprint that you can download. Dan use I’m too going to show you how tobuild your own platform to become a top affiliate purveyor 99% of all affiliate purveyors arenot doing that and that’s why most of them don’t find exactly what they’re looking for, which is success and Mark Daniells here.I appreciate it. All this is free of charge. But all I asked you to do is to give me athumbs up which is Alike that’s mostly like a referendum that wishes to. More of these types of videos so it will helpyou become more Prosper now at the same time also, make sure to subscribe and share thisvideo with individual that you care about.Okay and welcome. This is Mark Daniel’s we cannot talk aboutsomething that is very important, which is how to become an affiliate marketer. We’re going to be talking about step by stepguide and the relevant recommendations behind this is not just only for somebody who wants to start an affiliatemarketer business or affiliate sell business and you don’t have to be an affiliate marketerbrand new or beginner. You could be somebody who’s just not havingany blessing. So I’m going to go ahead and slam some lightshere based on information that I have and I’m just going to talk about it here in justa little bit.We’re going to talk about six important thingsfor you in order for you to become. Very successful, you have to really know alot about these and the first one is how to become an affiliate marketer step-by-stepa guide. Now the channel I’m talking about it. I’m talking about a successful affiliate marketernot an affiliate marketer who exactly selling everything under the sun and one day he’smaking a sale another era. He’s not making a sales. the 1200 people thatThat I actually coached all of them, all brand new None of them actually knew exactly what theywere doing all procreating over $10,000 now, I really want to tell you a little secret now. If you transgress $10,000 in marketing psychologicallyand everything will fall into place and I’m going to talk about it here in time a littlebit more but let’s go ahead and need to go before we go any further.You need to understand precisely. What is affiliate marketing in case you don’tknow what affiliate Getting is very simple is selling someone else’s product. Usually, it’s online could be offline. But we’re going to be talking about online. That could be a course. That could be software that somebody isselling online. So you don’t have to be involved in that process. Now when you oblige the sale, you’re going toreceive a percentage of the sales price that could be 20% 30% 40% 60% or 70%. It depends on the maker of Of that produce. Now, what’s really good about it is that youdon’t have to oblige that product.You don’t have to worry about customer service. This is not something that you will be doingat all. Now why affiliate commerce affiliate marketingis getting really popular Business Insider. I’ve been doing it for a long time beforeit came really popular. But Business Insider tells us that affiliatemarketing is on the rise is about 14 billion dollar industry. And it’s growing by a minimum of ten percentyearly currently. This is the largest money-making opportunitieson the internet. The rationalization for that is because you’re notcreating any make, you’re not do any back paddling with “the consumers ” that yousold to and you don’t have to update your own product.You really sell and forget and someone elsewill be taken care of. So basically you are the middle person betweenwhat you are promoting. You and the person who’s buying the product. All claim, let’s go on to number two affiliatemarketers Niche a lot of people you probably hear it a lot of times that they talk a lotabout okay the first thing that you need to do and that’s what a lot of the 1200 I’mtalking about the 1200 students that I actually instructed. They all have that in common they go and theysearch for that claim concoction and they trying to find the best product that they can makea lot of money from this is the worst thing that you can do. Why I’m going to tell you why here in justa little bit, but do not do that. And I’ve seen some people that supposedlyknow better than that, but they don’t the first thing you don’t need that you need aniche and there are four things. They are four questions. You have to ask yourself. But the first question is going to be whattopics am I passionate about you have to ask yourself that if you’re going to be sittingthere and trying to promote something you’re not intense about it all.Then this is the wrong thing for you. Believe me. There’s always something that you can be passionateabout there’s always a concoction that they’re now the second question you need to ask yourselfis do beings search for My Chosen Niche and I’m going to show you how to discover thatin just a little bit I’m talking about you can impel 50 60 thousand dollars a few months ifyou make love, right, but if you don’t follow this is there’s no question about this. There is no guessing of what I’m telling you. It’s been proven experience and time and time again, and anybody that deviate from that there might have a little success but it’s not a longlasting success. The third question you have to ask yourselfis my affiliate marketing Niche solving a problem. Most beings that buy something you have tounderstand that thought when they buy something online offline.It certainly doesn’t matter. It’s about solving some kind of a problemthat they are having. I’m going to give you An instance if somebodyis buying a drill, okay , not because they want to drill because they just want to havea drill is because they have a problem. The difficulty is don’t want to give some holeor pits in the wall. So the government has that question and the solutionis what the teach so you are able to sell them a drill you solve that solution. The actual teach is just a simple examplethe fourth question that you want to ask yourself will is asking for my Niche stay consistent ?. I’m not talking about a concoction. I’m talking about an irritation. Okay, I’m not talking about a instruct for example, and I’m going to talk to you about the most lucrative niches here in simply a little bitand I’m going to prove to you live right here that these are the most lucrative niches ever.I’m going to talk to you here in only a littlebit and then I’m going to go online. I’m going to show you