December 25


[FREE COURSE] $0-$580,040 in 8 Months Step By Step Tutorial | Shopify Dropshipping Journey 2019

By Randy Sult

December 25, 2021

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hey Ivy Zhu here and in this video I’llshow you step by step guide on how is able to go from zero to over fivehundred eighty thousand dollars in sales in just eight months okay before we dive deeper into thisvideo I just first want to show you guys proof because some of you guys you don’tknow me so I just want to first introduce myselfI’m Ivy soo basically basically I started around May around me and Idocumented my whole journey on my youtube channel so you guys can see likeall this progress I was posting back eight months ago like all the videos somake sure to check out the videos later on as well so you guys can see the wholethe whole journey basically and my progress and basically my growth like soyou guys have a realistic expectation and like a realistic view of how itreally looks like and as you guys can see currently I’m making around 15 13 Ka day and I’m gonna also shoot my ads manager this is my second ads managerthat I’m using mostly currently and here I spent a 96k I made 188 kay then thereis another ad account and here I made here I spend 116 K and made almost 300 Kso as you guys can see it doesn’t really add up there is missing I think aroundlike 80 K is missing around 80 to 90 KS missing that’s because some of the salesare not tracked by Facebook also because I use Google Ads as well and alsothrough email marketing those are also not tracked in Facebook’s ads managerokay guys I also want to mention another thing is I have a giveaway for you guysso let’s go back into the camera and I’m gonna tell you more really happy toannounce that the me and Ricky Hayes we’re hosting together a massive yourway basically a six people can win and what we are giving away is for the firstprize winner we were giving away a 60-minute coaching call with me then tothe second place winner we were gonna give away a 30 minute coaching hall withme and then for the third place winner he he or her is gonna receive $50 to hisor her PayPal account then Ricky is gonna give wait for the fourth placewinner he’s gonna give away 60 minute coaching call with him 5th place winneris gonna win his course for free and then the sixthe sixth place winner is gonna win $50 to his or her PayPal account so nowyou’re probably wondering how do I win this giveaway well this is very easy sobasically we have five steps so the first step is subscribe to my youtubechannel and go to Ricky Hayes Channel and subscribe to him as wellthe second so the second task is share my video to a friend and also shareRicky Hayes a friend as well the first the first task is like this video andalso like Ricky’s giveaway video the fourth step is leave five uniquecomments under this video and also go to Ricky Hayes giveaway video and alsoleave five unique comments as well and the fifth step is go to my facebookgroup down below and join my group and also go to Ricky Hayes Facebook groupand also join his Facebook group so basically all the steps are down belowyou have all the links so go to the description do all those things becauseit is really required if you did you take all those steps we’ll be pickingwinners only from those who complete all those five steps for both my channelsand social medias and also for ricky hayes channel and his social media aswell so like all these steps they’re absolutely required for you to win theseprizes okay so what am I going to cover in this step-by-step guide so I’m gonnafirst gonna talk about how I found my winning product basically the bestproduct research methods of finding winners then how I tested the productwith Facebook Ads then how I scaled it from 0 to 186 thousand dollars in justone month and how I’m scaling currently and the fourth step is basically I’mgoing to tell you about the issues that I ran into and I when I was scaling andbasically I tell you the mistakes that you should avoid a lot of like thosethings that a lot of youtubers don’t really talk about so how I found how Ifound my winning product is I really focus on doing in-depth research on eachproducts and I really focus on understanding the market and the buyerso what I do is I really go on Google and just search the product and looklike look in the in blogs around like about the niche andabout the product as well and I really focus on launching quality instead ofquantity so a lot of people they find like 30 products and they just gonnalaunch them and like test products every single day I I kind of like my everylaunch takes me like one to two days basically to make it as good as possibleand you need to understand like what is a winning product what I did is I sawhundreds of winners over the last few months before I found my winner so thishas really helped me to kind of like have this intuition for product researchand how I found my product was on Aliexpress and I found an untappedproduct that had only two hundred orders at the time and also like someinformation about the product it was it had a broad appeal like a huge markethuge audience and it solves a problem okaythen the next step is like how I made my product into a winner so I don’t reallyjust blindly test products every day you know and just hope that they will work Ireally focus on making the product work so what I did is I went on Google andI’ve read blogs and other niches so I understand the pain points and thethings that the niche and the people who would buy this product just want Ireally to understand the people how I can help them so I really like I justreally did a lot of research on their pain points and benefits they would likeand I explained the best benefits and the pain points on the product page andin my video really really well and basically I made the product even moreawesome like it sounded more awesome than it actually is so I basicallyartificially created the wow factor for the product and another thing that Ireally focus on a lot is making really high quality videos and very highquality thumbnails I guess you guys can see it from my youtube channel I justreally enjoy like videos graphic design and stuff like that so the key toFacebook Ads is just the creative the thumbnail thevideo or the image and just forget about the settings like one day clayed fivedollars a day budget versus $20 a budget knowing narrowing it down withengaged shoppers or not like those just those are just small things you shouldbe focusing on the big things which is the thumbnail and the video and thereason why your ads aren’t performing I like are performing badly is because thevideo and the thumbnail is just really bad guys I’ve seen so many I’ve seen somany people like launching ads asking me feedback and it’s just really really badand Facebook ads is all about catching people’s attention keeping it for a longenough and then motivating people to click on your ad and purchase basicallythat’s all it’s kind of like disruption or