March 14


Earn 67$ Per Day in 15 Steps (Google AdSense Full Tutorial)


March 14, 2023


i know that you may be really struggling to build 
a real business online to build a passive income   stream online don't worry i was exactly like you 
like four or five years ago let me show you this   here is my google adsense account if you go here 
to my entire account by day performance for the   last month you will see my average earnings per 
day is around 88 dollars only from google adsense   let's make things somehow more accurate i will 
go here and say from april till today you will   see from april to july that my average earnings is 
67.52 dollars so the number that you saw the title   is not scammy and fake this is the number 67.52 
the average earnings from google adsense per day   in my account today i will compress and give you 
three years of experience in minutes in this one   video i will give you everything you should know 
15 steps that you have to follow if you want to   reach this number per day at least 50 dollars per 
day only from google adsense this video course is   really unique and special simply because it's 
based on a real case study real experience so   you can follow up and be comfortable this is 100 
guaranteed it really works this is how you can   build a real business a real income stream online 
working from home if you are ready let's start without wasting any second let's start with step 
number one understanding what is google adsense   i know you may already know about google adsense 
because you are watching this video but just in   a couple of seconds let's understand the 
concept just for beginners here simply   google adsense is a service by google wow you 
simply publish ads on your website and whenever   someone sees the ad or clicks the ad you will 
earn money super easy an example here is one of   my websites in you can see this is 
an ad by google this other ad by google and so on   so you build a website you publish ads from google 
and you start making money whenever someone sees   or clicks on the ad step number two understanding 
basic google adsense metrics cpc and cpm   let's go back to my dashboard here and i will 
go to the home page and go down and let's see   what do we have here you can see the cpc what 
is cpc simply costs per click how much you are   making when someone clicks on the ads how much 
is the average cost of one click in your account   you see in my account i have 0.68 dollars per 
click so in the last seven days i got 423 clicks   it means you multiply this number by the cpc 
you get the earnings for the last seven days   super simple what is cpm cpm is simply 
how much you can earn the cost per 1000   impressions so this is my website if i got 1 000 
impressions on my ads without clicks i earn some   money if someone clicks i also earn extra amount 
of money so we have two models two earning models   cpc cost per click cpm cost per 1000 impressions 
step number three understanding how the system   works why google is paying you simply you have a 
website we have advertisers and we have publishers   in our case we are the publisher we are the 
website's owner we have also advertisers and   we have google in between advertisers will tell 
google please google advertise my ad this banner   ad and i will pay you 100 dollars for maybe 50 
000 impressions as an example so google will   put the ad on your website and advertiser will 
pay google then you will simply get a portion of   google ads revenue so you are getting paid from 
the advertisers who publish the ads on google   and google published the ad on your 
website the idea is somehow simple   step number four understanding different types of 
websites that you can monetize with google adsense   that google itself recommends let's go to 
my browser and open this link i will keep   the link in description below if you want to 
check by yourself this is recommended by google   three types of websites that generate high value 
revenue from adsense type number one a blog site   a blog simply is a website where you publish 
articles on as an example in   this is my website here we publish book summaries 
okay and by the way if you're interested go now   and check it you can read the book in 10 minutes 
totally for free other example my main website you can see it's a blog i have a lot of 
articles here so this is the first type of website   creating a blog and publishing articles the 
second type is a forum site what is a forum   it's a place where people can discuss can ask 
questions answer talk together engage and so on   again if you go here to my website you know if you 
are following i have my forum each decade forums   you can see a lot of people engage here talk 
together we have more than 21 000 members 23   000 posts you can join us if you want also also 
this other type of website that you can build   and monetize with google adsense the third type 
is a free online tool site you can create an   online tool example again in my case i have if you are following you   know i have this free platform free digital 
marketing tools platform if you don't know   it go and check it now it's totally free also 
you can see i monetize it with google adsense   ads so these are three types of websites a blog a 
forum and an online tool you can pick any of these   to start working with google adsense and by the 
way if you go back to my channel here i explained   the three types of websites i explained enough 
in full free courses how to build a forum how   to build a free online tool and how to build a 
blog i will keep all the links in description   below step number five pick up your niche till 
now you knew what is google adsense you knew   that you need to build a website you can pick 
any types of websites now you need to pick the   topic of the website what is the content that you 
want to publish on the website is it about dogs   and cats is it about cryptocurrency is it about 
business and finance is about health and fitness   is about digital marketing like in my case 
