January 15


Herculist vs Leased Ad Space – How to Get Real Traffic for Affiliates

By Randy Sult

January 15, 2022

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This video explains how to promote the affiliate programs of Herculist Plus and Leased Ad Space using banners and other graphic tools.

Let’s start with Herculist, now Herculist Plus! To be very short, my advice for you would be to join Herculist Plus and then upgrade to a Gold membership immediately. Being a Gold member will allow you to post everyday and having your posts underlined as your messages get shown with bold characters so that they become more clickable for the other members of the Herculist community.

In this video – Herculist vs Leased Ad Space – How to Get Real Traffic for Affiliates with Banners – I am speaking about banners. In a further video, I will speak about mails and blurbs, about choosing the so-called Zone and becoming a Prime member, about the various types of solo ads and the various prices Herculist Plus charges for those ads. And what is more important, I will speak and present arguments and possibly evidence of the types of ads and of the subjects of those ads in order to get them opened, clicked and, possibly, to get them leading to a commission for you.

Regarding LeaseAdSpace, it works in rather a similar way. You have to purchase a package or upgrade – and all these upgrade packages bear beutiful names of precious stones or minerals – which allow you to post but at a longer or a shorter interval depending on the quality of the purchased upgrade. This ability to post lasts for ever, which is a very interesting concept in viral mailer territory as most of them usually sell just monthly or longer membership. They rarely sell a life membership!

I will have to add that, besides these solo ad capabilities, which are for ever and which is an interesting thing in itself, you also get various packages of banners and text ads to use on their site, on other members sites. However, these packages are not renewable. Meaning, once they are over, they are over! Ans you will have to buy another one, a superior one – or an upgrade – in order to enjoy the art of choosign or making your own banners and promoting your affiliate offers with their help!



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