interruption marketing you know youjust want to catch people off-guard like with your like with your thumbnail andif your video so these are really good examples of the good thumbnails so onthe left side you can see you know you can see someone like with scissors youknow like cutting cutting a cutting a cable that’s kind of unusual and alsothe text really also helps like the Chartres unbreakable then there isanother one I see this a lot this is also very good when you see multipleimages shown of the product you know in different scenarios this is working alsovery very well like a lot of like youtubers and people or like gurus arejust teaching like use Erin and mochi and that’s just basic stuff and alsoanother update guys nowadays I really don’t recommend doing arrows you canactually get your Add Account and so just be very careful with arrowsactually my ad account got disabled disabled because of arrows so just becareful then on the right side you can also see you know you can see there’sthe four images showing you know basically the wow factor of the productis just showing like what is it for so this is very like this is very good likethose foam nails are very good and as you can see by the number of shares likethese products have made over I think over like 300k or more depending on thetargeting but like when you see so many shares these are proofreally really well like at least 300k at least so let’s talk about the elementsof a winning video ad so the first three seconds are the most important youreally need to show the wow factor or benefit you just really need to catchyour attention or they just leave the video and the video really needs to beengaging so like every three to four seconds the clip or the scene just needsto change you cannot just show all the time justone thing or like a static shot so you should you should change up your shotsevery three to four seconds you can also add some transitions those also helpI’ve seen some people doing zoom transitions like slide to the side thoseare very modern those work really really well so if you have a video video editornow they can do that for you and what’s also very important is that you needcaptions the caption need to describe the benefits and also like explain likehow it solves the customers pain points that you really need to focus on thecustomer like when you’re doing when you’re doing like video ad or productresearch don’t think about like what you like think about what your customerwould like and really focus on them it’s all about your customers and when you’rewriting the captions into the video you really need to make sure that they’rereadable like a lot of people I saw I noticed like they make really small tagsor like the background is just clashing and people can’t even read it so that’sreally no good you need to make sure the captions are readable the format you cando 1000 times 1000 or 1080 times 1080p that works wellyou can add black bars at the top and bottom I see some some people do whitebars or black bars that’s totally fine and at the top you can write somethinglike I need this or it can write something like a benefit point as welland you can add an emoji you know like hard or like the like theemoji with the heart eyes as well that works also as well another thing aboutphones like a lot of people are curious I cannot recommend like lato black thatseems to be the best font but you can use like any of the popular phones likeHelvetica and stuff like that and I usually use allcaps like in the video or in the thumbnail as well you really to makesure that you use royalty-free music so just search audio library on Google andyou’ll find some really good links on how to get like royalty free music sofor video editing software what I use is Adobe Premiere Pro and any modo anymotor is kind of like more beginner friendly it’s a little slightly moreexpensive so it’s really up to you like what do you want to try I use it’ll bePremiere Pro because I use it also for my youtube channel but like if you havea video editor you don’t you don’t really need to worry about these thingsyou know you can easily hire them for like twenty to thirty dollars per videothen you know you really to make sure that you add your logo as a what like asa watermark so nobody nobody steals your video as well you really need to makesure like that happens nowadays quite often and I would I just want to giveyou guys a really big like disclaimer do not steal content like I really don’trecommend doing copyright infringement like just just don’t do that becauselike I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you like what happens basically when you downloadsomeone else’s like add you know or you take someone else’s content and theyreport you to Facebook for copyright infringement what happens is Facebookwill take down your ad within 24 hours and this is speaking from my ownpersonal experience I actually reported someone and their video ad got takendown they stole two of my videos and thoseare taken down within 24 hours so when that when that happens you know when yousteal someone’s video and you’re like idiots taken down for copyrightinfringement then your ad account might get penalized and if you have repeatedcopyright strikes what will happen is your whole business manager will be shutdown and I also heard some some people like losing their facebook profile likeconnected to business manager because like Facebook really takes this thingreally takes copyright infringement seriously like I talked my facebookfacebook breath and they really they just really likestress this information that Facebook really doesn’t like copyrightinfringement and so what I recommend is just take your own unique video you knowwith your iPhone that’s totally fine or you can use a camera as well if you haveyou can also tell your supplier to make a video or you can even outsource it toup work or Fiverr if you find someone good but the best option that Irecommend is that you outsource it to a professional production company that’swhat I did I use it combats and like those videos like their videos havereally helped me scale scale my product so you really need to focus nowadays onreally good videos and unique videos not something taken from somebody else so aquick disclaimer like if I see if I see you steal my video I’ll report you forcopyright infringement I’ve already done it before you know I also talked to alot of other people like other 6 7 and 8-figure drop shippers and basicallythey told me like it is happening to them as well other people they just taketheir video and just run it and scale it and then they get reported by like thefriends of mine right so just don’t do that guys like don’t take other people’svideos take your take your unique content it’s gonna perform really wellif you know how to take videos as well and also look at this as a real businessguys like stealing videos and stuff like that it’s kind of like really sneakyit’s kind of like a sneaky tactic to make money and like I’m not here toteach you