it's about books like in quick sticks whatever   you have to pick your niche and to make things 
easy for you i have on my website a free ebook you   can download now it has a lot of ideas and i have 
a full video here on how to pick the right niche   for you i will keep them in the description below 
you can watch and pick up your niche super simple   step number six but before please don't forget if 
you have any question anything especially in this   video i will be waiting for you in the comments 
section below or simply you can join our telegram   group so we can chat and discuss together anything 
you want in this video directly after i publish   it so if you like to join i will keep the 
link for telegram in the description below   and don't forget to comment any question 
anything you want in the comments section   below i will be waiting for your comments so what 
is step number six now you know we need to create   a website to create a website we need to get 
hosting what is hosting it's simply putting your   website online so you need to buy a hosting like 
from bluehost hostinger maybe vps hosting as i do   whatever company you want i don't want to oblige 
you with anything just pick a company that you   feel comfortable with go and build your website 
i explained in detail step by step different   companies here on my channel in different videos 
i will keep them all in the description below   but here in this video it's not time to show you 
steps and details i want to show you the road map   the steps that you have to follow to be successful 
so please follow up later on after you finish this   you can go and watch whatever you want and apply 
whatever you want so pick up your hosting you can   go with shared hosting you can go with vps hosting 
it's up to you just start and take action and   later on we can scale up and grow more and more 
so don't worry now pick anything and let's start   step number seven super important so now 
you picked up the niche the hosting you   created the website you published it you need 
to apply to google adsense but you are afraid   not to get approval step number seven is how to 
prepare your site to get approval please focus   very well and let's give a direct example from my 
websites so here is in and by the   way the first time i applied to this website i 
got a big denial but don't worry if you get this   let me show you what i did number one we have 
the design google loves to see a good design on   your website it doesn't mean you need to buy a 
theme you can go with free themes we have a lot   of free themes for wordpress for blogger by the 
way blogger is totally free service from google to   create a free website anyway so you can go with 
a free theme or a paid theme from themeforest   whatever you want number two we have some common 
pages that you have to publish if you go down here   you will see i have the privacy policy page i have 
the terms page and i have the about page also we   have the contact us page so before you apply to 
google adsense make sure to add these four pages   to your website the contact us page is super easy 
you can use a free plugin in wordpress the contact   form plugin to publish this the about section 
just add an image and write a couple of words   about your website what's the project what it is 
about super easy terms and condition and privacy   policy i will help you by attaching the templates 
in the description below just get them copy them   change the website address and your company name 
inside these templates and publish on your website   super easy privacy policy and the terms page 
are attached in description below to help you   and make things super easy for you just copy 
and paste okay so add these four common pages   so design common pages number three is 
categorizing especially if you have a blog you can   see here i have categories about book summaries so 
always ensure to add a full menu with categories   even if you have a tools website try adding 
categories you can see i have a full menu of   tools in my website in the forum i have a lot 
of child forums in the forum so always try to   categorize and add categories to your website to 
make it look organized and professional also as a   good tip make sure to add your website to google 
web masters search google for google webmasters   the search console and add your website here what 
is google search console it's simply the tool from   google to help you index your site and rank your 
site and track your performance on google search   engines to see how much clicks you are getting 
and so on let's go here to google webmasters   the search console i will start here just to show 
you a simple example this is my website we   will go here to performance and you will see i can 
track here how many clicks how many impressions i   got from google how what are the queries people 
are searching for to see my website the same for   each super tools and all my websites so add your 
website to google search console it's super easy   a simple google search or simple we have a 
lot of videos thousands of videos about this   how to add your website to google search 
console also try your best to add it to google   analytics so google can track your performance 
and give all the information to google this google   analytics let me show you also this as an example 
this is h-supertools this is my analytics for   the last seven days you can track everything so 
also make sure to connect your website to google   analytics so these are the common things 
to add to any website before you publish or   submit to google adsense again design categorize 
common pages and submit to google webmasters or   search console and web analytics now we have some 
specific needs for different types of websites   and that's what we are going to discuss in 
step number eight so follow up so we said   that we have three types of websites blog tool 
and forum let's start with a blog the specific   thing in a blog that you need to do is to add or 
