December 30


Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2021 – [Day 3 of 6] Social Proof & Facebook Advertising Growth!

By Randy Sult

December 30, 2021

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What’s up people Jason Wardrop now back with period three of the six video streaks challenge So if you guys have not watched the previous videos go back watch day one watch day two because this is all building upon each other so in this video you’re gonna break down some Facebook ads and Diving into more of your coldnes marketplaces so in the first couple of videos we went through and we grit gathered your existing system we Upload that into Facebook we uploaded that into your CRM we blast out emails learn new about know about your new Facebook page we went through operated a video affix to that warm market once so you can generate some low-spirited hanging result get some likes statement some engagement and Now we’re taking this post right here so this is ideally you’ve gone through and you’ve run it for a dollar a day in the last video like I indicated you guys and you’ve gotten some likes and explain so you’ve got some social proof on this live video or A video doesn’t have to be a live video right now.We’re gonna Do is now that you got some social proof so some likes and comments what we’re gonna Do is make the same piece of content so in the last one? I kind of use the example of running an open house Or it could be for a directory it could be for a gym It could be really for whatever business that you’re running right and now we’re gonna go through and prove This exact announce this accurate ads to some more of your coldnes marketplace, but your local audience, okay? So I’m gonna dive into the Facebook Ads manager I’m gonna show you how to set that up And then likewise present you the best way to go through and render guides with this whole process okay So let’s mount over here into the Facebook Ads manager And click on the ads manager right here alright, so now we’re at this level We’re gonna come over here to create a brand-new campaign and for this example We’re gonna come over here and use the conversion campaign, so we’re gonna get to this and a little bit later We’re setting up landing page and going through and depicting you how to actually generate pass So you’re not just getting likes and comments anymore, but you’re actually coming real causes for your business.Okay, so right now. We’re here alterations Demo ok then we’ll knock to continue. Okay, so if you guys remember in the last video This is where we went through and we targeted our practice audience now at this station We don’t want to go through and certainly Simply is now going affected that warm market of the people that we’re already marking to it for a dollar a day We want to expand our markets and beings that maybe don’t know who are they don’t really definitely trust We don’t necessarily have credibility with them But since we’ve got some social proof initially on that video on that Facebook live whatever post we did previously We can go through and get some lower-cost extends coming in the door. Okay, so up here. Let’s say say Let’s say we’re in Dallas, right? So we’ll say with Dallas demo and we’ll say ten mile Radius and I’ll explain why we’re gonna do that here in just a second then we’re gonna came to see you here to this Selected conversion event and we’re gonna go down and we’re gonna select Down here at the bottom I was a lot on here you probably have a lot on Torrance’s because I’ve done a lot of demos on here We’re just gonna select lead-in okay, so we’re gonna select lead right here Then we’re gonna come down to the audience section and instead of adding the patronage audience like we did before we’re gonna exit out of the United Regime and We let’s say we’ve got a neighbourhood business and Dallas like we said earlier So come in here form, Dallas, Texas, and then you remember how I said a ten-mile radius up here.We’ll say a 10 -mile radius Right here, and too look at this guy’s you could do a 10 to 50 mile radius Okay, or you can say hey exclusively the current City so like if you got a local eatery And you don’t want parties come 10 kilometers away cuz that’s pretty far length You can say hey only beings that live in this exact city so with a big city like Dallas that that entirely succeeds perfectly and then also on locales is By default set to everyone in this location But we want to do people who live in this location okay now if you do have a restaurant undoubtedly you can do Everyone in this location, but if you’re doing something more of like a regional gym participation Or you’re running an open mansion parties that like are wanting to move within the area You probably just wanted to do precisely people who live in this location ok so simply Keep that in judgment as we’re going through now, and then as far as the ideal target audience I would go through if you’re like I know a good deal of you watching This are in the real estate niche So I would probably do a minimum senility probably about 25 26 27 will lose 26 Up to 65 plus if you’re commerce or if you’re selling a home in a specific community maybe it’s like an older community like retirement home or various kinds of a young millennial community or kind of like that middle age group just go through and spawn Sure age is all targeting based off.What your furnish is right, and then for this. I time do all men and women I don’t necessarily “re going through” and say a specific Language or even mess with the detail targeting because right now we want to pretty much cast a wide net Because Facebook is actually pretty good at going through and you just going through and posting some ad and Based off beings that have already liked or observation or interacting with your ad they’ll go find other people that are very similar to that And so you don’t really have to mess too much with the targeting right so beings they get too much devastated in depth with all the targeting stuff candidly, I don’t ever use any targeting for any of my webinars that I extend and it’s it’s not something “youve been” need right now at this top if Your ads are not really performing