January 9


First Udimi Solo Ad Update… Please Learn From My Mistakes😱😳

By Randy Sult

January 9, 2022

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well hello and welcome to anotherepisode of my 100 days of affluence challenge outing my call is Timesha andi am so glad that you’re here today now what this channel is about is I aman internet marketer and basically I cure others who want to start an onlinebusiness start their business improve it and sustain it for the long haul I alsogive make evaluations tools strategies gratuities tricks of the trade to help youlearn your passage and process and to actually keep it for keep it for thelong haul and to enjoy the process while you’re withhold it if that establishes impression toyou so if that is of interest to you make sure that you sounds the subscribebutton and the Bell notification at the bottom so that you can know anytime I’mdropping a new video so I can help you be successful okay so today what we’regoing to talk about because I was going to give you a look what is the callreview but they um four paroles just escaped me sometimes I was going to showyou my process over my solo ad okay now here’s my disclaimer on that I wentahead and set up my Silhouette I set up my sound trickery I was already to track mylinks and everything and then I sit the silhouette provider of my wrong connection somy association is not being moved by click magic at all and so that was a littlefrustrating but you live and you learn so I “youre going to” me also has its own kind oftracking system very so I’m gonna register you that and display you what’s going onwith my soul top at this time and hopefully on my next go-roundthere’s an extra dry round I’ll show you how clickmagick does it as well okay solet me share my screen and I’ll show you what’s going on okay so this is mystatus progress of my actual solo ad that’s I purchased it’s doing prettydecent it’s going a great deal slower than I thought and right now they have morethan three days to get me all of my solo ads which is a lot longer than what Ihad firstly initially learned about typically it takes about two to three daysto to actually start the process and he started it immediately which is a littleI don’t know it’s kind of like a red flag like he didn’t have any otherorders so I don’t know if he’s a good provider or notbut I can’t say right now I’ve had three options in the process and right now Ihave three a little bit more than three more eras left and I’ve had 14 clicksout of my hundred so I’ve got 14 one-quarter tone guests two of them were notquality and so a total of 16 but I believe they don’t count 16 they justcount the 14 in my line-up okay so they tell you that I specificallyasked for all top tier pilgrims and so mostly everybody that I have clickingon my nonsense is from the United District I don’t have anybody from oh yeah younotice there’s Alaska I don’t have anybody else sounding from anywhere elseso it’s either is all the United Country it’s right now that’s clicking on my adsand those are the people and that’s 14 of them at the top of this you can seeall the menu options you have here the contents opt-ins and opt-ins onlywork if you actually have a website or your move through or orbit throughudemy you actually set up your region tracking through “youre going to” me but I didn’tso that is mute at this level also if you have a notes that you want to talkabout the vendor so that you can remind you about the process you know was iteasy was he a butthole you know was she abutthole was this a great experience you’re gonna do it again you want totrack your multitudes you can do it all through here and this is only conspicuous toyou okay and then last-place one is your info how much I paid which was fifty threedollars for one hundred sounds which isn’t shocking I think so we’ll see howeverything works out I did change the link I review I don’t know I don’t knowwhat’s happening but anyway so I too can refund get my fund refunded to Iguess before the process is over and so that is the back-officeI’m not doing too bad too squalid fourteen beings in about a era at thispoint and I’ve gotten three opt-ins so far so we’ll see how that works and Ihope this was valuable and helpful to you so if this information was helpfulto you made to ensure that you gives people a like buttonthumbs up button and make sure you subscribe to my channel because I’mgiving you information to help you be successful in your online jaunt and ifyou want to know and have a guide somebody who hasthere and is doing it in real term that can help you be successful then I’m yourgirl you are familiar with so make sure you subscribe on my excursion so “youre seeing” what I’mdoing so then you can join join me why notalright and if you want to have something definite I have a free giftbelow it is a checklist that will allow you to basically check off all of thesteps that I’m doing something that you can learn and also it follows through mymy follows is like an outline of my videos so you actually know what step isnext and actually can follow through with your own plan of action on how youwant to mostly start and build your business so if that’s something that isneeded by you make sure that you sounds the link in the description box and getyour free gift and finally if you want to know what I’m doing and how I’mlearning all this information that I am circulating to you make sure you clickthe first link in my description casket it is a superb planned where you canlearn and pay it is a done-for-you system it has its own program where youcan buy ads through it I make it is thebomb.com and if you need somethingsomeone to help guide you by the head you have this support system team thatthey have that is parallel to none and if they’re not enough I’m definitelyhere to help you as well we have a Facebook group we are very active and wewill help you get where you need to get to okay so until next time my friendmake sure that you think big-hearted dream large-scale taking any decision so that are able to own the lifeyour turn by now

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