January 20


Different Traffic Sources You Can Use for Your Business


January 20, 2022

Isn’t it interesting that traffic to ourfunnels, websites and even our neighbourhood places, it’s often one of the last things that we thinkabout? like we forget that traffic and human beings coming to us is the life and blood of ourbusiness. We places great importance on our render, that it looks great, that it has great value – and yes that’svery important of course, and we likewise places great importance on the pour the move design, which one to use, maybe also very important.And even in university we learn how to start our business, be good inour skill, but we don’t learn and think about how to actually get traffic to our website, toour funnel, and that is one of the things I would like to concentrate on now and demo you the differenttraffic informants and opportunities out there and why it should actually be the first thing tofocus on and not the last thing.Hey Im Danny, Im the leader of the WorldChangerPreneurmovement. We’re a group of business owners that know how to grow their business the smartway and we get and use our teeming resources to create a lasting impact. And if you too wantto learn how to grow your business the smart-alecky channel and to create a greater impact then feel free toreach out to me, I would love to have you on board and display you the direction. So let’s start withtoday’s topic: which traffic beginnings to use and how to structure them the right way.So we know that of course if we do not have traffic or consistent traffic pit that ofcourse means we don’t have heads, and if we don’t have conducts, we don’t have any sales.Andit’s very important to know that our business has a foundation and even if we only buildon one design, on one traffic beginning, maybe this is Facebook for you – a lotof businesses have their entire business built on the structure of Facebook – numberone, it’s very, awfully precarious. You can fall down really easy and of course if this isyour simply source and if for whatever reason Facebook shuts down your chronicle, well, your wholecomplete business will be crumbling down. So it is very wise and good to have a lot of differentpillars, have a lot of different traffic brooks, to know and to be sure that your business is builton a good groundwork with a lot of traffic rivers coming in generally and predictably.So let’slook at different opportunities out there and the ones that you can look at. I will start justlisting a cluster of different ones and then I will kind of pick out the ones that I liketo use the most. So it starts from of course doing SEO and of course that’s not the one thathappens the quickest, but it’s one that’s like evergreen. It lasts for a very long time if you doit precisely. SEO means you’re get high grading on google probe, bing search. And then of courseFacebook policies, exploiting a Facebook group, there’s a LinkedIn strategies, there’s strategiesto have your own podcast you can go and have a blog, your own blog, or doing guest announces on ablog. You can use influencer marketing, you can use joint endeavours with other companies and shareprofits, you can use Instagram different ways and also do Instagram shout outs.You can haveyour own YouTube channel, you can do affiliate marketing where you have affiliates promotingyour material, you can use Pinterest for instance, you can use your Facebook page and of coursethere’s a lot of compensate ways to do google search ads, you can do google my you are eligible to have google mybusiness which is free you can have google expose network where you have your banners and ads showup on millions of websites, you can have solo ads is where you have an ad placed in somebody else’semail, so they have a big email list and they send out emails perhaps daily or weekly and youhave an ad in there or the terminated email is you advertising to their list. You can use Facebookads of course and you can use YouTube ads, so a lot of different ways. As I said, of courseits not wise to start trying to use all of them so I will schedule out and pick a few cases strategies thatI show my clients to use that I myself utilization. We want to have at least seven pillarsset up, that we can go to and regularly use to drive traffic to our move, to our business.So number one, this is where we have a so-called social mediafunnel. This is easy to set up, easy to do, but it’s structured so that your LinkedIn, yourFacebook or other social media scaffolds you might be on, is structured in a way that everybodycoming through your profile gets attention, knows what you can do for them and you attractthem to your produce magnet or whatever you’re going to give out for free. I talked on a differentvideo on how to attract causes the proper way, how to start in the value ladder, that you startout with something free at first to show value, so all these things and I’ll go into thatlater on all these things well be drawn attention to, a cause magnet, free video, free pdf – somethingthat merely testifies prices, shows your expertise, and starts the relationship in a good way.So socialmedia funnel would be number one. Number two would