guys like sneaky tactics and teaching you guys how to build a realbusiness that’s gonna yeah just like a real business guys so ok so now let’smove on to ad copy so ad copy you should also focus on those like whatI focus the most is the thumbnail and the video but a scope you should alsofocus on it a little bit as well and basically you should write about abenefit point like a benefit or a pain point so you know like when the customeris reading it it should create some emotions or curiosity so you can writesomething like know and then something about a pain point orOMG I love how this does that you know or stop this pain point you know andstuff like that and then you can then you can you know add the link I don’trecommend using bitterlings I just used the Shopify product page I don’t evenshorten it because I talked to my coder as well and he said like the URLredirects they kind of slow down they slow down your loading by a little bitso I don’t really do URL redirects in Shopify as well so you don’t need to dothem and these are the most common emojis so you can also use them for yourad copy as well so Facebook testing strategy so the strategy that Irecommend is designed to find your winners at the lowest investmentpossible so you don’t lose too much money on testing and that is recommendedfor people who haven’t scaled before like that is their first time they arestill testing to find their first winner personally the method that I’m gonnashow you this testing strategy I don’t use it anymoreI’ve lots of pixel data I have look-alikes in my same niche you know soI usually test more aggressively nowadays and then Facebook ads for meit’s more like an art and a science I don’t really have like strict rigidrules that I follow every time I really need I need to look at multiple factorsand you just really depends but I’ll I’ll try my best to explain you guyslike my thought process and like the rules that I have so you guys can kindof so it can be more actionable for you guys and a quick note is I used to testwith free dollar assets back in October but now I recommend doing five dollarassets so now let’s talk about the strategy right so I recommend doing sixto eight assets at five US dollars a day also a quick notice I recommend ageneral store in the beginning so you start with a general store once you findyour first winner you just change everything your logo your theme and youswitch it into a nice store and you focus on adding more products in thesame niche right so let’s go back to the testing strategy so basically six toeight ads it’s at five dollars a day each you dowebsite conversion purchase objective and you do people who live in and Irecommend top-tier countries so I just listed them below I really I reallyrecommend those especially if you started like me with just only PayPaland no other payment gateway top-tier countries are the best to target becausethey will usually know how to pay with PayPal or they know how to pay withPayPal without a credit car without a PayPal account so those are the ones Irecommend for age ranges 20 to 65 plus or 25 to 65 plus it really depends onthe product you know if it’s something for older people you can push it up to25 to 65 plus starting I don’t recommend doing like 18 and stuff I usually likewith Facebook Ads I don’t really focus on the young crowd crowds they don’treally they don’t really have money to spend so I just focus on you know theolder like 20 plus audiences and with genders it’s usually both or you can trymen or women it just really depends on the product like if you know it’s a youknow if you know it’s a men’s product like you don’t need to add women therenow with placement I do automatic but if you want to do Facebook feed plusInstagram feed that’s also totally fine and I do one interest per app set and Ikind of like to split it up so if you’re doing 6 to 8 assets I don’t like to dolike all small audiences I like to do a few small a few midsize and few largersize so a few at 1 million to 5 million a few tenth like 5 to 10 and then a few10 to 15 and maybe like one ad so that’s gonna be even larger you know and aquick note don’t narrow down that engage shoppers never really work for memmm I don’t really recommend that and I also do one-day click ok so now let’stalk about the strategy right so you launch it at the midnight of the adaccount and usually you know by the middle of the day after 20 hours likeyou’re gonna spend around 40 to 50 percent of your daily budget right so ifit’s $5 a day at set it’s basically gonna spend around two and a halfdollars right and I just basically kill assets that have more than one pointfive dollars cost-per-click or more basically that’s just too expensive sothose I just kill immediately so those with CPC 1.5 or below I just keep themrunning and then you know if you so like a few a few things about the indicatorsright if it’s a winner so if you get one sale then the product might havepotential that’s a good sign and if you get two cells or more that is a reallyreally good sign so that means like on day two like if you get some sales likeone or two just start adding more assets at ten or fifteen it just really dependson your confidence you know on your how you like to risk basically and at fivedollars a day and you need to you need them to startfor from day two basically you know you do the same interest targeting just trydifferent interest you know user suggested or try audience insights ortry to think of different angles you know from that niche so maybe brandsmaybe magazines you know something like that and try to come up with another tento fifteen assets you know but if the product didn’t get any sales like on onday one and then on day two usually I let it spend another half day and that’sgonna spend the assets are gonna spend like seven point five dollars and ifthere’s there’s no add to cart’ then I just kill the asset right and if you seelike you’re only left with like one or two assets now like all the other assetsjust died just kill the campaign just kill it now cut your losses quick youknow and the thing is guys if it’s a winner it’s gonna keep getting sales onday two as well when you launch those assets like the ten or fifteen and thenyou know they free and beome you basically rinse and repeat you know youreally launch a lot of assets basically every day you launch like twenty tentwenty or even thirty assets at five to twenty dollars a day really depends onyou how you feel like how you feel like doing it on in your confidence andbasically you launch all of assets every day and you quickly kill the bad oneand you’re just looking for the best audiences now and then you know you’reprobably starting to get profitable by day three or day four if not you shouldprobably like slow down and don’t really force a product too much usuallyespecially if you’re tight on budget you can lose money that way I’ve made themistake several times and I was just like unnecessarily losing money usuallyafter seven to ten days I’ll just start I will just start