publish at least 15 to 20 unique articles before   you submit your application to google adsense 
in forums make sure to add some engagement so   you can collect some questions collect some topics 
publish them get some traffic i mean hundreds of   hundreds of engagements just get some users to 
follow up in the forum and so on before you submit   for tools website make sure to add some content 
how as an example i have here the free youtube   keyword tool you can see here down i have 
explained the tool so add explanations describe   each tool how it works add some content to your 
tools and don't just keep it as a tool before you   submit this will help you get approval when you 
submit your application so this step number nine   these are some specific things to take care of 
before you submit for each type of websites and   don't forget again if you have any questions 
anything you want comment them below or ask   in the telegram group just after i publish this 
video i will be with you chat live with you step   number nine apply to google adsense so now you 
have your website you add all the required stuff   you already let's apply you go to google 
adsense you sign up and then go here to sites   and then add your site you can see i have three 
websites approved h-educate h-supertools   at add your website here as an 
example i have this free website seo analyzer   dot me if you don't know it also it's a free tool 
i published you can analyze your website for free   let's put it here say save and continue and by the 
way it's a tool website you can see it's a tool   here it will give you a code to publish on your 
website or to add to your website it's super easy   in wordpress or blogger you just paste your 
code here we have also the guide on how to do   this in wordpress just paste it and request review 
that's it in this way you submit your application   to google adsense and just wait for like one two 
three days maybe sometimes one week i don't know   to get approval or a reply from google and don't 
worry don't worry if you get denial it's okay   i told you i got denial when i just submit the 
application for the first time just go again   and review all the requirements see what google 
told you where is the missing part and try to   fix it and i will help you fix it if you have 
problems comment them below on the forum in the   telegram group i will try my best with my friends 
with our team with other people we'll try our best   to help you so don't worry we are with you 
just take action and start and we are with   you to make you successful online so step 
number nine is to apply to google adsense   step number 10 understanding how much 
traffic you need to reach 50 dollars per day   let's go back to my dashboard report section 
last month and you can see i made around 2   600 last month from google adsense with an average 
revenue of 88 dollars per day just by looking at   this table you can see how much impressions you 
need and how much clicks estimate clicks you need   and how much page views you need per day to reach 
these numbers so as an example the average page   views per day is around 13 000 page view 
per day page view and not user page views   to reach 88 so we are talking about an average of 
eight to ten thousand page of you per day to reach   50 dollars and an average of 80 to 100 clicks 
to reach 50 dollars depending if you remember at   the beginning depending on your cpc again in the 
home section the cpc in my case it is 0.68 dollars   now the big question you will ask how to increase 
the cpc this what i explained in detail in a full   video here on my channel how to reach 4.8 dollars 
per click with google adsense you can check the   full video description below or somewhere here 
on the screen so the average page views is 10 000   per day to reach this number depending on your 
cpc somehow the average less or more depending   on your numbers and at least 70 80 100 clicks per 
day now sometimes you get 10 clicks and you make   hundred dollars it depends on the cpc again but we 
are talking about estimates here estimate numbers   goals that you have to set so in your plan set 
a goal to reach at least 10 000 views per day   okay i think the idea is somehow clear now you 
may be asking how much it took me how much time   it takes to reach these numbers how much time you 
have to work to reach these numbers per month is   it five years is it ten years is it months 
how much it takes as an estimate let's see   my numbers again if you go hit the custom and 
let's say i want to start from the beginning   of this year apply sorry to july here you will 
see that for the last six or seven months my   average is around 43.52 dollars you can see here 
if i break down by days but when i started this   how much time it took me to reach this 
number let's go back again to 1 1 20 20   2 2 1 20 20 apply you will see 
that the last year i was making   nothing you can see zero dollars it's the last 
year january 2020 so it took me one year to reach   43 dollars per day so in my case it took me one 
year to reach this number last year the same   time june 1 to july 2 as i was making around 10 
dollars per day from google adsense you can see   300 per month so it took me six months to reach 
300 per month i think it's a very good number six   months only to reach this number and one year to 
reach 50 dollars per day then 18 months to reach   88 dollars per day so think about it i'm telling 
you now you can work for 18 months let's say two   years and after two years you will have a passive 
income source online making around fifteen hundred   dollars or one thousand five hundred dollars is 
it bad i don't think so and you can really make   a lot much more than that if you work more 
than me there's only one income source it's   not my main focus i have more than six income 
sources online courses affiliate marketing and   much much more so if you focus on only one 
