February 16


Earn $727 With This FREE Landing Page Builder (Landing Page Tutorial)


February 16, 2022

in this video, I’m going to show you how tomake $727 with this free landing page builder this is going to be a landing page tutorial andthis is not going to be time limit free contest this is the one that I use but before we go anyfurther, I want you to go ahead and simply sound that notification button along with the subscriptionand poll you’re probably saying what is vote intends? while all you saying to me is that you like thisvideo and you want to see more because I’m going to be forming more videos about how to make moneyonline and done for you video to compile your life much easier and believe me you don’t want to missthem so let’s go to work we’re gonna do this with only three easy stairs step number 1 how tocreate the free land sheet developer this is not a public arrive page make another wordI’m gonna give you a special access number two how to use the landing page builder with no skillsand numeral three how to create a landing page and build an email list completely free.Free landingpage developer with free email autoresponder here’s what it has does not have a time limitnumber one unlimited acre sheets and fleshes number two unlimited traffic crowd three manageup to ten thousand readers so it goes by the subscribers not a time frame number four freebuild and launch directions multitude five email program moving quantity six sell digital productsand multitude seven customizable lands free landing sheet builder stair number one how to access thefree shoring page developer like I mentioned to you the people who are going to have access to thisare the people who are supporters of this channel what I necessitate by that the people that agree theylike and they share so if you have not done that so far please pause this video do so so you’llhave access to the stuff that I’m gonna give you and the stuff that I’m gonna give you is gonna bevery impressive and easy to use other corporations bill an arm and a leg for it and you’re gonnaget it simply free of charge I precisely wanna say one more time now so you’ll know so you’re not gonnaget disappointed to access the free arrive sheet developer, you must be a supporter of this channelin another word you have to be a subscriber to this channel like this video and share this video andyou’re gonna have lots of templates that you can use and modify very quickly and start making moneywith a free landing page make and really a few cases clinks we’re gonna establish this page right herewith exclusively one click and you can have it and do whatever you want to with it okay we’re talkingabout free platform page make, this is step number 1 how to access the free landing pagebuilder don’t worry about that too much I’m going to give you access I’m likewise going to tell youexactly how to get it on I’m going to do it probably verbally on this page so make sure you follow theinstructions because if you don’t it’s going to be very difficult for you I just want to be veryclear about it okay I’m going to give you access to the free ground sheet make let me time showyou exactly what you’re going to have this is very much like sales moves or landingpage.com youcan collect your own landing page here you can do it for completely free and do a lot more withit so there’s a lot of templates here that you can choose from we’re gonna choose one thenwe’re gonna modify it a little bit then I’m gonna reveal you how it directs and how it’s going tobuild your email inventory let’s go to step number two right now we are in the free disembark sheet builderhere where we can choose our own template says choose your template you can go in and scrolldown and pick something that you like and remember you can modify them as much as you wantwe going to pick one then I’m going to show you how to shape some changes to it where you canmodify it very quickly in simply a few cases sounds let’s go ahead and elect this one by theway you can preview it if you want to you click on preview it’ll show you this as a wholepage or you can choose we’re gonna click choose so we’re gonna choose this templateright here now we are on this template I’m gonna picture you how you can just modify a fewthings it’s very easy right here it’s very simple if you construe any textbook you don’t have too muchall you gotta do merely write the show if you want to the idea is you can change anythingvery quickly for example right here says date you can change it to 2021 you can changeanything that you want right here and there’s a lot of options you can also insert some linksif you are happy to do so what is the next thing that you need to do what you want to do is go to hereand click on this little button and then you can change the call you can call it work doctrines okaywhat have we done so far we changed the honour of this land sheet we changed this right here soyou know how to do that you also know how to make changes to any of this is very simple allyou got to do click on it you can change anything make it forceful deepen a different coloring you can alsohave a link when you go up there to the right hand setting and you click on fixeds you are facedwith some options, first option is what you want them to see after they opt-in by the way this isa landing page a mash page or opt-in page it’s all the same thing after that what do you wanthim to see you can write anything that you want or you can have an option to click on redirectto an external webpage when you click on that you can put in your own website or somebodyelse’s website and they will go to that website in case you don’t like any of these pages allyou have to do merely click on it let’s say i want to click on the one in the middle I’m facedwith this, it says Edit or Replace or I can only delete it I’m going to go ahead and replaceit.I’m going to show you cool thing right here it’s called Unsplash which is free image stock andwhat’s good about it is that you can click here and situated something and it’s going to pull whateveryou are looking for let’s say money uh let’s see you can go down now and pick whatever youwant let’s say I like to introduced this here i want to replace the portrait I click on this imageone time and then replace it you don’t have to edit it let’s say you want to change this imageright here you click on it one time I sounded on it then I saw you check you don’t have to do anymodifications that take time in exactly a few cases sounds and you’re in right now we’re going to previewit is how it looks a lot like we click on Preview and this is exactly how it’s going to look likeit’s gonna look like this to the prospect it looks very nice I like everything so far now we’regonna go ahead and exit that preview and all you got to do is just