adding a video viewerlook-alikes and then yeah fifty percent and then I’ll start with 75 percentvideo views and then 95 percent video views for look-alikes and I usuallyusually just use one country which is usually a USA that’s where I get themost of the sales so that’s why I’m sorry look likes there and then also Istarted retargeting with three to five dollars a day I’m gonna talk aboutretargeting a little bit later so for the look like percentages what I like touse is I like to use track if I and I use all the percentages that they haveso it’s like 1% 2% 3% all the way to 20% and I just test every like every everyone of them and like if you don’t have 25 just use different percentages youknow just maybe explain those percentages into four assets you know at1% you know 2 to 4 percent you know 4 to 7 percent 7 to 10 you know it just kindof up to you I just recommend like doing larger audiences they tend to workbetter now then what you should be doing is like what I do is like I usuallystart my look like sand retargeting later than most of people I just like mylook likes to have more data because like the more data they have they tendto be more effective so I don’t I don’t really force them to early I kind oflike to do them a little bit later okay so for retargeting I usually saw themoffer seven to ten days of launching the product and for retargeting I usedynamic product ads and I segment I segment them to one day two to threedays three to seven days and I do them for view content and Add to Cart what Ialso do is I retargeting original video with a differentthumbnail also retargeting with an image and as you can see I’m doing three typesof retargeting the same video image and dynamic product ad and if you’re doingso much retargeting you know you should be doing them at really low budgets youknow in the beginning you know probably like two dollars or something or you cando less retargeting you know in the beginning it may be just two image andthe video in the beginning but the key is like when you’re doing so muchretargeting is you should have different like different ad copies differentdiscount codes you know sometimes you get 5% sometimes be free shipping youknow it’s just really you just really need to switch it up so people arealways hit by like different deals and different you know angles basically andfor retargeting you can retarget video views 50 75 95 % a view content ad tocarve you know initiate checkout and also make sure to excuse purchasersthere’s also even more people you can retarget that’s for like another videoit’s a little bit more advanced as well and now let’s talk about scaling so howi scaled back in October 2018 that was a few months ago so scaling a winningproduct with Facebook Ads is pretty easy especially if the product is new youknow like almost everything will work so guys I don’t think like what you’remissing asked is a scaling strategy what you’re missing is a good video and agood winning product it’s not it’s usually not the scaling strategy fromwhat I’ve saw will have seen from my students or other people who message mefor feedback and so I scaled basically by choosing the ad sets because I waslaunching so many assets you know like every day like 10 20 ad sets you know atlow budget like 5 to 10 maybe 15 dollars a day I was launching them and basicallyyou know I just found those who had row s at least free or more and basically ifthey if they had consistent row s above 3 or more for 5 to 7 daysI just duplicated them into higher budgets you can duplicate in intoanother campaign or even in the same campaign that’s finebut what’s key is you duplicate them into higher budgets so maybe from $20 to50 and 15 to 30 or 45 this really depends on the level of your confidenceand when I hit my first 10k a day or I think I also hit a 12 K a day back inOctober I just had so many assets and most of them were just 20 to 30 dollarsa day and maybe as some of them were like 50 or 60 so guys like thehorizontal scaling really works it’s just really time consuming you have likeI had like hundreds I think I like hundreds of assets it was like kind ofannoying to manage but guys it works horizontal scaling works it works betterthan vertical scaling like increasing budgets those just quickly lost me moneyso I don’t I don’t really do them as much so basically like with this methodyour loop you’re looking for as many interests and look likes at work youknow and you’re turning off those that don’t work I’m just finding the bestaudiences that are giving are that are making you money so I’m scaling now it’skind of a little bit different so I launched $5,200 a day at sit straightI do interest and look likes most interests are actually performing waybetter than look-alikes actually and you know once once I have like more datawhich I do nowadays so I’d narrow down by age country genderplacement using the breakdown tool and for me just mostly just United States sothat’s where I sell the most and you know when I have like the bestperforming assets for like three to five days at those 50 or 100 or a day budgetsI just I just create a new campaign budget optimization campaign at 250 or500 or thousand dollars a day just kind of depending on my mood if I’m feelinglike doing five hundred or thousand you know I just kind of like I said beforeFacebook Ads it’s more like an art than a science so I just kind of do them alittle bit randomly and you know I just choose I just choosethe best performing assets in the last three to five days like for three tofive days and I choose five best assets and I add them to campaign budgetoptimization so it has only five assets in the campaign budget optimizationcampaign um or what I also do is I just launched 250 or $500 a day or sometimeseven $1,000 a CBO’s we’ve just interests that work in the past as well did Iremember so that is also something that I do and the key is that you that I killassets fast so I usually check my assets after like 20 percent of the budgetspent on the day one and this is a time where I start killing you know basicallyI’m gonna explain in the next slide but like this is when I kill after 20% spentof the daily budget and then I check it a few times throughout the day as welland then the next like the next way of killing of like turning off assets iswhen the assets spend 50% of the of that daily budget on day onesometimes even sooner if the stats are very bad so now I’m gonna explain likewhen do I turn off assets while scaling so if an asset got a saleI just always start looking at the grow ass or cost per purchase and I use ordermetrics app to see my average profit per order which is more accurate for me thanbreak-even margin of the product because let’s say you’re selling a 40 $40product and your margin is $25 right so you’d let you would have your max costapproaches would be $25 right but the thing guys for me it’s actuallydifferent I have a lot of upsells and it’s increasing my average order myaverage profit per order so basically my average or profit per order is $30 soactually