income source you can make a lot more than   that step number 12 you may ask now what if i 
don't have money i don't have money for hosting   i don't have money to buy a domain but i want to 
work you have the passion to work can you start   of course you can you can go to as 
i mentioned before it's a free service by google   allows you to create a free blog to start a free 
website to start with it's super simple to start   it's super easy with built-in templates also 
have a lot of free templates online and soon i   will publish a free course on how to build a full 
website with the blogger for free so stay tuned   and don't forget to subscribe and notifications to 
get every new update so blogger is a free place to   create your website now what about the domain name 
you may tell me i don't have also money to buy a   domain name what we can do we can simply work 
online for one week to around 10 to 15 dollars   and buy a domain name how go and check my video 
on how to earn two dollars per day working online   from home it's guaranteed a full case study on 
how to work online and make two dollars from   home without investing anything so you don't 
have any excuse if you really decide to start   if you have the passion you can go to 
work for one week get a domain so everything will   be free and you can start step number 13 increase 
and boost your earnings with affiliate marketing   so you have a website now you get approval 
you are making money with google adsense   why not to add another income source another 
passive income source if you go here to my   account on cj commission junction one of the 
top affiliate networks you will see this month   till today i made around 500 last month i made 
around 2 300 this is from affiliate marketing   here in my impact account i have around 877 
dollars till today these are only two examples   from my work in affiliate marketing if you 
go here to my website again and open any   article any article you will see i am 
promoting a lot of affiliate products   i have a lot of links here which are affiliate 
links i make money when someone clicks and buys   also you can combine google adsense with affiliate 
marketing to boost your earnings again here in the   form you can see this is a sponsored banner ad 
from bluehost when someone clicks and buys i make   a commission this a banner ad promoting affiliate 
products so don't stick only to one income source   boost your earnings by adding affiliate marketing 
to your website if you like to know more about   affiliate marketing real case studies how i do it 
everything it's all explained here on my channel   and it's totally free you just have to decide 
and take action watch learn and apply that's it   now i put everything in your hands you have to 
start you have to take action step number 14   step number 14 is a gift from me to help you we 
will run a new giveaway today and two winners will   win a promotion from h-educate you can see on my website 
we provide this service promoting your business i   will give this service for two winners totally for 
free so you can promote your website and grow your   business get traffic and make some 
money with google adsense or simply   get traffic to get approval from google 
adsense if you want to join check the link   in description below and the instructions on how 
to join the give away step number 15 how to get   paid okay so now we got approval we are making 
some revenue how google will pay us if we go here   to payments section in your account there's 
my account and then go here to manage payment   methods you will see that i am connecting my bank 
account now you may tell me i don't have a back   account how i will get paid you can create you can 
create a virtual bank account with pioneer one of   the best companies worldwide go to 
i will leave all the links description below   create an account and you can create a virtual 
bank account to connect your google adsense   profile now you may tell me i want to get paid 
with paypal very nice you can go here to   also the links in description below here you can 
apply to ezoic which is partnered with google and   it will publish google ads on your website and 
you will get paid with paypal so don't give any   excuse you can create a pionner account paypal 
account whatever you want you can also get paid   with checks depending on your country so don't put 
any excuse just take action and start i hope you   enjoyed this video read the information mentioned 
is 100 legit based on my experience a lot of tests   and you can see the numbers by yourself if you 
want to be successful you have to follow these   steps you need some patience some housework every 
day and you will be successful you will reach the   day to make a full passive income online stream 
and just sit down and track your earnings and   take a look on your dashboards now it's time 
for the live advice what do we have for today   in this world we have two types of people the 
first part are simply clones of each other   this type of people who wakes up go to job eat 
waste time watch movies sleep then wake up got   a job and so on this is the majority of people 
worldwide the second type of people are people who   really use their minds are people who think 
somehow bigger they want to change their lives   people with self-discipline people who want to 
do something in this life and not just be a copy   of others people who want to learn work hard 
change other lives do something for this planet   really help society and so on as a small advice 
from someone who is trying to do something just   don't be from the first part try your best to 
change your life first then help other people put   this in your plan always don't just be selfish 
and work for yourself try your best to change   your life don't be a copy a clone of others 
work hard read learn improve yourself improve   your skills be consistent and be successful and 
help other people be successful see you later you

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