as well as you want to we can go ad targeting last-minute But that’s just various kinds of a immediate little patter on targeting right here, then what I like to do I like to uncheck this I merely I haven’t seen it work there low-pitched back enormous, so I’ve done a lot of tests You don’t need a test it merely trust me.It studies better. If you uncheck that then coming down here Remember on the dollar day yesterday with the retargeting ads we had automatic placements which is recommended They say, but I like that when I have a smaller audience and with the dollar day I can go and through and stumbled every single person But when I have a bigger audience likely this 1.7 million people and I don’t have as large-scale of a budget So I’m gonna be spending maybe like let’s say five to ten dollars a day Which you can go up to 20 30 40 50 whatever you want But most small business owners my guess the ones that I’ve worked with her in the five to ten dollar range Maybe twenty twenty-five dollars a day on the high discontinue, but you want to go through and get very specific Where you’re grade those ads so what I like to do is come down now And I exclusively like to show it on the Facebook mobile and desktop bulletin feeds, okay That’s just what I’ve seen us wreak the most wonderful for me And my business employ the best for all of the business owners that I’ve worked with so I come in here And I exactly uncheck all of these various parts right here And so you can go later on what after you guys go through and do this the way I’m showing you You can go play around you can experiment with some of these various some Placements, but I most recommend if you demand the best bang for your buck.Just skip to this right here Just do accurate watch what I’m showing you because you’re gonna get the most guides and “the worlds largest” transitions From your publicizing dollars, okay, so now we’re gonna come down here, and this is where we’re gonna We’re just gonna leave all this up now as far as your marketing plan like I said This is all totally up to you if you’re you know let’s say you want to start out I commonly say start out around $10 a daylight if you’re in a smaller community And you’re not like in their home communities like Dallas where “its like” 1.5 million people you can easily spend probably even hundred dollars per day with 1.5 million people and be totally fine Whereas if you have a smaller community like say this it exclusively 20 or 30 thousand? I is very likely merely deplete$ 1 per 10,000 beings so if you have let’s say 40,000 I would deplete 4 horses per for that gathering 4 bucks per epoch And so merely deter that in intellect based off of your gathering and where you’re going if you’re like a hundred thousand plus But you just don’t have the budget to go deplete 14 15 20 dollars a day I would simply devote 10 bucks a daylight and it’ll just go through and kind of reach the different beings in that public and the neat thing is as I mentioned earlier Facebook’s pixel Which is various kinds of like where they base a lot of their marketing? Platform and algorithms and all that trash off of it is very smart So it’ll go through and we’ll find the right people to show your ad to because Facebook merely wants to show ads that are the most relevant for certain people okay? So they know the history they know the profiles on all these people they know their search actions They know all this information, and so if they don’t feel like it connects with the person that you’re trying to target They’re still just not going to see even establish it to them Okay, so precisely continue that in judgment Facebook actually does have your back.They want you to be successful and then coming down here We’re just gonna leave it at conversions. We’re gonna leave all this we’re not gonna mess around with it, and we’ll come over here to This next spot, and this is where we’re gonna choose this video right here that you already shot And you’ve already been promoting for a dollar a day Maybe you’ve promoted for four or five days or so to that warm market that we evidenced you guys in the last video So if you haven’t watched that go back and watch that video, okay, so now what we’re gonna Do is come over here, and we’re going to say okay? Actually, we’re going apply an existing post and we’re gonna choose this business page So you juice make sure you choose your page right there if you want to add an Instagram account you can Just remember your video has to be less than 60 seconds to show it on Instagram as well And then we’ll came to see you here and the delightful thing is that if it’s like your most recent affixes You can easily select it right here from the drop-down Since this is kind of more of a previous pole what I’m gonna.Do is just take this ID right here I’m gonna copy that and I’m gonna go enter pulse ID and paste in right here hit submit And it’s gonna pop in right here So you can see this is just like this was just notify parties about a brand-new discipline I had done, and so we just go through leave it like that and then as we come down We will merely stumble corroborate, okay Now obviously if you’re going through and you’re saying hey, I’m going and adjusting this up for alterations I want to generate guides when they come down and they click learn more you probably want some type of Link to your disembark sheet right here in the ad mimic so if you’re like Jason That’s awesome, but like what is the landing page? How do I go through and originate one? Well, so we’ve got the arsalan kg software right here So this is a software we build out precisely for real estate agents for mortgage middlemen and allows you to easily create these arriving sheets Which they’re a lot more optimal to actually generating conducts and converting parties to visit your area Into leads as opposed to your main website, so you can see right here There’s nothing else on this sheet besides this little headline sub-headline and get me the listing they throw in their call email and telephone Hit submit, and they become a contribute right so the neat thing is is we’ve got all if you click on create another website Right here, we have all these different