at $25 you know like usually we’ll be killing the asset because it’sbreak-even but I can keep it running and it’s still giving me $5 profit right sothat’s why I just really use automatic to track it more accurately and that wayI can kind of scale even more and also what I do is and when deciding whetherto turn off an asset or not is I look at in the last seven daysthree days and today and basically I turn off assets based on the last threedays including today so I I turn off everything that is unprofitable or breakeven so you basically look at euro ass or better even you look at your costsfor purchase if I so if I have like the campaign budget optimizations at likefive hundred dollars a day or one thousand dollars a day I just looked atthem at the last two days a timeframe including today because the budgets arevery high I don’t want to look at them at longer time frames because I canstart losing money quickly on them so that’s why I can I check on them in thein that two day time frame and whenever like you’re hesitating you’re thinkinglike you don’t know if you should turn off the ad set always look at theaverages of your campaign so at the bottom you can see the averages of thecampaign and look at the cost word purchase to average the cost per clickthe you the click-through rate you know the link click-through rate and also theCPMs of the campaign so just look at those and if the asset is just like intwo or three of those he just it is just like way below average just to know ifthe asset you know just turn it off okay so now let’s talk about like when I wasscaling so what I was doing back then when I was scaling in October so whenI’ll started scaling it was just so much for guys I was like I was very stressedat the time I was like it was kind of out of my reality you know I went fromzero to I think 10k a day in just seven 17 days so it just went very very fastfor me and you know like what I was doing I was just kind of scrambling wasjust so much work and I was like working on optimizing my store I changed mygeneral store to a niche store I just deleted all the products the oldproducts that were unrelated I changed my theme I changed my logo as well Ihired more V ace I had one VA before but thenI hired more I also work on creating a system basically a lot of likespreadsheets to track a lot of things like refunds disputes you know and alsoI thought my VA is just to do everything and talk to the suppliers themselves soI don’t have to overlook every refund and every return because like if I wouldhave to do that I wouldn’t have time for anything and during that time I also outsorts email marketing to James Matthew man who is a good friend now andbasically he helped me generate extra 10 to 18 percent revenue every monththrough email marketing I was just really surprised I thought emailmarketing is just dead but it is not it is making me so much money likebasically you know when when I was having like 20% profit you know likewithout without like the email marketing my profit would be just so much so muchlower with that and another thing that happened is when I scaled in October Ithink it was around October or end of October I scaled to 12 K a day it wasjust with PayPal and I got a hold and a rolling reserve and just really messmessed me up I made a video about that when I scaledyou guys can see it’s I think a few months old so you guys can check it outon my channel after watching this video it’s all documented you know I think Ithink yeah I was kind of very stressed during that time yeah and also like whenI was scaling what I did is I work a lot my conversion rate I improved my pagespeed I just hired someone on upward to increase my page speed I think it costaround 40 bucks you know for increasing a page speakerthe page speed then what I did is I was looking only for the best photo reviewsand what I see a lot of people do is they use looks reviews and they justupload a like a lot of like a lot of reviews and they don’t really look atthe reviews so they have like bad English they have like Russian signsthey’re you know like the Russian language and when an American comesthere and they see like foreign language poor English or they see the images youknow that look very low-quality and it looks like it’s a low quality productfrom China it’s gonna hurt your conversion rate guys so really be pickyabout choosing the best reviews to put on your stores you should be also doingis you should add trust badges under every Add to Cart and every checkoutbutton this is like trust badges work very well for audiences above 30 40 youknow if yours if you’re selling to younger crowds you don’t need a trustpatch it’s also most likely gonna hurt you if you’re doing like young audiencesbut I don’t really sell to young people I like to sell to people like 30 andplus then what I also recommend is have a gift or a Jif on your product page itshows that shows the benefit of the product the wow factor of the productsso they kind of get reminded again there’s also like more information aboutthat I made it in depth video a 40 minute video on my youtube channel Iwill looking down below in the description so you guys can seebasically there’s even more tips I don’t want it I didn’t want to add it herebecause the video would you just get so long then for aov I use a lot of appsyou guys can go to WWII Vizu calm and resources page and there I kind ofrecommend some of the apps and if you sign up through my link it will receivea lot of free bonuses for that as well so for like so for the apps that I usedto increase my average order value basically I use card hook which is apost purchase up soul so when somebody purchases they’ll see they’ll seeimmediately one like one upsell if they decline it they can see another one andbasically this continues like in total like six upsells basically like freeupsells and free down sells so I use card hook in combination I also used toreconvert it’s a really good this is a really good app that I used it kind oflike changes your Thank You page and what it does is when people go to yourThank You page the Shopify Thank You page they’ll see a pop-up like you canset up a pop-up with a discount code when they reorder you knowalso you can add a track button which I really love if you have if you have onyour thinking page a track your order button it’s gonna be very easy for acustomer it’s like you don’t really need your you don’t really need to like trackyour order page your customers can just go to the email click on the order andthey’ll go to the thank you page and then just click on the button trackorder and immediately they’ll see the status of their order so it’s making itway easier they don’t have to copy paste a tracking number and it’s just way waysimpler that way so this is also very good for improving the customerhappiness the customer experience then there’s SMS bump basically it’sabandoned cart SMS messenger app currently it’s making me around $500 aday it’s performing very very well so yeah it’s very good app I made a