exactly what I’m talkingabout to become a successful affiliate purveyor. You must use the best affiliate systems, and I can’t emphasize that fairly a lot of people they go and they pick maybe somethingfrom YouTube-like top five affiliate networks this is useless. This is basically crap why simply becausetop for who top affiliate Network for who? if you are brand-new and I give you the topaffiliate Network. You may not even modify to sell anythingon that Network. So, how would you become an affiliate purveyor? If you cannot sell anything you can’t? Okay. So if you are brand-new, you should have adifferent type of network. If you’ve been doing may be affiliate marketingfor a long time, maybe a different type of network from the person who is brand-new thatyou need to be engaged in or promoting concoction from so we’re going to be talking about twothings. The first thing is that online search foraffiliate marketers. And I’m talking of course about affiliatemarketers networks.I’m going to go ahead and time demonstrate you exactlywhat you need to do. But before that, I’m going to click on number2 here. I only want to let you know that the richesin the niches is not in the product. Okay, you need to understand that now. There are three things three niches that reallymake it Health Wealth and Relationships. Now, you probably heard of that now theseare our large-scale niches but none of the less are successful. Choose I’m going to prove that to you herein exactly a little. So what I miss you to do is to go to GoogleTrends you will end up with what this page right here. You click on this and then you go under explore. Don’t worry about the other stuff. Now what we want to do here just like I said, I’m going to go ahead and prove that to you.Now. Let’s go ahead and simply click click on help. Now. We’re going to sound hunting expression don’t picktopic time exploration call now we can see this is very much like a Straight indication. Now. This is for the 12 months. Let’s say let’s take a look here and go forfive years. Okay, look at it. It’s very strong. Okay, and if you look here you look here. It is actually going higher. This is 75 and this is 58. So it’s going up. So this is a very good Niche why because it’svery consistent. And it is really going strong. They are sub-niches. We’re not talking about that right now, butwe’re talking about the niches. I’ll talk about the sub-niches here in justa little bit. Let’s go back. We’re going to go ahead and articulated money andwe got to take a look again and look at this.It’s a straight line. Too, even if you go back five years back, it’s going to be very consistent. So that’s good. You don’t want anything that is not reallya straight or moving up. If you take a look here five years ago. You has spoken about 75 here and now was 59. So it’s moving up in the last five years. All right, let’s talk about the otherone now like a have committed themselves to you research term relationships.Also the same thing. It’s it’s a straight. It’s not going down. Own because some of them going down goingup. Okay. Again, this is this is niches. We’re not talking about even if you look atthe last 12 months. You can see it’s going up last-place 12 months. Okay, so these are very reliable niches. All title, let’s go back here. And you probably wondering okay. These are niches. I’m not telling you to go after health healthis a huge Niche. So don’t do that. They are sub-niches and in the training thatI give you which is the 27 ready-made sub niches from these major niches right herefrom these three. Then I’m not going to talk much about thatbecause I do have a video and I also have a blueprint that you can download its freeuse it. These are very good niches. Okay, and sub-niches they all experimented. So everything is in there. Don’t worry about that.I’m going to go ahead and leave that linkin the description everything in here that is necessary I’m going to go ahead and justleave it in the specific characteristics. Like I said, I’m not selling you anything. It’s up to you to follow this informationor not. Follow it. I this is not a plug-in for you to buy a courseor something like that. All I ask you is to subscribe and make sureto drop a like because the like tells me it’s just like a poll you are voting that you wantmore information. So if you have not subscribed and ten-strike thatlike button, delight do so right. Now. The other thing I would like to speak about is youwant to go after one Niche if you are brand-new or My brand-new into this industry do not overcomplicateyourself.I know and I have attended some videos on YouTubethey tell you. Okay, one day go after this make the secondday after this commodity a third date after this produce question with that is an illusion to makea lot of money. It composes confusion when you are confusedyour sentiment will not really upright very well unless you have staff and if you’re brandnew, you’re not going to have a staff undoubtedly. And trait on one or two makes, but theyhave to be in the same Niche. Do not over-pick your Niche. If you go to Google we want to type in somethingand if you click on affiliate networks, and you would see something like this.Okay, there are a lot of networks out there. And this is the biggest confusion for peoplewho are new to this business share a sale. That’s a structure a earn Amazon CJ. Solid on and on and ClickBank FlexOffer allthat. So you go like which one is the best one? So you go online trying to find out you gomaybe on YouTube and the YouTube video tell you this is the best one. Well, best one for who if you’re brand new. There’s nothing better than ClickBank allthe students that it started with me. I prepared him start with ClickBank.Why is that? ClickBank is a platform whereyou can sell and learn at the same. Time it’s not hard for you to enroll in alot of commodity different structures. When you go in try to sell something. They will ask you okay, they need a lot ofinformation. They want to make sure you have a lot of websitesa lot of traffic and you’ll end up frustrated because you’re not able to sell the productand ClickBank.It’s different. It’s easier and what’s good about it. Is that the health asset and relationships. The major structures are all now. I’m going to show you how to pick the bestproduct with one click. Of a button here’s what you need to do. We are on the