templates So you’ve got the index pass motivated dealers open live so are these like if so like for this example chaps We’re running an open residence, so we’re gonna use click choose right here Where this is going to kick us into the website builder? We’re gonna revise the likeness the the textbook the videos anything and customize it to you and your business So let’s just click on now just want to show you guys We’ll time modification out the background idols to show you so Let’s say we’ve got a picture of the home that we’re gonna go through and do an open house for okay? And the same thing disappears for a diner a gym owned Whatever business you’re in you want to go through and this ground sheet To whatever business you’re in so we’ll just come over here and sounds elect brand-new image.We’ve got all of these different You know pre-built stock portraits in here for you, or you simply click on my personas right here? And you choose an likenes to upload from your desktop, but “youre seeing” I’ve already get several idols once pre uploaded So let’s just implementation this one right here. We can crop edit rotate. Do whatever we want with this image We hit utilize this image And you can see we’ve got the background image right there for what you’re doing what you’re trying to promote So what we’re gonna.Do is come over here hit publish his website saved and published, and then we can come back and Use this landing sheet on that video so I might I probably should have shown this to you guys yesterday Because even your heated marketplace you want some arrange to send them that they can go through And give that let you know that their interest is so like they click on this From this video ad so what you’ll do is you’ll compute the link right up here in this post and if you’ve already started this Post you can just click on this three flecks and ten-strike edit video and you’ll be able to edit the content in this post kay And then what you’re doing is just taking this relate right here And if you don’t want it like the sisal arsalan kg com what you can do is either go to bitly bi te ly Comm and paste it in there, and it’ll go through and they’ll diminish it right there, so you can see that you emulate that You kept that in the browser or in the Facebook post when they click on that it’s gonna pull you up to this same precise Landing page okay, so that’s pretty cool liberty so then you can go through and actually generate causes And that’s why we’re setting up a conversion campaign With this Facebook post so now you’re getting the likes in the comments you have the dollar a day Campaign going towards your warm grocery, and then you have the five ten dollar day Whatever your budget is going towards your cold grocery But it’s getting more showing the cool thing is is you’re doubling up on the social proof so you’re using the same exact pole For your heated market where you’re getting the likes and explains, but then even when you’re marketing to your cold sell You’re still carrying over all these likes and statements you’re not having to start over a ended Fresh post which is super beneficial because on Facebook as you guys know it’s all about social proof It’s all about interpreting okay other people like this other beings are And then other beings are more likely to jump in on what you’re doing Hey people, so that was a quick run-through but a very powerful Concept of what we cover today is going through and making that video that you’ve already go whether you did a live video or you? Just upload your own video, okay? Make sure you get a link to your landing sheet right in now So make this link fake that become gave it right in now And then go and set up a second ad campaign targeting your cold audience, okay So people that in our in your neighbourhood grocery with the the demographic targeting just like I presented you guys and “theyre using” this Exact ad okay because it’s gonna carry over all the social proof so either implement this ID or when you’re in the ads director You can come down and select one of the most recent uprights Which is probably gonna be your most recent announces that you’ve just done.Okay, then from there all you do is hit confirm You’re adjusted ready to go and you’ve got the one dollar daytime campaign going towards your heated grocery Which we’ve also are improving that up with the video onlookers that we created in the last video, right? We’ve got your second safarus. Which is five ten fifteen twenty dollars a day based on what your budget Is that is going towards the cold market and? The cool thing is is even with that freezing sell beings that are watching that video They’re gonna automatically be put back into that audience of people who have contemplated 25 percent or more of your video the one we created just yesterday, okay? So you don’t have to touch anything it’s all on autopilot You’re building up that warm market that large-scale limb public on terminated autopilot But “youve had” this front runner ad okay that you’re spending five to ten dollars per day And then you have the backend ad that’s doing all of the cleanup exertion, okay And then that back end up ad is the one that you’re changing out every fourteen to twenty days So that you’re getting brand-new fresh content in there, so you’re not just spamming people with the same exact material so anyway people Hopefully this was helpful.If it was let me know demonstrate it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know if you guys have any other questions this next video. We’re gonna be shield how to stay top of knowledge with your induces so some different proficiencies we’re gonna go through in there and then too how to Expand your market, so you’re not just relying on facebook We got some other cool tip-off to go through into you and then let’s see here Then we’ll cover how to go through and actually schedule more calls and more Appointments from those leaves from all the marketing that you’re doing in day six, right? So thanks so much guys make sure you guys subscribe to channel come back tomorrow for the next video in this series And I will see you all tomorrow

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