videoabout it in one of my older videos so I also recommend checking that video thenthere’s SHOP message that is abandon car the messenger app as well also prettygood and then there’s lime sport which kind of like recommends products and thelime spot app is really good for any stores for general stores it tends towork less effectively okay so now let’s talk about the issues that I ran intoour scaling that is something that a lot of like gurus and a lot of youtubersdon’t talk about I kind of like from what I noticed is like a lot of peoplethey talk about like product research about like scaling and testing but theydon’t really talk about like what did you like how to deal with issues guysand when you scale to six figures quickly you’re gonna run into issues andI just want to educate you guys I just want to give you like a brief rundown onlike the most common issues that that can happen to you so the first thing isPayPal hold that is unfortunately almost unavailable that will just happenPayPal just does it for securities security reasons you know they just wantto make sure that you’re legit so you know they are just gonna give you a holdor a rolling Reserve which is totally fine it’s kind of like a test you cansurvive it you know it means that you mean business and you know if youcan survive it’s just gonna be it’s just gonna be amazing so you know don’t worrytoo much about PayPal holes just make sure that you’re running a legitbusiness you’re fulfilling your orders you have you have good customer goodcustomer service you’re selling good quality products and you will be finewith paypal you know and also another thing is use of PayPal or loot trackingapp this will automatically upload tracking numbers to PayPal and that alsohelps you know I started only with PayPal because we don’t have stripe Idon’t have Shopify payments in my country which is Czech Republic and so Ijust use PayPal you know and it was very problematic just to use PayPal becauseof the hold it was very hard to scale so I got a second card processor which iscalled blue snap blue snap is a payment processor for crop cards and creditcards and what I really like about them is they don’t really put holes ondropshippers they don’t really like all of a sudden just ban you like stripedoes so I really recommend a blue snap and also in the resources page I have Ihave like more I have like more information about blue snap so you guyscan sign up if you guys go to resources there you guys can also sign up for bluesaid there’s more information and basically if you sign up for my link youknow it’s gonna help you help you get that but let’s keep talking about thistopic you know the issues that I like run into us I also had two bad supplierstwo of them and basically what they did is they like their tracking numbers theygave me and they didn’t work for 15 to 20 days so what happened is like theytold me that yeah you’re shipping within 2 or 3 days here the tracking numbersand I was thinking okay I’m fine now the tracking numbers they’re shipping it outcustomers are gonna get it on time but what happened is they gave me thetracking numbers and nothing would happen like they just wouldn’t work andthey wouldn’t ship for 15 to 20 days so basically you know the order would comeI would give it to my supplier nothing would be happening for like 1520 days like the customer is just like emailing us like what the hell ishappening where is my order and you know we were just like we were just liketalking to suppliers and they’re like yeah yeah we were shipping you knowwe’re oldish spaying but then what I figure out is it took them like 15 to 20days to ship my products and then it also took another 15 to like 18 days toarrive so my shipping times are like 30 to 35 days which really cause issueswith paypal so what I really recommend this you need to make sure to check onyour supplier like if he’s actually shipping the products who check theirtracking numbers if they’re working check if their supplier is legit becauseunfortunately a lot of suppliers they lie so you really need to be carefulalso what happened to me is somebody stole my video they copied my productpage and they copied my store’s phone number and those people were scammersthey didn’t they didn’t fulfill any orders they just scale the productswithout you know paying for the goods and what happened is they when theystole my phone number and they saw laughing like some customer support I’mnot sure if they saw my email probably not but they stole my phone number and Iwas getting a ton of a ton of like hate email and hate calls from that becausemy phone number it will go directly to voicemail telling people our emailaddress our support email address so people would go from that store thescammer store call my number from that was on their store they would call mynumber they would figure out like my email and they would email me with a lotof like hate hate like hate emails and you know it just really messed up ourcustomer service we’re just getting so much so many emails another thing do toslow shipping times the 30 or 35 days my oh my ads got penalized for a lowcustomer feedback score this made December and January like soso hard the profit was around 10 percent because ads got just so expensive bythen you know my CBN’s were just so expensiveit was like very very hard and that’s why like in January there are times thatI was making like $60 a day and it was also unprofitable losingmoney you know during those times so you know you guys can test with Aliexpressin the beginning but you should never scale with Aliexpress like once you getlike 30 orders a day just switch to a supplier but make sure you find a goodsupplier also some other issues that happen to me is I had to fire myaccountant he was very bad he cost me a lot of issues I had to pay so much extrayeah I don’t really want to talk about that it’s pretty I kind of kind of makesme emotional so let’s not talk about that then you know then the Google Adsagency I also had to fire him he wasn’t he wasn’t doing the job properly itwasn’t doing it well then also I had to fire a few bas so you know just becareful who you hire they need to be responsive to your messages and theyalso need to be helpful but that’s gonna happen to everybody like everybody’sgonna go through like firing people so that’s kind of natural it’s kind ofnormal now also my cover like safety tips for people who scale that’s alsosomething that I haven’t heard anyone talk about but basically you know if youwant to be doing this long term focus on changing your soar from a general storeto a niche store like there’s no need for like one product storenice or is really fine that’s really good and what I call a niche store likemy ways I call it branded drop shipping and basically what you do is you providegood customer service you have a lot of VA s we can also provide phone supportwhat you do is also you have custom packaging faster shipping like youtalked we negotiate with your supplier faster shipping and you add thank younotes