marketplace right now, as youcan see under the categories. There’s a lot of persona. He’s a lot of people say Okay, click on educationclick on whatever I has not been able to bother with that so much because the trick is just toclick on on this right here. This don’t set anything in now. Simply click on that. What happens is that ClickBank will show youthe best product best-selling concoctions all the way to the least selling products.And they don’t get it on in a niche fashion atthis spot, but nothing of the last this is like the best selling product. This is the second one. This is the third one fourth one and so onso you probably requested in okay, how do I know? Maybe I am in let’s say health and fitnessindustry, but I don’t know which one to pick. Okay. Now the first thing you want to do is clickon here going to see 50 and then go down here. And make sure that you are collecting on hereand I’m talking about this is for support for mobile traffic and the other one you wantto click on the Must-Have affiliate tools page another parole. They give you tools like email swipes andGraphics may be free ebook something for you to market for so the information or the thingsthat you need for you to Market is already there. Let’s say you are in … you know health or thisis your Niche. “Thats what you” which is good by the way.It’s a really good one. So, what do you do? Here you go, and you do mastery find and thenyou put in that in there you introduced health. So what do we got here is that we have allthe health the stuff that state is in here and they are from top to bottom in other words. This is the best-selling after that afterthat, you know, and all the way down. It doesn’t matter what type of a niche thatyou pick everything is in here. alright, so now we know that ClickBank ifyou are brand-new, this is the best place to go because you can make money you can productsto sell without a lot of Hassle and at the same time you can make money while you arepracticing but this is the most important thing as is necessary to do and about 98% 98% of the affiliate purveyors not doing that and if you do that then Youwill become successful.If you don’t build a platform to become an affiliatemarketer. I’m talking about top affiliate purveyor isgoing to be very difficult for you to compete with anyone. I merely want to go over a few things now becausea lot of people don’t know and they have no clue. why things are not working out for that. Number one is that you have to have the rightemail responder for affiliate purveyor what I necessitate by that 99% of all, the autoresponderemail autoresponders. For instance for affiliate marketing are notmade They’re not did for affiliate commerce inanother statement. I said it may be the wrong way what I meanthose email autoresponders that you insure out there.They’re not really made for email marketingfor Affiliates. That means they will close your account. I do have a video on that as well. If you want to go in-depth. It’s in their policy. You don’t see it until you mine. And they do not like anybody doing any affiliatemarketing and they close your chronicle. The second thing is you need a fast trafficfor an affiliate marketer.Don’t worry about any of that. I want to go ahead and just put in the description. The one that I use or I recommend after allyou are starting a business you need to traffic the you don’t have time to go to social mediaand make a post and then make another Post Yeah, you can do that. A quantity of people say that yeah free all that. It is going to take you time. You cannot get season back is Most expensivething in the world countries. This is targeted fast traffic to your affiliatemarketing proposals. The other one is right hosting for affiliatemarketers what I want by that is very simple is that you don’t want to be homeless onlinebecause if you are selling something a lot of people going to go look you up and if youdon’t even have a website, it doesn’t have to have anything else.I intend if you look at quarry, for example, MarkDaniels.com Double L. You’ll encounter just one page. I’m going to add maybe something to a lateron but it only one sheet. Okay, tell us a little bit about myself andpeople will feel a little bit more cozy when they see that you do exist online insteadof just somebody like a soul. They can’t find them anywhere. Yeah, I’m talking about where you can geta domain name and you can get website and it’s very simple to do. It’s like $3.99 or something like that and it’sunlimited emails Unlimited. Sites all that good nonsense that Affiliatesneed automation for Affiliate Marketer. If you don’t automate your business is goingto be very difficult for you to scale up or to do anything that does not require a lotof manual labor. And if you are spending your time in manuallabor every day another command doing things yourself what’s going to happen is that you’renot going to be able to grow at all because the other affiliate purveyors are doing Doingwhat I’m saying.Now? Let me ask you something if you want to makemoney or what are your alternatives, if you’re not automating. Your affiliate marketing is going to be verydifficult to become a top affiliate marketer. There’s something that “youve got to” do thatnot a whole lot of people are doing which is you must track your progress. If you can’t measure it. You cannot improve it and what I’m talkingabout. I’m going to go ahead and likewise kept it in thedescription province. What are you can take a look and interpret exactlywhat you need to do because this is so important. If you don’t have that the right tool is goingto be very difficult for you not all tools are similar. Why because I do spy actually on parties thathave different implements than mine. I’m showing how to become an affiliate marketerstep by step and this is a guide for you to know that in order for you to accomplish ormake money.You have to actually invest in yourself. These are implements you can’t live without andif you cannot afford them it’s going to be very difficult probably very time-consumingand it’s very hard to flake. If you don’t have these basic implements if youwant to know everything about affiliate marketing click here. If you want to know about the top affiliatemarketers in the world click here and as usual, I’ll told you at the top ..

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