be warm outreach on social media. Warm outreachon social media is where you are able to interact with people that you are showing value, like ingroups, and people are commenting on the groups, you assure they’re tendency what you are writingand then you steer meaning those people that interacted with you, so they’re warmed upalready, they know you, they know your expertise a little bit and then you really can go on in theconversation, get to know them better and then eventually move them on to your first offer. Butthey’re heated because they firstly reached out to you; they already interacted with your content andthen you just take on the next step so that’s warm outreach. Number three would be to useInstagram shout outs.Instagram shoutouts is very powerful because it’s warm, it’s cavity tomouth announce, so it’s somebody who has a big following on Instagram and they have a story orthey have a post where they talk about what you have to offer. They say why it’s helpful, why it’sgood and usually stimulates sense to have something for free though here so with shout outs on Instagramit frequently often procreates smell to have something highly, unusually cheap or even free of charge and notto have them start directly to some like a paid direction that will usually not work really wellbut to have a shout out moving to a free offer. Facebook ads of course a lot of ways to do that.One really good way to do this is to have Facebook too again advertise your freeoffer or whatever that it is possible, but actually not have Facebook move directly to thethat page but have Facebook go to your Facebook bot.You can integrate a Facebook messenger botwhere they treated with your bot, perhaps you can get the email from there and then from there youmove them on to the sheet where they get the free induce magnet so then you even have them on yourbot roster “whos also” very good because bot open frequencies are much much higher than email open rates -about four or five times the open frequency of emails. The next one would be to get on podcasts frompeople that already have your dream clients, to get on their podcast, be interviewed, you can alsodo that for Instagram livings ,, Facebook beings but podcasts are very good audience because podcastlisteners are typically parties that have more money, that compassion education and therefore want to advancethemselves and therefore are very good purchasers. Number six “wouldve been” referral methods – to havea system where you have your clients referring new patients, to have a organized room how to setup referrals, to not leave it by chance but have an active referral method or even have two orthree referral methods set up that can help drive traffic systematically coming in.And figure sevenis so-called integration marketing. This is where you look at the customer journey and you kind oflook at what would happen frequently before they come to you, what is in the process and kind of seeokay what answer are they abusing before they would come to your answer, and have people thatoffer that first solution refer them over to you, to the next step. So let’s say somebody that doeswebsite scheme will then before you for direct them out for the next step maybe that you wouldoffer so kind of look at the steps that are in front of your offering that they usually wouldn’tneed or take and kind of have spouses there that then move them on to you and refer them outto you. So that’s integrating market where in their commerce process you’re just a piecewhere they ever push over their new your customers to you because that’s the next logical step.So sevenpillars that can move traffic routinely to your be provided to your organize and all these things willalways lead to a induce magnet, all these things will be to a free offer, a terribly very low ticketoffer, and all this of course then will come onto our own email register. And this is very importantbecause the email list is traffic that we own, that we do not have to pay up for anymore. Wedon’t have much effort, we have the email roll, we are able to exactly keep on contacting them with our offersetc. So this is the structure that I recommend squandering. Action step for you would be to actuallyfollow me on Instagram @ dannystanszus is my name there I will be sharing in the near future twothings: number 1, we’re gonna have a free summit probably in November where we’ll be going throughall the different traffic policies I time talked about in the beginning, have professionals talkingabout the differences between programmes how to use them you’ll get to know a lot more about them andyou’ll figure out which ones are the right one for you.And second I will have a free workshopcoming up soon. I will be talking about my 7x traffic repression procedure and you willget to know more about this and how you can start implementing it right away. So go over toInstagram @ dannystanszus my mention over there and then you can follow me and I will be sharingmore about these strategies and proposals that are coming up in the near future. Take care ,, until next time get your business lit. Bye-bye ..

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