in the orders and basically also pay to have your own unique content yourown images and own videos and that is what I’m currently doing actually I havephone support I have multiple VA s we have 24/7customer support we have custom packaging we have fastershipping and we were just you were just addingthank you notes as well you know and we’re also working on getting more ofour own content so this is what I’m doing brand-new drop shipping and youknow if you want to do it long term also againdon’t steal people’s other people’s video don’t get don’t get banned byFacebook you know and don’t sell trademark products you know the thingguys is scaling is easy the hard part is not making mistakes that can cost yourbusiness during the scaling part you know when you scale like everythingbecomes kind of risky like if you’re spending a lot of money and somethinghappens with your ads or something happens you can easily lose a thousandbucks a day like right now guys I’m making around 13 to 15 K a day I’mspending like 6 K on ads approximately 6,000 dollars on ads a day and you knowif you’re spending like this amount of money and like everything needs to be onpoint if something messes up I can easily lose a few thousand dollars a dayyou know so that’s why guys like when you scale scaling the Facebook Ads it’skind of easy what’s hard is you need to have systems for everything you need tohave good customer support need to have all the systems so you can keep upbecause it’s gonna be so much work you know I’ve I’ve made over five hundredeighty thousand dollars which is around 11 K or almost twelve thousand ordersyou know it’s just so much just so many orders guys and you really need to havethe systems so what you need to also focus is to have your dispute and chargeback great low basically like if you if you have to hide charge back raid youcan get banned by by PayPal you can get banned by stripe are you really to becareful if you if you get if you get it too high what you can also get this youcan get banned by Visa and MasterCard I think Darryl limit for charge backrate is around three percent so really guys be careful focus on your customersyou know if you if you focus on your customers trying to help them and youfocus on customer happiness you’re not gonna have free % charge back rightright so make sure that your supplier ships a product fast fast so that itarrives within 15 days or less have good customer support so for that I recommendmultiple bas having Zendesk so respond within 24 hours that good for thebeginning if you want to scale even more I recommend also having foam supportwhich I just recently implemented also make sure to check on your vs andsuppliers every two to four days have them give you reports like talk to themalways you know just be in the loop just know what is happening inside yourbusiness and another thing is you need to diversify risk so you need to createa backup BM business manager facebook allows you to have to and this is what Irecommend having to some people are able to get three or four or more I don’treally recommend that I talked my facebook rep and he just recommendshaving two business managers because that is what Facebook officially allowsif you have more it can kind of flag you you can also lose your other businessmanagers as well so just be careful you need to have multiple ad accounts youneed to have another backup payment processor so if you have like PayPal andstripe also recommend getting a blue getting blue snap just in case somethinghappens with stripe you know otherwise like you would lose everythingand you just kind of you just lose your stripe and you cannot process cards thateasily then what I recommend is have move like more stores so just don’t haveone have like multiple stores and also another thing guys I have like multipledebit or credit cards what sometimes happens is like you sometimes max outyour like the card limit and that will block the card and then your ads yourstop spending right so you need to be careful about that you should havemultiple cards you should raise the limit the spending limit of the cardsand also you know you need to be careful because sometimes when I pay for somesoftware I’d kind of flag my bank accountand they would blot my card and if you don’t have like backup payment methodson your ad account your whole ads can just get pause so you need to be carefulabout that thing are those things and you always need to have backups and nota key thing guys when you start making moneydon’t start spending money on non-business related things guys realizethat the money that you’re making is not your money that is your company’s moneylike if you if you have company of course like if you have company like themoney that you’re making is not your personal money that’s a company’s moneyso when you scale you know the thing is like some unexpected things can happenlike PayPal can hold your money or the card processor can hold your money andthen you’re like then you have then you don’t have enough money to fulfillorders or then you don’t have enough money for ads and you just I heard somany like horror stories when people didn’t have a reserve like they didn’thave enough money and then got a hold and they couldn’t fulfill orders andwhen they couldn’t fulfill orders they couldn’t get their money released so itjust was like a vicious cycle you know just was horrible so guys don’t startdon’t start spending money like since since you know I since I scaled you knowin October I didn’t really like buy anything fancy I didn’t really even gotravel yet you know so I’m just saving my money for the bad days basically andalso what I recommend guys is get a tax advisoronce you hit six figures like nobody’s talking about that everybody’s talkingabout revenues or profits but even profits don’t matter if you don’t have agood tax advisor you’re really to figure out your taxes and don’t ask people infacebook groups or don’t ask me about taxes I’m from Czech Republic I don’tknow US taxes you know I don’t know how it how it worksI talked to a US tax advisor who does Shopify and Amazon so like if you guysare looking for a tax advisor you guys can hope you guys can like hit me upright but like don’t ask me specific questions about taxes I don’t know whatare the taxes in so don’t ask me then you know be humbledon’t get cocky like the money you’re making it doesn’t really matter muchlike I see a lot of people like making money and they’re just thinking they’rethey’re amazing but thin guys your product could dieanytime your product could just stop selling any time so make sure to keepworking hard like when you start getting success that’s a time where you shouldbe working even more you shouldn’t be like you shouldn’t be like relaxing youshould even push harder and basically you’re now that no it’s not the time torelax now it’s time to sprint you just grow even faster you found your firstsuccess so let’s keep growing your business and also I just wanted to tellyou guys that this is not everything that I do