click on save and publish thenyou’ll have it in your history where you can use it and build your email index very quickly withoutpaying a lot of money I know there are different platforms that they do the same thing you haveto pay money to be part of it.Free landing page builder step number three how to create a landingpage and build an email list completely free now let’s go back to something very importantand this is very important to you please make sure you understand it because you want to buildan email list and I’m giving it to you for free take advantage of it I’m not accusing you anythingthere is no cost for that all you have to do is just follow the steps make sure you do that donot bounce a lot of parties bounce and end up disorient devastated frustrated and to be honest you gotnobody to blame but yourself because you’re not following what I’m learning you I can eithermake you pay money for that or bill something i don’t want to do that still further but if peoplekeep bouncing i can tell when people skip in the videos and “when youre doing” that you hurt nobodybut yourself I want to go back here and I want to talk about something very important okaywe build a landing page so what the bring page is built you can host it anywhere you wantto you can host it on your website you can host on social media, if you want to two things aregoing to happen and you need to understand them unusually is a good one if you don’t uh you’ll be wastingyour time and your effort we’re gonna talk about free land sheet email roll building flowing howdoes that work you have a prospect the prospect came in and they landed on your sheet they optedin on your land page, two things are going to happen at the same time again they’re going tohappen at the same time the first thing that is going to happen whatever email that they put inis gonna go to the email autoresponder that I only “ve given you” if they are on your autoresponder you canstart sending them emails anytime you want to it is free you can send emails the second thing that isimportant that is going to happen at the same time are two things based on what you want the firstone I talked about that you can send them to your own web page for example or a website you can sendthem to your own website maybe you have something enticing for them the second thing that youcan do is send them to thank you page we spoke that this is important a lot ofpeople get a little bit baffled now because what’s going on okay I got a shoring sheet what’shappening with it two things are happening and it’s important things that are happeningthey’re going to your own autoresponder that means you can communicate with them you cancreate emails and you can send them emails because not everybody for example purchases at the sametime or maybe you exactly want to give something precisely to have the email address and later on youcan sell them something so this is very important make sure to understand that if not make sure toput something in the comment area and let me know in case you need any explains I decidedto give you a free arrival sheet make bonus the first thing that we want to do is howto post the free disembark sheet on a different scaffold it’s all good and dandy that we did builda land page with the free disembark sheet developer but now how do we are genuinely post it how do we do itwhat you want to do is go to the upper right hand corner and click on share what you want to do lookat this right here and click on it when you click on it and you post it anywhere this page willappear the other thing that you need to know is does this really work so what are we going todo is we’re going to do testing the landing page we created in the free disembark pagebuilder let’s go ahead and do that right now the first thing if you want to do it on your ownwhat you want to do is click on the upper hand side where it says preview you click on that andyou would learn the same thing the prospect will see so what are we gonna do here we’re gonna putan email address for John and we’re gonna click access my secret formula I change that to makeit more seducing and I inspire you to do the same thing now don’t worry about these thingsright here okay what we did so far we did opt-in into the landing page that we have created to testit to see if it truly directs and what we did is we sent in john as a customer to that landing pagethat “weve created” on landing sheet make on the free ground page make and hear that personand he’s already sanctioned and I kept him under a special tag so it does work make sure to followthe instructions step by step do not skip when you bounce this is where things get perplexing okay let’scontinue with the free disembark page developer bonus let’s go ahead and go to number three how todrive targeted traffic to your landing pages now before I get to that what I like to do isto let you know how to get access to the free platform page make the reason I’m doing thatis because I want less event for you so I don’t want to sit there and advertise it toeverybody because they’re going to be vie with you, if you go to the description area andlook under section 13 you’ll have the access to the free disembark sheet builder let’s continue howto drive targeted traffic to your bring sheet it depends on what you are selling some people aretrying to get maybe free traffic some people are not so let’s go ahead and talk about both you havetwo types of traffic but most people try to depend heavily on free traffic, it transmit it to the landingpage that we created this is not enough because whatever traffic and most people that when theydrive traffic they drive traffic that most of it comes from social media which is sometimesit’s frankly free and the law of free traffic is very slow so you want to enhance it a littlebit you want to get 24 -targeted traffic to your platform sheet by doing so you are quadrupling yourlanding page opt-ins that usually translate into more money you can go to the 24 -hour targetedtraffic in the description below and make sure you click on it some people were askingme why didn’t you tell us that there is a code in there for a rebate I apologize if Ididn’t in the past up to you if you want to use it or not affiliate purveyors want to succeedthey do what other affiliates purveyors don’t do readers are using it and they’re gettingreally good luck a lot of beings don’t know how to use the pulpit I do have a video abouthow to use it so make sure you do that as well if you just wanted to draw $500 with a Done ForYou end move for affiliate marketing Click here if you want to know everythingabout Clickbank how to use Clickbank you can access it right here and this is a completecourse and as usual I will see you at the top

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