those are not all mystrategies like if I’ll reveal all my strategies this video would be like 24hours long or something we just very very long and yeah that’s what she saidokay guys and not a few tips on long-term success and that is invest inyourself like if you’re already six figures more smoke like most courseswill be useless for you um I haven’t found many courses you knowlike once I scaled I haven’t found many courses that really helped me you knowmmm it feels like that the courses are like most if they’re good they’re kindof designed to get you to $1,000 a day or maybe $3,000 a day and I haven’t seenany like advanced courses that will help you at the 5000 or 10,000 dollar a daylevel I haven’t seen any courses like that and what I recommend is thatmentorships is the most useful way to grow like once you hit five figures andsix figures mentorships are the most effective way to grow I’m not a good wayto grow is to network to events Facebook groups and Instagram the quick tip ofnetworking is don’t be selfish dick like my thing is I’m alwaysthinking about like how I can how can I help the other person and I’m justreally focused focusing on building trust and building a lot of goodwillthat’s kind of the same thing that I’m doingon YouTube I just really focus on trust Trust to me it’s just everything guysand you know trust and value trust and helping peopleI feel like DOS ping can those things can just get you so far cause like whenyou’re in the online marketing space trust is so important like even if youre-commerce stores if there is not trust they think like you’re sketchy or spamears or scanning they’re just not gonna buy from you and that’s the same like ifyou want a network give someone and you don’t have a profile picture like Idon’t I don’t even read those messages like if you if you don’t have a likeyour profile page you know and like it’s just so weird guys so whenever you’retrying to network don’t start with like me me me me me and I need help this isthis is this you know try to figure out like how to network in a way of likehelping each other or helping the other person because you know that’s thethat’s the fastest way to network I’m not saying I’m a network networkingexpert I’m not you know but basically like my mentality and my strategy isjust always to help other people and always focus on building a goodrelationship and building trust and just win-win relationships now that’s why Ihave to my resources page I was able to partner with word first with bluesnapI’m partnering up and also partnering up with econ vids with a tax advisorbasically guys also an email marketing expert so I’m not that the person that’sgonna recommend you like cheap like product research software or like somesubscriptions cheap stuff you know I focus on giving people value and likepeople like email marketing experts you know I payment processors word first totransfer money and a lot of other stuff you know those are the things thatpeople people actually need who are doing a real business you know I’m notfocusing on the newbie stuff and making money out of newbies I’m just focusingon helping people who are serious about building a real business and aboutpeople who are at five figures six figures and beyond soanother thing guys is since I scaled I’ve reinvested around 30 K in mybusiness and in myself you know I’m just really heavily reinvesting and just thisyear alone I plan on investing at least $150,000 inmyself so I’m just really happy that now I’m just making more money from my storethat money will be just mostly used for me so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna beusing using it to to buy a land or something I’m gonna be investing thatmoney in myself at first that is the plan for this year and then the nextyear what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be investing more into like realestate or some other stuff or like more long-term things as well to just securemy income as well but this year I just want to really heavily invest in myselfok guys I just also want to give you a quick like a quick reminder so you knowthe giveaway basically me and Ricky Hayes we are hosting the giveaway andI’d like six people are gonna win basically the first so the first personis gonna win a 60 minute coaching call with me the second place is gonna win a30 minute coaching call with me and the first place is gonna win $50 directly totheir PayPal and Ricky Ricky Hayes he’s giving away a 60 minute coaching callthen he’s also giving away his course one person and then he’s giving away $50to PayPal so six people can win we’re doing this like Tanna like togetherwe’re hosting it this giveaway together and guys I really recommend you guys tocheck out Ricky Hayes he’s one of the legit guys he’s crushing it like like mecompared to him I’m really nothing you know I guys check him outhe has made over 2.6 million and just like during the time when I was justmaking like 400 K or 500 K he managed to make over 2.6 million dollars you knowhis YouTube channel has also good content as well it’s not very high Pit’s no very like lifestyle it’s more veryeducational so if you guys are serious about building a business and building aprofitable dropshipping store and not just trying to get rich quick thenRickie’s channel is also highly recommended how do you win this giveawaylike how do you enter this giveaway well you must complete all these taskslike this will be verified you need to complete all these tasks and the firststep is subscribed to my youtube channel and subscribe to Rikki haze YouTubechannel the second step is share this video and add this at the same time alsoshare Ricky’s giveaway video so basically share my video and his videoto at least one of your friends who’s interested in to ecommerce then youshould be doing is like this video and go to Rikki haze and also like his videothe fourth step is leave at least 5 unique comments on my veil on this videoand go to Ricky’s video as well and leave another 5 unique comments there aswell the last step the fifth step is join my youtube group my Facebook groupand also join Ricky’s Ricky’s Facebook group all the links and all theinstructions in case you forget are just down below in the description cool I’mreally glad that you watch the whole video till the end I really appreciatethat like in the meantime before we announce a winner it’s gonna be 10 daysso in the meantime I just invite you to go to my channel check out some of myyoutube videos go to also Ricky Hayes you know he’s a good friend of mine hehas also very good content as well they’re educationalhe’s not very high he’s kind of like me we’re kind of like we don’t really hypestuff we just show you like I really focus on showing my journey and Rickyjust really focuses on showing you like step-by-step tips on what to do certaintasks so I really invite you to check out my older videos and also check outRicky Hayes videos in the meantime before we announce the winner in just 10days

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